dholbachgood morning07:30
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belkinsaBobJonkman, ping19:43
BobJonkmanbelkinsa: pong!19:44
belkinsaI spoke to Jono Bacon about a WebRTC client that is developed by Canonical or the Ubuntu Community.  He said that Canonical will not but if I can rally up  the community into developing one, it might be possible.  Do you want to help work on a wiki page for the mock up for this client?19:46
BobJonkmanbelkinsa: I wasn't thinking so much of a client *developed* by Canonical, but having Canonical use and host FAIF software for their online conferences19:48
BobJonkmanBut developing our own WebRTC software certainly fulfills that goal19:48
BobJonkmanAre you thinking of creating a Wiki page for WebRTC client requirements? Or something that looks and feels like an actual WebRTC client (without actually implementing the code for a WebRTC client)?19:51
belkinsaThe later.19:52
belkinsaWell....both I think.19:52
BobJonkmanI think chatb.org fulfils most of the requirements. Add bandwidth management and logging (and AV recording), and it would be a pretty good client.19:54
belkinsaYeah, that's what I was thinking.  That Jitsi one was nice because of the tool bars.19:55
BobJonkmanI haven't looked at any of the chatb.org code or the github site. I don't even know much about the WebRTC spec, aside from the marketing demo put out by Google and Mozilla19:55
belkinsaSame, who would know this?19:56
BobJonkmanThere was a fellow in your first Mock Vitual Ubuntu Hour chat who seemed knowledgeable...  Jeffrey maybe?19:57
belkinsajrgifford?  I pinged him just now.19:58
BobJonkmanCould be. I was just looking for his name in the LoCoTeam mailing list20:00

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