belkinsaThis weather is killing me.18:01
belkinsajrgifford, ping.19:58
jrgiffordbelkinsa: pong23:29
belkinsahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6794432/ Sums it up23:30
jenni[ Ubuntu Pastebin ] - https://j.mp/19LZUEb23:30
jrgiffordwanna do a webrtc later tonight/tomorrow afternoon to discuss?23:31
jrgifford(i don't know what your schedule looks like)23:31
belkinsaSure, if you want.  I can do tomorrow night after 6 PM EST.23:36
jrgiffordhm, that might get a little difficult.23:37
jrgiffordcan you send me an email and cc Bob then?23:37
jrgiffordand then i can start asking questions about what this might look like and how it might work...?23:38
belkinsaSure.  And if we can't do it via WebRTC, we can also use e-mail.23:41
belkinsaOr IRC, but in another channel.23:42
belkinsaI pinged him to see if he is still around.23:42
belkinsa;invite jrgifford ##ca-ohio23:58
belkinsacan you join ##ca-ohio23:58
belkinsaI know23:58

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