Kiloshi mazal and others05:10
mazalMôre oom05:32
inetprogoeie more05:40
Symmetrialol I love my drive to work in the mornings, on ocasion when the traffic is looking like crap, I tell my driver to avoid the traffic and drive through the national park 05:41
Symmetriawe just drove past 3 giraffes ;p05:41
bdukGoeie more al die ubuntu maatjies05:41
bdukSymmetria: Where do you work? Sound great05:42
Symmetriabduk heh I moved to Kenya 05:42
bdukA day must be good if it is starting like that05:44
=== spin123456 is now known as spinza
Symmetrialol most days can start like that if I choose to get the driver to take that route, just that lol, today is gonan be a long rough day so needed something vaguely interesting before I hit the office05:46
Symmetriaunfortunately we're now outta the game park and back on the highway and there must be an accident or something, traffic is jammed solid05:46
* Symmetria thanks the gods for 3G and a notebook05:46
Kiloshi inetpro 05:47
KilosSymmetria, 05:47
Kilosmore bduk 05:47
bdukMore Kilos 05:50
bdukI thought it was only here in SA that we have traffic jams05:50
Symmetriabduk SA hasnt ever seen traffic jams like they get in KE 05:52
SymmetriaSA doesnt *HAVE* traffic by comparison05:52
Symmetriato give you an idea, it takes 15 minutes from work to my house in no traffic05:52
Symmetriaon a bad day in heavy traffic, if you hit it at the wrong time, that can take 4 hours05:52
Symmetriaand kenyan driving rules are... interesting05:53
Symmetriathey basically go something like this05:53
Symmetriaa.) go, and try and not hit anything05:53
Symmetriab.) he who has the biggest car has the right of way05:53
Symmetriac.) traffic lights are decorative, ignore them05:53
Symmetriad.) pavements are there to drive on, irrespective of if people are walking on them or not05:53
Symmetriae.) if your side of the road is 2 busy, drive on the other side of the road, and hoot at any on coming traffic who dares drive on what is now your side of the road05:54
Symmetriahaha and while that sounds funny, its a pretty accurate description05:55
Kilosat least they got good internet05:55
bdukHa ha. Sound much like ours. I like rule 2. We have one more here if you see a solid white line pass.05:55
Kilosmorning ThatGraemeGuy 06:21
ThatGraemeGuymorning :-)06:22
Kiloshi somaunn 06:25
somaunnhi Kilos06:40
somaunnhow are you this morning ?06:40
Kilosgood ty and you?06:41
somaunnso what's on the desk this morning ?06:42
Kilosstill playing on the 2tb06:44
Kiloslast resort is to zero it so its like a new drive the try direct ubuntu install06:44
Kilosused drbl xfce and it found some stuff about 06:45
Kilossuperblock probs06:45
Kilosforget if it couldnt read or write them06:46
Kilosalso failed to write its own swap in06:47
Kilosall told i must have spent 3 weeks on it. even flashed drive firmware and replaced with new firmware06:50
Kiloshehe. its kept me busy in boring times06:51
Kilosthats why i have 2 pcs going. one for here and one to play on06:51
somaunncoming back07:04
somaunnhave some stuffs to do07:04
Kiloshi Vince-0 07:24
Kilosyou ok Vince-0 ?07:31
Kilosstrange to see a striaght hi from you not a ! or something07:32
Kilosoh my inetpro i see now the option to install the bootloader somewhere else07:35
Kilosit offered to use my modem for it. so unplugged the modem a plugged in a small stick07:36
Kiloshopefully it sees it07:36
somaunnKilos: so now you can fix your hdd issue07:36
Kilosi hope so07:36
Kiloshope 125m is big enough07:36
Vince-0I'm OK!07:40
Vince-0work work07:40
somaunnKilos: yeah i think 125 is correct07:50
somaunnor you make it 200m07:50
Kilosi only have this small one and then ig and 4g and 16g07:52
Kilosif it fits on 125m that will be great07:52
somaunni've seen some scheme of partitioning where peoples only allocae 65m to the boot partition07:53
somaunni don't really know about that but i personally go / only 07:53
somaunnits works well for me so i don't have to worry07:54
somaunnone of these days i will try mecanical partitioning07:54
somaunnbut on Vmachine not on production unit07:54
Kiloseish it wants to install it to my 4g that has the os on07:54
somaunnserverfault.com says 100m or 200m is the norm07:56
somaunnKilos: when i looked at superuser.com there is a topics on that and the advise is 60m /more if it's fedora or ig you plan to experiment or have several kernel installed08:06
Kiloscool ty08:06
somaunnso you are on ubuntu means you have a choice but 125m is a good start08:07
Kilosjust gotta make the installer find my 125m. its clean so dunno if it needs something on it to make ubuntu see it as place for the boot loader08:07
Kilostrying to partition root and boot at end of drive08:08
Kilosmaybe that works08:08
somaunnKilos: Redhat recommand 250mb for /boot partition08:10
Kiloslemme first try putting root and boot at end of drive and /scrap in beginning08:11
Kiloswhew now it tells me it wants a 35m partition marked as EFI boot partition08:13
somaunnis this possible08:17
Kilosbut interesting08:18
somaunni realized just minutes ago that website talking about linux (ubuntu.com, redhat.com, etc...) loads faster than website talking about windows (bing.com, microsoft.com etc...)08:18
Kilosi have put a boot partition on /sda208:18
Kilosits trying to install, so lets see where it crashes08:19
somaunnKilos: it wont crash 08:19
somaunnbe positive08:19
Kilosdidnt know you can put root and boot away from the beginning of the drive08:21
Kilosi/o error during write on /devsda08:24
somaunnKilos: now you know08:25
Kilosmaybe i must convert it to uefi drive08:25
Kilosi dunno where that efi stuff came from08:25
Kilosmight be corrution08:25
charlgood morning08:26
charlMaaz: coffee on08:26
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:26
Kiloshi charl 08:26
charlhi Kilos 08:26
charlhi somaunn 08:26
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:26
MaazKilos: Yessir08:26
KilosMaaz, large08:26
MaazIn a beer mug just for you Kilos08:26
charlhow's it going Kilos 08:26
Kilosgood ty and you08:27
somaunnhi charl08:27
charlKilos: i'm good thanks08:27
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:30
KilosMaaz, ty08:30
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:30
charlMaaz: thanks08:31
Maazcharl: No problem08:31
charlok i got a busy day today, probably won't be online much08:32
charlneed to finish an application off for tomorrow's demonstration08:32
Kiloswill first try the drive zero option then maybe convert08:34
Kiloslooks like lotsa work the gpt thing08:35
Kiloswhen a drive is zeroed the bios should do the new mbr thing08:36
somaunncan it be possible to have website talking about linux to load even faster than website talking about microsoft ?08:48
somaunnno one there09:02
somaunnon the channel09:05
Kilosyeah they just very busy at work09:09
Kilossometimes you can wait hours09:09
Kilosif you want to check if you are stil;l connected type in maaz hi09:11
Kilosif the bot answers then everyone else is busy or afk09:11
somaunnmaaz hi09:12
MaazHello somaunn09:12
Kilossomaunn, you dont use tab complete for nicks?09:14
Kilossorts the nick and caps for you09:14
Kilostype in first three letters and hit tab09:14
somaunnhi do why09:17
somaunni found it usefull method of name completion09:20
Kilosoh i just saw maaz without the capital M09:25
Kiloshi psyatw 09:32
psyatwhi Kilos09:37
Kiloshi liamT 09:39
liamThi hi10:40
liamT@somaunn - things that weren't in the EPEL repos ?10:43
somaunnliamT: not getting you 10:43
somaunnliamT: hi you there ?10:49
liamTsi here sorry10:53
liamTfrom your statement last night, that centos didn't have alot of things. Do you remember which things these were ?10:53
somaunnliamT: okay i see10:57
somaunninfact i tried CentOS but did find it so impressive like all it's said everywhere10:58
somaunnhad hard time with my drivers (just to say that) and other stuffs too10:58
somaunnthen i installed Rhel 6.1 beta and was impressed to see everything working like a charm10:59
liamTyou using it as a server ?10:59
somaunnliamT: not was making a try to see if i could use it as both my srv_os (on a desktop pc) and desktop_os (my laptop)11:04
somaunni don't accuse or say bad things about CentOS these peoples did a great job but still compared to my Fed 20 i had to do many things hand after installing the OS11:05
liamTi see, i would think using it as a client would be difficult11:05
liamToften the EPEL repos have the extras11:05
liamTi'm quite keen to try Gentoo11:07
liamTor even Arch11:07
somaunnyeah, liamT11:07
somaunnwill see if i give a try to Gentoo some day11:08
somaunnbut still i'm currently studying to pass my RHCSA and maybe RHCE exam11:08
liamTwell then RH it is11:08
somaunnso i think it's not gonna be correct if keep on moving along the distro11:09
somaunni will stick at rhel, pay what need to be paid for and work with11:09
mazalBye everyone , enjoy your evening12:47
somaunnHello i'm back13:50
Kiloshi somaunn 14:45
somaunnYeha Kilos14:52
Kilosinetpro, storming here now14:54
Kiloscome form ne where you stay14:54
somaunninetpro: came back from congo ?14:56
Kiloshe lives here14:56
Kilosdont think he been to the congo14:56
somaunnah ok sorry i read your words upside down14:56
Kilosyou in the congo14:57
Kilosdunno who else14:57
Kiloshi nlsthzn 15:23
nlsthznhi uncle Kilos15:24
charlooh this is very good15:24
charl"What Do You Want From Copyright? Tell the EU now and Change the Future of Global Innovation Policy"15:24
charlhi Kilos, nlsthzn 15:24
Kiloshi charl 15:24
nlsthznhi charl15:25
charli'm looking at the questions on http://copywrongs.eu/ but fortunately i only have one real problem: "YouTube videos are not available/playable in my country"15:26
Kilosgrrrr stupid modem15:49
GolynxHi Kilos. Can you please tell me if this is okay. I checked almost all the checkboxes in update manager , plus the security. Did a check and it gave me this at Update manager . 162 updates have been selected. 184,3 MB will be downloaded.16:04
Kiloshi Golynx 16:05
Kilosthats most likely it Golynx 16:05
Kilosbut wait16:05
Kilosdont tick them all16:06
Kiloslets work through them16:06
GolynxOkay so its not all of them16:06
Kilosopen update manager16:06
GolynxIts open16:07
Kilosin updates 1st 2nd and 4th must be ticked16:07
Kilosyou dont need prerelease info16:08
Kilosin ubuntu software you dont need source code16:08
GolynxThat 3rd one is ticked16:08
Kilosin updates untick it16:08
Kilosin other software16:09
Kiloswhat is ticked there by you16:10
GolynxThe first 4 16:10
Kilosonly the third and 5th need ticking16:11
Kilosi have opera in there as well but unticked it too16:11
GolynxThe fourth is "Independant" and fifth is "remastersys"16:12
Kilosok wait16:14
Kilosmine is different16:14
Kilostick only canonical partners and independant16:15
Kilosthen when you close tick reload16:15
GolynxOk , the (Source code) ones i left unticked16:15
Kilosthats same as sudo apt-get update16:15
Kilossource code is for programmers to use and modify16:16
GolynxWait in Ubuntu software , must the first 4 be tivcked16:17
Kilosyes you only untick source code16:18
GolynxOk cool, will tick Close then16:18
Kilosthe third one you will see is for drivers16:18
Kilosclose 16:18
Kilosthen sudo apt-get update16:19
Kilosor 16:19
Kilosif you hit reload there it will show how much it needs to upgrade16:19
Kiloshi Vince-0 16:19
GolynxShould i close update manager too16:19
GolynxI see no reload though16:20
Kilosdid you reload on that button?16:20
Kilosclose the first window16:20
Kilosreload should show now16:20
GolynxI closed the settings it is in the update manager start screen16:21
Kilosthen reload there16:21
Golynxor is reload the check button ?16:21
Kiloscheck ya16:21
Kilosi got reload inna popup16:21
GolynxIts updating cache16:22
Kilosyes the cache is what it sees you can get for upgrading16:22
Kilosits like a file with packages names16:23
Kilosthe real packages are still online16:23
Vince-0Kilos: 16:24
Vince-0oh nothin16:24
GolynxRight , Update manager gives this, 134 updates have been selected. 154,4 MB will be downloaded.16:27
Golynxless than the old check16:28
Kilosthats only if you tick the ok buttonon the right bottom. apply or something16:28
Kilosyes you didnt need the other stuff16:28
Kilosoh its the install updates button16:29
Kilosnext to check16:29
Kilosi had to open it again and look16:29
GolynxSo thats all ubuntu needs at this time until there are more upgrades ?16:30
Kilosand they are getting fewer16:30
GolynxYes, but i just wanted to make sure its not as big as i though , like more than 500MB or a gig16:30
GolynxSo thats nice to know16:31
Kilosif you upgrade to the next release then it will be big like that16:31
GolynxOk ty Kilos16:31
Kilosbut the next release has run outa support time16:31
GolynxOk, take care 16:32
Kiloslts is supported for 3 years16:32
Kilosyou too16:32
KilosVince-0, told you hed be back16:32
Vince-0more complaining?16:33
Kilosnow it might be easier to sort probs because his pc will at least be up to date16:33
Kilosasked nicely for help16:33
Vince-0ha, and so the knowledge of the father is imparted unto the son16:34
Kiloshe had even killed the last kernel that was on the dvd and chose an earlier one16:34
Kiloslets hope now that there arent probs with ubuntu and that kinda lappy16:35
Kilosi get sad when peeps battle with buntu16:36
Vince-0point 'em to Fedora16:37
Vince-0ha! no jokes16:37
Kilosi dont have a fedora dvd for him16:37
Kilosor the postage16:37
Vince-0I've had nothing but working device drivers on my Dell XPS - synaptic, graphics, hdmi out16:37
Kilosubuntu must work man16:37
Vince-0looks like we need to start a project for shipping disks 'cos Canonical is too broke to do it any more16:38
Kilosand i can help peeps with unity when i can see it in front of me16:38
somaunnKilos: nice story16:48
somaunnVince-0: good idea16:48
Kilossomaunn, ?16:48
somaunni also struggled getting my original Ubuntu some years ago when i was in S.A for study16:49
somaunncame after several weeks and i realized they where shipped from UK, ohhhhhh my word16:49
Kiloswhen i started the guys helped me here so if i can help some noob i feel i must if i can16:50
somaunnthen moved to a company who ship DVD and CD internally in S.A (just need to pay few fees that include burning)16:50
somaunnKilos: they may help fixing your issue with peeps lOl16:53
Kilossometimes its hard to communicate with youngsters. they see things differently16:54
Kilosoh somaunn i can now use the 2Tb as storage16:55
Kilos1.6TB that is16:55
Kilosyesterday this drive didnt even see it16:56
Kilosmight still install ubuntu on it and use this drive for it to boot from16:56
Kilosand it has xp on first 70g16:57
somaunnKilos: happy to earh that17:03
somaunnbut i would suggest you keep it for storage but keep an eye open regarding your backup17:03
somaunnyeah i know it's not easy to talk to youngsters17:03
somaunnbut you are more skilled then any of them17:04
somaunnthis website may help http://orderweb.co.za/linuxshop/17:04
Kilosoh ty thats good to know17:25
Kilosyeah ill maybe run bad blocks on it and then just store stuff there17:26
Kilosi keep my backups on a storage partition on each working drive17:27
somaunni also have a 2TB hdd on my HP workstation which makes noises etc... i never put my OS in there but somewhere else17:27
somaunnKilos: i suggest you buy a NAS and put things there in a network place17:28
somaunnthey are cheep and reliable17:28
Kilosna i havent got much important stuff. so save whats important on my external. one can even do without backups if necessary17:30
somaunnthese guys are doing great but cheep solutions http://www.synology.com/en-uk/17:30
Kilosi dont have lotsa work stuff and all the stuff you guys have17:30
somaunnKilos: yeah18:03
somaunnwhich type of virus sucks the max of bandwidth18:03
Kilosi dont get virii18:04
Kiloswhat prob you got?18:04
magespawngood evening all18:22
Kiloshi magespawn 18:23
magespawnhow is it going Kilos ?18:24
charlhi magespawn 18:24
charllong time no speak to18:24
magespawnhey charl18:24
charlyou still playing with wireless stuff?18:24
Kilosgood ty and you magespawn ?18:25
magespawnyup most definitely charl18:26
magespawnall good Kilos, i got the job at the head office18:26
charloh you moving up the corporate ladder already? :P18:26
Kiloswonderful magespawn when you leaving18:26
magespawnlooks like it, they did just have the previous guy leave18:27
Kilosmake sure they pay accordingly18:27
charlyeah congrats18:27
Kilosyou gonna work even harder now18:27
magespawni will be spliting my time between Bonamanzi and the head office for now18:27
Kilosim happy for you lad18:27
magespawnthere are other properties that will also need my attention.18:28
magespawnthanks Kilos18:28
magespawnI will probable be online more during the first half of the week18:29
charlit's about time :P18:29
charlhave you gotten your home connectivity sorted?18:29
magespawni start this coming monday with the new time table18:29
magespawnnot yet charl, the moving of the telkom line is giving me hassels18:30
charlat work we also got some new toys, we are moving onto a voip based telephone system18:31
magespawncool beans, which one?18:31
charlit's not open source though, it's microsoft lync which is based on sip/simple but yeah, it's microsoft18:31
charlit does have the benefit of integrating with microsoft exchange, which means your presence is automatically updated according to your outlook calendar18:32
charland it integrates with skype, people can phone me on my office phone for free now :)18:32
charli actually use bitlbee with libpurple and the open source sipe library18:32
magespawnseems like all that could be done by something like asterisk18:33
charlso i have a network telephone for voip and i have bitlbee for instant messaging18:33
charlprobably not the integration with exchange or skype but it most definitely could have been asterisk (for the greater part)18:33
charland instant messaging you could have done with xmpp instead18:33
charlbut then you have three loose systems, and now they are one integrated system18:33
magespawnasterisk will do skype and iCal integration18:34
charloh that's nice, i didn't know that18:34
charldoes it support simple for IM too?18:34
magespawni am not even close to being an expert just been reading a lot, the lodge and head office both run asterisk18:35
charlvery interesting18:37
charlyeah asteisk has also been moving forward, i have not been following it that closely the last number of years18:37
Kilosaw ive lost sound in xchat18:41
magespawnmute buttons will do that18:41
Kilosis there a mute button in xchat18:42
Kilosno man18:42
Kilosgonna restart xchat18:43
KilosMaaz, hi18:43
MaazHowzit Kilos18:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:35
magespawnhey all 19:39
magespawni see Kilos has gone to bed already19:39
magespawnMaaz tell Kilos that was meant as a joke19:40
Maazmagespawn: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode19:40
magespawngood night all20:25

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