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gingi've not been having much luck getting maas to work on 13.10 as the server, would going back to 12.04 give me something more stable or is the latest the best to go for?06:37
bigjoolslatest is best06:38
gingand for a commission ditro is 13.10 also still the best to use?07:02
gingor does that depend what actual distro you want to install?07:03
bigjoolsging: we generally only test with precise for that07:17
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gingok i will leave it set on that07:18
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gingwhat does provisioning from other distros gain for you? is it more stable / quick to provision from the distro you are installing?07:34
jtv1ging: not particularly, no.  But there might be some more recent driver your hardware needs.08:22
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gingwell i don't understand this at all, i have tried several provisioning images and they all fail once the machine is installed and tries to connect to the archive mirror08:33
gingdoes not seem to be a network issue because i can connect to the mirror with wget08:35
gingmaybe it is a network issue08:37
jtvThen it may be a proxy issue.08:38
jtvThe nodes download their packages via the proxy running on the region controller.08:38
jtvYou could try if you can wget with the http_proxy variable set to that proxy.08:38
gingthat will be why08:39
jtvWell it's only an idea of where to look for a possible problem.08:39
jtvNormally, this should just work.08:39
gingthe proxy on the region controller is broken and i can't get it to work08:40
jtvIt's squid-deb-proxy, if that helps.  You could see if it's running, and whether it logged anything.08:42
gingi had to manually disable it in user_data_config.template to get it as far as installing08:42
gingyeah something has gone completely wrong with it, as soon as anything connects to it it crashes08:42
gingi've done apt-get purge on it and delete all it's cached files and reinstalled but it still crashes08:43
jtvNo log messages?08:43
gingit is very strange i've been asking in the squid channel see if anyone can make sense of it08:45
gingi've given the server 16 gig of ram just incase it was lack of memory08:46
jtvWell it's not plain squid, it's squid-deb-proxy.  I'd look there primarily, just because it'll get less use.08:46
jtvIf all use of squid-deb-proxy uses squid, then squid probably gets a lot more testing etc.08:47
jtvWhoa.  That looks like a corrupted file.08:47
jtvOr just perhaps a problem with the hardware — let's hope not.08:48
jtvSomething you could try is to purge squid-deb-proxy and squid, and then see if it's left any state behind in /var/cache, /var/lib etc.08:48
jtvBecause that log looks to me as if it left a file behind there that got corrupted, perhaps because of a power outage while it was being written or something.08:49
jtvIt's only logged as a "warning," but coming right before the segfault it's the most obvious candidate.08:50
gingi think i might have figured it out08:52
gingit started of with 512 meg of ram when it was built, it gave it 16gig but swap is still set at 500meg08:53
jtvMore memory should never be a problem.  :)08:55
jtvUnless you've got it overclocked and the dimms don't match up, of course...08:56
gingit's a vm08:56
jtvI don't think there's any reason nowadays why memory shouldn't be bigger than available swap.  ISTR that rule went out the window.08:57
jtvCould the host be running out of memory maybe?  Or if the guest is 32-bit, maybe it runs out of address space?08:57
gingi think it was just the fact it had a tiny swap partion and way trying to use it09:05
gingno it still crashes with a bigger swap partition09:16
gingi will try purging squid and squid-deb-proxy09:17
roaksoaxrvba: howdy!! What is the most recent revision you want released?14:06
rvbaHi roaksoax, actually, we have a problem with the integrations tests so I'd like to postpone the release (of MAAS) by a day or two if that's all right with you.14:07
roaksoaxrvba: yeah that's fine14:10
roaksoaxrvba: maas-test is a go though?14:10
rvbaroaksoax: yep14:10
roaksoaxrvba: ok cool!14:10
jamespagedoes the version of 'maas-import-ephemerals' provide feedback on what its doing? on saucy it give me zip....14:17
jamespagedoes the *newest* version...14:17
jamespagethat should have read14:17
roaksoaxjamespage: it doesn't!14:18
roaksoaxrvba: ^^ can we address that ASAP please?14:18
jamespageroaksoax, its quite disconcerting14:18
roaksoaxtych0: ^^14:18
jamespageroaksoax, I'm happy to raise a bug14:18
roaksoaxjamespage: agreed!14:18
roaksoaxjamespage: please do!14:18
jamespageroaksoax, the only way I can tell its actually doing something is because I've got the network indicators on in byoby14:19
roaksoaxjamespage: yeah! We have requested this to be addressed before, I guess noone has gotten to it, or it has been forgotten14:19
jamespagebug raising now14:20
tych0there is callback support, i don't think anyone ever decided what the output should look like14:20
jamespagesome options to switch to daily stream would be nice as well14:20
jamespagefwiw I have the same compliant with juju14:20
* jamespage stops whinging and raises a bug14:20
roaksoaxtych0: IIRC, we did at the sprint14:22
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^14:22
smoserwell, that import-ephemerals needs all sorts of work.14:23
jamespagebug 1271189 and bug 127118814:23
ubot5bug 1271189 in maas (Ubuntu) "support switching image streams in import ephemerals" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127118914:23
ubot5bug 1271188 in maas (Ubuntu) "maas-import-ephermerals provides no feedback on progress" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127118814:23
smosersome progress output would be useful thats for sure.14:24
smosertheres other things that could be improved there too14:24
tych0jamespage: it does support switching to the daily stream14:24
tych0you can point it anywhere with --url14:24
jamespagetych0, oh - does it14:24
roaksoaxtych0: is that documented in the manpage?14:25
smoserits in help output14:25
smoserbut its not wonderful anyway14:25
smoserwe really ned to thikn about how better to address that.14:25
tych0roaksoax: probably not :-)14:25
jamespagetych0, oh - I see14:25
roaksoaxheh :)14:25
jamespageyou need url and products14:25
jamespage(a --daily shorthand would be nice)14:26
smoser(i only knew it was in '--help' becauase rharper came asking me about it last week)14:26
* jamespage has to admit he just hacked his local copy to get working14:26
tych0do you have to set products?14:26
tych0i thought there may have been defaults14:26
smoserright now, rbasak has somehwat convinced me that specifying 'product' id is not so important14:26
smoserand that maas should search really on tags only, not on product id.14:26
rvbaroaksoax: Fixing this script is tricky.  It's completely intertwined with simplestreams which means that progress report will have to use simplestreams' features…14:37
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^14:37
roaksoaxtych0: ^^14:37
smoserwhich is fine14:37
tych0simplestreams should have support for callbacks, though14:37
tych0i did it as part of the re-write14:37
smoserit does14:38
tych0i think the plan was to chang eit when you guys figured out what output you wanted14:38
smoserwell, simplestreams has the update callbacks.14:38
smoserbut maas-import-ephemerals does not use them14:38
smosersimply putting a '.' on the screen every X MB would be useful.14:38
rvbatych0: am I wrong or only part of the import process has been migrated to simplestreams?14:38
tych0well, simplestreams just does ephemerals14:39
smoserimport of di kernels does not use simplestreams14:39
tych0not the pxe files14:39
rvbaRight, that's what I had in mind.14:39
rvbaWhich means effective reporting should address both types of imports.14:39
rvbaBut yeah, usability-wise I agree that it's pretty important.14:40
smoserok... so some info here might be useful.14:40
smoserthere are 2 things that will affect "import" going forward.14:40
smosera.) strikov and rbasak and I talked yesterday about "enablement packages" ... making maas able to serve up kernels and boot media for new arches/"subarches" and supporting better, and having sstream data on some server to describe that.14:41
smoser thats relevant, because the data that strikov was porposing woudl have 'di-kernel' and 'di-initrd' (debian installer) data also, which is what you're currently getting with import-pxe-data.14:42
smoserb.) we may change the format of the ephemeral image download to help address 'a'.14:43
smoserie, instead of it being a .tar.gz, it might end up being a squashfs filesystem or something/14:43
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