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wrstjshanks24: hey!19:42
wrsthow are you doing?19:42
jshanks24I am doing good19:43
wrstbtw loks like you are doing seem neet things as far as linux evangelism is concerned19:43
jshanks24thanks. I am actually trying to provide help to new linux users but I thought I would try getting converts too on the side19:45
wrstnew user support especially for the more non-windows power user types is pretty bad it seems19:49
wrstand especially for ubuntu since there isn't really a great choice for straight up documentation19:52
wrstand of course that's the distro you send new users to19:52
jshanks24The documentation is better on Ubuntu than others I have found but the problem is it isnt organized in an effective way.19:53
wrstI mainly use arch and its documentation is very good for the most part, but it gives just a cli way of doing things and that drastically simplifies documentation19:55
jshanks24I do a lot of switching but recently I have been using Ubuntu simply bc of the fact that I need to know it inside and out in order to write tutorials on it19:56
wrstyeah and ubuntu is a good distro its what I install for people but I prefer gnome and well ubuntu is not a good gnome distro now19:57
jshanks24I used Fedora for a long time bc I knew it fairily well but the updates can break it so fast it isnt even funny.19:57
wrstyeah I have tried it, its just not my thing19:58
wrstI really like a rolling distro19:58
jshanks24wasnt mine either but it was what I had to use in school19:58
wrstactually was using an install of it for a whle recently then all the sudden no booting19:59
wrstupdate breakage have no clue why and wasn't really worth the effort of finding out19:59
jshanks24it is red hat's beta or even alpha just to see what works before they put it into red hat as stable20:00
jshanks24ever tried gnobuntu?20:00
wrstyes but its always a version behind and with them modding so many gtk pacakges not to mention no systemd it gets more and more a struggle20:01
wrstI would probably go debian if i wasn't using arch20:02
wrstand run unstable20:02
jshanks24oh. didnt realize it was behind. I had only booted it a few times to see what it was like but never actually used it20:03
wrstyeah i think the may still be on 3.820:06
wrstwith arch I get the new gnome release usually within a week of release20:06
jshanks24I have never used arch20:06
wrstI really like it, but its not for the faint of heart20:12
wrstthe install is a bit of a pain after you do ita  time or two it isn't bad20:12
wrstbut sinc eit has no installer...20:12
jshanks24_I might have to try it out20:12
wrstits fun, but for my personal desktop I love it20:13
wrstfresh packages etc but for my mom no way20:13
jshanks24_what does she use?20:13
wrsthave her on ubuntu 12.0420:17
wrstnice stable and pretty well hands off20:17
jshanks24_going to upgrade her to 14.04?20:17
wrstyes more than likely if they don't do anything too crazy with unity20:18
jshanks24_How ling have you been a member of this team?20:19
wrstI think 2008-2009 something like that20:20
jshanks24_oh wow20:20
wrstnever has been official20:20
wrstand official loco20:20
wrsttried a time or too but just never worked especially in such a geographically diverse state20:21
jshanks24_I dont know a lot about the teams. I actually just learned about them in a meeting a week ago today.20:22
wrstyep 2008 for me20:23
wrstwe at one time had IRC meetings and such but they turned to be pretty fruitless20:23
wrstof course if there was a renewed effort that would be great too20:23
jshanks24_Yeah that is something I would like to see.20:23
wrstwe can likely try to get somethign going again20:24
wrstmight get a little assistance from Unit193 he's not from TN but he's in the know about ubuntu and stuff :)20:24
jshanks24_is meeting on IRC the typical way of doing things?20:25
wrsthas been we have people here from memphis to the tri cities20:25
wrsthave had some in person meetings but most of the time its just geographically feasible :)20:26
wrstthank you Unit193 :)20:26
jshanks24_are you guys into google+?20:27
Unit193I'm on it, though wrst will tell you I never post. :D20:27
wrstUnit193: is an internet hermit20:27
wrstbut I like it for the photo/video backups on my phone :)20:28
Unit193I'm on IRC....20:28
jshanks24_What I was thinking was using the hangouts system for meetings.20:28
wrstahh yes video/voice, that means I might have to look at Unit19320:29
Unit193Poor eyes.20:29
jshanks24_you can close them20:29
wrsteyes or the hangouts? :)20:29
wrstha ha20:30
jshanks24_its just an idea. Im the new guy here. I just see it being easier for ppl to attend.20:30
Unit193wrst: Xubuntu did them once.  Afterwards you get the "Well, are these public and if so how long?" :P20:32
wrstjshanks24_: we need new guys :)20:32
wrstcould always do skype... :)20:32
jshanks24_They are not public unless you do the hangouts on air20:33
wrstan opensource true alternative to skype or hangouts would be mighty nice20:33
jshanks24_that is tru20:33
wrstUnit193: how would you suggest we go forward getting things revamped?20:34
wrstis being an official loco worth the effort?20:34
jshanks24_when was the website last updated?20:39
wrstoh mercy been a long time :)20:41
wrstI'm guessign 2012 since new content?20:41
jshanks24_who is updating it?20:42
wrstat one time I had the ability to20:42
wrstactually netritious is in the know on all of that20:43
Unit193wrst: It's easier now to be official than it used to, LoCos are on the down.20:49
wrstUnit193: this is were I want to say that ubuntu is likely rooting the community out anyway so it doesn't matter20:51
wrstbut I wont20:51
Unit193Mhmm, suuuure.  Already saw you try to convert him to arch, silly boy.20:52
jshanks24_lol. I cant abandon the Ubuntu things I have going on.20:53
Unit193jshanks24_: But I'd have to recommend Xubuntu (or Lubuntu) too. :----D20:53
jshanks24_I tend to like Lubuntu better20:53
jshanks24_Is anyone her a fan of unity?20:54
Unit193Cool, that works.  Tried out 14.04 Lubuntu?  I finally did couple days ago and found it a bit rocky, though fixed several things. :P20:55
Unit193Could be, not me though.20:55
Unit193(I don't like gnome at all, but meh.)20:55
jshanks24_me niether20:55
jshanks24_I do like gnome though20:55
Unit193Now, I haven't used it a lot, so there is that, but Xfce is just so fitting for me.20:55
jshanks24_No I havent tried out 14.04 anything. lol20:56
Unit193Mmm, that's alright.  I suppose it's more normal for me, I'm somewhat involved in development. :P20:56
Unit193(Not a dev though.)20:57
jshanks24_I have been known to switch around a lot on different distros other than ubuntu based so I havent took the time to fully learn Ubuntu like i could have. Now that I am working on my site more, I am trying to stick with Ubuntu stock even if i do hate the unity20:59
Unit193Stock?  People actually stick with sanity?21:03
* Unit193 hides the output of debsums.21:03
jshanks24_I need the tutorials to look like what a new user would see on their sceen.21:04
* wrst checks out for a while21:15
Unit193wrst: Don't do it!21:16
wrstwell not that type of checking out21:17
wrstwb jshanks24 and chris458523:46
chris4585thanks wrst23:49
wrsthows it going?23:53
Unit193|>  "Tennessee Stud" by "Johnny Cash" on "American Recordings"   :P23:55
wrstahh yes thats a good one and i think live Unit193 ?23:57
Unit193Sounds like it.  Figured it'd fit in here. :P23:57
Unit193Not my favorite, but not bad.23:57
wrstbeen a while since i have listened to that album23:57
wrstgreat album overall tom petty and the heartbreakers make a good backup band23:58
Unit193|>  "A Country Boy Can Survive" by "Hank Williams Jr."   Now this one, something tells me you'd like this channel.23:58

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