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joseIdleOne: hey, could you please check the fridge is displaying the meeting all good?17:37
jose(I'm wondering why we have two IR CC meetings on the same week)17:38
IdleOneit was when I set it up, let me look again17:38
IdleOneI see only one Ubuntu IRC Council meeting for the 22nd17:39
IdleOnefor this week17:40
IdleOneunless I am seeing it wrong17:41
topylimy calendar also thinks there's a meeting on the 22nd (only)17:57
joseIdleOne, topyli: I see one on the 22nd and one on the 26th (fridge)17:58
IdleOnehmm, can you cancel the one on the 26th17:59
joseok then17:59
topylithe 26th must be a legacy automation that some version of the council used to have17:59
IdleOnethank you jose :)18:00
josesure :)18:00
joseoh, it was the last sunday of the month :P18:00

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