bachi frankban, you on trusty yet?12:42
frankbanbac: no, but I have a vm running trusty12:42
bacfrankban: yeah, me too.  have you seen any problems with juju reporting errors about bootstrap tools?12:44
bacon trusty12:44
bacfrankban: like http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791381/12:44
frankbanbac: yes, I described this (and a workaround) in my email announcing quickstart12:45
frankban(sent to gui-peeps)12:45
benjiAll these issues are making me reconsider my desire to upgrade to trusty.12:45
bacfrankban: doh.  sorry to bother you12:45
frankbanbac: np12:46
bacfrankban: so juju on trusty cannot use lxc or ec2.  that's mighty limiting.12:47
frankbanbac: IIRC you run juju on ec2 using --upload-tools12:47
bacfrankban: well, my handbuilt version also seems to work12:48
bacwill try the latter12:48
frankbanbac: cool12:48
bacbenji: yeah, i'd wait for sure before upgrading metal.  i kept my saucy vm, so if i have to mothball trusty for a while its not big deal12:49
bacfrankban: fyi, the latest code for juju-deployer has not problem handling my bundles that have constraints like mem=1G.  i notice on pypi there is a 0.3.0 but our charm is using 0.2.9.  will test our charm now using the new version.12:50
frankbanbac: sounds good, the last branch merged in the deployer is "merge jjo subordinate and constraint diff fixes and unicode yaml repr issue". so it seems that fixed the problem12:52
bacjcsackett: http://staging.jujucharms.com/heartbeat shows no charm-queue and basket-queue.  is that due to your indexing investigation?12:55
frankbanjujugui you might find this useful (vcs branch name in the prompt): http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6790927/12:57
hatchgary_poster|away I'll take a look at huw's branch13:26
rick_h_hatch: I was going to write up the debugging technique for thatone13:31
rick_h_hatch: where you comment out the test files, then the tests, to help narrow down what is conflicting13:31
hatchoh ok I thought he just wanted it done13:31
rick_h_hatch: yea, but he's had some tests failures he's punted like that before. I figure teach a man to fish and all that13:32
rick_h_but understand13:32
hatchwell there is an event cleanup issue13:33
hatchrick_h_ do did you want to get the branch landed or would you like me to? 13:35
rick_h_hatch: you go ahead13:35
hatchok cool13:35
rick_h_you've been much father into it :)13:35
hatchman my internet is really slow today for whatever reason13:36
rick_h_pipes are cold13:37
hatchit's actualy been unnaturally warm 13:38
hatch-10C right now, but will warm up quite a bit by mid day13:38
hatchrick_h_ so to work on huw's branch is it best that I clone his fork then work directly on his branch so that I can rebase it? Or do you have another technique?13:46
rick_h_hatch: I'd just create a branch in my workspace, pull his changes into it straight from his fork, and then work on it and submit it13:47
rick_h_hatch: git pull git@github.com:fitztrev/Bookie.git anon-bmark-get  13:47
hatchyeah? That won't cause any odd ordering issues with the revase?13:47
hatchand the merges etc13:48
rick_h_hatch: for example is how I pulled a pull request over and then worked on it to finish it/submit it13:48
rick_h_and then I had to go to his pull request and manually close it13:48
rick_h_hatch: worth a try. if it messes up just remove your branch and try something else13:48
hatchok I can give that a go13:48
hatchsure beats cloning the entire repo on my slow connection this am13:49
rick_h_some days devel and debug are too close together13:52
hatchhaha yup13:54
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
* gary_poster had call and forgot to join, sorry14:14
gary_posterthanks hatch14:14
rick_h_frankban: didn't you fix this? I thought I remember qa'ing it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/juju-gui/+bug/125229514:14
_mup_Bug #1252295: guiserver bundle deployment error is empty <juju-gui (Juju Charms Collection):Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1252295>14:14
* rick_h_ goes to load up an env and test it out14:15
frankbanrick_h_: yes, that can be considered fixed, but right now we have no feedback on what went wrong, just an "unknown error" or similar. we need some changes to land on the deployer to really fix that bug14:16
gary_posterhey rick_h_.  Should GUI release wait on your 1257878-2 branch?14:16
rick_h_gary_poster: landing it now, yea I was trying to sneak it in14:17
benjiI'm consistently getting this error from an lbox submit:14:17
benjibzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(chroot-65979408:///%2Bbranch/charmworld/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport 14:17
hatchwow huw was not kidding when he said he got errors haha14:17
gary_posterrick_h_: awesome, thx14:17
hatchyeah....this might take a while14:18
gary_posterhatch: :-/ ok14:18
gary_posterbenji, might impoy that you are working in a place where you have not authenticated yourself with lp?  if you run bzr lp-login in that context does it know who you are?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/qbzr/+bug/109481014:20
_mup_Bug #1094810: bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~over-garcia/openacademy/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()   <QBzr:Invalid> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1094810>14:20
benjigary_poster: this is my normal place, but I'll try lp-login anyway14:20
benjigary_poster: no dice, it already knows who I am (also, pushing and other bzr operations work)14:21
gary_posterbenji: ack.  skimmed through other options and didn't see anything obvious.  Sorry.  Maybe make new co and merge across or something? :-/14:22
gary_posterbenji: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju-dev/2013-March/000612.html looks awfully similar fwiw14:23
* benji reads14:23
rick_h_gary_poster: if you get a sec wanted to check if I should start the release process after that 404 fix lands? 14:24
gary_posterso IOW benji, check if your team membership has changed or if you generally have the privs you expect14:24
gary_posterrick_h_: +1 thank you!14:24
gary_posterfrankban: hi.  Do you think you need anything to make the quickstart release official?  Did you get any testing feedback from external folks, like Jorge?14:26
* jcastro votes for "do it!"14:27
gary_poster:-) cool14:27
frankbangary_poster: not yet. oh wait...14:27
jcastroI'll debut it tomorrow at the PTS sprint during my charm school14:27
frankbangary_poster: I think after that we only need to copy quickstart+urwid packages to the juju stable ppa14:28
benjiit irritates me that lbox keeps asking me to edit the commit message; I've resorted to "EDITOR=true lbox submit" and am now happy.14:28
frankbanjcastro: great thank you!14:28
gary_posterbenji lol in a 10% sad way :-)14:28
rick_h_jcastro: woo! Look forward to hearing how that goes14:29
rick_h_benji: we can move it to github and ditch lbox ;)14:29
gary_posterfrankban: "after that": after what?  We need just a bit more QA?14:29
rick_h_"I hear you've got a hammer problem, here's a saw"14:29
frankbangary_poster: I meant after jcastro debugging session. I did some QA and it seems to work well, so, if you prefer to just ship it, I am ok with it14:31
gary_posterfrankban: ack.  jcastro, you had a debugging session with the new release, at least to verify that your plans tomorrow work nicely?  If not, do you have any time for it?14:32
rick_h_frankban: +1 on shipping. We had some qa when lazypower and jcastro tested out the 1.0rc1 and I spent some time trying to break it. 14:32
lazypowerI can spend more time auditing quickstart if requried14:32
lazypowerpoke me when required and I'll put it in my priority queue14:32
jcastrogary_poster, I am getting on a plane today and out of the loop for 2 days but maybe lazypower can dive in?14:32
gary_posterack jcastro, thx.  I think I'm OK with shipit, frankban14:33
frankbangary_poster: +114:33
gary_posteryay :-)14:34
frankbangary_poster: seeing if I can copy the packages14:35
gary_posterfrankban: cool.  you should be able to.  if not, lemme know, and I'll see what I can do to make that possible,14:35
frankbangary_poster: it seems I was able to do that. publication pending14:38
gary_posterfrankban: exxxxxxcellent.  muahaha. etc.14:39
rick_h_lol, /me can see Gary doing the hand motions all too easily14:40
frankbangary_poster: quickstart published \o/14:52
lazypowerCongratulations on shipping today!14:53
rick_h_gary_poster: for the release. We're calling this 0.15 with a note on the "no more pyjuju support" in the changelog?14:54
rick_h_gary_poster: or are we ok calling it 1.0?14:54
gary_posterawesome frankban!  congrats!  Send out your email from yesterday to juju list?15:00
gary_posterrick_h_: I'm afraid we are calling it 0.15.  To assuage some concerns with theoretical nothings: the GUI technically still supports pyjuju15:01
gary_posterit is only the charm that has changed15:01
gary_posterso if someone want to use the new gui with pyjuju they could15:01
gary_posterusing an older charm15:01
gary_posterI think :-)15:01
gary_postermaybe worth calling out in release notes.  can use that as excuse for the official 1.0 later when we rip out pyjuju in gui itself15:02
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, so I'm calling out that this is the last release? or just leave it out in the notes of the gui itself?15:02
frankbangary_poster: sure15:02
gary_posterrick_h_: no, leave it out of the GUI.  At most say that this is likely to be the last release of the GUI with pyjuju support15:03
rick_h_gary_poster: silence sounds golden to me then. Thanks15:03
gary_postercool ty15:03
gary_posterthanks frankban, great15:03
hatchin other news: my dogs like bacon15:08
gary_postersky is blue still, as well, then, in Canada?15:10
hatchnot sure, overcast with a low ceiling15:11
hatchit MAY be!15:12
hatchman these have to be the most obscure test failures ever15:15
frankbangary_poster: email sent, do you have any suggestions for my next card?15:19
rick_h_frankban: did you see my earlier query about the bugs around the errors and bundles?15:22
rick_h_frankban: I thought at least one of the two in the high lane were fixed?15:22
frankbanrick_h_: pasting from above: yes, that can be considered fixed, but right now we have no feedback on what went wrong, just an "unknown error" or similar. we need some changes to land on the deployer to really fix that bug15:23
rick_h_frankban: oh heh, I missed the reply. /me needs to get his mentions split back in irssi. 15:23
frankbanrick_h_: the WatchDebugLog API does not seem to be ready on core side, right?15:23
rick_h_frankban: oic, so this isn't the original swallowing of errors then. 15:24
rick_h_frankban: correct, a new revision was pushed up today in the code review15:24
rick_h_frankban: after this release I was going to look at maybe poking at the front end bits, but was going to check with the gary_poster first. Maybe something else would make more sense. 15:25
rick_h_frankban: can you post your email to the gui blog?15:25
* rick_h_ wants to share with the world via pretty html links15:25
frankbanrick_h_: sounds good, I can help implementing the client API in the GUI when we know better how the API looks like15:26
frankbanrick_h_: re blog post, sure15:26
rick_h_frankban: would love the help on that. https://codereview.appspot.com/44540043/ is the commit I've been tracking if you want to peek at it. 15:27
hatchI wonder if there is some way to make phantom cache assets15:27
rick_h_cache bad15:28
rick_h_bad cache! bad!15:28
rick_h_I'll take < performance over "impossible to debug wtf"15:28
frankbanrick_h_: yeah I saw that, the EntityLogRequest parameters with Lines and Tag seems great. Still not sure how a user-admin will access that Debugger API15:29
hatchrick_h_ I was thinking caching the YUI stuff not our code :)15:29
* hatch does a little dance after solving the huw's test issues15:30
rick_h_frankban: cool, happy to chat on what I know once I get through the release stuff. So maybe tomorrow lol15:30
gary_posterfrankban: next card: you are blocked by hazmat on those two with your head right?15:32
frankbangary_poster: yes15:32
gary_posterfrankban: ok.  I know some of the "high" cards are not exciting.  jujucharms ETags, 1230410, or "add link from unit link..." are reasonable.15:35
benjigary_poster: should I take the "make releases" card?  (or perhaps split it into multiple cards and take one to start)15:35
gary_posterrick_h_: debug log is blocked on TheMue getting that landed, right?15:35
rick_h_gary_poster: yes15:35
gary_posterrick_h_: :-(15:36
rick_h_gary_poster: though I thought some of the UI stuff could 'start'15:36
rick_h_making sure the tabs are ok, prepping the idea of storage layer, etc15:36
gary_posterrick_h_: coudl you suggest those with a high priority marker on the board please?15:36
rick_h_gary_poster: but it's got a short runway until that lands15:36
gary_posterHey TheMue, any estimate on when debug log will be ready for us?15:36
gary_posterbenji: rick_h_made another card it looks like15:37
gary_posterI'll change that one to "jujucharms" release and mark it blocked15:37
gary_posterbenji, frankbanif one of you were to identify the jujucharms etag issue that would be fab15:38
benjigary_poster: I'll be glad to look at it.  Is there more detail somewhere?15:39
gary_posterbenji: yeah, looking, 1 sec15:39
benji(I'm a big fan of "borked" as an adjective, but as a problem description it lacks something.)15:39
TheMuegary_poster: API side is in review, I'm currently n the command side, but got troubles with the watcher logic there15:40
TheMuegary_poster: seems to be the first command using a watcher15:40
gary_posterTheMue: API side almost ready for landing, as far as you can tell?  command side watcher logic: it is not an issue with the API, just an issue with how to *use* a watcher API from CLI?15:40
TheMuegary_poster: but you're more interested on the server side of the API, don't you?15:40
TheMuegary_poster: I have to detect if the server returns the error or if it is generated by wrong handling on the client side15:42
TheMuegary_poster: dimitern already helped me so that I get further step by step15:42
gary_posterbenji, simply if you reload static resources from jujugui you will see that you get different etags for the same resource.15:42
gary_postergetting example15:42
benjiare there multiple back-end servers?15:43
gary_posterbenji, yup.  you know where this is going.  however, we thought we had the right config to have ETags set by...whatever is stable.  I forget.  Either we are doing that wrong, or something in front of our own serving is getting that wrong.15:44
benjimy bet is on "something in front"15:44
gary_posteryeah.  this task will probably be (1) prove that we are doing the right thing on our side (frankban can probably help do this very quickly) and then (2) work with webops to figure out what else is going on15:45
gary_posterbenji, hm15:46
gary_posterit may be that they fixed this for us magically15:46
gary_postertrying to dupe15:46
benjifixing is good, communication would be good too :)15:47
gary_posterby reloading https://jujucharms.com/juju-ui/assets/all-yui.js and seeing if I can get a non-30415:47
gary_posterthough I might have both ETags cached?15:47
benjiwget --no-cache might be helpful15:48
gary_posterbenji, I can't dupe.  Maybe this is a quick "demonstrate that the problem doesn't exist any more" card? :-)15:49
gary_posterTheMue: ack, thank you.15:50
hatchrick_h_ so are you going to put a dark stain over the green?15:50
gary_posterjujugui call in 1015:50
benjigary_poster: ok, I'll hack together a test script that will try to get inconsistent etags; if we don't get any after many requests we'll consider it fixed15:51
gary_poster+1 thanks benji15:51
TheMuegary_poster: yw, I hope I can solve this last mystery of mankind to get the watcher in for you asap15:51
gary_poster:-) cool TheMue15:51
hatchgary_poster would you like me to fix some of the remaining small issues with huw's branch and then land it?15:53
hatchthe remaining issues are trivials 15:53
gary_posterhatch: yes please, thank you.  I'd also like to talk to you after call about planning out local charm stuff15:53
hatchsounds good15:53
frankbanrick_h_: http://jujugui.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/juju-quickstart-1-0/15:54
hatchfrankban is there a 'what is quickstart' blogpost somewhere? It should probably be linked from that post :)15:54
gary_posteractually we should work with evilnickveitch on this15:55
gary_posterhey evilnickveitch, do you have any time today or tomorrow to talk with us about incorporating quickstart into juju docs?15:55
evilnickveitchgary_poster, yeah, i saw the announcement15:55
evilnickveitchI should add it to my list15:56
gary_posterok evilnickveitch, how would you like to prioritize it?  or should I get some feedback from mramm & arosales about that?15:56
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
evilnickveitchgary_poster, I will put it next I think. I was working on simplestreams, but as quickstart is actually released...15:58
gary_posterevilnickveitch: :-) cool15:58
evilnickveitchit makes sense to do it sooner. I will take a look at get back to you if I need anything!15:58
gary_posterthank you evilnickveitch!15:58
bacgary_poster: when is SA?16:23
gary_posterbac, 1.5 weeks; first week of Feb16:24
bacfrankban: i've looked for mramm's reply you mentioned but don't see it? what list was it?16:24
frankbanbac: you are not CC'd16:25
bacfrankban: oh, ok16:25
gary_posterhey frankban, moved quickstart announce cards to maintenance lane.  Will clear out quickstart cards16:55
gary_posteri will move them to backlog just in case we want to look at them16:55
frankbangary_poster: cool thanks16:55
arosalesgary_poster, evilnickveitch ack on getting quick start documented ahead of simple steams17:00
gary_posterawesome thanks arosales17:00
arosaleswe just need simple streams by 1.18, and the good stuff in quick start we need to let users know about17:00
arosalesgary_poster, time wise looking like a day or two given you can provide evilnickveitch with the technical bits needed. Is this correct?17:01
gary_posterarosales: sounds good to me, yes.17:01
gary_posterevilnickveitch, arosales, frankban should be the tech contact on this.  His timezone should align well with Nick's17:02
frankbangary_poster, evilnickveitch, arosales: sounds good17:03
gary_postercool thank you17:03
evilnickveitcharosales, frankban gary_poster, cool with me. I have started to have a look17:04
benjigary_poster: I have verified that the etag problem still exists:17:11
benji% cat out  | sort | uniq -c17:11
benji     63   ETag: "48b97-3dfd-4eb136e395640"17:11
benji     37   ETag: "4aa32-3dfd-4eb136e395640"17:11
gary_posterbenji: suck17:17
gary_posterbenji: but thank you17:17
gary_posterbenji: confer with frankban before his EoD to get his braindump on this, please?17:17
benjigary_poster: sure17:18
arosalesevilnickveitch, thanks17:18
benjioh, frankban!  what up with etags?17:18
frankbanbenji, gary_poster: IIRC jc.com is deployed with the legacy haproxy+apache configuration, right?17:19
gary_posterfrankban: yes17:19
frankbanok cool17:19
frankbanbenji: so AFAIK the only piece of code where we handle etags is the apache template, i.e. lines 30-31 of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk/view/head:/config/apache-site.template17:23
benjifrankban: are etags settings inferred from the cache control settings?  I don't see etags mentioned in that file.17:24
gary_posterfrankban: when you get a chance, could you please add some comments to https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1271248 ?17:24
_mup_Bug #1271248: LXC local has issues in trusty <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1271248>17:24
frankbangary_poster: sure17:25
rick_h_gary_poster: we wanted to push an updated juju-gui trunk branch that has a moved note right? Is the thought to remove all the files and leave a MOVED which notes the github url and notes?17:33
gary_posterrick_h_: yes, precisely17:33
gary_posterand thank you for remebering17:34
frankbanbenji: you are right, that directive seems to just tell the clients that they should revalidate17:35
frankbanbenji: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#fileetag IIUC, the Apache default for etags is not sane if you use multiple nodes17:41
benjifrankban: that sounds like out situation :)17:41
* benji reads17:41
frankbanbenji: INode MTime Size is the default. I guess the first one is different for each node17:41
benjifrankban: that matches what I've seen in how the etags vary (the first bit changes while the rest is the same)17:43
frankbanbenji: so if it makes sense to you, we could try adding "FileETag MTime Size" to the template17:43
benjiyep, that sounds like a winner17:44
frankban(assuming the modification time and the file size are the same in each apache instance)17:44
rick_h_gary_poster: care to play editor or just ack good 'nough https://pastebin.canonical.com/103326/17:47
gary_posterrick_h_: +1 thank you.  suggest you also include link to lp bugs for gui17:52
rick_h_gary_poster: rgr, will add17:52
gary_posterotherwise fire away17:52
* gary_poster goes to lunch17:52
gary_posterback in a while17:52
benjifrankban: I'll work up a branch that tweaks the apache config17:53
frankbanbenji: sounds good thanks17:54
* rick_h_ starts playing taps http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-gui/trunk/files18:01
hatchrick_h_ are we using github releases for the gui releases?18:05
rick_h_hatch: lmao please tell me you mean my other left in this card? https://canonical.leankit.com/Boards/View/10252984918:05
rick_h_hatch: no, not at this time. I'm all for it though. It has an api to do it18:05
rick_h_hatch: for now they're staying in LP18:05
hatch:) leankit direct to card linking is broken18:06
rick_h_bah, well the unit dying UI stuff18:06
rick_h_wel dying service that is I guess18:06
hatchI think I did that already....18:06
rick_h_ok, well card in high for that18:06
hatchoh yeah I am pretty sure it does that already18:07
hatchif you want to test you can spin up a lxc instance and spin up, say, wordpress18:07
hatchthen destroy it18:07
hatchI am pretty sure it goes into a dying state list18:07
rick_h_right, but if you look in the *right* image there's a block under the service name that says "this service is ... "18:08
hatchright that's not there18:09
rick_h_ok, I'll replace left with right in that card 18:09
hatchI really gota stop trying to run virtualbox and parallels at the same time18:24
hatchit crashes hard18:25
hatchand it apparently totally borks my networking hah18:36
hatchI can't wait till 14.04 so I can install it on metal 18:37
hatchrebase conflicts have to be the worst18:43
rick_h_hatch: :/ I think the thing is you don't get them that often if things are going smoothly so not used to dealing with them18:44
hatchyeah, and now I'm trying to rebase something like 28 commits18:44
hatchyay think I got it18:56
hatchnot entirely sure how there were conflicts when merging in order18:56
hatchbut oh well18:56
hatchof course we'll see when the lint and tests pass hah18:57
gary_posterleankit direct card linking works fine fwiw: https://canonical.leankit.com/Boards/View/102529849/108600813 for example19:04
gary_posteryou have to use the link on the bottom right of the card details19:04
gary_posterand once you click on it, the card itself is removed from the url (that seems like a mistake on their part)19:05
hatchyeah exactly19:05
hatchIf you put a link to a PR in a comment the PR gets a new line in it saying that it's been referenced elsewhere 19:05
hatch^ on github19:05
hatchjujugui could I get a review/qa on https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/81 plz, it's a long one (huw's branch)19:06
gary_posterhatch, on it19:06
hatchit'll be nice to finally get this in there19:06
gary_posterrick_h_: if bac doesn't have the charm fix soon, maybe get this one in19:08
gary_posterwith a new gui release19:08
rick_h_gary_poster: rgr19:08
gary_posternot a request, jst an idea19:08
rick_h_gary_poster: yea, it's np. The gui part isn't that bad actually. Spent most of the time trying to dbl check docs19:08
bacgary_poster: it won't be today.  it doesn't look like the change to juju-deployer 0.3.0 solves the problem and i haven't tracked it down yet19:08
gary_posterbac ok.  we need to cut pait sometime soon and make a gui release.  been way too long19:09
gary_postercut bait19:09
rick_h_gary_poster: I've got a fix in progress for a deployer UI bug as well. So maybe tomorrow we can see where we are and re-start release process19:09
bacgary_poster: ok.  perhaps we just do two in short order19:09
rick_h_well, bundle UI bug19:09
gary_posterhatch: qa: SWEEET!  :-)19:13
hatchhaha, that should be our new QA OK19:14
rick_h_hatch: got a quick sec to look a mini-bug fix https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/82 please?19:33
gary_posterhatch, done.  +1 with a few very trivial bits19:34
hatchgreat thanks, I'll get on those after rick's branch19:34
gary_posterit's lookin' pretty snazzy on chrome19:36
rick_h_bug spam alert!19:46
gary_posterheh, what with you and curtis, it's almost like people are gardening bugs! ;-)  Thank you!19:53
rick_h_heh, figured fullscreen is dead, bye bye any bugs dealing with that19:54
rick_h_and then...19:54
benjigary_poster: I have an Apache configuration tweak that should make etag generation consistent: https://codereview.appspot.com/5521004419:59
gary_posterbenji, cool.  yeah, I thought we had something like that already.  so the mtime should be on the basis of the time the gzip was made, not the time it was decompressed?20:00
gary_posterif you follow my question?20:01
benjigary_poster: right.  I'm deploying a second time the charm right now so as to verify that the etags generated by the second machine match those from the first20:01
gary_posterbenji, perfect.  thank you!20:02
benjimy pleasure20:02
hatch          newHeight = this.panelsHeight >20:06
hatch                                  tabHeight ? this.panelsHeight : tabHeight;20:06
hatchgary_poster is this indentation better? 20:06
hatchwell the tabHeight lines up on 'e' on the previous line's Height in panelsHeight20:07
gary_posterhatch, better, but can we break lines somewhere else?  If not, the indentation is at least improved20:08
gary_posternewHeight = (20:08
gary_poster    this.panelsHeight > tabHeight ? ...)20:08
hatchI could make it use smaller var names and put it on a single line20:09
gary_posterisn't this just max20:09
hatchnewHeight = panelsHeight > tabHeight ? panelsHeight : tabHeight;20:09
hatchthere :)20:09
gary_posterhatch: newHeight = Math.max(this.panelsHeight, tabHeight)20:09
hatchyeah hah that just came to me20:10
gary_posterconveys intent better and shorter, for the win, IMO ;-)20:10
gary_postercool thanks20:10
hatchoh yay now there are conflicts20:15
* hatch blames rick_h_ 's branch20:15
rick_h_bwuhahaha, first to land, first to skate20:15
hatchu suck20:15
hatchthat is all20:15
rick_h_my 2 line branch must have killed you20:16
hatchpretty much20:16
rick_h_ok, can't believe after all that there's still > 150 bugs in there20:18
hatchit's merge has totally put the code in the wrong spot20:22
benjietag match verified, we have a lock, awaiting firing command20:23
hatch.....what are we firing?20:27
rick_h_ok, done with bugs. It's reached depressing point. /me runs away20:27
gary_posterbenji, merge away20:34
benjigary_poster: alreday done20:34
gary_posterbenji awesome thanks20:35
gary_posterrick_h_: don't be depressed :-)20:35
benjiI'm american, we don't really ask for permision to fire20:35
gary_posterYou know, I have a newsflash: Launchpad is slow.20:36
benjiit's much slower than it used to be20:36
benjino, reverse that20:37
benjigary_poster: so, who is the feature-leader of per-unit debug log?  I would like to ask them if they would like me to work on "Auto open/close sidebar when using flyout from unit/inspector" next.20:37
gary_posterbenji, rick_h_20:37
benji(we should assign the green card to the person leading the feature so we don't forget)20:38
gary_posterok good idea, will do20:38
benjirick_h_: hi, shall I work on "Auto open/close sidebar when using flyout from unit/inspector" next?20:38
rick_h_gary_poster: benji I wonder if maybe the best thing to wrap up release is see if benji can help bac at all? So we can try to get all our releases out tomorrow first?20:43
gary_posterif bac thinks it will help +120:43
gary_posterotherwise looking 20:43
bacbenji: if you've got time i'd welcome some pairing20:44
rick_h_benji: otherwise, sure. You can start that. I'm going to EOD myself20:44
rick_h_double yay20:44
benjibac: well, I'm almost EOD right now20:44
bacbenji: as am i20:45
bacbenji: maybe just chat for ten minutes?20:45
benjibac: ok, do you want to meet up in the morning and see if you still want my help after sleeping on it?20:45
benjibac: sure20:45
bactoday's hangout.20:45
hatchrick_h_ lets spin up bigger instances for our CI, it's taking too long!20:51
hatchas I say that it finishes20:51
* bac o/21:00
rick_h_hatch: quit complaining. You wanted CI, enjoy CI :P21:42
hatchYou should know by now I'm never happy21:42
rick_h_hatch: patch to parallel the saucelabs bit welcome :)21:42
* rick_h_ thinks it'll have to be done with jenkins job magic ugh21:42
rick_h_would prefer we could do it in our makefile scripts21:42
rick_h_makefile/scripts that is21:43
hatchyeah so it can be put in vc21:43
rick_h_and could be used locally as well21:43
hatchwell I have no idea how it works but maybe if i'm bored one day I can look into it21:44
rick_h_honestly the 20min isn't that bad imo. slow down a bit at landing time, watch what you're doing. works for me21:49
hatchyeah it's not bad at all21:49
hatchjust if you push up a small fix then you want to merge then branch from that21:50
hatchyou have to wait 40 mins to be able to get an up to date repo21:50
gary_posteri'm outta here.  see ya tomorry21:59
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hatchmorning huwshimi 22:22
huwshimihatch: Ah, thanks so much for that fix22:29
hatchhuwshimi no problem, it was pretty obscure, fresh eyes probably helped :)22:30
hatchfileSources[0].name.split('.').slice(-1).toString() hehe gross22:31
huwshimihatch: So happy to have that all landed!22:34
hatchhaha yeah that's been a while22:34
huwshimihatch: Thanks for adopting :)22:34
hatchI really like the approach though22:34
hatchso light weight22:34
hatchkind of wish it could generate it's own tabs but that's out of our scope :)22:34
huwshimihatch: heh, yeah, not touching that again until I can help it :)22:43
hatchhuwshimi haha22:44

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