dufluThis is odd. Why is Xorg slower on Haswell than Sandybridge?!01:49
dufluMir has no such problems01:50
RAOFduflu: What test?02:06
RAOFduflu: Also, fast Sandybridge vs slow Haswell?02:06
dufluRAOF: I swapped my drive out of an HD2000 system into an HD440002:07
dufluAnd it stutters quite a bit02:07
dufluOops... HD460002:08
dufluI'm suspicious of:  [     1.949] (**) intel(0): "Tear free" disabled02:09
dufluBut can't remember what it used to be02:09
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mlankhorstthere didn't used to be a tear free option09:14
mlankhorstand it was always disabled :p09:14
duflumlankhorst: Just guessing...09:57
dufluBut if I wanted a real answer I would debug Compiz09:57
duflutrying to avoid that09:57
duflualan_g: Any hints as to how to force gmock to match 16 elements passed to a GLfloat* parameter? :)09:58
alan_gduflu: write a bespoke matcher?09:59
duflualan_g: That's what I thought, but attempts so far don't even compile09:59
dufluAnd the docs are too vague to explain why10:00
alan_gracarr has written quite a few around the input tests10:00
dufluOn second thoughts, this test probably should not exist using mocks. It assumes too much about the internals of the class10:05
alan_gTalking about assuming implementation details: Does anyone think SocketSessionTest.basic_msg is a readable or useful test?10:25
* alan_g wants to delete it10:25
duflualan_g: If you can't read it then that doesn't bode well. I though you knew that stuff better than most10:28
* duflu wanders off10:28
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ricmmkdub: asleep? ;)11:10
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alan_galf_: can you take a look? I'm getting happier with it (but it may be just that I'm getting used to it): https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/spike-exposing-rpc-in-frontend/+merge/20235113:02
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alf_alan_g|lunch: sure13:03
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kgunnalf_: a matter of curiosity, we don't have triple buffering on at the client level do we ?14:11
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alan_gkgunn: we don't14:17
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alf_kgunn: alan_g: AFAIK, the code supports triple buffering for client surfaces. What is blocking it?14:17
kgunnalf_: so i was just thinking, wrt side stage, where the code relies on snapshotting when "closing"/"revealing"14:21
kgunnand that the pipeline is stalling14:21
kgunne.g. its gotta read from the buff14:21
kgunnbefore it let's it continue rendering14:21
kgunn& swapping buffs14:21
kgunnwhereas, triple buffering would at least help alleviate14:21
kgunnthis getting in at least one extra render while you're still reading14:22
kgunn(all theory of course)14:22
kgunnricmm: ^14:22
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alf_kgunn: are we seeing an actual slowdown when the sidestage is revealed/closed?14:26
kgunnalf_: yeah there's definitely some stall/jank at times14:26
kgunnif you flash devel-proposed, it has sidestage...N10 of course14:27
alf_kgunn: And I am assuming that snapshotting been identified as the culprit or is this a theory?14:28
kgunnalf_: all theory14:28
ricmmalf_: do you have a N10?14:32
alf_ricmm: yes14:33
ricmmcan you give it a go with the latest image14:33
ricmmyou'll have the feel of whats happening14:33
alf_ricmm: ok14:33
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alan_galf_: sorted tabs (and placated valgrind over the SocketSessionTest.basic_msg_is_received_and_dispatched test)15:19
alf_alan_g: ok15:20
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dandraderdo you guys have trouble getting useful backtraces out of gdb on the device (arm)?20:16
kdubdandrader, sometimes20:22
dandraderkdub, any trick I can do to improve it?20:23
kdubdandrader, unfortunately no, havent spent a lot of time looking20:26

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