rick_h_cmaloney: 12345600:09
gamerchick02howdy rick_h_. is that the password to your bank?00:12
cmaloneyluggage3 no doubt00:48
cmaloneyhigh-school me would have been all over this shirt00:49
cmaloneycollege me would have been all over this shirt00:50
cmaloneyadult me is having a hard time not hitting "why aren't you on my porch yet"00:50
cmaloneyrick_h_: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/internet-users-ditch-password-as-password-upgrade-to-123456/01:30
rick_h_cmaloney: that's why I typed '123456'01:31
rick_h_had seen that earlier today01:31
cmaloneyFigured as much01:31
cmaloneyyeah, not keeping up on the feeds. :)01:31
rick_h_greg-g: wood pron https://plus.google.com/u/0/116120911388966791792/posts/DHeN7sh67xP01:40
cmaloneyhu huh... wood01:47
rick_h_Current Conditions: 0.4°F12:42
rick_h_oh just say 012:42
cmaloneyrick_h_: yeah it is too cold to quibble13:07
brouschDamn these polar vortices!13:10
rick_h_pretty much13:53
rick_h_you know how much $$ I have to spend heating that darn garage13:53
rick_h_0 to 50 is a lot more then 35 to 5013:53
* rick_h_ is afraid of electic bill 13:53
brouschyikes. electric heat?13:54
rick_h_yea, couple oil radiator heaters13:54
rick_h_only thing safe out there and does an ok job once it gets going usually13:54
brouschDon't you have a barrel of oily rags you could burn?13:54
jrwrenoily rags are expensive and don't burn clean. are you trying to kill rick_h_ from noxious gasses?14:18
rick_h_he wants me dead too114:18
rick_h_my son tried to kill Erica (my wife) with a tilted head on the lips french kiss looking thing.14:18
rick_h_not kill/kiss14:18
rick_h_because he saw it on the Lorax movie14:19
rick_h_now I know he's trying to knock me off and steal my wife14:19
jrwrenclassic edipal complx14:19
brouschYes, well my son said he wants me to be his husband instead of his Momma's husband14:19
jrwrenya'll need to teach your kids about marriage :p14:20
brouschWell 2 males can marry now, so it's just the incest thing. And does that really matter if there's no procreation involved?14:21
waf"it's really just for tax reasons, honest!"14:21
brouschI hadn't thought about it until I had to come up with a logical answer14:22
rick_h_"all about the taxes"14:22
jrwrenbrousch: if those are the values you wish to instil in your child, then you are doing well.14:23
brouschWe had a good talk about MLK too. Most of his friends are minorities, so he had a hard time believing segregation14:25
jrwrenyeah, the next gen of kids are either really not going to get segregation, or they totally are.14:26
cmaloneyjrwren: one can hope14:59
rick_h_oh boy, I found my first talk to heckle! https://us.pycon.org/2014/schedule/presentation/171/17:15
cmaloneyrick_h_: now now, be nice.17:44
rick_h_cmaloney: but but but...why?17:47
cmaloneyWell, rick_h_ I think we need to have "the talk"17:49
cmaloneysee, sometimes people on the Internet?17:50
cmaloneyThey're wrong17:50
rick_h_this isn't the internet!17:50
cmaloneyI know.. I know... it's OK. Breathe.17:50
rick_h_it's real life :)17:50
cmaloneyWell, then it's time for the other talk17:50
cmaloneysee, sometimes people on the real life?17:50
cmaloneyThey're wrong17:50
cmaloneyI know.. I know... it's OK. Breathe.17:50
cmaloneyAnd sometimes they're so wrong that it hurts a little.17:51
cmaloneybut that's OK.17:51
cmaloneywe still love all the wrong people out there17:52
cmaloneyand when they die God will send them where?17:52
cmaloneyTo hell. That's right. :)17:52
cmaloneyI'm glad we had this chat.17:53
* rick_h_ does a happy dance http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/juju-gui/trunk/files17:59
cmaloneyrick_h_: Awesome!18:01
cmaloneySo it's completely out of Launchpad?18:01
rick_h_nope, bugs/releases still in18:01
cmaloneyBut all of the dev is in github18:01
rick_h_which sucks because you can't "Fixes bug ###"18:01
rick_h_yea, all source it github18:02
cmaloneythat's a hell of an achievement.18:02
rick_h_all devs using it there18:02
cmaloneyrick_h_: feature request. ;)18:02
rick_h_trevlar: the "pycon of woodworking" http://www.popularwoodworking.com/article/woodworking-america-2014-save-dates19:28
rick_h_road trip!19:29
trevlarooooh.. woodcon19:37
rick_h_get to try all the new fancy tools19:37
brouschHow much wood would a wood-con con if a wood-con could con wood?19:47
rick_h_ooooh, the front page of bookie is 2 says20:28
rick_h_usually 4 lately. Almost reaching more bookmarks per day than we show on the front page by default20:28
trevlarand none of them are by admin!20:29
brouschcmaloney: New background for you http://i.imgur.com/o04Kekz.jpg21:58
cmaloneyI have that one. :) It's awesome. ;)22:14
cmaloneyEvery time I look at that kit I see something new.22:15
greg-ga four piece kit is big enough for anyone22:17
greg-g(not counting symbols, I guess, but you only need 3 of those) ;)22:17
greg-gsymbols? heh22:17
cmaloneygreg-g: Some drummers can't even manage a 4 piece22:18
cmaloneyand some drummers do amazing things with large kits22:18
cmaloneydepends on the drummer.22:18
cmaloneyTerry Bozzio's kit I think is borderline overkill22:18
cmaloneybut he uses it all22:18
cmaloneyEddie Van Halen could likely get by with a 5 piece.22:19
greg-gsame with like Bobby Rock22:19
cmaloneyand I'm being generous.22:19
cmaloneyOr Rikki Rokkkkkkit.22:19

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