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ahmadfarisSobahul khair00:30
ahmadfarisGood morning00:30
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Poisoned_Dragonlol, how did that exclamation point get over there?02:43
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DarthFrogHi folks.  I'm missing something obvious here.  I'm trying to move a Kubuntu 10.04 installation from sda1 to sda8 (I want to free up a primary partition).  I've rsync'd sda1 to sda8, edited the fstab to have the proper UUID for sda8 as the root partition.  I've run update-grub on sda1 and it sees the new Lucid installation on sda8.  So I reboot and select the new Lucid installtion from the grub menu.  But it boots into sda1 as root!03:55
DarthFrogEven if I boot from a Lucid install CD and chroot into a mounted sda8 (with bind mounts of proc, sys & dev), do a grub-install and update-grub in the chroot'ed environment - next reboot, root is /dev/sda1.  I *can't* get it to boot into a sda8 root!  What am I missing??03:55
DarthFrogOK, never mind.  Got it working. :-)04:10
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safridzalhi, I have question. I can use my phone-laptop bluetooth to connect to internet on my old KDE (linuxmint 15 KDE), but after I reinstall using Kubuntu 12.10 (upgraded to KDE 4.11 using ppa) I cannot do that again, is there a fix to my problem?05:45
safridzalpairing bluetooth not trigger network service, just file transfer service..05:46
pnunnI'm having the same issues with 13.10 safridzal: seems the bluetooth pairing has been "removed" for some unknown reason. Have asked a few places, but not getting anything from it.05:47
safridzalsad thing to know05:47
safridzali've tried to install any bluetooth related package.. but still no fix05:48
Poisoned_Dragondid you check your startup list to see if the service is starting?05:49
safridzali do miss bluetooth inet.. sob... not having smartphone leave me with only 2 choice: cable and bluetooth.. no wifi05:49
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: the only bluetooth related is bluetooth and bluetooth filetransfer05:50
pnunnI'm finding the wifi tethering to be pretty hit and miss too safridzal: it connects OK, but drops out after about 15 minuets, so its cable to the phone for me now sadly (I think its a phone issue rather than Kubuntu I hasten to add).05:51
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: that my screenshot05:53
Poisoned_Dragonis BT handled by NM?05:54
Poisoned_Dragonor it's own gui?05:55
safridzalpnunn: it should be phone issue, I can connect just fine (and stable) using my friend's05:55
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: its configured on NM on my old KDE05:55
safridzalmy phone detected as modem (on NM)05:55
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Poisoned_Dragonsafridzal, what kind of modem?05:58
safridzalforget, gsm modem or BT modem, cant remember05:58
safridzalbut it shows on nm aplet05:58
safridzalit only shown when i activate my laptop BT05:59
safridzaleven if no paired device around05:59
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: did you thing its the new nm problem?05:59
Poisoned_Dragonto rule that out, you would have to test in LM1606:00
pnunnIt absolutely is safridzal: no question about that.06:00
Poisoned_Dragondoes LM use the same NM?06:00
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: already done, the same with kubuntu06:00
safridzali installed 3 days ago on next partition06:01
Poisoned_Dragonsafridzal, is bluez installed?06:01
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: is there a command to show us if the foo package is installed or not? (its not nice to have to open muon just to do that)06:03
Poisoned_Dragonin terminal, apt-cache policy package-name06:04
safridzal  Installed: 4.101-0ubuntu8b106:04
Poisoned_Dragonhow about apt-cache policy bluetooth06:05
safridzal  Installed: (none)06:06
safridzalshoud i install?06:06
Poisoned_Dragonwhat could it hurt?06:06
Poisoned_Dragonit depends on bluez being installed anyway06:06
Poisoned_Dragonit has all the stack plugins06:06
safridzalbtw, i've done that (but i think its on my LM partition)... should I reboot?06:07
Poisoned_Dragonunless you know how to restart services, yes.06:08
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: still no BT network06:12
safridzali've re-pair the device to make sure06:12
safridzalwell, its what we called regression06:13
safridzalupgrading make worse06:14
Poisoned_Dragonoh, I know the feeling.06:15
safridzalis it ever happened  to you before?06:15
Poisoned_DragonI'm using an intel 82855 chipset, on a dell laptop, and can't use a kernel higher than 3.5.06:15
safridzalits my 1st time tho..06:15
Poisoned_DragonSystem:    Host ROL-PD-D505 Kernel 3.2.0-58-generic-pae i686 (32 bit)06:16
Poisoned_Dragon           Desktop KDE 4.12.1 Distro Ubuntu 14.04 trusty06:16
safridzalheh? you upgrade the OS version but not the kernel then?06:16
Poisoned_DragonI installed 14.04, then added the precise-security repo to get the latest 3.2 kernel.06:17
Poisoned_Dragonslick, eh?06:17
safridzalso why with the new kernel? if its installed why dont you just use it?06:18
safridzalcan't imagine better perform on old kernel instead a new one06:19
Poisoned_Dragonafter kernel 3.5, the laptop lid switch hangs the system.06:20
Poisoned_Dragonkernel 3.5 is not on an lts and ubuntu will end it's support for it, this year.06:20
Poisoned_Dragonso, 3.2 it is.06:21
safridzal"and your only chance is to add the bluetooth tethering profile with bluedevil. " can you explain that to me please? my english isnt really good. cant understand the whole meaning06:21
safridzalPoisoned_Dragon: good thing that 3.2 is supported till '17 then eh06:22
Poisoned_Dragonyup. :)06:22
safridzalpage 2 post number 206:22
safridzalhe talk about using bluedevil to connect? but how?06:22
Poisoned_Dragonthere is an app installed called bluedevil06:25
safridzalshould i install it?06:25
Poisoned_Dragonshould already be there06:25
safridzalbluedevil is already the newest version06:26
Poisoned_Dragoncheck your apps menu under internet06:26
safridzalthere it is06:27
safridzalbut cannot opened06:27
pnunnThis could be the problem on 13.10... he following packages have unmet dependencies:06:27
pnunn bluedevil : Depends: obex-data-server but it is not going to be installed06:27
Poisoned_Dragonit's going to be an icon in your system tray06:27
safridzalloading (with blink2 circle) but not opened, nothing on tray06:28
safridzaljust bluetooth tray06:28
Poisoned_Dragonclick on bluetooth tray06:28
safridzalneed to reboot,, no adapted found06:28
safridzali have to reactivate using windows06:29
safridzalgot me another problem, my BT cannot detected, even rfkill unblock all06:36
safridzalit shown on console, but not on tray06:36
safridzaland I know, it work yesterday06:37
safridzalbut not now06:37
safridzalweird eh?06:37
pnunnI think Poisoned_dragon has left safridzal, but looks as though they were correct. bluedevil-wizard has an option to make a network connection.06:37
safridzalpnunn: it works for you ?06:38
safridzalgreat, now i just have to make this BT to stable-ly detected06:38
pnunnWouldn't go that far. It's crashed bluetooth on my phone, but that's not unusual. I think it will though, seems to be the same as I had previousli.06:38
safridzalok . great06:39
safridzalI find that my BT often  not detected if using ubuntu based06:39
safridzalrfkill shows that bt isnt blocked, but tray  cant find adapter... Never had this problem when use debian.06:40
pnunnJust rebooting the phone... sigh.06:40
safridzalanother problem : after upgrade flashplugin installed, the sys notif keep bugging me with not finished install bla bla bla06:42
safridzalbut I know that the package is upgraded, the flash plughin (*.tar thing) is downloaded and installed, so whats the problem with the sys notif?06:43
safridzalfailure to download extra data file ( its the tar thing) and its been downloaded, success06:44
pnunnThats a known issue, do a search and you'll find that ane.06:44
pnunnSo close... its trying to setup the network connection.. just not getting there.06:45
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lordievaderGood morning.07:53
ubottunicola: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:55
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yossarianukwhat kde and kernel versions is 14.04 going to have ?10:56
yossarianuki ask as kde 4.11 is an LTS version....10:57
lordievaderyossarianuk: Currently Trusty has kernel version: 3.13.0-4-generic So I think it will stick with that. There is some discussion whether Trusty should be released with KDE 4.12 or KDE 4.13.11:01
lordievaderyossarianuk: For the discussion see the kubuntu-devel mailing list.11:01
yossarianuklordievader: thank you11:04
yossarianukwell if not kde 4.11 (which has longer support) then 4.13 would be better for 5 year support...11:04
lordievaderyossarianuk: That is the discussion, however the release date of 4.13 is a bit difficult.11:06
yossarianukcouldn't you just delay the release of kubuntu 14.04 by a few weeks to catch any major bugg?11:10
lordievaderyossarianuk: That is not for me to say, I'd say go to #kubuntu-devel or discuss it on the mailing-list.11:11
yossarianukcool - thanks11:11
yossarianukwhats the best way of connecting kubuntu to a AD domain ?12:08
yossarianuki.e are there any GUI tools like OpenSuse's yast ?12:08
BluesKajHey folks12:09
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ubuntufreakHow can i modify the keyboard shortcut for KRunner in Kubuntu 13.10 ?12:45
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BluesKajubuntufreak, alt+F2 ?12:57
douglBluesKaj, morning12:58
BluesKaj'morning dougl12:58
ClimaxHey People :)14:27
ClimaxHi have a Problem with Kubunut Installation anyone time to help me?14:28
ClimaxI have installed the Bootloader on sda2 but my Standard Partition is sda1 so now I can't start Kubuntu14:29
Climaxwhat can I do?14:29
yossarianuk Standard Partition ?14:29
ClimaxI have a Windows 7 System on sda114:30
lordievaderClimax: The bootloader is usually installed to the mbr. Not to a partition.14:30
Climaxso that is the Partition that is booting14:30
Climaxbut I can't see anything from Ubuntu ;)14:30
ClimaxI thing I have make a mistake I have select sda2 for the Bootloader installation14:31
Climaxwhat can I do now14:31
lordievaderClimax: Run a live-cd/usb go to the terminal mount your partition where /boot/grub is located and run: sudo grub-install --boot-directory=<mount-path>/boot /dev/sda (modify where necessary)14:35
ClimaxOk I will try that thank you :)14:37
ClimaxHas Kubuntu 13.10 Grub or Grub2 ?14:45
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douglwhere do I find autologin for a user on 12.04 to disable it18:42
MangaKaDenzasay, is there a place where I can learn about how to use ubiquity?19:16
jluc_ubiquity is about being in many places isnt ?19:22
lordievaderjluc_: I think he is talking about the installer on the live-cd, that one is also called ubiquity.19:23
yossarianukdougl: This is on kubuntu 13.10 - but should be similar19:23
lordievaderWhat do you mean exactly, MangaKaDenza. Do you want to help contribute?19:23
yossarianukdougl: go to system settings -> user manager19:23
douglyossarianuk, thank you19:37
yossarianukdougl: np.19:38
MangaKaDenzalordievader: use it for installing a non-ubuntu based OS, is it possible?19:40
MangaKaDenzaI mean I think it is...19:40
scottn_workAnybody know if the KDE 4.12.1 fixes are going to be backported?19:44
scottn_work(For Kubuntu 13.10)19:45
lordievaderMangaKaDenza: No idea. For as far as I know it is made for Ubuntu.19:50
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amcrebelfanI need help with install.23:17
linusi 'm trying to follow thus tutorial  http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/ ,but when i come to step 3 i double click the file but i don't get the listed optiond but instead the file is opened in gedit as text file.what went wrong?23:26
valorielinus, try running it from the command line instead23:32
valoriecd /path/to/file23:32
valoriethen ./filename23:32
valoriedoes that work for you?23:32
valorieyou could also try right-clicking rather than double-clicking23:33
linusvalorie, yes it doe ,thanx a lot23:33
valorieI successfully installed and used that for awhile, a year or so ago23:34
valoriebest of luck!23:34
valorieoh cool23:34
linusright clicking woll only render the copy paste open ... lis23:35
linusbut the ./file works fine ,thanx23:35

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