darkxstronj, screen lock has changed to default as '<super>+L'01:50
Forage I updated Ubuntu 13.10 to gnome 3.10 now that gnome 3.10 is placed in the main gnome3 ppa. It appears, however, that a GTK regression crept in. It's the same as https://mail.gnome.org/archives/evolution-list/2013-February/msg00009.html where Evolution now displays black area's like http://www.daf-bwr.de/screenshot_window.png12:19
ForageAre you guys aware of the issue?12:19
ronj<darkxst> ronj, screen lock has changed to default as '<super>+L' >> yay that works! Thanks :)13:54
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robert_ancelldarkxst, do you use http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/ubuntu-gnome-desktop.html?22:35
darkxstI hadnt seen that before22:37
darkxstrobert_ancell, btw that should really be tracking gnome3 PPA, not gnome3-staging22:48
darkxststaging will generally be gnome+1 vs what is in ubuntu22:49
robert_ancelldarkxst, yeah, the GNOME stuff is probably out of date, that's why I thought I'd check if you guys were using it22:50
robert_ancellplease MP any changes you think are appropriate22:50
darkxstrobert_ancell, ok22:52
darkxstrobert_ancell, why are all the gnome versions hardcoded?23:00
robert_ancelldarkxst, hard-coded?23:00
darkxsti.e. ('baobab',                GNOME_FTP_URL ('baobab', '3.8'), GNOME_FTP_URL ('baobab')),23:01
robert_ancelloh, that means we're tracking 3.8 in Ubuntu at it will be shown green if we have the latest 3.823:02
robert_ancellthese need bumping when we bump the series we track23:02
robert_ancellI fixed a bunch of those a few minutes ago23:02
darkxstrobert_ancell, cogl/clutter should be 1.1623:10
robert_ancelldarkxst, I'll update that, thanks23:10
darkxstgdm should be 3.10, gjs 1.3823:11
darkxstgsettings, gnome-themes-standard also 3.1023:12

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