seb128hey Laney09:05
seb128good morning desktopers09:05
Laneyhey seb12809:06
darkxsthey seb12809:22
seb128darkxst, hey09:22
darkxstcould you possibly add something to my PPU/MOTU application?09:23
seb128darkxst, yeah, I received your email ... do you have a link to the what is in the Ubuntu GNOME package set?09:24
darkxstseb128, its everything seeded in the ubuntu gnome image, mostly09:24
seb128does that include stuff seeded in the Unity desktop as well?09:25
darkxstI don't know how to get a list though09:25
seb128Laney, ^?09:25
darkxstthere would be some overlap09:25
seb128I'm fine giving you a +1 for MOTU, I share the same concerns Laney wrote on the wiki09:25
seb128nautilus 3.10 is another example09:26
seb128you asked for sponsoring bug you clearly didn't even try to test run under an Unity session/with the default theme09:26
darkxstseb128, I did test nautilus under ubuntu themes, but I don't normally run those so didnt notice the issues09:27
LaneyOh, there's no ubuntu gnome packageset09:28
seb128you didn't notice the white holes due to the round corners of the decorations?09:28
seb128that's pretty visible, even if you never run Unity/the default theme09:28
Laneylaney@iota> edit-acl -P ubuntugnome -S trusty query                                                                                        ~09:28
Laney== All uploaders for package set 'ubuntugnome' in 'trusty' (owned by 'Ubuntu Technical Board') ==09:28
darkxstseb128, and to be fair, I do mostly contact you guys first for things that overlap09:28
LaneyArchive Upload Rights for ubuntu-gnome-dev: archive 'primary', package set 'ubuntugnome' in trusty09:28
Laneylaney@iota>                                                                                                                                ~09:28
seb128darkxst, right, but I don't know how much of that is because you need sponsoring...09:29
darkxstseb128, that is 1px in my VM ;(09:29
LaneyI think I was thinking of desktop-extra09:29
seb128Laney, darkxst: hum, so what are we talking in that set request?09:30
Laneyubuntu gnome - ubuntu is what desktop-extra is, which is what I was considering09:31
seb128Laney, ok, let me look a desktop-extra, I'm trying to understand how much that includes Unity desktop components09:32
darkxstseb128, not much, if I send a request to you its due to the overlap09:32
darkxstLaney, going back a bit, why is there no ubuntu GNOME package-set?09:35
LaneyI guess it hasn't been set up09:35
seb128darkxst, ok, that seems fine to me, I'm going to comment on the wiki in a bit09:35
Laneycjwatson has a script which maintains these09:35
seb128what would be included in a such set?09:35
seb128would that include everything on the GNOME image?09:35
seb128including e.g gtk and co?09:36
Laneysee xubuntu's one09:36
darkxstseb128, yes, but I wouldnt touch gtk apart from trivial fixes09:36
LaneyIt'd probably discard ubuntu stuff I guess09:38
Laneydarkxst: want to ask cjw to set that up?09:38
Laneythen we can see what packages turn up in it; I actually think it'd be fine09:39
darkxstLaney, sure09:39
Laneyyou'd get added to 27109:39
Laneywhich means that all stuff in ubuntu/kubuntu/edubuntu gets removed09:39
Laneyif i'm reading it right09:40
darkxstLaney, yeh that is what the code says09:42
Laneyi'd be fine with that09:42
darkxstLaney, I'm not too fussed either way (we have lots in universe),  however it does seem odd that jbicha applied for Ubuntu GNOME packageset right after we became official and now apparently it doesnt exist09:46
Laneyjbicha was in ubuntu-desktop and got desktop-extra created so that he could upload all ubuntu gnome stuff09:47
Laneyprobably getting this fixed back then would have been sensible09:49
darkxstand now I can't even find him to give me an endorsement, given he sponsored > 50% of my packages09:49
darkxstLaney, seb128, regardless of packagesets etc. I am not going to step on your toes etc. I will either way contact you re overlap packages09:53
darkxstI has no idea epiphany was so popular outside the GNOME world]09:54
Laneyit's more a matter of considering the impact of changes on everyone in the archive09:54
Laneyto be honest ubuntu cocks that up a lot too09:54
seb128right, I don't think epiphany is "so popular", but still we should make sure things keep working09:55
darkxstLaney, I go well out of my way to make sure changes work for everyone09:58
darkxstbut of course I am a dev not a designer09:58
Laneyi've been impressed with your follow-up work, think I said as much09:59
seb128speaking of follow-up work, how is the nautilus 3.10 work going (fixing the few issues I pointed on that merge request)?09:59
darkxstseb128, corners are fixed, I can get buttons back to the right size by overriding padding (although that doesnt feel quite right to me)10:01
seb128do you know what adwaita is doing differently with the padding?10:02
darkxstseb128, not yet, I suspect the real issue here is that nautilus is not using a proper GtkHeaderBar yet10:07
seb128no, it's not10:07
seb128overriding the padding is fine with me (if it works) btw10:08
darkxstseb128, in the theme or nautilus itself?10:08
seb128whatever works ;-) nautilus is fine10:09
seb128you can maybe open an upstream bug about it and see what they think10:09
seb128nautilus bug that is10:09
darkxstI expect it will be ported to a proper header bar this cycle10:09
seb128that version is not going to be in Ubuntu this cycle though10:13
seb128they might want to fix the bug in 3.10 still10:13
Trevinhoseb128: hey!10:16
seb128Trevinho, hey10:16
Trevinhoseb128: any news on getting newer libcairo in distro?10:16
seb128Trevinho, no10:17
* seb128 wonders wth is upstream doing10:17
seb128I've ,no hardware to test the hidpi stuff on either10:17
Trevinhoseb128: mh... since they don't seem considering the case of doing releases... what about including a git revision? It's something I wouldn't do for a such big component, but if there are no known issues...10:17
seb128how do we know that there are "no known issues"?10:18
Trevinhoseb128: me neither... but you know if you just see big things on normal screen is enough :D10:18
Trevinho(as soon as you override it with env vars)10:18
seb128lol, no, that would be buggy :p10:18
Trevinhoahah, sure10:18
seb128but thanks for the reminder10:18
seb128I'm going to ping upstream cairo about that again10:18
Trevinhoas for unity, just having cairo_scale is mostly ok for painting our things, but that would cause everything to scale up considering apps..10:20
Trevinhoseb128: thanks btw10:21
seb128Trevinho, yw10:21
seb128Trevinho, we have a desktop week in 10 days, I'm aiming at landing the new cairo by then,10:22
Trevinhoseb128: ah, yeah I read that... cool10:22
pittihey guys10:59
pittiso, for some weeks now the screen saver for my "martin" account is broken; it doesn't come up on ctrl+alt+l nor with the "lock" in the indicator nor on suspend; but it works for other users11:00
pittignome-screensaver is running11:00
pittiany idea how to debug this?11:00
pittiwhen I run it in the foreground, on ctrl+alt+l it says11:00
pitti[listener_lock_cb] gs-monitor.c:209 (12:00:40): Locking disabled by the administrator11:01
pittibut I don't see a setting for that in control-center11:01
pittibut the "Lock" section (lower half of "brightness and locks") is grayed out11:01
pittican I somehow ask gsettings to only show me keys which changed from the schema defaults?11:04
Laneypitti: it's controlled by org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen11:04
pittiorg.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen true11:04
Laneythat also greys out the 'lock' settings you're seeing11:04
pittiindeed, resetting that makes it work again11:04
Laneythe question is how that got set to true ...11:04
pittiLaney: thanks; at least I can now travel again without leaving it unlocked all the time11:05
pittiLaney: hm, that's still spinning for me11:09
Laneytakes a while11:09
Laneymoar caching11:09
Laneycasper / ubiquity set it to true11:09
Laneymaybe could happen if you ever ran ubiquity-dm?11:10
pittiLaney: well, who knows what I ran to break it11:10
pittisounds unlikely, but not impossible11:10
pittiLaney: thanks for pointing out!11:10
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Laneysil2100: did you see my poke about grilo yesterday?12:24
sil2100Laney: hmm, hello! I think I might have missed it somehow - what was it about?12:26
Laneysil2100: I asked if the patch we have was forwarded12:27
Laneyhi ;-)12:27
sil2100Laney: uuuu, give me a bit and I'll check, as it's been such a long time that I'm completely out-of-date ;)12:27
Laneyokay, would be nice if you could do it if it isn't as we were in sync and this one looks upstreamable12:28
sil2100Sure, that makes sense indeed12:29
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* Sweetshark grumbles something about decision making gone bad.13:22
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Sweetsharkseb128: LibreOffice 4.2.0 for archive at http://people.canonical.com/~bjoern/trusty/ -- use it as needed with the poppler transition.14:36
seb128Sweetshark, great, thanks14:37
seb128Laney, ^ how does that play with the freeze?14:37
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Laneyseb128: it's affected14:39
Laneystuff will get stuck in proposed though so you don't have to stop uploading14:39
Sweetsharkseb128: Im still building the last changes of it, not finished yet (anouther 3 hours). But the changes are really minimal, so should be fine.14:39
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seb128Sweetshark, ok14:41
seb128Laney, right, thanks14:41
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desrtseb128, Laney, attente, larsu, tkamppeter, mlankhorst, qengho, Sweetshark, desrt: meeting!15:30
qenghoHey hey!15:30
Laneyhe was waiting for that15:30
seb128I don't have to lead15:30
* seb128 goes back to reply to emails15:30
qenghodesrt: You waited an entire nine seconds.15:30
* desrt notes that when he starts the meeting, everyone is here right away15:31
desrtqengho: i'll try to do better next time :)15:31
larsudesrt: maybe you should run them from now on!15:31
desrtokay... now that i have you assembled15:31
desrtas my first order of business15:31
seb128larsu, that's what he just did15:31
desrti pass the floor to seb :)15:31
Sweetsharkdesrt: I have a few meetings that you are invited to lead in my place ... ;)15:31
seb128desrt, you changed the order as well...15:31
seb128let's reverse that list and get started15:32
seb128desrt, you are up first ;-)15:32
desrtseb128: i'm more concerned about the possibility that maybe i forgot someone15:32
larsuseb128: ya. Clearly he's not capable for running the meeting yet15:32
larsudesrt: don't worry. You'll be ready when the time comes.15:32
Laneyhe's just doing that to go last15:32
desrtso i ended up merging another one of those monster patchsets15:32
Laneythe cheek15:32
desrtthe encoding issues of commandline arguments for glib15:33
desrtand the menu work for macos is now more or less done (for now)... so that was two major patchsets landed, i guess15:33
desrtwe also now have GSimpleAction with default handlers for toggles and simple state-changing actions (ie: radios) which will save people from writing those trivial functions over and over again15:34
larsudesrt: any progress on the traditional menubar stuff? I could really use that for evince...15:34
larsuactually I can't, since we don't have new gtk15:34
desrtlarsu: ya... it seems like mclasen might be starting to budge a bit on it15:34
desrti think the fact that i did my research and made sure that we will have a good case for all OSes is helping to prove the case15:34
desrthis main concern is that it's possibly a bit arbitrary15:34
seb128thanks for doing that btw ;-)15:34
desrtthat we say "modern" vs. "traditonal" and maybe other people want something else elsewhere15:35
larsuthat's a valid concern15:35
desrtbut i really think it comes down to the two, more or less15:35
larsuI don't like the naming either15:35
desrti wrote up my thoughts here: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=722092#c1215:35
ubot2`Gnome bug 722092 in GtkApplication "Add GtkApplication resources support" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:35
desrtanyway.... i'm currently designing my goptioncontext <-> gapplication friendship bridge15:36
desrtso the suffering can finally be over15:36
desrti'm going to toss out the last set of patches i did on the topic15:36
desrtin all that encoding work i discovered that goptioncontext isn't awful15:36
desrtand i think we should save it and improve it15:36
desrtso i am no longer afraid to properly integrate it with gapplication15:37
desrtthat's it for me, more or less15:37
seb128desrt, thanks15:37
seb128ok, now let's resume normal order :p15:37
seb128qengho, hey15:38
qengho* In progress: Preparing new Chromium v 32.0.1700.77 for release.15:38
qengho* In progress: More working Hi-DPI for on Cr+gtk.  80% done.  Looking into Aura work One Day.15:38
qengho* Next: Touch interface for Cr.15:38
seb128nice to see the hi-dpi work getting there15:39
seb128qengho, thanks15:39
seb128Sweetshark, hey15:39
Sweetshark- finished my pbuilder/jenkins rework, but still 'graced' with ccache missing cache all the time15:40
Sweetshark- some upstream QA mentoring15:40
Sweetshark- coordination upstream QA towards a more sane bug priotizing workflow15:40
Sweetshark- TDF BoD call and followup on some flamefesty decisions on TDF assets15:40
Sweetshark- usual TDF ESC call: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/minutes-of-ESC-call-td4092648.html various tidbits15:40
Sweetshark- jumped in to create libabw repo on upstream gerrit for abiword import filters for LibreOffice15:40
Sweetshark- moved away some QA/infra ticket queues from upstream OTRS as that likely will be decommissioned15:40
Sweetshark- fixed fdo#71511 on upstream master which was an a11y regression introduced by a patch from bdrung that I upstreamed, also for review on -4-2 (its in the branch now and should be in trusty/4.2.1. https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=7151115:40
ubot2`Freedesktop bug 71511 in Writer "Writer no longer uses Text and Background Colours from Windows High-Contrast theme for displaying document" [Major,Verified: fixed]15:40
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Sweetshark- some direction on the effort to give bibisect https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/HowToBibisect an GUI for enduser bug triage15:40
Sweetshark- some concepts about LibreOffice without Java on LTS -- as of now, all suck.15:40
Sweetshark- finished the -l10n source pkg split off and pushed this to the prereleases PPA, no obvious bugs so far15:40
Sweetshark- thus we should now again have all l10ns in the PPA, which should spare me a few nagmails per week by $randomuser about it, and have one prereq for getting libreoffice rolling checked15:40
Sweetshark- prepared a 4.2.0~rc2 trusty/main (first new major, fingers crossed)15:40
Sweetshark(yes, I cheated an took a look at my sent mail folder this time)15:40
desrt - drank a lot of mate and fritz.  didn't sleep.15:41
desrt(busy week...)15:41
Sweetsharkdesrt: nah, thats a normal week, usually I spare you the details ;)15:41
seb128Sweetshark, did you get any feedback from rene on the l10N changes?15:42
Sweetsharkseb128: nope15:42
Sweetsharkseb128: well, rene wanted to have minimal tarballs (no duplication) as a prereq. so he wont use it for 4.2 anyway.15:42
Sweetsharkseb128: I guess we can work that out for 4.3 on debian15:43
seb128Sweetshark, I'm going to follow up on the java stuff after the meeting15:43
seb128Sweetshark, thanks15:43
seb128mlankhorst, hey15:43
mlankhorstFixing drm kernel issues, frantically getting everything ready for merge window, keeping xorg 1.15 updated in the ppa. Testing mesa with dri3, last prerequisite outside of updated xorg/mesa in the archive.15:43
mlankhorstand libxcb update + dependencies15:44
seb128what's the current status of xorg 1.15?15:44
mlankhorstwaiting for fglrx, ready to go15:45
mlankhorstdri3 won't work for now :)15:45
seb128mlankhorst, thanks15:45
seb128Laney, hey15:45
Laneysoz, someone came to the door15:46
Laneywindow cleaner ...15:46
Laney• cogl transition15:46
Laney• GNOME updates: d-conf glib15:46
Laney∘ glib test failures: gather information, forward upstream, disable in Ubuntu (all new tests in this release which are extremely sensitive in our buildd/CI environment)15:46
Laney∘ forward glib-networking test failure upstream; receive fix from danw & test it works, which it does!15:46
Laney• Work on webkitgtk 2.3.4, failures on i386 and ppc - testing fixes on porter box / de-virt PPA now15:46
Laney∘ Notice webp transition & upload for that15:46
Laney‣ Pillow (python-pil) autopkgtest fails due to a dubious assumption that webp images will be bit-for-bit identical across libwebp releases. Fix the test by generating the image before running the test.15:46
Laney• Alpha 2 wrangling: disable automatic builds, set up tracker, install freeze block, kick initial rebuilds. Most of the hard/time consuming work is being done by Riddell.15:46
Laney• system-settings autopilot tests - some minor improvements, get stressed about annoying failures (differences between running on desktop vs. phone, argh). Might have a lead on a workaround now. Need to fix an issue where starting a private bus means you have to mock ALL the dbus things (ofono tests fail). Will start it only when needed for now.15:46
seb128Laney, you should maybe mp your current fixes for system-settings/autopilot, let me know if you want me to take over/try to get the other issues resolved15:48
LaneyI want to get it all passing really15:48
Laneythen we can start from a clean state15:48
Laneyit's all in that ap-fixes branch though15:48
seb128right, I'm just offering to share the annoyance to get there15:49
Laneylet me do this dbus thing and then I'll see what's left15:49
seb128Laney, thanks15:50
seb128tkamppeter, hey15:50
tkamppeter- cups-filters: Released 1.0.44 with support for PPD-less printing in gstopxl (PCL-XL filter), and automatic Poppler/Ghostscript selection in pdftoippprinter (PPD-less printing).15:50
tkamppeter- cups-filters, cups: Splitting of binary packages to allow small (mobile) printing stack with only basic filters for printing PPD-less on IPP printers with PDF, PostScript, PWG Raster, or PCL15:50
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:50
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:51
seb128attente, hey15:51
attentedebugged compiz and i-keyboard tests15:51
attentetried to debug Ambiance's missing menu separators, found the regression, but not a solution15:51
attenteadded global menu bar alt-mnemonics to the key grabber PPA (holding alt to reveal the menu bar still doesn't work though, and there's a bug with multi-monitor)15:51
seb128attente, how is the compiz work going?15:53
seb128also what's the ambiance/menu issue?15:53
attenteseb128, the MP just needs a review15:53
attenteand menu separators are invisible under ambiance15:53
seb128is that a GTK 3.10 issue?15:53
seb128could be one for larsu? ;-)15:54
attentei think it's a theming issue15:54
larsuseb128: I've already talked to attente about it and he offered to look into it15:54
attentethere's a commit in ubuntu-themes that when reverted fixes the problem15:54
larsuI can help if there are any problems, though15:54
seb128what commit?15:54
larsuattente: which one?15:54
attentethe WideSeparators line15:55
larsubah, not that again15:55
seb128seems like larsu knows about that topic...15:56
attenteif we remove it, the separators appear again, but the bug it corrects breaks again15:56
seb128hum, k15:56
attenteit's unaffected in radiance though15:56
seb128no point discussing/debugging it during the meeting but might be a good after-meeting topic15:56
seb128attente, btw did you see that https://code.launchpad.net/~bfiller/ubuntu-keyboard/ubuntu-keyboard-active-language/+merge/201990 landed?15:57
seb128attente, which means we can do the settings side now15:57
attenteseb128, oh, i hadn't. thanks!15:58
seb128attente, thanks15:58
seb128larsu, your turn15:58
larsuI continued on evince but descoped it a bit due to taking too long (I initially wanted to port away from GtkAction completely)15:58
larsuI now have a version that exports a menubar natively15:59
larsuand am fighting with 3.10/master issues15:59
larsuboth in evince and gtk15:59
larsuwe really need desrt's set_accels_for_action backported I think :(15:59
seb128don't you dare asking for 3.1215:59
larsuin between a couple of small things popped up, like more gedit theming fixes15:59
larsuoh, and that indicator sound gsettings issue16:00
desrtlarsu: hahahah16:00
desrtgood luck backporting that :(16:00
larsudesrt: ya...16:00
larsuI really want to export the menu natively, thouh16:00
larsubut if that means we don't get multiple accels, that kind of sucks16:00
desrtyou can still use gtkaction for your accels....16:00
desrti wonder if we could convince Laney to accidentally upload the new gtk16:01
larsuthen we can just not use those patches at all and use unity-gtk-module16:01
larsuwhich totally wasn't the point of this excercise...16:01
larsudesrt: seb128 might become a bit mad about that16:01
desrti think we should give it a serious talk at the desktop weak, fwiw16:01
seb128who is being weak?16:02
larsuweak? srsly?16:02
seb128let's talk about it at the desktop strong yeah16:02
desrt*week.  sorry.16:02
larsuseb128: LOL16:02
desrttrying to have too many conversations at once :)16:02
seb128larsu, thanks16:02
Laneylet's just get seb drunk16:02
desrt"desktop strong"   /me has flashbacks to boston16:02
seb128so, my turn16:02
seb128 * some desktop updates (gimp, gnome-screenshot, goocanvas, glade, harfbuzz, e-d-s)16:02
seb128 * desktop bugs fixes (eog hanging on dialog close, g-s-d/fontconfig polling issues, nautilus sidebar status being wrong, accountsservice polling issue)16:02
seb128 * desktop bugs triage16:02
seb128 * started reviewing the ubuntu-system-settings current design/compared to the implementation to list things to check on/change16:02
seb128 * looked at the archive rebuild test results, fixed some builds16:02
seb128 * lot of random discussions and look at issues (like the dconf write on login)16:03
Laneyoh yeah i didn't look at the rebuild yet16:03
Laneygot the link handy?16:03
desrtseb128: what do you think should be the recommended punishment for when we find people writing to dconf at login?16:04
seb128Laney, bah :p16:04
seb128desrt, ice cream?16:04
Laneythey have to fill out a spreadsheet for every commit from now on16:04
seb128(when they fix it, which larsu did ;-)16:04
desrti mean... clearly these rules are not having an effect... we need mandatory minimum sentences...16:04
desrti hear those always prevent crimes16:04
larsudesrt: it'd be nice if we had some kind of test for that16:05
larsuin my case, a seemingly harmless commit did the damage16:05
seb128yeah, right16:05
desrtlarsu: i asked for one a very long time ago from the QA guys16:05
desrtwho said they would do it16:05
desrtnot sure what became of that16:05
larsuright. I don't think it's reasonable to manually test that all the time16:05
larsuand as we saw, people (aka "me") forget16:06
seb128desrt, so many priority changes recently (especially with touch), I guess that got dropped on the way16:06
seb128ok, on that note16:07
seb128is there any question/comment?16:07
seb128seems not, that's a wrap then16:08
seb128thanks everyone!16:08
desrtokay everyone16:10
desrti declare this meeting to be over16:10
desrtseb128: thanks for your help this week with chairing the meeting16:10
seb128desrt, yw ;-) (thanks for getting everyone around, that worked well, nobody was late missing)16:11
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ochosilarsu: quick question, is there an eta for robert_ancell's indicator-power-patch (unity-control-center2) so i can rebase my branch on it?16:13
attenteChrisTownsend, hi16:16
ChrisTownsendattente: Hey, what's up?16:16
attenteChrisTownsend, just wondering if you had time to help review https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/compiz/plugin-actions/+merge/20030716:17
ChrisTownsendattente: Oh, ok, that's ready again.  Sure, I'll review it soon.16:17
ChrisTownsendattente: Thanks for reminding me:)16:17
larsuochosi: I approved it, right? It should have been merged already16:18
attenteChrisTownsend, thanks16:18
ochosilarsu: approved but not merged as far as i can see16:18
larsuochosi: we're talking about this one, right? https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/indicator-power/unity-control-center2/+merge/20113016:19
larsuI wonder what happened, I remember approving it after we talked about this last time16:19
ochosilarsu: yeah, that one16:19
ochosii don't see it in https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/indicator-power/trunk.14.0416:19
larsuright, let me try again16:20
ochosiok :)16:20
* larsu keeps the tab open this time to check up on it16:21
larsuochosi: it's merged16:48
ochosilarsu: thanks, will ping you again once my branch is rebased16:49
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Laneyalmost made the u-s-s tests flaky17:19
seb128keyword "almost" ;-)17:21
Laneydragging causes a flick which meant that sometimes the pointer would miss the thing it tried to click on17:23
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brainwashlarsu: hey, so xubuntu 14.04 palns to ship a wrapper for the gtk3 indicators, everything seems to work fine so far, but the sound indicator tends to not load its panel icon (basically it stays invisible). actions like volume change or mute do not restore the icon, only killing the sound indicator service does eventually. any ideas how to debug this race condition?17:38
ochosilarsu: ok, rebased the patch and resubmitted the merge-proposal17:45
ali1234brainwash: i bet that is related to the xfdesktop wrong-theme bug and the gtk stock icons problems17:46
ali1234remember what happened when i tried to use a stock icon in the indicator, and that stock icon wasn't available?17:47
brainwashbut it happens randomly17:47
ali1234so does the xfdesktop problem17:47
brainwashand other indicator don't seem to be affected17:47
brainwashxfdesktop only on session start17:47
ali1234sound ndicator is only affected on session start too17:48
brainwashdid you try to kill the sound indicator service to force the invisible icon?17:49
brainwashand it never happened?17:49
ali1234it only ever happens at session startup for me17:49
brainwashwait, but a volume change or mute do not restore the icon17:51
brainwashor does that not matter17:51
brainwashali1234: I was able to force the missing icon17:54
brainwashmid session17:54
attenteTrevinho, not really sure what we should call that method tbh...17:55
Trevinhoattente: mh17:55
attenteTrevinho, maybe something like getNonOptionActions?17:55
TrevinhoWell, I mostly was concerned by the class Class thing...17:56
brainwashali1234: killed the service like 20 times and it failed 3 times17:56
attenteTrevinho, oh. that's what's done in CompOption17:56
attenteTrevinho, i thought it'd be more convenient to use the same convention17:56
Trevinhomh, ok... yeah, I wondered it was inheredited from it..17:56
attenteTrevinho, it's also a non-const reference returned there, but i can fix both in the MP17:58
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attenteTrevinho, what about Container?18:07
Trevinhoattente: yeah, better...18:07
attenteok, i'll update it18:07
attente(just the CompAction::Class, i'm not changing the CompOption::Class name)18:11
Laneyall the AP tests pass on the phone!18:17
seb128Laney, \o/18:18
Laneydoesn't mean they will work for anyone else18:19
LaneyI know how this stuff goes :P18:19
seb128yeah, they fail under a french locale to start18:22
didrocksTheMuso: hey, FYI, we had to revert at-spi2-core (more info on the ubuntu-phone ML) to get back to a nice state. We can chat at the sprint I guess18:23
LaneyI get a UnicodeDecodeError traceback under fr_FR.UTF-818:24
Laneyho hum18:24
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~vrruiz/ubuntu-system-settings/autopilot/+merge/192869/comments/45471618:26
seb128Laney, I didn't block the merge on that to be fixed because it already took way to land to get that stuff to land (there was like a week delay between review comments and fixes)18:27
Laneydid you see the same python error?18:27
seb128Laney, no, I get 4 errors18:31
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ubuntu_system_settings/tests/__init__.py", line 117, in assert_space_item18:31
seb128    self.assertThat(len(values), GreaterThan(1))18:31
seb128  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/testtools/testcase.py", line 412, in assertThat18:31
seb128    raise MismatchError(matchee, matcher, mismatch, verbose)18:31
seb128MismatchError: 1 is not < 118:31
Laneyah I just ran test_about18:32
seb128Laney, that's because the value there is coming from the split which is buggy with the french spaces18:32
seb128Laney, that's in test_about afaik18:32
Laneycan look at that another time18:33
LaneyPS4 time now ;-)18:33
seb128yeah, don't bother about it18:33
seb128Laney, have fun!18:33
Laneythanks, see you!18:33
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* Sweetshark realizes he will have 4 hours of conference calls in the next 7 days (so far).19:46
Sweetsharkseb128: the 4.2.0~rc2/trusty build finished and succeeded.19:58
robert_ancelljasoncwarner, did your graphics issues get resolved?20:06
Sweetsharkoh, Linus flamed us on slashdot yesterday?20:08
* Sweetshark grabs popcorn.20:08
robert_ancelllarsu, thanks for the indicator merge20:09
robert_ancelllarsu, who's managing the other indicators?20:10
jasoncwarnerrobert_ancell it appears to have. I did another update and it went away. I still have n-m crashes, but seem to be unrelated.20:11
jasoncwarnerSweetshark: link?20:11
jasoncwarnerSweetshark: nm, found it20:16
robert_ancelltedg, are you still looking after indicators?21:21
tedgrobert_ancell, Sure21:22
tedgWhat's up?21:22
robert_ancelltedg, can you get some momentum on https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/indicator-bluetooth/unity-control-center2/+merge/201118, https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/indicator-session/unity-control-center2/+merge/201131, https://code.launchpad.net/~robert-ancell/indicator-sound/unity-control-center2/+merge/20113221:23
robert_ancellwould like to land these so we can switch on unity-control-center by default21:23
tedgAh, okay.21:24
tedgWhat's happening with like XFCE?21:24
tedgShouldn't we be doing it by env var instead of whether it's in the path?21:24
robert_ancelltedg, we can check if XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is Unity as well if you'd like21:25
tedgrobert_ancell, That makes sense to me, you?21:25
robert_ancelltedg, sure, I'll update those MPs21:26
tedgCool, thanks!21:26
ali1234Xfce currently has an upstart session, but the indicators get started by XDG21:28
ali1234we are looking to add support for the new launching style to lightdm-gtk-greeter too21:28
ali1234Xubuntu also probably wants to use some bits from u-c-c, since we have the same problems with g-c-c that you do21:29
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TheMusodidrocks: I won't be there. seb128 asked me to update it...21:33
ali1234regarding XDG vs upstart, i think upstart is preferable since XDG seems to have no mechanism for restarting the indicators if they crash21:34
ali1234i assume upstart can do this21:34
TheMuso...and there is no need for at-spi to be on touch atm...21:34
robert_ancelltedg, on indicators and u-c-c. Do you want to move the date time panel from indicator-datetime into u-c-c?21:35
tedgrobert_ancell, I don't see any reason to leave it in g-c-c, charles?21:35
ali1234relevant: bug 107431421:36
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1074314 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "indicator-datetime configuration panel only works in Unity session" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107431421:36
charlesthey share a small amount of formatting code from utils.c, so it's a little ugly to duplicate that I guess21:36
charlesbut that's minor21:36
robert_ancellthere's no need to move it unless it makes life easier21:37
charlesOther than the code duplication, which is minor, I don't mind either way21:37
tedgI think long term it does as we'll want indicator-datetime to be more touch focused.  Short term I don't think it makes a huge difference.21:38
tedgIt'll shrink the build-deps for indicator-datetime21:38
charlesOne thing, I have a pretty large MP for datetime coming, so if we act on 1074314 I'd prefer we do it after that goes through21:38
charleshm, that's related, but not exactly the same. robert_ancell, is there a ticket already for separating out the panel code?21:39
robert_ancellcharles, no ticket21:39
robert_ancellcharles, we would need to wait until after the u-c-c migration occurs because it would drop support for g-c-c21:40
charlesrobert_ancell: that sounds good. At that point let's move it over21:41
charlesI don't have strong feelings on this either way but ted's point about reducing i-datetime's deps makes sense21:41
robert_ancellI'll open a bug21:47
robert_ancellcharles, bug 127133921:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1271339 in Indicator Date and Time "Move panel to unity-control-center" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127133921:49
robert_ancelltedg, those MPs are updated now21:53
robert_ancelldarkxst, regarding lp:~darkxst/gnome-control-center/vanilla - you can own that branch now since I'm not going to do anymore g-c-c updates. Once we do the switch to u-c-c by default you should be able to upload those changes21:56
darkxstrobert_ancell, ok22:01
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robert_ancelltedg, is there a plan to migrate indicator-datetime to geoclue 2.0?22:18
tedgrobert_ancell, No plan, is that a trusty thing?22:18
robert_ancelltedg, I just noticed the new version is there in the archive, just wondering if we'll update to it22:18
tedgHmm, I'd need to update ubuntu-geoip as well.22:19
robert_ancellthe indicator is the only thing pulling it in22:19
tedgI have nothing against it, but I doubt I'll have time before feature freeze.22:19
robert_ancellI'll file a bug :)22:19
darkxstI don't think that will be to easy, geoclue-2.0 does not support custom backends22:21
tedgHa, awesome!22:21
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