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cargill_hi, trying to set up juju on debian, and I'm getting "INFO juju.environs.sync sync.go:235 built (4540kB); ERROR supercommand.go:282 invalid series "unknown""09:34
cargill_using the saucy ppa, since the env is mostly sid09:35
cargill_where does it get the "unknown" tag?09:36
eagles0513875hey all10:11
eagles0513875hey fwereade :)10:11
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bloodearnestheya all - having issues with my openstack setup (on canonistack)11:42
bloodearnestjuju status tells me in cannot connect, I need to bootstrap11:42
bloodearnestjuju bootstrap tells me already bootstrapped11:42
bloodearnestnova boot works fine, and I'm well within my quota11:43
melmothbloodearnest, when i use juju on canonistack, i use a ... canonistack vm to run juju11:43
bloodearnestmelmoth: me too11:43
melmothif it tells me it s alreadh bootstraped, just destroy environment11:43
bloodearnestmelmoth: already tried that11:44
melmothmay be it bootstrapped but the bootstrap node vm was not able to run11:44
bloodearnest...and it's working11:44
melmothso the bootstrap node is up and running ?11:45
melmothssh into it, and try to find some juu related logs11:45
bloodearnestmelmoth: looks like11:45
bloodearnestmelmoth: I did multiple destroy-environments already, I'm sure11:47
bloodearnestand juju status looks like it's timing out11:47
melmothssh into the node11:47
melmothwhen you bootstrap , it create a vm.11:47
melmothssh into it11:47
melmothif you cant, that explain why juju is not working11:48
melmothif you can, you need to find out what s wrong in it.11:48
melmothbut i have no clue how the internal works11:48
melmothso appart from looking atr /var/log randomly, not sure11:48
melmoth(well, randomly... cloud-init.log cloud-init-output.log and anything that looks like juju)11:48
bloodearnestcouple of request failures from swift in the logs11:50
bloodearnestmelmoth: /var/log/juju/all-machines.log11:50
bloodearnestbut status is working again11:51
bloodearnesttrying a deploy11:51
bloodearnestso it seems to be working11:52
noodles775rogpeppe: jfyi, I updated juju-core and retried an amulet test, I still see bug 1269519 : http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791133/11:52
_mup_Bug #1269519: Error on allwatcher api <juju-core:In Progress by rogpeppe> <juju-deployer:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1269519>11:52
rogpeppenoodles775: bother.11:52
rogpeppenoodles775: i shall recheck.11:53
noodles775Yeah, sorry (It's not blocking me or anything, so don't prioritise it unless it's affecting others)11:53
teknico_fyi, filed bug #127114412:02
_mup_Bug #1271144: br0 not brought up by cloud-init script <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1271144>12:02
cargill_hi, trying to set up juju on debian, and I'm getting "INFO juju.environs.sync sync.go:235 built (4540kB); ERROR supercommand.go:282 invalid series "unknown""13:11
cargill_that's juju-local13:11
mgzcargill_: you probably need to teach juju about debian series names13:14
eagles0513875cargill_: i was trying to make a push for the use of juju for the Document foundation but was asked if it works with debian lol13:17
eagles0513875cargill_: would be nice if juju was a bit platform neutral be it for debian or any debian derivatives13:18
mgzcargill_: see updateDistroInfo in environs/simplestreams/simplestreams.go - you'll want to make that read debian csv as well, and go from there13:19
rogpeppe1noodles775: i can't reproduce the problem any more with latest juju-core trunk13:27
rogpeppe1noodles775: i see "The rabbitmq-server passed this test."13:27
noodles775rogpeppe1: let me check the repro instructions and see how it differs from my amulet test.13:28
rogpeppe1noodles775: previously, i got 100% failure rate, so i think that *something* has been fixed13:29
noodles775rogpeppe1: yeah - you were always checking with the rabbitmq-server instructions right? (as my instructions didn't work because you didn't have python-requests installed).13:30
* noodles775 can try with the other instructions too.13:30
rogpeppe1noodles775: i was trying with the basic_deploy_test.py in bzr branch lp:~mbruzek/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/tests13:32
* noodles775 does the same.13:33
rogpeppe1noodles775: you *did* "go install" the latest juju, did you?13:38
rogpeppe1noodles775: (and do a fresh bootstrap with it)13:38
noodles775rogpeppe1: I did this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791620/13:40
noodles775(and yes, I'm rebootstrapping for every run)13:40
rogpeppe1noodles775: and i presume that "which juju" prints "/home/michael/golang/bin/juju" ?13:42
rogpeppe1noodles775: could you paste me the contents of ~/.juju/local/logs/machine-0.log?13:43
noodles775rogpeppe1: first, here's the run with the rabbitmq log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791637/13:44
noodles775er, rabbit-mq steps to repeat.13:44
noodles775rogpeppe1: and here's the machine-0.log - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791655/13:45
rogpeppe1noodles775: that doesn't look like output from the latest version13:47
rogpeppe1noodles775: the latest version prints "connection from" and "connection terminated" lines when API connections are made and dropped13:48
noodles775rogpeppe1: excellent - so, let me find out how I could be possibly running the old version given the steps taken.13:48
rogpeppe1noodles775: i didn't see your entire terminal log - for example, i didn't see the bootstrap step, or the contents of your $PATH, so i can't be sure13:49
noodles775They're what you'd expect, I'll paste with a re-run (while trying to find out what else juju may still have running)13:50
rogpeppe1noodles775: try destroying the environment and re-bootstrapping with "--debug"13:50
noodles775hrm, old tools?13:51
noodles7752014-01-21 13:51:17 INFO juju.provider.local environ.go:473 tools location: /home/michael/.juju/local/storage/tools/releases/juju-
noodles775Right, even the binary version is 1.17.0, let me paste.13:52
rogpeppe1noodles775: the --debug flag should induce bootstrap to say where it's getting the jujud binary from13:52
noodles775rogpeppe1: Right - lots of 1.17.0 in there... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791688/13:54
cargill_mgz: that means rebuilding juju, right? where's the sources located at?13:54
rogpeppe1noodles775: ah, i know the problem13:54
rogpeppe1noodles775: it's frickin' sudo13:55
rogpeppe1noodles775: which ignores your $PATH13:55
noodles775Urg... right :/13:55
mgzcargill_: I assumed you had, which would be how you got the -unknown- there13:55
mgzcargill_: but, lp:juju-core and see README13:55
* noodles775 sudo bootstraps with an explicit path.13:56
rogpeppe1noodles775: i've aliased sudo to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791714/13:56
noodles775Thanks rogpeppe113:57
rogpeppe1noodles775: i consider it a real problem that sudo doesn't use the same PATH, although i'm aware the writers of sudo consider it a feature13:58
cargill_it's a debian machine with a saucy ppa set up, I'm working on getting an ubuntu lxc container, but don't have that ready yet13:58
noodles775Yeah, I'd agree that it should be different, ideally we shouldn't need sudo to bootstrap, but there's a plan for that I guess.13:59
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MingDoes charm still use 'revision' file to maintain the version?15:09
MingDocs said deprecated but don't know what is alternative15:10
lazypowerMing, from what I understand it still uses the revision file to maintain the currently deployed version, otherwise I do believe it uses the bzr revision information. (needs citation)15:16
marcoceppiMing: not quite15:17
marcoceppiMing: revision is only used for local deployments15:17
marcoceppiMing: otherwise, the charmstore maintains a seperate revision of the charm15:17
marcoceppidpb1: is this ready for review? https://code.launchpad.net/~davidpbritton/charms/precise/haproxy/fix-service-entries/+merge/20238715:52
dpb1marcoceppi: yup.  I just addressed all of sideni's comments16:01
lazypoweris there something specific i need to add to my juju environment to get the `charm test` command to work proper? I've to tests in $CHARM_PATH/tests, yet when i run charm test, it complains about 'None does not exist in ~/.juju/environments.yaml'16:06
lazypoweris this related to the null provider?16:06
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eagles0513875hey guys question if i use the --to flag do i need to specify the ip address or can a domain name which has a dns entry for that server work as well16:31
lazypowereagles0513875, let me try and find out 1 moment while i bootstrap an AWS environment16:33
eagles0513875thanks lazypower16:33
eagles0513875lazypower: reason im asking is im planning on potentially using juju to help ease deployments for me to my vps provider.16:34
eagles0513875so far my tests with getting use to the command line are quite nice and successful :)16:34
lazypowerThats great news :) I've been doing the same in my time out of work.16:34
eagles0513875lazypower: right now just using the local provider16:34
eagles0513875on my laptop which is very nice for testing and development of charms etc16:34
lazypowerlocal has really streamlined the process. The "null provider" or manual provisioning stuff is still fairly experimental.16:35
jamespagemarcoceppi, we never really taked about default: "" again16:35
jamespagemarcoceppi, what is the reasoning behind doing that?16:35
lazypowerjamespage, to offer a "sane default", that passes the lint test. charm linting via charm proof throws a W: if there isn't a default provided.16:36
marcoceppilazypower: right, but that was a recent addition to charm proof16:36
* marcoceppi looks through the commit history16:36
jamespagelazypower,  yes - but it changes the way config-get --format=json behaves16:37
jamespageand empty string is not the same as unset16:37
lazypowerah, i had not considered that.16:37
MingThx Marco, just back from a meeting16:41
marcoceppijamespage: I think this came from a discussion on the list about empty strings and unset options16:43
lazypowereagles0513875, so the workflow as I'm seeing it, you have to juju add-machine(dnsname) then you can specify --to with the machine ID that the orchestration node assigns the machine.16:43
marcoceppiultimately that there was no juju unset and not way to have an unset item so empty strings should be preferred16:43
lazypowereagles0513875, trying to specify --to with a DNS Name results in an error. error: invalid --to parameter "ec2-54-205-81-94.compute-1.amazonaws.com"16:43
eagles0513875i think the --to should work with either a dns name or ip address16:44
marcoceppieagles0513875 lazypower --to should be a machine number16:44
marcoceppifrom juju status output16:44
lazypowermarcoceppi, thats what I just validated :)16:44
marcoceppiah, missed that line16:44
MingDoes juju can help to map Amazon instance private ip and public ip?16:45
jamespagemarcoceppi, how do I unset a non-string item then?16:45
lazypowerMing, yes. it aggregates all of the above.16:45
marcoceppijamespage: there are only int and booleans16:45
marcoceppijamespage: outside of strings, iirc16:45
marcoceppijamespage: since NULL is technically not a string, it's a mismatched type/value16:46
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vilaI'm encountering issues trying to 'juju bootstrap' on canonistack lcy02  with 1.17.0-saucy-amd6417:40
vilaIn one case it times out after 10 mins failing to connect to node 0 in the other I got: https://pastebin.canonical.com/103325/17:42
mgzvila: if you `nova --debug list` does it succeed in talking to the same api endpoint?17:55
vilamgz: that was then, nova list is empty right nwo17:55
vilamgz: there seems to be something fishy with lcy02 as the bootstrap succeeded in lcy0117:56
mgzright, it's probably an ask-IS moment17:56
vilamgz: also, is there a way to put --constraints "mem=1G" somewhere below ~/.juju ?17:57
mgzit should be the default though, something is a little borked17:57
vilamgz: damn 'nova list' is still empty, yet juju says I'm already bootstrapped >-/17:58
mgzjust do `juju destroy-enviroment` and try again17:59
vilaok, going further after destroy --force/bootstrap 1G18:00
vilamgz: well, further... back at 'Attempting to connect to ...:22'18:00
vilamgz: that connection attempt is quite early in the bootstrap process right ?18:06
mgzyeah, did you run with -v?18:07
vilamgz: --show-log ? (Neither -v not --show-log appear in juju help bootstrap AFAICS)18:07
mgzno, they're top level juju things18:08
mgzlike bzr flag things18:08
* vila coughs18:08
vilaat least bzr display them under --help no ?18:08
vilahmm, may be not, irrelevant anyway ;)18:09
vilamgz: https://pastebin.canonical.com/103330/ times out after 10 mins18:10
vilamgz: and 'juju status' won't work until sshutle is started right ?18:10
vilamgz: thanks, I was confused about which command was requiring the tunnel, sounds obvious that it's status in retrospect...18:14
vilamgz: so, any idea on what is going on ?18:16
mgzlooks like the nova endpoint for lcy02 is down, that's why I wondered what `nova --debug list` showed18:17
vilamgz: urgh, you know who to ping about that ?18:18
mgz#is vanguard and ask, if that shows the dns as unreachable like your juju log did18:19
vilamgz: but that occurred only once and doesn't seem to be the case right now, will check #is but they bounced us to another channel ;)18:20
vilamgz: rats, bad timing, Vanguard just switch to : None :-/18:20
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arosalesbloodearnest, ping21:11
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Ming_in depart hook which variable can tell this is the leaving node?21:42
lazypowerMing_, example?21:45
Ming_I have a cluster let's my 5 nodes. one nodes is destroyed by "juju destroy-unit" all node will run *depart hooks21:46
lazypowerahh, i dont know. let me find out for you.21:46
Ming_but the leaving node will handle this differently than others21:46
Ming_k. thx21:47
marcoceppio/ _sEBAs_21:48
lazypowerMing_, i'm not getting a quick response, but i'll keep running legwork until I get an answer and will ping when I have an update.21:50
Ming_no problem21:50
Ming_another question, is there a way to hide conga variables not expose to user in charm GUI? We have some public internal variables in config.yaml21:52
lazypowerMing_, is this charm going to be for internal use only? or are you writing a charm that will eventually be submit for charm store review?21:57
Ming_yes. very soon21:58
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lazypowerOk, Since this will be submit for the charm store, I can't think of a good way to hide configuration options persay  - as its not readily apparent to the end user. You can alternatively provide a sane default for the configuration options that suit 90% of the use cases and that would satisfy the requirement.22:00
lazypowerOtherwise if you are going to be using this extensively internally, read from an external file - or fork the config and maintain one for iternal use, and maintain another for public releases.22:00
lazypowerare a few of your options.22:01
_sEBAs_thank you all!22:41
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