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pleia2Best Desktop Distro: Xubuntu07:55
pleia2Carla is so <3 this week (she also did an article about a star wars scrolly xscreensaver and used the ubuntu weekly newsletter as a text example)07:56
Noskcajthat's pretty impressive, ignoring my opinion on star wars.07:57
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forestpiskiepleia2: nice :)08:32
NoskcajDo we want xfwm4 4.11?09:09
NoskcajOr does it hurt, since the merge is all done and ready09:11
knomeNoskcaj, see the whiteboard for https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-t-features for wanted versions09:11
knomeNoskcaj, if you need more information about something, ask ochosi09:11
Noskcajok, thanks for the link. Merge proposed09:13
Noskcajtomorrow i'll get the bugfix release of -settings and the new gmusicbrowser release done09:13
Noskcajbut now i have to go and watch cricket, g'night09:14
Unit193If he does that, he'll break auto-import of it.10:25
knomethen he will have to make sure it's fixed..10:28
brainwashelfy: reading the alpha 2 mail... one known issue? :D11:20
elfyone that they will immediately see and wonder about and end up reporting, then we'll get 4 or 5 dupes of it 11:22
brainwashthis one will be fixed very soon, now that we now why it does not work like intended11:22
brainwashsee the upstream report11:22
elfybrainwash: possibly so - but if the a2 is released tomorrow - then it will be with what we have11:23
brainwashoh, it's tomorrow already11:23
elfyshould be tomorrow or tuesday I believe11:23
brainwashsomehow I don't feel like testing it separately 11:26
Unit193Indicators might be noticed.11:26
brainwashin a vm or extra installation11:26
brainwashUnit193: what does that mean?11:27
elfyanyway - not really all that worried - we'll get the usual half a dozen people test it and report11:27
brainwashwhat is the status of light-locker? I guess the user still needs to set it up, or?11:30
Unit193Not seeded.11:31
elfybrainwash: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-release/2014-January/002720.html12:06
brainwashelfy: thanks12:07
Unit193brainwash: For what it's worth to you, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/ubuntu-seeds/lubuntu.trusty/revision/28412:17
brainwashUnit193: wow, and the bug is still not fixed in 13.1012:26
Unit193Didn't a comment explain what's up?12:30
brainwasha comment? the report got spammed with comments12:33
brainwashwhich one do you mean?12:33
brainwashwith the switch to light-locker the issue should be solved now12:34
Unit193Also, I love it, fixed in Ubuntu so that's what matters: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/106054312:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 1060543 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "Additional Drivers is not discoverable in Quantal" [Critical,Fix released]12:35
brainwashyeah, the communication between main ubuntu and the different spins is somewhat bad I think12:38
brainwashanother example would be the update-notifier12:39
Unit193We added jockey in raring or saucy (see last comment.)12:39
brainwashit integrates nice into the unity side bar, but not in xubuntu12:39
brainwashright, but others did not12:40
Unit193Hope that's merged, so we can drop it.  Otherwise I'll merge request it for lubuntu and UbuntuStudio (our sistership. :P )12:41
brainwashspeaking of ubuntustudio.. aren't those guys also interested in gtk3 indicators and other new xubuntu features like menulibre,..?12:42
brainwashmeaning, they surely want to test them too12:43
Unit193Likely, but think their team is smaller.12:43
knomezequence, ^12:43
Unit193Shush, knome. :P12:43
Unit193Speaking of him, I poked him about his session problems.12:59
Noskcajbluesabre, When can i get some catfish 0.8.3, mugshot, or menulibre for packaging?19:50
brainwashNoskcaj: hey, do you feel like pushing your power-manager package to trusty-proposed and writing the SRU report for saucy?19:57
Noskcajbrainwash, I'm trying to get a responce from corsac first, but i'll get it done this week19:58
brainwashright, I asked him about it, but his answer was rather blurry19:59
NoskcajWe need a second DD in pkg-xfce. 19:59
NoskcajIt's currently me, corsac, and sometimes mr-pouit19:59
Unit193DD is only Corsac.20:00
brainwashthis power-manager is really annoying many users, we have to do something about it :/20:00
brainwashpower-manager issue20:00
NoskcajUnit193, my point exactly20:00
brainwashand people will be forced to upgrade from raring to saucy very soon20:02
Noskcajbrainwash, link to the bug for changelog plz20:03
brainwashbug 122202120:03
ubottubug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202120:03
brainwashit will now land in the sponsoring queue?20:25
Noskcajyeah. The system takes a lot of time though.20:26
brainwashit's a 400 heat bug report, maybe we can convince someone in ubuntu-devel to take a look at it20:29
Noskcajbrainwash, Can you go and ping them? I need food and to finish gnome-system-tools20:31
brainwashNoskcaj: gnome-system-tools? are new patches available?20:38
NoskcajThe latest entry at http://metadata.ftp-master.debian.org/changelogs/main/g/gnome-system-tools/unstable_changelog20:39
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: Good timing, could you start creating packaging/review my setup.py at https://code.launchpad.net/~smd-seandavis/menulibre/menulibre220:43
bluesabre-laptopI'm nearly done, just adding the very last bit now, should be releasable today20:43
bluesabre-laptopand then I'm off work tomorrow, so will double-down on mugshot tomorrow20:46
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, :)20:47
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, Is the entire thing GPL-3? Would you like the packaging to be native (Packaged in the same bzr branch) or quilt (packaged separately)?21:04
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: Yeah, its all GPL-321:05
bluesabre-laptopWhat would you recommend for the packaging?21:05
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, Since it's all targeted for xubuntu, it's probably worth making it native.21:07
bluesabre-laptopalrighty, works for me21:07
Unit193Err, highly recommend quilt, if you want it in Debian. :/21:09
Unit193native = Ubuntu only project and debian/ is part of the project.21:09
NoskcajOne last thing, what will the release's version be? Will the name stay as menulibre2?21:09
NoskcajUnit193, no21:09
Noskcajnative can be in debian just as easily21:10
Unit193Basically, yeah.  If packaging gets messed up, new upstream release.21:10
NoskcajBut i see your point, maybe we should leave it as quilt21:10
bluesabre-laptopquilt's good then21:10
bluesabre-laptopwill probably release as menulibre21:10
bluesabre-laptopversion 2.021:10
Unit193(Also allows you to put all sorts of wicked patches in++) ;)21:11
NoskcajIs the package python, python3, or both?21:14
bluesabre-laptoppython3 only21:22
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj ^21:22
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, What depends and build depends should i have?21:31
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: I believe the dependencies should be the same as alacarte, just with python321:35
bluesabre-laptopUnit193: want to take it for a spin?  I just added the last features21:35
Unit193bluesabre-laptop: Self-contained?  Heck, who cares, of course I do!21:39
bluesabre-laptopshould be able to pull it and run bin/menulibre21:43
bluesabre-laptopI do need to add that it should bug you to save before closing or changing to a different launcher21:44
bluesabre-laptopI'll do that in a few21:44
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6782533/ is my current error21:48
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: Looks like it's falling back and building with python221:49
Unit193TypeError: run() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given)21:51
Noskcajnever mind, using pybuild fixes that issue21:51
Unit193bluesabre-laptop: Something I'm missing?21:53
bluesabre-laptopUnit193: what line did that happen at?21:54
Unit193File "/home/unit193/junk/menulibre2/menulibre/__init__.py", line 45, in main21:55
bluesabre-laptopyay api differences!21:58
bluesabre-laptoptry pulling the just pushed revision21:59
Unit193I like it, but the toggles have no on/off wording?22:01
Unit193Segmentation fault \o/22:02
Unit193Bah, can't reproduce.22:04
bluesabre-laptopNo On/Off wording?22:05
Noskcajhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6782631/ is my new issue22:05
bluesabre-laptopprobably an issue with my setup.py22:07
Unit193Ah, I can reproduce!22:07
bluesabre-laptopUnit193: on saucy or trusty?22:07
Unit193Saucy, baby.22:07
bluesabre-laptopochosi and I found that too22:08
bluesabre-laptopI think its a bug with either that version of python3.3 or python gmenu22:08
bluesabre-laptopbut python -> C is difficult to debug22:08
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: can you tar your packaging in the state that it is in so I can debug my setup.py?22:09
bluesabre-laptopor if you are familiar with setup.py, could you take a look at it?22:09
Unit193So, tad buggy, but nevertheless.22:10
bluesabre-laptopUnit193: you said the toggles don't have the on/off wording?22:13
Unit193Right, it's just some weird thing that goes back and forth, "Run in terminal" et al.22:14
bluesabre-laptopsounds a theme bug22:14
bluesabre-laptopor feature22:14
bluesabre-laptopwhich theme is that?22:16
bluesabre-laptopmernuleebre looks terrible in that theme22:17
Unit193I needed a dark theme, ochosi wanted to get me off his back about Blackbird, found me this one. :P22:18
Unit193Speaking of him, he didn't give you a nice shiny icon.22:19
bluesabre-laptopI noticed :(22:19
bluesabre-laptopthe xfce menu in debian ignores menulibre and alacarte22:21
Unit193echo $XDG_MENU_PREFIX22:22
bluesabre-laptophad the same problem with cinnamon22:23
bluesabre-laptopseems like that should really be set by default22:23
Unit193I don't know if it really is that.22:24
bluesabre-laptopits not set22:24
bluesabre-laptopand that is how the correct menu file is discovered22:24
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, I think my ftbfs is because you're using + instead of os.path.join to construct paths23:23
bluesabre-laptopok, I'll fix that.  I had mostly copied my setup.py from elsewhere, I'll fix that now23:25
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bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: pushed, let me know if you need something else23:58
bluesabre-laptopit will be so nice to be done with this part23:58

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