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dholbachgood morning07:30
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Hugging Day! :-D07:35
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balloonsnik90, ping15:01
nik90balloons: pong15:03
balloonshey, so I was working on the autopilot tests for clock, specifically the timer tests. Just wanted to point out some bad behavior  about tests calling other tests ;-)15:04
nik90But I thought I created functions to do specific tasks and call them in the tests15:05
nik90I remember doing them in the stopwatch tests.15:05
nik90not sure about the timer actually15:05
balloonsright.. don't remember timer ;-) I know we had this conversation, but it happens here. There's some other strange things as well15:05
balloonswho knows, no worries..15:06
nik90balloons: I can do what I did to the stopwatch for the timer tests as well15:06
balloonsI've already got an mp going for it15:06
nik90oh thnx15:07
nik90I notice some test failures15:07
nik90balloons: can you disable the alarm tests?15:07
nik90they are not ready15:07
balloons1 question for you however.. do you have the bug for the alaram? I want to update the the skiptests with the bug number15:07
balloonsnik90, yes I'll disable them again, just wanted the proper bug number ref15:09
nik90balloons: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/126906415:09
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1269064 in Ubuntu Clock App "The Add alarm page design is confusing" [High,In progress]15:09
nik90balloons: also the thing is sometimes EDS is acting up where the alarm takes ages to be added to the EDS in which case the test can fail15:09
nik90balloons: I am still trying to reproduce it consistently to report a bug15:10
nik90balloons: I remember me and popey havig that issue on the computer and the phone sometimes15:10
balloonsI remember seeing some of that15:10
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nik90balloons: I am busy with some university work this week. So I can only start on the alarm bugs next week15:11
balloonsk, should be good now I think.. I believe I was finished with it last week :-p15:11
nik90balloons: I will try and take a look at your MP15:12
balloonsnik90, oO, actually looks like I didn't finish clearing out the calls to other tests yet, he15:21
nik90balloons: just leave me a message when the MP is ready..Also I noticed some statement which did not really change but still appear in the diff15:23
nik90balloons: is it possible to fix those?15:23
balloonsnik90, I believe line endings.. my editor strips trailing space for instance15:23
nik90balloons: ah15:23
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iBelievepopey, ping21:32
popeyiBelieve: pong21:33
iBelievepopey, forgot to ask this in the meeting - do you know when the design team will release the new icon theme, specifically the file/folder icons?21:34
popeygood question, no.21:34
popeyiBelieve: I know who to ask though, and will do21:34
* popey adds a to-do21:35
iBelievepopey, okay, thanks21:35
iBelieveI'm super excited about the new icon theme - it's awesome :)21:35
iBelievepopey, Okay, I finished the changes vthompson requested. The branch is lp:~mdspencer/ubuntu-filemanager-app/better-desktop-support21:40
WebbyITpopey, Kevin has just answered to your mail: we have no way to say to window to no resize itself, and ETA for this function is 14.10. I marked bug as triaged, and now we have to wait :/21:45
WebbyITI'm talking of bug 126782721:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1267827 in Ubuntu Calculator App "Calculator window shouldn't be resizable on desktop" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126782721:45
aquariushey, popey, ping22:14
aquariuspopey, who should I nudge to see about getting https://code.launchpad.net/~sil/ubuntu-keyboard/top-row-numbers/+merge/198701 reviewed? I don't mind if it's reviewed with a "no we have decided to not do this", or "yes, good idea", but I'd like to hear some answer and it's been a month ;)22:15
* popey looks22:22
popeyone for bfiller IMO22:22
bfilleraquarius: I'm the keyboard guys for the short term as the others have all left :)22:23
* aquarius grins22:23
bfilleraquarius: need to run that one by design22:23
aquariusheya bfiller22:23
bfillerI saw the MR22:23
aquariusbfiller, ah, right. Are you blocked waiting for *me* to run it by design, or is that a thing for you to do?22:23
aquariusno problem now that I know what's going on, though22:24
aquariusI am aware that design's queue of things to think about is Quite Long :)22:24
bfilleraquarius: I think it's agood idea22:24
bfillerlike how android does it22:24
bfilleraquarius: I will run it by them22:25
aquariusMaking more stuff accessible from the front page of the keyboard is all good as far as I'm concerned -- they're advanced shortcuts, certainly, but they don't impinge on normal use22:25
aquariushas anyone thought about gesture keyboards? Am totally smitten with the android one; I'd forgotten, in a year of using the iPhone, just how much faster and easier swipe keyboards are ;)22:26
bfilleraquarius: would you mind taking a screenshot and sending it to me of it working in that mode?22:26
aquariusI wouldn't mind, I'll just have to build it and install it on the phone again :)22:27
aquariuswill try to22:27
aquariushey, this is a good excuse to try out the emulator, isn't it?22:27
bfilleraquarius: we've thought about it in that we now have a plugin architecture that makes it relatively easy to write whatever keyboard layout you want22:27
bfilleraquarius: and a swipe one could be developed, or we could plug to a third party engine22:28
aquariusorly? substitutable keyboards a la Android? Cor! I thought that that'd get stopped by confinement, at this stage. Cool.22:28
aquariusnot that I can help, since I'll bet fifty dollars that you can't write a whole keyboard in pure QML ;)22:28
bfillerit would talk to the maliit-server to do the hard work I think, would be just the UI part with hooks to talk to the maliit engine22:29
bfilleraquarius: hmnn, you're not going to be happy with this news..22:31
bfilleraquarius: and you can thank mr. moenicke - but the keyboard layouts are now in qml files in a different location. no more xml shite22:31
aquariusI specifically asked about the annoying xml before creating the branch. Goddammit.22:32
aquariusah well. So, then, reject the branch because it no longer applies, and if design say yes then I will happily create a new version of the branch which applies to the new keyboard.22:32
bfilleraquarius: makes sense22:32
aquariustch, eh?22:32
bfilleraquarius: will do, sorry about that22:32
aquariusnah, is perfectly sensible to move them, and I'm all for no XML22:33
aquariusalso, this is punishment for me for firing off a branch and not checking in on it ;)22:33
aquariuspopey, thank you22:36
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