smoserpquerna, thanks.13:46
smosernatorious, well its not much use without init :)13:47
smoseri'd guess that the sysvinit scripts should be reasonably re-usable, but i don tknow how gentoo does boot order dependency resolutoin stuff.13:47
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iliyasHow do we define multiple sections of a YUM repo file in YAML form ?17:00
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harlowjasmoser just got baack17:53
harlowjaya, as for gentoo, not quite sure about the boot order, the scripts though should work fine17:53
smoseriliyas, mulitple sections ?17:53
smoserharlowja, i think i say never mind now.17:54
smoseroh... i dropped your 'sudo pip install'17:54
harlowjaits ok17:54
smoseri would like targets of 'make pip-depends'17:54
smoseror somethign like that 17:54
harlowjaor venvs?17:54
harlowjathere is always that17:54
iliyasYes, like [section-1].... [section-2]... in a single .repo file.17:55
smoseryeah, i want pip-depends to work. in venvs18:28
smoseror to be able to say 'make apt-depends'18:29
smoserand apt-build-depends 18:29
harlowjasmoser hmmmm18:30
harlowjawhat would apt-build-depends do, make the packages?18:30
harlowjabtw, another question smoser making this DatasourceOpenStack over the weekend, do we want to keep dataSourceConfigDrive?18:31
harlowjasince DatasourceOpenStack basically absorbs pretty much all of its functionality18:32
harlowja+ more18:32
smoserharlowja, not make the packages18:36
smoserjust install them18:36
smoser.PHONY same18:36
smoserharlowja, i think we want datasourceconfigdrive18:37
smoseryes, but it does share a *lot* of code with datasource openstack18:37
smoserbut at the moment the only way we configure thingson or off at is the sources/DataSourceXXX level18:38
smoserthat make sense ?18:38
smoserand i was planning on trying to get to add vendordata ocnsumption to the datasourceconfigdrive and to the nocloud18:38
harlowjai'm splitting shared functionality smoser off into helpers module anyway18:41
harlowjabut not much left in ConfigDrive after that split, lol18:41
smoseryeah, and thats fine.18:50
smoserbut i think that its reasonable to say "i only want ocnfig drive"18:50
smoseror "i only want openstack metadata service".18:51
harlowjaor u want both18:51
harlowjak, thats similar to what i am doing18:51
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