tewardanyone know what software and setups I'd need to get PPA-like functionality in a private server setup?  Not the whole LP thing, just the PPA functions.00:08
jrwrenteward: your own repository?00:09
tewardjrwren: with the whole upload-source, auto-build, upload to repository shebang that PPAs already have00:09
jrwrenteward: or do you want to be able to upload sources and have the system compile it for you like PPA does?00:09
jrwrenteward: I'd love that too, if you find something please let me know :)00:10
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RepoxHello. If I have made changes to iptables, what is the prefered way of saving the rules for next boot; "iptables-save > /etc/network/iptables.rules " or can I just use "iptables-save"?09:03
KI7MTRepox, look into using  iptables-persistent09:08
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jamespagelifeless, I appreciate that - the cherry pick I did covers 3.11 kernel as found in saucy12:02
rostamHI is anyone here familiar with the dotdee concept? thx12:53
kirklandrostam: hi, I wrote dotdee ... what are you looking for?13:15
cfhowlettkirkland, now THAT is customer service!13:17
ruben231hi guys i have linux server from US and other one is on Autralia, they are connected adn syn by simple internet line, would stablishing a VPN between them would improved.. the conenctivity of both when ti comes to lagged and slowness performance..any idea guys, i particularly used mysql database13:20
cfhowlettruben231, VPN is for security - not speed.  I doubt that merely switching to VPN would speed things up - but I could be wrong.  If no response here, ask in #ubuntu13:23
TJ-ruben231: Adding a VPN won't improve latency; if anything it'll add a few milliseconds13:24
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ruben231TJ-: ok so no difference at all for the conenctivity issue of slowness and lagged coz currentlyly i dont used anything13:29
TJ-ruben231: The only cure for those are using a better route, which is outside your control I'd guess13:29
rostamkirkland, hi thanks for getting back to me.  I am still confused on usage.  I need to modify some configuration files beloinging to other pkgs through scripting.  I am not sure yet how to do this through dotdee, Although I just find out about this pkg and I think it will do what I need, any references on this will greatly appreicated. thx13:32
ruben231my curernt latency to US server form Australia is  OK (165 ms)13:32
kirklandrostam: when you say "I", in this case, are you acting as a sysadmin on your own system, or as a Debian package maintainer?13:33
kirklandrostam: because, as I understand it, the latter would be a Debian policy violation (one package mucking with another package's configuration files)13:33
rostamkirkland,  are system will be installed as embedded system, there will be no sysadmin using puppet, chef...  We need to changes some of the files, I thought dotdee helps me not to violate the debian packing. The changes to files will be dynamic depends on the environment they are installed.13:37
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kirklandrostam: I think you're fine, in that case, to use dotdee13:46
kirklandrostam: so first, a couple of (maybe obvious?) pointers...  have you read http://manpg.es/dotdee.8 and http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/06/dotdee-how-to.html and http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/dotdee-modern-proposal-for-improving.html13:47
kirklandrostam: in the latter, I tried to propose dotdee as being an officially blessed way of handling conffiles, but I don't think it went anywhere in Debian13:47
rostamkirkland, great thanks I will dig into the references you provided. I hope I can find you here in next couple days for more questions. Thanks13:49
kirklandrostam: I'm always here;  generally online during the workday in the USA13:49
rostamkirkland, thanks again13:49
zuljamespage:  can you push this one back into debian? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6791793/14:12
jamespagezul, 'submittodebian'14:12
jamespagetry it14:12
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zuljamespage:  ok done14:16
jamespagezul, it sends and email - did that work OK?14:16
jamespageshould get a confirmation back14:16
zulit looks like it14:16
rbasakroaksoax: OK if I take the facter merge? Might as well do it before I look at puppet.14:22
roaksoaxrbasak: go for it! :)14:22
zuljamespage: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-ceilometerclient/1.0.8/+merge/20247314:57
jamespagezul, +114:58
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-heatclient/0.2.6/+merge/20248015:11
jamespagezul, -1 typo15:12
zuljamespage:  updated15:12
railsraidercan someone help me out with this upstart it hangs but when i just fire the start-stop-daemon from the shell it works http://pastebin.com/QtsYWUPb15:14
railsraiderit hangs on start15:14
jamespagezul, +115:15
jamespagezul, I'm assuming you will merge these btw15:15
zuljamespage:  yep15:16
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-troveclient/1.0.3/+merge/20248315:27
jamespagezul, +115:27
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-keystoneclient/0.4.2/+merge/20248615:49
jamespagezul, +115:51
germanstudentAre there good gnuplot alternatives? (Want to know, because I have to decide which tool to study)16:13
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mdeslaurhallyn: any eta for a fixed qemu package in trusty?16:26
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-swiftclient/1.8.0/+merge/20249716:27
jamespagezul, +116:28
jamespagezul, I have trusty deploying again in the lab btw16:30
zuljamespage:  2 more ;)16:33
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-neutronclient/2.3.3/+merge/20250516:39
zuljamespage:  neutronclient fixed17:03
jamespagezul, +117:03
parallel21If I setup a firewall rule to allow ssh on a subnet, ssh will still appear open to an address outside of that subnet, yeah? The firewall rule would just deny the packets17:03
ikoniaas port 22 would be blocked outside that subnet17:09
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parallel21so running a scan should render 22 port closed when outside the subnet17:10
parallel21Cause that's not what I'm getting when I setup ufw17:11
parallel21Though the address is blocked17:11
zuljamespage:  last one today https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-savannaclient/0.4.1/+merge/20251217:17
jamespagezul, +117:18
zuljamespage:  thanks17:18
jamespagezul, np17:18
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hxmwhat is the email server in ubuntu server18:47
ersiIf you want it to be, yeah18:48
ersidovecot+postfix would work18:48
hxmthey are hard to configure, right?18:48
hxmi never get make dovecot work18:48
hxmthere I go18:48
ersiEmail in general, is a pain in the ass. Doesn't really matter which software you choose :)18:49
MikaelaI usually use postfix and it does everything I want with dpkg-reconfigure.18:50
sarnoldthere's many pieces of email; postfix serves a very different role than dovecot18:54
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lifelessjamespage: cool19:00
tewardanyone know what software and setups I'd need to get PPA-like functionality in a private server setup?  Not the whole LP thing, just the PPA functions, where I debuild -S the source, upload it to some location, the system automatically builds it, and then assuming it doesn't fail, it uploads to a debian repository?19:21
chilicuilteward: it's called soyuz, and there are not a lot of documentation, however you may want to see, https://dev.launchpad.net/HackingSoyuzIRCSession #I've not deploy it locally, so I don't know what exact steps you require to build something similar19:27
tewardehhh, CBA to deal with it, I may as well just upload packages to the server manually, then manually run sbuild on them one at a time19:28
tewardthen manually move them into a debian repo19:28
tewardi could always poke the launchpad devs to give me a hand but i'm not in the mood to bug them19:29
tewardchilicuil, i'll read that later, i'm kinda bleh from this evil snow19:29
hxmwhat is better, Maildir or mbox?19:45
sarnoldhxm: Maildir is faster for many operations and it's my definite choice; though it is far easier to rsync or scp an mbox file around from system to system or from program to program. most everything can import from mbox..19:47
hxmaha, thanks19:48
hallynmdeslaur: (i'm on vacation today;  but qemu works for me in trusty, so pls quote a bug #)20:11
mdeslaurhallyn: it's stuck in proposed20:11
mdeslaurI think powerpc FTBFS20:11
hallynzul: do you mind taking lp:~serge-hallyn/+junk/cgmanager and uploading it to the archive?20:11
hallynmdeslaur: oh yeah.  infinity was going to look at that since he has hardware20:12
zulhallyn:  sure20:15
rostamkardan: I am trying to use preseed to automate debian installation.  I like to have two partition sda1 and sda2 and install two instances of ubuntu on each partition.20:16
hallynzul: thanks20:16
mdeslaurhallyn: thanks20:16
rostamsorry wrong window20:17
zulstgraber:  i just uploaded cgmanager btw20:29
stgraberzul: thanks, will review in the queue now20:30
stgraberzul: can you re-upload with just the last changelog entry? the previous ones never made it to either Ubuntu or Debian, so it feels a bit odd having that in the initial upload20:38
zulstgraber:  sure20:40
stgraberzul: thanks, I just rejected the existing one20:41
mallu_hi, does anyone use Active directory for managing linux app/service accounts?20:41
stgraberand I see the new one, perfect, reviewing that one now20:41
hxmi have installed roundcube via apt-get20:44
hxmbut the verson is 0.7, I wanted to upgrade it to the latest one 0.920:44
hxmcan I just download the .tar.gz file from sourceforge?20:44
hxmor I will mess it20:44
mallu_nobody use Active directory for Linux user accounts?!20:45
stgraberzul: accepted20:50
stgraberzul, hallyn: will add it to the server packageset now and review the binaries in a minute (waiting for them to build on LP now)20:50
okeanoshello, can someone help me with a frustrating ipv6 problem?21:15
sk1pperokeanos: what's the problem?21:21
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melterif i run "apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork", why does "apachectl -V" show the MPM as "event"?21:52
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