__marcocan I grep a file to search exactly when something was removed?11:28
__marcosomething like: bzr grep -r branch:../branch1.../ line removed11:28
__marcoI know that the -r syntax is wrong but I don't know also how to specify the versions between two branches11:29
fullermdNever messed with grep.  I always just did a log -p and then searched in less.11:38
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rozzinHm. I was thinking maybe "bzr log -r annotate:..." might have been able to do that.22:05
rozzinDoesn't look like it, though.22:05
fullermdWould be hard to describe something removed like that, I'd think.22:07
fullermdPlus the issue with overspreading diffs, etc.  I always looked a little crosseyed at annotate:.22:08
SamByeah, afaik "git blame" can't tell you "something was deleted here since the surrounding lines changed", either. (It'd be kind of nice if it could.)22:14
mgrandii haven't evern seen that in a 'blame' command, cause the entire file could be 'deletions'....22:15
mgrandii thought it was more for just 'who put this line here' sort of thing22:15
fullermdDefining or declaring or asking about things going away seems harder all around than things coming in.  I'll bet there are philosophical resolutions if somebody wanted to take enough time to hash it all through.22:17
fullermdNot sure about making it practical though.22:18
mgrandiit seems like it would be a separate command, it would be so much data to see all at once seeing deletions and regular 'blames' all at once22:18
fullermdAn interesting ontological exercise though, I imagine.22:18
rozzinSure enough "bzr revert -r$REV_WITH_LINE; bzr log -r annotate:..." does tell me that the line in question "does not exist in branch"....22:21

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