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Cimitsdgeos, hey dude11:23
Cimitsdgeos, we remove the qmlproject, but now with cmake I think it's just less handy to deal with the qml files11:24
mzanettiCimi: what's the problem?11:26
Cimimzanetti, loses all the integration and highlight with ubuntu components, here11:27
mzanettioh really?11:27
Cimimzanetti, might be false11:27
mzanettiCimi: can you point me to an example?11:27
Cimimzanetti, while I was texting you11:28
Cimimzanetti, I realised I should double check I have them installed11:28
Cimimight be that apt uninstalled them11:28
mzanettiCimi: if it doesn't work, let me know11:28
* Cimi upgrades11:28
* mzanetti is reading the design spec for the tablet right edge11:41
mzanettias a user: \o/11:41
mzanettias a developer: /o\11:41
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Cimimzanetti, yeah I don't have highlight anymore after this qmlproject -> cmake12:40
mzanettiCimi: what doesn't highlight?12:40
mzanettiCimi: everything or just some stuff?12:40
Cimimzanetti, the components12:41
CimiLabel, UbuntuShape...12:41
Cimimzanetti, thus I don't have auto completion on properties too12:42
mzanettiCimi: hmm... works here12:42
Cimimzanetti, you have highlight of Label?12:43
* mzanetti tries12:43
mzanettiCimi: http://i.imgur.com/2P9YKgl.png12:44
Cimimzanetti, with cake??12:44
mzanettiCimi: yeah12:44
Cimimzanetti, how did you open the file?12:44
Cimiyou open cake, then it asks to build here12:45
mzanettiCimi: opened the cmakelists.txt as project12:45
Cimicake is my cmake12:45
CimiI have autocorrection12:45
mzanettithen ctrl + k -> She -> enter12:45
Cimifor the recotds12:45
mzanettidoesn look like ^ :P12:45
Cimimzanetti, build location of project doesn't affect?12:48
mzanettiCimi: no, it shouldn't... however, I always change that to unity8/builddir12:48
mzanetti(where unity8 is the folder of the current branch)12:48
mzanettiCimi: that way ./run and qtcreator share the same builddir12:49
* Cimi tried12:53
Cimifirst I'll build with our tool, then I import12:53
Cimilet's see12:53
mzanettiCimi: now I have the same issue13:01
mzanettiCimi: not sure what I did tho13:01
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mhr3_mzanetti, holy ..., what display are you using?13:06
mhr3_frickin huge screenshot13:06
mzanettimhr3_: 2880x190013:06
mzanettion 15"13:06
mhr3_15"? whaaaat?13:07
mzanettithey call it Retina screen13:07
mhr3_you can like... see something there?13:08
mzanettimhr3_: sure... using 200 dpi fonts13:08
mzanettiand "huge" icons everywhere13:08
mzanettisome issues here and there13:08
mzanettibut KDE does okayish13:09
mzanettinot so much unity713:09
mzanettiunit8 is perfect13:09
mhr3_i'd like to see you try to hit the search prev and next icons13:09
mzanettiyeah... unity7 doesn't really work on this screen13:10
mzanettifor unity8 I use GRID_UNIT_PX=1813:10
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Cimimzanetti, now every highlight is broken :|13:52
mzanettiCimi: yeah... same here. I don't know what made it work before...13:52
mzanettiCimi: just tried with some core apps13:53
mzanettiCimi: same issue there13:53
Cimilet's google13:53
Cimimzanetti, missing plugins.qmltypes?14:05
Cimimzanetti, from ubuntu components14:05
mzanettiCimi: no, I don't think so14:05
mzanettiCimi: plugins.qmltypes is only there to resolve compiled stuff14:05
mzanettiCimi: everything written in QML should appear without it14:06
mzanettiCimi: http://i.imgur.com/nc59df0.png14:06
mzanettiCimi: so the issue is that qtcreator knows only qmake and qmlproject to set this import path14:06
mzanettiCimi: which means, right now there is no chance to load our internal plugins located in the builddir14:07
Cimiso why we used cmake?14:07
mzanettiCimi: however, for stuff that is installed system wide (e.g. Ubuntu .Components) it should load it automatically14:07
Cimiif it doesn't fully work with our sdk?14:07
Cimiah I see14:07
mzanettiCimi: yeah... we definitely need to report a bug about this. If the company guideline is to use cmake, we need to fix the qtcreator cmake integration14:08
mzanettibut it did load Ubuntu.Components for me14:08
mzanettibut then I closed everything and reopened it and now its gone14:08
mzanettiI'll report a bug14:09
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mzanettiCimi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1271184 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/127118514:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271184 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[QtCreator] When using cmake, QtCreator fails to load Ubuntu.Components" [Undecided,New]14:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271185 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "[QtCreator] When using cmake, there is no way to set QML_IMPORT_PATH" [Undecided,New]14:20
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karniWhy is it that I have to kill mumble twice before it connects property the third time hah14:24
Cimikarni, but in ubuntu, works on osx14:32
karniheh ;)14:33
CimiI meant bug14:37
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mzanettiCimi: can you confirm the bugs?14:40
kgunndidrocks: moving here :)....but just wanted to ask14:48
kgunncan the autopilot test for attempting to join a wifi14:48
kgunnactually fail ? (meaning we won't know the passwords when the test may be run anywhere)14:49
kgunnand the point is really to prove the unity8-mir stack...correct ?14:49
didrockskgunn: not sure if you can have a mock, the goal is to ensure that I see a wifi access point, click on the shell indicator, and get a WPA/WEP passphrase prompt where I can ack it14:50
didrocks(which was what failing, due to the stacking issue)14:51
kgunnCimi: ^ as we were just discussing14:51
Cimididrocks, we can maybe create an access point14:51
Cimilocal one14:51
Cimibut it's rather not-easy14:51
kgunndidrocks: i apologize, i'm catching up...what specificaly was failing ? osk reveal ?14:51
didrockskgunn: no WPA snap decision prompt14:52
didrocksso basically, clean phone14:53
didrocksclick on an access point14:53
didrocksthen, nothing14:53
didrocksthere were also stacking issues which were mentionned on the ubuntu-phone ML14:53
kgunngot it...and this was only with nested mir ?14:53
* kgunn finds that a little hard to believe14:53
didrockskgunn: it was14:54
didrockskgunn: 3 people confirming14:54
didrockswe only reverted ubuntu-touch-session to disable it14:54
didrockskgunn: just read my emails on the phone ML, everything and what we tested/reverted is detailed there14:55
CimiWellark, hey dude, have you done any autopilot tests for network?15:16
mzanettiMacSlow: can this land? https://code.launchpad.net/~macslow/unity-notifications/extended-snap-decisions-part2/+merge/18885115:17
MacSlowmzanetti, as is hardly... it's been idling for months because that special use-case was no longer needed by use-cases from Design15:19
mzanettiso seems we don't have anything to land just now15:19
MacSlowmzanetti, much wasted time :/15:19
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tsdgeoswe have non square icons that don't make QIcon happy and thus we end up with blurry icons :-(16:18
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mhr3_tsdgeos, you sure it isn't a problem with the theme itself?16:19
mhr3_last time i checked it didn't specify scalable icons for everything16:20
tsdgeosmhr3_: the problem is we are installing a 144x135 png in a 144 folder16:20
tsdgeosand the spec is made only for square icons16:20
mhr3_can't we just add some margins?16:21
tsdgeosso the loader things that if it's inside a 144 folder it means it's 144x144 and then bad things happen when you ask for a 144x135 one16:21
tsdgeoswe could, but that would probably break something else :D16:21
tsdgeosthat would not be epecting the margins16:22
mhr3_tsdgeos, well, it does work for square icons on the desktop16:23
tsdgeosmhr3_: i guess if we add margins, then you'd get margins on the rendering too, no?16:24
tsdgeosthat's surely not what we want i guess16:24
mhr3_unless the shader just centers the current icons anyway16:26
* tsdgeos adds some more debug code and finds weirder stuff16:28
WellarkCimi: ?16:30
Wellarkhaven't got that far16:30
WellarkI'm finishing the project I'm currently working this week and then it's all-in for networking16:30
cwaynethostr_1, ping16:49
thostr_1cwayne: pong16:50
cwaynethostr_1, hi, i was wondering if you guys had any status on the scopes-registry being able to query remote scopes?16:50
tsdgeosboo, i think i found a bug in Qt (another one) :D16:52
thostr_1cwayne:marcus is still working to get remote scopes fully working16:53
tsdgeoscan anyone see why this would happen?16:53
thostr_1cwayne: he estimated to have it done by end of this week16:53
tsdgeosmzanetti: ↑↑16:53
cwaynethostr_1, done as in having a MR to trunk, or done as in having it in a package in the ppa?16:53
thostr_1cwayne: first one, second is often out of our hands unfortunately16:54
thostr_1cwayne: we're trying but I cannot promise this16:54
cwaynethostr_1, who controls the ppa releasing bits?16:55
mzanettitsdgeos: seems to preserve the aspect ratio16:55
tsdgeosmzanetti: sure, but look at the last one16:55
tsdgeoswhy do i get QPixmap(QSize(105, 99) ) instead of QPixmap(QSize(144, 135) ) as i did get?16:56
mzanettihmm... interesting16:56
mzanettiseems to actually scale down the QImage16:56
tsdgeosi'd say the cachine code is confused16:57
tsdgeosand returning me the last pixmap for no real reason16:57
tsdgeosoh lol17:06
tsdgeoshuge bug in the qiconloader code17:06
tsdgeosi'll fix it tomorrow17:06
tsdgeoswonder how noone found this yet :-S17:06
tsdgeosit does indeed scale the pixmap down17:07
* tsdgeos waves17:11
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myNameIsWhoHello there I was wondering if I could get some help on debugging Unity.  I have ran unity --debug and it shows that "unity-panel-service: no process found"   the shell does not show up at all neither does the launcher,dash nor panel.  Thanks for your time.19:24
myNameIsWhoI am taking it that it is a glib service that is not found.  I am going to look into that.  I also see where some non-useful gdb and compiz messages.19:26
myNameIsWhoOk nevermind I was able to get unity going again after removing ~/.config/compiz-1 and dconf reset -f /org/compiz/19:34
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