belkinsaHow to make headers for wiki pages?  Do you just create a page with the header and on the other pages do the include command?00:22
dsmythiesbelkinsa: Do you mean like this page, which gets included in many others: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation/MenuBar00:52
belkinsaYes, like that.00:52
dsmythiesbelkinsa: Then yes.00:52
belkinsaSo the second method is how it's done?00:53
dsmythiesbelkinsa: I was also thinking that if we find we have little segments of pages that we are repeating, we could use this same method so as to have only one "master".00:54
belkinsaThat sounds like a good idea.00:55
dsmythiesNot sure what you are asking.00:55
belkinsaI'm working on wiki pages for my team that I created a few days ago: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-scientists and I'm planning to make a menu header just like every other team.00:57
belkinsaThat's why I'm asking on how do it00:57
dsmythiesbelkinsa: By far, I am not very wiki knowledable, but wouldn't you make a new page "MenuBar" for your series of pages, perhaps borrow content from the doc one, and go from there?01:00
dsmythiesbelkinsa: I am suggesting to use the doc one as a sort of "how to" (formatting and such) for your new one.01:02
belkinsaThat might be better.  I shall do that.01:12
jcdrakeHi..I have a license query regarding packages.. is this the right place to ask?10:23

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