xubuntu411Good evening everyone.04:19
xubuntu411Is anyone willing to help me with an issue with a new xubuntu install?04:20
holsteinxubuntu411: you'll have to ask, and find out if a volunteer is available04:21
xubuntu411Ask here or elsewhere?04:22
holsteinxubuntu411: you just type it here..04:22
xubuntu411did what I type before not count?04:23
xubuntu411or was I muted/silenced before?04:23
holstein23:20 < xubuntu411> Is anyone willing to help me with an issue with a new xubuntu install?04:23
holstein^^ thats all i see.. no details04:23
xubuntu411ah, ok. Details. I am trying to get a live USB XUbuntu going. I burned a CD, but I have no network access with my wired connection. XUbuntu shows the connection is good, and the information shows everything correct. Wireless works fine. I have tried this on two different PCs, with different hardware, and get the same error.04:25
xubuntu411any help figuring this out would be appreciated.04:26
xubuntu411as I have never used linux before and have no idea what I am doing.04:26
xubuntu411Using my wireless connection, i was able to get the startup disk creator software downloaded, and made a usb bootable disk, and it suffers from the same issue.04:27
holsteinyou are trying to get a live usb going? if so, you dont need to burn a disc04:28
holsteinyou can use unetbootin, the usb creator, or dd copy... all of which is in the default repos, and unetbootin is available to windows04:29
xubuntu411I am. I was following an instruction guide which said to use a live disc to create it.04:29
holsteinxubuntu411: no.. it says "use a live iso" to create it, i bet04:29
holsteinxubuntu411: you dont need to use a live CD, a physical plastic disc to create a live USB04:29
holsteinxubuntu411: you can use any of the tool i refernce above, as well as others.. pendrive linux or whatever04:30
holsteinxubuntu411: could be the wired network device is not supporting linux04:31
xubuntu411ok, but that doesnt really change the issue I am having though. I have the live linux USB, but still no wired network access. status and information shows everything working ok, but can't ping out, cant ping the router. Router shows that the system is connected. Tried this on two different motherboards.04:32
xubuntu411Is there a compatibility chart I can check out to see if it is supported?04:32
holsteinxubuntu411: then, i would assume its the networking setup.. if you cant make any networking device work04:33
holsteinxubuntu411: i literaly just plug a cable from my router, and DHCP give it an address.. or i do static ip's04:33
xubuntu411yeah, that is what I was hoping to do too.04:34
holsteinxubuntu411: you can always ask your manufacturer if they support linux, but the chances of you have 2 wired nic's that linux doesnt support out of the box is pretty slim04:34
holsteinwhen you connect wirelessly, is that the same router? or access point?04:34
xubuntu411that is what I figured. and normally if they were not supported, it would say not connected or something similar, right?04:35
xubuntu411yeah, same router04:35
holsteinxubuntu411: still, i wouldnt worry about it too much at this point.. i would just make your live USB, and start using it.. keep in mind how long you likely use windows before connecting it to ethernet.. and just give yourself some time to learn04:41
holsteinxubuntu411: you can open a terminal and run "lspci" to try and see the NIC, and also "ifconfig" can tell you some helpful information04:41
xubuntu411Well, I kind of need the internet for this machine'04:42
holsteinxubuntu411: sure.. and you have wireless.. and im sure you can get wired working.. what is the output of "ifconfig" ?04:42
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:43
xubuntu411can't give full information quickly as it is a different machine. but it shows eth0, with HWaddr, inet addr, bcast and mask04:44
xubuntu411UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST   MTU:1500 Metric 104:44
xubuntu411ashows packet information, 0 collitions.04:44
xubuntu411also has a lo interface with that information filled out as well04:44
holsteinxubuntu411: that can help you see what is going on.. i would try replacing things.. try a different router if you have one laying around.. see if it gets an IP address.. try a different lan cable.. try the live USB on all the machines you have access to04:45
holsteinxubuntu411: lo is "loopback".. not helpful for what you are doing04:45
xubuntu411Tested it on 2 different machines with 2 different cables. Neither the CD or the live USB had working ethernet.04:46
holsteinxubuntu411: then, keep going.. i literally plug them in here, on nearly all my net cards and it just works04:46
holsteinxubuntu411: i had one card that wasnt automatically supported, and i tossed it04:47
holsteinxubuntu411: try a different router, if you have one..04:47
holsteinthey could be the same NIC that just doesnt support linux, but thats not likely04:47
holsteinxubuntu411: share the output of lspci and ifconfig in a pastebin04:48
xubuntu411how do I take a screenshot in linux?04:48
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.04:48
holsteinbut, i would like to see a pastebin of the output, personally04:49
holsteinthen, i can copy and paste as well..04:49
xubuntu411k, 1 moment.04:49
xubuntu411working on a text version04:57
holsteinxubuntu411: thats a pci express card?04:58
xubuntu411PCI Express is 2 video cards. everything else is onboard.  text version ->  http://pastebin.com/wkkvQbDR05:00
holsteinxubuntu411: you are getting an address..
holsteinxubuntu411: that is from the router05:00
holsteinxubuntu411: can you ping the router?05:00
holsteinxubuntu411: what is the output of "ping"?05:00
xubuntu411it sits and waits until it his the timeout or is cancelled, with 0% returned05:00
holsteinxubuntu411: you are connected to the router and getting that IP address from there05:01
holsteinxubuntu411: do you have another router laying around?05:01
xubuntu411that is why I am so confused.05:01
xubuntu411unfortunately not05:01
xubuntu411192.168.1.1 gets me destination host unreachable, but that is not my router ip05:02
xubuntu411my router ip is
xubuntu411would that cause a problem in xubuntu?05:02
holsteinxubuntu411: ?05:03
holsteinxubuntu411: yes.. you'll need to ping the actual router.. try pinging *anything* on the network.. try pinging from another machine, and then from xubuntu05:04
holsteintry pinging from another box05:04
xubuntu411pinging that from my windows machine gets me ping replies, 100% returned05:05
xubuntu411pinging my windows machine from my ubuntu machine gets replies as well.05:06
xubuntu411but it cannot ping the router, or any outside website.05:06
holsteinxubuntu411: but, you are on the network, so you can stop troubleshooting "my nic is broken in linux"05:07
xubuntu411trying to ping www.google.com gets me unknown host, pinging gets me connect: Network is unreachable05:07
holsteinxubuntu411: sure.. but the nic is working.. it can ping other boxes05:09
xubuntu411but not anything outside the network, or the router itself.05:09
holsteinxubuntu411: so, you can stop troubleshooting that.. you can look at DNS.. or the router config.. or just relax until you get more comfortable05:09
xubuntu411route -n shows a gateway of
xubuntu411does that tell you anything?05:15
xubuntu673Thanks for the help holstein, but I think I'll have to go with another route on this one.05:22
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yamamotoaianyone feel like helping a noob?11:17
elfyreally depends on the question and whether anyone lurking can answer it - so the best thing is to just ask ;)11:18
yamamotoaiokay, well i have xubuntu iso downloaded. I am on a laptop with windows 7 currently, and i want to put the iso on a USB drive and install it on my desktop (cannot access it until i get an OS on it.) Can anyone point me in the direction for installing the iso on the USB drive as if it were an installtion disk? I hope this gets through logically11:19
elfyyamamotoai: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#Creating_a_bootable_Ubuntu_USB_flash_drive_from_Windows11:20
elfypersonally I use unetbootin - (but I've not used it in windows)11:21
yamamotoaithanks. i see this before, but is that not just alive boot installion instruction? or is that one and the same?11:21
elfyburn the iso to the stick - boot from stick - then you install from there11:22
yamamotoaiokay thanks very much for the help!11:23
roosbeefso i just upgraded to 13.10 on my laptop. All of a sudden power settings are totally messed up (imo) - when i close the lid it suspends (used to just keep running and lock screen), when pressing power button it immediately shuts down (used to ask) -- how do i restore this to old settings?11:36
OflooHi, i've got a question, i've got multidisplay setup, with 12.04LTS works fine however i've got 2 tiny problems guess, when i boot the logon prompt isn't on the middle one it's on the first one, .. and for some reason when i enable Xinerama xfce4-panel crashes11:45
Ofloodoes anyone know why that is11:46
OflooXlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0"  something like that happens11:46
Ofloothe error i mean11:46
Ofloohowever i've installed arand11:47
Ofloohowever i've installed arandr11:47
brainwashroosbeef: see bug 122202111:49
ubottubug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu) "xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202111:49
brainwashroosbeef: there is a PPA with a patched xfce4-power-manager available (comment #9)11:50
brainwashfeel free to test it and report back, this will help to fix this issue11:50
roosbeefcool thanks brainwash11:51
roosbeefok yea so changing HandleLidSwitch=ignore in logind.conf worked (had to remove the # too which i didnt before)11:53
roosbeefi havent installed the ppa, firstly because i prefer not to install repository-external packages, and secondly because in the comment it said another bug was introduced by that package..11:54
Ofloothis sucks where can i set the primary monitor cause wine goes to the left monitor as well11:54
roosbeefok so i guess that logind was overriding the powersettings config, set lid and powerkey both to ignore in logind.conf and reset logind, works fine now :) thanks brainwash11:55
marasalve a tutti12:00
maraI can write in italian or english?12:01
elfyenglish please12:04
maraok i will try12:04
maraso i just installed xubuntu on my compaq nx 730012:04
marabut i can see that wifi it's not working12:05
marayou know why?12:05
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Ofloocan anyone answer how i run "xrandr --output DFP6 --primary" at boot ? so it applies to all sessions12:51
baizonOfloo: try arandr12:51
Ofloothat doesn't do what i want12:52
Oflooeverything works fine only one tiny thingy12:52
Oflooi want my center montor to be primary12:52
Oflooand it's using the left one as primary12:52
Oflooso when is start wine with a game it falls back to the left monitor which is anoying12:52
Oflooalso when i get my logon screen it's on the left side12:53
Ofloorather then the center12:53
Ofloothat i could live with12:53
SysiOfloo: add it to /etc/rc.local12:53
* Ofloo boots and crosses his fingers12:55
Ofloono that didn't do it12:56
brainwashadd it to the startup applications (settings manager > session and startup)12:58
brainwash/etc/rc.local might get executed even before the X server is up and running12:58
Ofloowould it work if i put it in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc13:01
Oflooi guess taht worked13:11
Ofloohowever on my logon screen the logon thingy is still on the left13:11
Ofloopff have to figur that out later i guess13:11
Ofloomaybe it doesn't depend on primary13:12
Ofloohave to look into that13:12
gema_hello, im installing xubuntu and as i was sugessted by the installation i clickek to joing the irc . Is still installing, do i have do do anything else after installation? do i have to install drivers and all that like in windows?13:12
Ofloogema_: that depends i guess13:13
Oflooon the hardware and on what version, ..13:13
Oflooif the version supports your hardware then no13:13
gema_i choosed the options to downlad updates while installing and to download mp313:13
Oflooif it doesn't you might have to13:13
gema_mmm, i havent checked compatibility lists (if there is one)13:13
gema_and the installation havent told me that my computer is not compatible13:14
Unit193gema_: Just check Settings Manager > Additional Drivers  after, and see if it's good.13:14
Ofloothis is no different from windows i guess if on install the kernel/os supports your hardware then you'll be just fine13:14
Ofloootherwise you'll have to install the drivers13:14
gema_oke, i will check the additional drivers after installation13:14
gema_is still installing from by usb13:15
gema_nevertheless, as i am online even during installation, i could guess i would be able to be online after running from harddisk, is that true? if not afeter reestarting if something goes wrong i dont have other computer to join the irc and ask13:16
gema_it seems i will going to need and aditional graphics drivers, the screen is doing strange things (color of closed windows stays there unless y move a window around the whole screen)...13:19
lobo_hi everyone13:55
lobo_Do you have any idea what this process is supposed to be?13:56
lobo_/usr/bin/X:0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 nolisten tcp vt7 novtswitch -background none13:56
lobo_it overloads my cpu13:56
xubuntu774hey all14:51
xubuntu774installing xubuntu as I type this. I've installed it several times yesterday and after the install the system doesn't boot. I'm not sure why.14:51
xubuntu774dell 1501 is the laptop14:52
vampatoriHi, I'm trying to install Xubuntu on a really old machine and I'm having problems.  I'm getting a blank screen when booting from the installation disc.  So I get the command line stuff, then the graphical boot comes up, then it goes blank.  I can get into the terminal (ALT + F1, etc.) and X doesn't seem to be running.  I run startx and it switches to it but blank, back on the console the last thing is "Loading extension GL15:12
vampatoriAny ideas on how to proceed?15:12
rocorohi, how do I get my monitor to stop turning off every 10 minutes..  I want this applied at startup.. the settings in screensaver do not work.. this is on 12.0415:15
vampatorirocoro - That sounds like a power management setting to me rather than a screensaver.  I don't have Xubuntu running in front of me though so maybe they're one and the same thing.15:21
rocorovampatori,  i've tried that already .. and does not work15:23
rocoroits like the file in xorg.conf.d directory doesn't get acknowledged15:23
rocoroor.. noblank isn't doing anything15:23
rocoroi'm trying this  xset s -dpms  for now..  maybe that will work?15:24
vampatoriI'm not sure, without it in front of me I can't tinker.  Certainly worth a try.15:25
rocoroso far blanktime,   xset s off,  and noblank don't seem to do anything and it doesn't work with the file placed in xorg.conf.d either :(15:27
vampatoriAre you restarting X between making these changes?  Might be worth a go.15:28
rocoroI reboot the whole machine,   sometimes it does seem to work and other times not15:29
rocoroor sometimes the monitor will shut off like maybe 3 times,  then it stops doing that and behaves with just black screen set at the time i have set in screensaver settings15:30
rocorovery strange15:31
vampatoriIndeed.  Might have to try asking in the forums.15:31
Ofloohmm, .. why is it if i configure dhcp for eth0 in /etc/networking/interfaces that the icon isn't working proper anymore16:56
drcRunning 13.10, <I> don't have a "/etc/networking/interfaces".  I have a "/etc/network/interfaces".17:04
cubdrc, I think it's /etc/network/interfaces in 12.04 too17:06
sebokiehow can I get xubuntu to automount dvd's?17:13
drcMenu>Settings Manager>Removable Drives>Storage & Multimedia has some config options.  I'd start there.17:15
sebokieyes I saw it but it doesn't work17:16
drcIs this just a problem with DVD's?  Do CD's and/or USB sticks automount?17:21
xubuntu854Hi Just wrote 1310 to DVD.  What next?17:24
drcxubuntu854: reboot from DVS and install.17:24
drcsebokie: and by automount, do you mean just automount (shows up in thunar) or do you automount and play in $MEDIAPLAYER ?17:25
xubuntu854Sorry, but need it even simple. How do I reboot?17:26
drcxubuntu854:   Easiest way, turn the computer off and then back on, making sure you tell it to boot brom the DVD, not the hdd.17:27
xubuntu854ta muchly.  Will try.17:27
Ofloosorry for the late answer it is network for me as well, .. typo18:24
Ofloocouldn't answer was playing starcraft 2 and due to wine i was locked to the game18:24
sebokiedrc, yes I only meant automount the dvd18:40
sebokieit seems thunar is not able to do it18:40
sebokieso I unchecked the volume manager in thunar and installed udevil18:40
sebokieand now everything mounts automatically18:40
monkeynautwhen i reboot my machine, sometimes my wireless mouse doesn't work correctly.   it is recognized and the cursor moves, but it moves extremely laggy, like a centimeter per second.  rebooting usually corrects it, sometimes i have to reboot twice.   the whole time my built in stick mouse on my laptop works fine.  this has happened on multiple distros.   it also happens on two different devices (two different logitech m570 wireless trackballs19:04
monkeynautis there a way to restart just the USB services without rebooting the machine?19:05
flux242monkeynaut: yes you can disable and enable a usb device using a simple script19:07
monkeynautflux242: is it sudo restart udev?19:07
flux242monkeynaut: no, wait a sec19:08
flux242monkeynaut: the keyword to google is bind/unbind usb. The first arcticle I've found http://lwn.net/Articles/143397/19:09
monkeynautthanks, i'm having the problem right now so i'll give it a shot19:10
flux242monkeynaut: the tricky part is to find the device path when it is unbound. I've written a script for that very long time ago19:14
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UszastyHi. Is there any command to some kind of reboot monitor? Something like when I'm suspending computer?20:18
TheSheeptry it with --help20:20
ROPAHow do I change permissions on a cd-rw?? The sudo chmod command fails, and gives the error that it is a read only disk. The disk was previously used in a windows machine years ago. Do I need to reformat the cd?? I'm stuck.20:20
TheSheepROPA: you can't, it's read-only20:27
Sysiuse xfburn20:29
UszastyI have very specific question, I don't know if this can be repaired within system, or it's something hardware-related20:32
UszastyI have very old laptop, which seems to have broken trigger in that part where screen is(I dont know how to spell it in english, sorry :P)20:34
UszastyAnd it's randomly turning blacklight on and off20:35
UszastyAnd only solution that i found by far is suspending or shutting down system20:35
UszastyAnd I'm just wondering if backlight in notebooks is controlled from hardware or from system20:37
ROPATheSheep but it's a rewritable disk!!!! How come I can't write to it????20:43
SysiROPA: first make it blank with xfburn20:44
ROPASysi I tried xfburn, but it doesn't allow me to blank the disk. Should I be trying to do something else??20:44
Sysinot AFAIK20:45
Sysiare you sure the disc is still good and you have rw and not rom optical drive?20:45
MyrttiI've never succeeded with a -rw disk20:46
SysiI actually have, but I might have used k3b20:47
Sysiit was years ago20:47
ROPASysi The drive is a modern drive that does everything. One of the logo's on the front of it says 'rw'. I have a whole stack of these disks and I can read from them, so they are likely not defective.....20:48
SysiROPA: do you get some error if you start xfburn from terminal?20:51
ROPAHere's what it says if I start xfburn........20:53
ROPAPossibly the disc(s) are in use, and cannot get accessed.20:53
ROPAPlease unmount and restart the application.20:53
ROPAIf no disc is in the drive, check that you have read and write access to the drive with the current user.20:53
ROPAthen, xf burn will not start.20:53
ROPAI'll try it in my laptop and see if it fails there too.20:56
ROPAI do get the same error if I start it from terminal.20:56
ROPAthanks to all for the guidance-not sure what's going on though. Permissions say it's read only, but the sudo chmod command doesn't do anything (although it appears to run without errors).21:03
gema1hello, i dediced to replace my windows os with xubuntu, everything works very good but i cant play my facebook flash games. I have being googling and it looks like in linux flash is to slow. Still we dont have a solution to play flash games on linux? i dont want to go back to windows just because i cant play those games.23:21
gema1or do we hace a flash alternative that will improve perfomance in flash games?23:22
Unit193gema1: Howdy again.  What version do you have?23:24
gema1i instaled and upgraded LTS23:25
Unit193Well, what version of flash?23:25
gema1lets me chech flash player version in a youtube video23:25
brainwashyou should consider installing google chrome, it includes the latest flash version23:27
Unit193(Or pull flash from that and use it in chromium. :P )23:28
gema1so i should uninstall my flash package from the ubuntu software center and then install chromium or chrome? that would improve flash performance in my xubuntu?23:29
brainwashworth a try23:29
drcgema1: I have heard/read that turning off "hardware accelerstion" in Flash can speed it up.  No promises :)23:30
gema1ok, im going to try23:30
brainwashdrc: in flash games23:30
gema1yes im just worring about flash games, videos play ok (but overheat my laptop) but games are so slow i cant even play them23:31
drcdunno, just something I've read. I mentioned it 'cause it'll only take 30 seconds to try.23:31
gema1i going to unistall flash and install chrome or chromium and check23:32
brainwashchrome might improve the situation, because (1) chrome is more responsive in general and (2) flash player version 12.x comes with some performance improvements compared to the old version 11.223:33
brainwashgema1: chromium does not ship or use the new flash version out of the box, only chrome does23:36
gema1but chrome is not on the repositories23:37
gema1i just intalled chromium and i was going to try23:37
gema1should i go to Chrome web page?23:37
gema1buf, right, with chromium i cant even watch movies (i unisntalled flash before installing chromium) so it says i have to install flash (the same version i had), by the way, im my windows, uninstalling flash i could play the videos of youtube in html5 without flash, why i cant with chromium?23:41
gema1firefox does play the videos in html5 :) love firefox23:43
gema1so chromium is not the path23:43
gema1i will try chrome23:43
gema1perfect, with chrome i have latest Flash Version and seems much faster on video playing, i will check facebook games now23:56
xubuntu523i got a problem, i just installed xubuntu to my computer, i'm dual booting it, but i don't get the grub, instead i just get the default windows boot options screen, what do i do?23:58

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