vinseHi everyone04:33
vinseI've removed my ubuntu-desktop and now my settings show I'm running a phone04:35
vinseAnyone free to give me a hand?04:43
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BluesKajHey folks12:09
xerror1hi all :-) is a dailybuild of a pointrelease (12.04.4) to consider as unstable as a dailybuil of a full release ?13:36
ThomasB2i don't know :/13:39
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xerror1and will the alpha2 of 12.04.4 will be released at the 24th of this month ?13:39
xerror1ah, no problem, ty for ur answer13:39
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vinsehey all17:38
vinseI installed online-gnome-accounts and it replaced my gnome-center with the mobile one and removed ubuntu-desktop17:38
vinseIs there a way I can revert this?17:38
Daekdroomvinse, I'd first try to reinstall ubuntu-desktop and see if that fixes it.17:39
vinseHi Daekdroom, when I try to install it says it depends on gnome-control-center17:41
vinseand when I try to install that I get this error17:41
vinse gnome-control-center : Depends: gnome-control-center-data (< 1:3.7) but 1:3.8.3-0ubuntu1~raring2 is to be installed17:41
vinseI have logs of my uninstall/reinstalls but I'm having a hard time installing what i've uninstalled17:42
DaekdroomProbably one of the packages you're trying to install now has broken dependencies due to an update.17:42
Daekdroomvinse, you might still have an older version of gnome-control-center-data in /var/cache/apt/archives17:45
DaekdroomAre you using a GNOME3 PPA?17:46
vinseshould I clear the archives?17:46
DaekdroomMy gnome-control-center is a 3.6.3 version.17:46
DaekdroomTry to purge the PPA first.17:46
Daekdroom(install ppa-purge package)17:46
vinseso "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge gnome-control-center"?17:48
vinsestill seem to get an error17:48
vinseoh i don't got ppa-purge17:48
vinsei'm installing it now17:48
vinseUpdating packages lists. PPA to be removed: gnome3-team gnome317:51
vinsehmm i'm not sure why it gives me error that it can't find the packages17:56
vinsehmm Daekdroom I installed ubuntu desktop18:11
vinseand now my windows bars are gone18:11
vinsefor nautilus18:11
vinsebut were making progress!18:11
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jrrhow can it be that 14.04 still has svn 1.7?20:32
jtaylorbecause nobody merged it from unstable yet20:36
jtaylorit still fails to build in i38620:38
jtaylorprobably the reason why its delayed20:38
RalliasSo since xen 4.4 came out today, is it going to make ubuntu 14.04?20:50
Ralliaser... s/came/comes/20:51
jrrmight be a bit close for an LTS20:52
RalliasIf it doesn't make 14.04, when'll the first 14.10 alpha's see the light of day?20:54
FernandoMiguelRallias: a few days after20:56
FernandoMiguelbut it still needs packages to be pulled20:56
RalliasFernandoMiguel, A few days after what?20:58
FernandoMiguelRallias: the release of 14.0420:58
RalliasSo basically my only option for xen 4.4 is to compile my own packageset?21:00
FernandoMiguelor use a PPA for it21:01
FernandoMiguelor use a deb that upstream provides21:02
RalliasBoth unappetizing options...21:05
FernandoMiguelRallias: you can ping https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-xen-org/+archive/xcp and see if he updates his21:10
RalliasFernandoMiguel, Yeah, but that doesn't seem to contain the main game, specifically xen-hypervisor-amd6421:13
ubottuA schedule of Trusty Tahr (14.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule21:38
DaekdroomRallias, we're still a month away from FeatureFreeze. If I were you, I'd fill a bug report in Launchpad requesting the update to the new version for Ubuntu 14.0421:39
Daekdroom*file a bug report21:39
DaekdroomNot sure how delicate a Xen update is, though. They might still decline it.21:40
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