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snktcan someone  help me how to find physical memory address for kernel?09:30
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grant__how can I figure out which bootargs were passed with ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4?19:13
grant__without booting it19:14
rbasakgrant__: so you have it booted now, and you don't want to reboot it? Or you don't have it booted at all, don't want to boot it, but want to know what was used in the past?19:15
grant__rbasask: don't want to boot it19:16
rbasakI guess you could look at the uEnv.txt or boot.scr or whatever it uses.19:16
ogra_as i said in the other channel, chekc the first (fat) artition19:16
ogra_right, its either uEnv.txt or preEnv.txt19:17
ogra_in 12.04 it could even be that there still was a boot.scr19:17
ogra_(uboot changed a lot around that time)19:18
grant__how can I grab those files without formatting an SD card?19:18
ogra_you could unzip the img, and loop mount the partition (needs an offset)19:19
* ogra_ guesses just dd'ing is faster than fiddling with that ... but up to you indeed :)19:19
grant__I'm downloading ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-desktop-armhf+omap4.img.gz now and then extract, and mount the resulting img?19:21
ogra_you mount the first ppartition of it19:21
grant__OK, how can I figure that offset?19:22
ogra_google :) there are tons of howtos for that19:22
ogra_"mount image partition with offset"19:22
ogra_or some such19:22
grant__looks like: start sector * size of a sector in bytes from fdisk19:23
ogra_yeah, something like that19:24
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grant__I grabbed everything from the boot partition.  There is no uEnv.txt and there isn't anything interesting in boot.scr but I can at least try to boot Gentoo with these boot files and see what happens.19:44
grant__The issue I'm having is xf86-video-omap segfaults with the ti-omap4 kernel.  It looks like ubuntu instead used xf86-video-omap though, and Xorg does start that way successfully but there is no output to the screen.19:45
grant__The point of all this is to load pvr-omap4 under the ti-omap4 kernel since it doesn't compile under the latest kernel.19:46
grant__I meant to say ubuntu instead used *xf86-video-fbdev*19:46
infinitysetenv bootargs vram=32M mem=456M@0x80000000 mem=512M@0xA0000000 fixrtc quiet splash20:11
infinitygrant__: ^-- That's what the precise boot.scr contains.20:11
grant__infinity: thanks, I saw that and it's not as enligtening as I hoped :)20:21
grant__how can I make x86-video-fbdev utilize the pvr-omap4 module?21:37
grant__the module compiles and loads and Xorg starts but I still can't use XV21:38

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