evonI am only able to record through one channel. Any ideas how i can fix this?02:59
ethermonkwhat happens when you attempt to change the channel manually?03:04
evonethermonk, What do you mean? I don't think i know how to do it manually03:04
evonethermonk, I have a mic hooked up through an mbox mini03:04
ethermonksorry. i thought you were talking about recording TV shows  :P03:05
evonethermonk, lol03:05
ethermonkhave you tried opening qjackctl and configuring the audio channels there?03:06
evonethermonk, I guess I will ahve to try that now03:06
evonethermonk, I have that program installed but I don't know how to use it03:07
ethermonkclick the connect button and draw ines to patch what into where03:07
evonethermonk, ok that's don03:08
ethermonkoops, click start first03:08
ethermonkthen connect03:08
ethermonki use to use that in order to get live sound from the mic out to the speakers. thats about all i know.   more help can be found in #opensourcemusicians or #jack03:10
evonstill only one channel03:12
ethermonki see jackrack has a setting for audio channels. i've never used it b4 though03:13
ethermonkwhat are you using to record with?03:14
evonmbox mini with mic connected to it03:15
ethermonklooking through the forums, this mbox mini seems to be problematic.03:22
evongosh darnit03:23
ethermonkseeing after some work and special drivers, the mbox2 will work under audacity03:23
ethermonkyou might want to talk to the people in #opensourcemusicians or #jack there might be some one with hands on experience with this device03:28
evonalright thanks for the support03:28
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