ElathielHaving a little bit of trouble getting mythweb running19:03
Elathielgot the backend up, filled the database with program information, and got mythweb installed19:03
Elathielbut it's just showing a broken image, and that's it19:04
Elathielthe image is pointing to skin_urlimg/mythtv-logo.png19:04
Elathielthe install did have some glitches, and I had to go in and fix it's database password19:04
Elathielso I'm wondering if I need to do something to populate the database with the right tables or something?19:05
Kwisher_wrkElathiel: .27?19:10
Elathielit's the latest mythtv on xubuntu 13.1019:17
ElathielI was getting lots of errors about debconf passwords thing19:18
Elathielapparently it's cause I'm going for a really wierd setup and haven't run mythtv-frontend yet20:10

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