cuqahey friends00:03
cuqaon my multi monitor setup video full screens are always displayed at the main screen regardless at which display the fullscreen was demanded00:03
cuqadoes anyone of you know where to get a fix for that?00:03
kiw0bye everyone00:05
soulasassincan anyone help me with a usb issue? ive just moved from windows to ubuntu 13.10 and it wont detect any usb thumbdrives at all. ive tried running fdisk -l and they arent being detected00:06
cuqasoulasassin: whats a thumbdrive?00:07
soulasassina usb memory stick00:07
cuqaif thats not even detected by fdisk -l then this is very bad00:08
cuqasounds like its broken00:08
bekkssoulasassin: Can you please plug it out, wait 10s, plug it back in, wait 10s again, and then pastebin "dmesg" please?00:08
cuqaor do you mean no partitions are found?00:08
bekks!pastebin | soulasassin00:08
ubottusoulasassin: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:08
cuqahowdy ho00:11
soulasassin_done that00:11
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sander_antHowdy is there a way to force the replacement of a underlying package (say python) with a different version without removing everything on top of it?00:12
soulasassin_if i keep dropping off here its because im also having major issues with wireless reception since moving to ubuntu as well00:12
cuqasander_ant: apt-get install --reinstall maybe?00:12
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MoPacHello; I need to get some information about apport if possible. When the apport crash reporting program shows me a kernel oops, is there a text file that I can find that has the same information in it? Alternately, is there some way of copy-pasting the text out of the apport window, which doesn't seem to be enabled by default?00:13
sander_antI upgraded to precise, but had python 2.7 installed. I think it's holding a bunch of stuff back.00:13
KI7MTsander__, removing python is not advisable .. if you need a newer python, you can install and point your script to it in the shebang /usr/bin/python3 for example.00:13
BoreeasI'm trying to install Gradle from apt, but I get this error:  gradle : Depends: libgradle-plugins-java (= 1.4-2ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed00:14
BoreeasAnyone know what that means?00:14
hitsujiTMO!info libgradle-plugins-java00:14
ubottulibgradle-plugins-java (source: gradle): Groovy based build system - All plugins. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4-2ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 2916 kB, installed size 3314 kB00:14
sander_antKI7MT: I have a problem where I can't get a fair amount of underlying python stuff to install. eg libpython2.7 : Depends: python2.7 (= 2.7.3-0ubuntu3.4) but 2.7.4-2+lucid1 is to be installed00:15
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hitsujiTMOBoreeas: are you using any ppas?00:15
KI7MTsander_ant, How did you upgrade to Precise?00:15
sander_antI kept an image of the vm so I may just go back uninstall python 2.7 and upgrade again.00:15
KI7MTsander__, was this upgrade from 10.04? to 12.04?00:16
BoreeashitsujiTMO: yeah00:17
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sander_antThe system appears to work but some packages like vim won't install00:17
BoreeashitsujiTMO: http://pastie.org/8652225 these ones00:18
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: Most likely you have some sort of conflict between packages common to both the ppa and the main repo00:18
BoreeashitsujiTMO: Can I force a certain repo to be used?00:19
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KI7MTsander_ant, you need to check Prompt=lts is set not Prompt-normal .. grep '^Prompt=' /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades00:19
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: you'd have to look into apt-pinning. but it may interfere what's already installed thats causing the conflict00:19
KI7MTsander__, If Prompt=normal then: sudo sed -i 's/Prompt=normal/Prompt=lts/' .. then sudo do-release-upgrade00:20
KI7MTsander_ant, That should nthen take you from 10.04-LTS to 12.04-LTS00:20
sander_antPrompt=lts is what it was set to00:21
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hitsujiTMOBoreeas: can you pastebin the output of: apt-cache policy libgradle-plugins-java00:21
BoreeashitsujiTMO: http://pastie.org/865223000:22
KI7MTsander__, just to be certain, check your source list in /etc/apt/source.list .. make sure it's set to precise .. then try a dist-upgrade ..00:22
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get install libgradle-plugins-java00:23
KI7MTsander_ant, that should clear the held back packages.00:23
sander_antI think it's upgraded, but it has the broken pacakge lodged in. All the sources are precise, but python depends on something from lucid.00:25
sander_antsudo apt-get dist-upgrade gets me 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:25
hitsujiTMOsander_ant: purge the python 2.7 ppa you were using00:26
hitsujiTMO!ppa-purge | sander_ant00:26
ubottusander_ant: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html00:26
KI7MTsander_ant, what's the output of python -V00:27
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sander_antKI7MT: Python 2.7.400:27
k1l!away > timrc00:27
ubottutimrc, please see my private message00:27
Boreeaslibjetty-extra-java wants libtomcat, apparently00:28
KI7MTsander_ant, That's the right version for 12.04 .. what are you getting errors on, installing other packages, or running an apt?00:28
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: again: sudo apt-cache policy libjetty-extra-java00:29
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: again: apt-cache policy libjetty-extra-java00:29
sander_antKI7MT: Yes I think the package is one from ppa:fkrull/deadsnakes00:29
BoreeashitsujiTMO: So, I could install libtomcat6-java, and now installing gradle works. libtomcat6 removed eclipse and a libtomcat7 on install, that might've been a conflic00:29
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: and: apt-cache policy libtomcat00:29
sander_antEven though that repo is no longer on the upgraded system. I will try to purge it with the link you gave me00:30
hitsujiTMOBoreeas: yes that would be it it seems.00:30
BoreeasDependency hunting \o/00:30
BoreeasThanks for your help00:30
KI7MTsander_ant, Ahh ok .. well in regards to PPA's, there's no guarantee that LTS to LTS upg will pull the PPA's as well, only thing I can suggest there is purge the PPA's then install the PPA specific for 12.0400:31
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: don't think there a need for a python 2.7 in precise ppa tho :P00:31
KI7MThitsujiTMO, ? dont understand what your getting at?00:33
KI7MTOh wait, you saying the PPA was python 2,7 ?00:33
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: sorry, don't think theres a need for a python 2.7 ppa. He/She was using a 2.7 ppa as its not available in lucid. But 2.7 is in precise. No need for a ppa00:33
sander_antyes I had that ppa when the system was lucid. I think instead of removing python2.7 (which was extra) it just used python2.7 that was installed, but the dependencies are now broken.00:34
KI7MThitsujiTMO, Agreed, I missed that somewhere along the line, but yes, no need for a py-2.7 PPA on 2.04 fer sure.00:34
wonsonAm I connected?00:37
KI7MTsander_ant, while there may be a way to work through all the broken deps .. option would be to install 12.04 native, as there's no telling what's been confuzzed with two py2.7 package sets ..00:37
sander_antKI7MT: Yeah, I'm going to the backup image again. I will clone that remove the ppa first and upgrade again. Thanks for your help.00:38
KI7MTsander_ant, ok, well if it's busted again after upgrade, give us a shout.00:40
sander_antWill do thanks again.00:40
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wonsonhi, just installed xchat. I had pidgin and empathy and all programs freeze up when I open the channel-list window. I'm a noob...any ideas?00:41
k1lwonson: pidgin and other multimessenger are not the first choice for irc. irc is quite different to the other messenger protocols00:42
Pedobear69i need help with ubuntu00:42
k1lwonson: to open the channel list is not a good idea on a big network like freenode00:43
Pedobear69what's mythbuntu00:43
somsip!mythbuntu | Pedobear6900:44
ubottuPedobear69: Mythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information and #ubuntu-mythtv00:44
wonsoneven x-chat freezes when i open the room-list there must be something up with the way that software interacts with other stuff already on my computer?00:44
wonsoni'd be interested to learn what it was00:45
k1l!alis | wonson use this instead00:45
ubottuwonson use this instead: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*00:45
k1lwonson: again: dont use channel list00:45
Pedobear69thanks for the info00:46
wonsonthanks, what program do you use k1? once upon a time i never had a problem with channel lists but maybe it's common now?00:47
k1lwonson: xchat, too. but channel list is very heavy if the network is that big00:48
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wonsonok, well xchat seems pretty cool thanks...something else i've noticed lately though is that on many of the windows I open on my computer generally, It's been impossible to get the mouse on the slide bar. like i'll get the slider to pop up reluctantly but on some windows it just disappears when trying to put the pointer on it?00:54
dgarstang1Anyone here made images for kvm? Getting "Boot failed: not a bootable disk"00:55
wonsonit's like it's saying a a ah look but no touch00:55
k1lwonson: you mean the overlay bars?00:55
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TJ-dgarstang1: install a boot loader, GRUB2 is the usual one00:56
dgarstang1TJ-: I was doing it with parted00:57
wonsonis that what you call them...you know like the slider that allows me to scroll up here for example and see text that's not in the current window00:57
wonsonor currently on the screen00:58
k1lyes. the are "minimised" and when you put the mouse over them there is a bigger scroll bar button00:58
wonsonyes , only that bar button often vanishes before i can get the mouse actually on it00:59
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k1l!nickspam > [-mywoooislong-]01:01
ubottu[-mywoooislong-], please see my private message01:01
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wonsonit's working fine here in xchat but some of my other windows...the button will popup on the right of the bar while the mouse is on the left of the bar and vanish when moving the mouse directly to the right where the button is??01:04
hurockhello all01:14
athene_noctuaanyone configured dnscrypt to run at startup in 12.04?01:15
athene_noctuadnscrypt-proxy, rather.01:15
hurocki have some networking issues between ubuntu and win701:15
pztrickif i set "On Lid Close..." to "Do nothing" and removed requiring password from screen saver, I still get the blue slide-up lock screen (gdm/gnome 3.8). Is there a way to actually "do nothing" ?01:16
athene_noctuahurock: ##networking is a good place01:16
hurockthanks will take a look01:16
LucanHi all01:21
LucanI have a problem with a repository for fglrx from makson9601:22
LucanOy crap01:22
LucanMay have to try different  distro that supports hd4670.01:23
somsip!fr | e1101:28
ubottue11: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:28
pztrickanyone? closing my laptop lid forces the swipe-up screensaver even if i select "Do nothing" in power management settings. I've also used gsettings to other possibly relevant properties to false (e.g. idle-activation-enabled among others)01:28
pztrickgsettings to change other*01:29
athene_noctuawhere can I place a script to get it to run when I start my computer01:38
Stanley00athene_noctua: you can try /etc/rc.local01:43
m000gleIs there a way to manually  set the aspect ratio of the default GNOME Videos media player in Ubuntu 13.10? ... I have two monitors, so any audio visualization defaults to 32:10 (16:10 x 2 monitors).01:43
m000gleI'm hoping to, when listening to music, have my main monitor with the desktop, and the second monitor as visualization in fullscreen01:43
daniel5556Hello, I recently purchased an SSD and wanted to use that as my boot drive for ubuntu while using my HDD for general storage. I searched the web for how to go about using both, and set / on my SSD along with the swap area and /home on the HDD. When I try to install ubuntu, I get an error failed to install bootloader. Any ideas?01:44
daniel5556I am using ubuntu 12.0401:45
john__echo "a=10" | r=`grep -o '[0-9]\+'` | echo $r, how to let r equal to 10?01:45
millerti<joke>Does anyone know when they expect to release 14.04?  I can't wait!</joke>01:47
millertiSorry, it's hard to convey tone of voice through IRC.01:47
john__any help01:48
millertiWhat do you need help with?01:48
john__echo $r, output 1, not 1001:49
millertiUm.  That looks like a #bash question, but since you're using ' marks, have you tried removing the back slash?01:49
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john__echo "a=10" | r=`grep -o '[0-9]+'` | echo $r, output 101:51
daniel5556I recently purchased an SSD and wanted to use that as my boot drive for ubuntu while using my HDD for general storage. I searched the web for how to go about using both, and set / on my SSD along with the swap area and /home on the HDD. When I try to install ubuntu, I get an error failed to install bootloader. I am using ubuntu 12.04, any ideas?01:52
millertidaniel5556: Do you have the SSD connected to what the BIOS thinks is the first SATA connector?01:53
millertiDo you have the BIOS configured to boot from the right device?01:53
millertiOr is this a failure only during install?01:53
daniel5556I tried going  into bios and manually booting from the SSD and that didnt work01:53
daniel5556I'm not sure because I have tried installing several times, first 2 times it failed, but next time it worked01:54
daniel5556But when it said it properly installed, it didnt want to boot up01:54
KI7MTdaniel5556, I'm assuming you manually partitioned the SSD, did you set the Boot-Flag on the SSD while partitioning?01:55
daniel5556What do you mean by boot flag?01:57
KI7MTdaniel5556, jsut for info, when I stick /home on another drive, which I nromally do, I setup 3 partitions on the first drive /boot / and a swap, making sure to set the boot-flag on /boot partition.01:57
daniel5556Oh I see01:57
daniel5556I will try redoing the installation01:57
KI7MTdaniel5556, so, /dev/sad1 == /boot /dev/sda2 == /  and then a swap  .. then /dev/sdb1  /home01:58
DustyBrewerDustyBrewer: oh hai01:58
KI7MT*/dev/sda1 .. .. ..01:58
daniel5556my sdb shows as my SSD while sda is my HDD if that makes any difference?02:00
KI7MTdaniel5556, it does when you select which drive to install Grub2 in the MBR02:01
daniel5556Sorry, what is MBR?02:01
daniel5556It doesnt ask me where to install Grub2, im a little confused as I am a newbie to linux02:02
KI7MTdaniel5556, (Master Boot Record) .. To keep things straight, I'd swap the cables in the box (if it's a desktop) and get the SSD on on /dev/sda02:02
daniel5556Ok I will go ahead and do thjat02:03
KI7MTdaniel5556, This is a step by step, it's for 13.04 12.04 and 13.10 are virtually the same: http://askubuntu.com/questions/340965/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-server-13-04-step-by-step02:04
KI7MTdaniel5556, When you get to the section where it asks to install grub to the MBR .. make sure that is the SSD device.02:05
daniel5556But that is for a server02:06
daniel5556I am just doing this for my home desktop02:06
daniel5556I do not recognize any of those screens02:06
millertidaniel5556: Have you considered installing only to the SSD first and then manually setting up the second drive?02:08
daniel5556Im not sure how to do that02:08
KI7MTdaniel5556, sorry, I ahd that copped for another issue, here's the desktop: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-latest02:09
daniel5556Thank you02:09
daniel5556How much partition space would I allocate for /boot?02:11
hitsujiTMOdaniel5556: why have a seperate /boot ?02:12
Ben64you dont need a /boot02:12
grep0rdaniel5556, lets say around 100MB is ok if you use /boot02:12
Ben64having a /boot will only cause problems in the future02:12
daniel5556KI7MT: said /dev/sda1 should be a /boot02:12
KI7MTHe's using boot cuz I gave that as an example of how I manually partition.02:12
daniel5556So 100mb would be fine?02:13
Ben64don't use /boot02:13
Ben64just don't02:13
hitsujiTMOdaniel5556: no. you don't need one02:13
daniel5556But I want to flag to boot from my SSD dont I?02:13
hitsujiTMOand 100mb is defo too little for a boot if you did need one02:14
grep0rdaniel5556, its up to you tbh02:14
millertiOn other Linuxes, I like to have a separate /boot that defaults to read-only so that it's harder to trash the kernel.02:14
grep0rhitsujiTMO, its ok 100mb imo02:14
millertiLike with Gentoo, I mount r/w only when installing a new kernel.02:15
Ben64daniel5556: don't put a /boot. really.02:15
KI7MTI set mine, for Ubuntu to 500-1000 MB .. other distro's 100-20002:15
Bashing-omdaniel5556: if I may chime in, a separate /boot is depreciated, no longer serves a purpose and only adds another level of complexity.02:15
millertiFor some reason, my server (with 12.04 LTS), they installed it with a separate /boot that doesn't mount at all by default,02:15
KI7MTBashing-om, Why is it depreciated ?02:16
millertiI hate it when other people install the OS for me, but it was a "service".02:16
grep0rmillerti, ubuntu server?02:16
zykotick9Bashing-om: FYI, if you have encrypted-LVM, i think you need a separate /boot... just sayin'02:16
Ben64zykotick9: thats not whats going on though02:17
grep0rmilamber, try something different ubuntu is crap for me even for desktop (lol)02:17
hitsujiTMOBashing-om: its not deprecated. just not necessary for this users case ( and prob 90% of cases where people use a /boot )02:17
zykotick9Ben64: i'm just commenting, separate /boot is NOT deprecated - it's still required (sometimes)02:17
Ben64grep0r: that really is not helpful02:17
millertiI have 32TB of storage, in RAID5, on hardware RAID.  Personally, I'd rather use btrfs software RAID, but it's not mature enough yet.  When btrfs does auto-scrubbing and other such things for RAID5, that's the way to go.  Better for integrity with CRCs in the filesystem.02:18
KI7MTOK, so what would be the best way for him to use his SSD drive for / and /home on his second drive ?02:18
Ben64by just doing that. / on ssd, /home on hdd02:18
hitsujiTMOmillerti: i'd certainly wait for it to become "stable" at least :P02:19
millertiOk, so I know a little more about this, but I'd consider installing with only the SSD hooked up, and then manually formatting the other drive and adding it to fstab, but that could get a bit involved.02:19
charewhats taking so long for next ubuntu release02:19
Ben64chare: nothing. they're on a set schedule02:19
millertihitsujiTMO: btrfs is quite good for RAID1.  It's RAID5/6 that is really in need of some work.02:19
chareSo they're lazy Ben64?02:19
Ben64chare: no? it's not scheduled to be out yet, so it isn't.02:20
daniel5556I tried skipping the /boot but it told me that it would be better for me to mark something as EFI boot02:20
millertiIf you want rolling releases, go with Arch or Gentoo.  Ubuntu is every 6 months.  Be glad it's not Debian.  :)02:20
Bashing-omlemme work up a pastie on why a separate /boot is generally a bad idea.02:20
millertiOr worse, RHEL.  :)02:20
millertiIt's still surprising, though, that Ubuntu isn't better with upgrades.02:21
Ben64daniel5556: are you trying to get a dual boot system? or ubuntu only?02:21
millertiAnd have the finally licked the config file migration problem with package updates?  In the past, it would just leave the out-dated config file in there, not adding any new stuff to it.02:22
charewhat is wrong with btrfs for raid?02:22
daniel5556Only ubuntu02:22
daniel5556I had ubuntu before this but only using a hard drive02:23
millertichare:  It just needs more development.  We're talking about the built-in RAID, not btrfs on hardware raid.02:23
hitsujiTMOdaniel5556: you're installing on a uefi system so, which means you need an efi system partition not a /boot. which is different. an efi system partition should be anywhere from 50 - 500 mb depending. (100 is usually ok for a basic scenario)02:23
daniel5556I see02:23
hitsujiTMOchare: btrfs is unstable (not yet finished)02:23
charemillerti: and once the software raid for btrfs gets completed then whats the point of having hardware raid?02:23
millertichare;  There are some performance advantages, especially for RAID5, optimizations done better in hardware.02:24
KI7MTEFI didn't come into it initially, that's a different deal all together.02:24
hitsujiTMOdaniel5556: so set sda1 to be 100mb, and an efi system partition and / to be the rest of space02:24
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daniel5556Ok, I'll give that a try02:24
charemillerti: but doesn't the hardware raid abstraction take away btrfs's ability to do error recovery on a block level using checksum02:25
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: i think the issue became of a misinterpretation of the error message02:25
charemillerti: what do you mean exactly02:25
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: on the ops behalf ofc02:25
millertiI'm saying that btrfs's built-in RAID5 needs more development.  Just look at their to-do list.02:26
hitsujiTMOmillerti: chare just a reminder. ye are both tslking a02:28
hitsujiTMOmillerti: chare just a reminder. ye are both talking about an unstable in development file system. so ofc there's more of a lot to be worked on02:29
charemillerti how does hardware raid effect btrfs's Self-healing redundant arrays: http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/bitrot-and-atomic-cows-inside-next-gen-filesystems/2/02:29
millertiBecause hardware RAID doesn't utilize btrfs's scrubbing ability.02:29
m000gleIs there a way to manually  set the aspect ratio of the visualization in Ubuntu's default Totem media player? ... I have two monitors, and was hoping to have one used for a visualization; however, the visualization seems to default to the 32:10 aspect ratio (16:10 x 2 monitors wide).  Going to View>Aspect Ratio does not solve this.02:30
ceciymaxihi! running 13.10 and experiencing perfomance dicrease problems. any hint?02:32
KI7MThitsujiTMO, just fty - there's reason why I keep boot in it's own partition, I also format to ext2, but am thinking about a change to FAT or RiserFS  actually. Makes multi-boot configs allot easier for me.02:32
KI7MTWhile I use Ubuntu as my primary DE, I test and work on allot of other distros.02:33
chareso how does btrfs for ssd compare to those filesystems that are dedicated to ssd only02:33
whotoodoes anyone have eclipse-cdt installed?02:33
TheteThere any way to kill the "Configuring bcmwl-kernel-source" process during install of Ubuntu 13.10?  Ubuntu craps out on install at that point02:33
whotooor tried to install it?02:34
TheteOr.. is there a way to drop to a console so I can kill the process?02:34
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: i understand that, but in the indicidual users case its unnecessary. personally, i'm kind of sick of talking users thru how to remove old kernels from /boot because they unnecessarily created a /boot partition without the need for one. or helping someone fix a broken upgrade after running out of space in /bopo02:34
hitsujiTMO/boot* during a do-release-upgrade02:35
ceciymaxianyone that can lead me to find the cause of a performance problem with ubuntu 13.10?02:35
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: most people do not need a /boot02:35
NastyNazis there a way to tail -f but with grep so i only see certain lines?02:35
somsipNastyNaz: yes. Though someone once told me it caused some sort of output problems. But I've never had problems myself02:36
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chareso I should use ZFS over btrfs then...02:36
KI7MThitsujiTMO, I agree, and if I knew he had UEFI .. I wouldnt' have spoken up at all, as I don't have a system to test it. For those upgrade kernels, if the dont know how the system works, they probably should not be messing with kernels to begin with.02:37
daniel5556So considering I ended up using /boot after all would I just want to re-install ubuntu completely and delete the old partitions if I decide to upgrade?02:38
daniel5556Rather than go through the trouble02:38
hitsujiTMOdaniel5556: if its a simple fresh install just go for a reinstall.02:38
KI7MThitsujiTMO, But point-taken, should have recommended / and /home02:39
hitsujiTMOKI7MT: sometimes you need to coax the full story from the user.02:40
millertiZFS doesn't have in-kernel support in Linux, which is a disadvantage.02:40
whotooi'm new to this but i'd like to learn a bit about programming so i installed eclipse-cdt from the software center but when i start the program up, the option to open a c++ project is not available. so i uninstalled it and redid it from the command line...same problem...?02:42
hitsujiTMOwhotoo: #eclipse might give you a faster response02:46
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fukmnydang im confused02:51
hitsujiTMO!details | fukmny02:51
ubottufukmny: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:51
fukmnyis there a way to search chat topics?02:52
somsipfukmny: logs at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/02:53
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penguinmanare the repos really slow for anyone else tonight?03:01
daniel5556Seems like it, taking me forever to download packages when installingubuntu compared to last time03:02
hitsujiTMOpenguinman: your repos would be set local to you. which ones are you usingg?03:02
penguinmanhitsujiTMO: fresh install, let me check really quick03:03
hitsujiTMOpenguinman: whats the first line of: cat /etc/apt/sources/list | grep htttp03:04
hitsujiTMOpenguinman: whats the first line of: cat /etc/apt/sources/list | grep http:03:04
penguinmanhitsujiTMO: just the normal US ones, archive.canonical.com and security.canonical.com03:04
KI7MTPrecise seems normal here, Trusty a bit sluggish03:05
hitsujiTMOnot us.archive.ubuntu.com ?03:05
penguinmanseems to be picking up a little bit, but was getting 30kbps down earlier, took over an hour to install the language packs03:05
penguinmannormally on this connection  it takes about 15-20 mins for a full install03:06
=== baba is now known as fire_
hitsujiTMOpenguinman: if you need, try temporaily changing to ca.archive.ubuntu.com or another mirror in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors03:07
penguinmanhitsujiTMO: good idea, don't know why I didn't think of that. was just curious if it was a known problem right now.03:08
hitsujiTMOpenguinman: prob just an issue with that specific mirror03:08
gwxcoreI'm not sure how to go about doing this, I'm new to linux, and it's worked great on everything except my wifi driver on my laptop. Can anyone help me, and if so, what information do I need to give anyone so they can help me03:11
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: are you on that laptop now?03:11
gwxcoreyes I am03:11
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:11
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: lspci -knn | pastebinit03:12
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: that should produce a url, please paste it here03:12
penguinmanyeah, the canadian mirrors are running at full speed. might just leave it set to these permanently03:13
gwxcoreI tried a solution posted on the forums, but that produced errors, need the link to what I tried03:14
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hitsujiTMOgwxcore: whats the output of: uname -r03:15
sam___ok this is the result to lsusb for me I need {Vendor ID, Product ID, Revision, product, serial number, port to configure my virtualbox usb http://pastebin.com/AXh7JwFw please give a bit of help  I don't know which is which03:16
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: are you running raring?03:17
sam___can somone help me configure my virtualbox usb setting on ubuntu host?03:17
gwxcoreraring? I don't know, I haven't started anything by that name03:18
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: cat /etc/issue03:18
gwxcoreUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l03:19
penguinmangwxcore: you may want to try the current release versus the LTS if its a hardware support issue.03:19
cfhowlettgwxcore, what are your hardware specs?03:20
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: it seems the driver is fixed in kernel 3.1103:20
gwxcore13.04 gives me black screen when it attempts to go to persistent, live, or install mode03:20
penguinmangwxcore: what about 13.10?03:20
gwxcoreI'm running a Toshiba Satellite L75D-A728003:20
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: its odd that 12.04.04 install 3.8 and not 3.1103:21
gwxcoremaybe it was 13.10 I tried. Give me one moment to check03:21
gwxcoreIts the one I got through the LiLi tool03:21
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: with lili, download the iso from ubuntu.com instead03:22
hitsujiTMOit will still work with the tool03:22
gwxcoreOh...so I have to reinstall?03:23
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: not 100$ but it might be quicker to resolve with a resinstall03:23
gwxcoreOk so I need to get the 13.10 version from the ubuntu website?03:25
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: thats what i would do. then manually add it to lili03:25
cfhowlettgwxcore, no good reason to get it anywhere but the source IMO03:26
gwxcoreI know whatever 13.something that LiLi gave me acted like it was booting but then went pure black screen, like my laptop was off.03:26
gwxcoreis that something to be concerned with? Or is that a possible issue that downloading from LiLi caused?03:26
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: if that happens, you could try seeing if you can get to grub and adding nomodeset to the linux command03:26
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: what gpu do you have?03:27
gwxcoreati 8400m or something, give me a minute to double check03:28
gwxcoreati radeon hd 840003:29
gwxcoreamd I mean03:29
sam___http://pastebin.com/41wxq3K3             ok I found all the info now but port number for my virtualbox usb setting I think its 50 but I see its writen prot not port!! I did enter it but nothing happend03:31
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: use nomodeset. you gpu isn't covered in the the radeon driver <13.10 at least. certainly dont think is covered in the latest either so there might be a few issues there03:31
sam___help please03:31
gwxcoreI'm running World of Warcraft in Wine with the driver I got from Proprietary drivers app thing just fine, if that says anything03:32
gwxcoreok so use nomodeset03:32
gwxcorehow do I go about doing that03:32
ubottugwxcore,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:33
gwxcorethank you03:33
mailuyque es la que hay!03:34
ubottumailuy,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:34
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: the radeondriver is the open driver. fglrx is the proprietary driver. by default ubuntu will be loading the open driver which can have issues on some systems without nomodeset03:35
gwxcoregotcha. I'll try 13.10 with that nomodeset trick03:36
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: with such a new gpy, it may be a good excuse to test 14.04 if you're an experienced linux user03:37
Thete14.04 is pretty damn awesome03:39
gwxcoreI am absolutely the opposite of a linux user. Had a one semester course in high school when 9.something was the new stuff I think. Worst case scenario I'll try your advice and be back here in 30 minutes03:39
ubottuThete,: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+103:39
SixtyGigcan somebody tell me what xchat is.  i'm a new ubuntu user.  a friend gave me a hard drive with it.03:40
VKBSixtyGig: It's an IRC client03:40
cfhowlettSixtyGig, much like the one you are using this moment03:40
SixtyGigya i don't know what an irc client is!03:40
hitsujiTMOgwxcore: then stick to the stable release.03:40
VKBSixtyGig: That's how you're talking to us, using IRC.03:40
cfhowlettSixtyGig, that thing you just typed your response in is an IRC client03:40
SixtyGigi know!  but am i on a website!03:41
SixtyGigor is this like yahoo msg or what03:41
cfhowlettSixtyGig, then you are on a browser IRC03:41
hitsujiTMOSixtyGig: you are chatting on an irc server, via an web based irc client03:41
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines03:41
cfhowlettSixtyGig, read and learn ^^^   :)03:41
SixtyGigdo i compare this to yahoo messenger?03:42
VKBSixtyGig: It's like chat rooms.03:42
SixtyGiglike a chat room... hmmm.. okay i've been on a chat room before inside a website... how can i get directly on a chat room though without being on a website03:43
VKBSixtyGig: You use an IRC client, like xchat03:44
SixtyGigthinking...... lol03:44
cfhowlettSixtyGig, here's a thought.  fireup xchat and see for yourself how it works and what it does.  to get back here; open the ubuntu servers then the #ubuntu channel03:44
hitsujiTMO!ctcp info SixtyGig03:45
ubottuhitsujiTMO: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
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SixtyGigk well i see how it works  i got on it with puppy trying to fix my computer a few months ago.. now a friend gave me a hard drive with ubuntu03:45
hitsujiTMO!ctcp SixtyGig info03:45
ubottuhitsujiTMO: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
SixtyGigwhats ictcp03:46
hitsujiTMOhmm, the difference between a / and a ! can be immense :P03:46
hitsujiTMOSixtyGig: thats me querying your client to see what you're using03:47
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, I must be doin' it wrong.  No useful feedback ...03:48
SixtyGigic..i have an ubuntu question... when i was using puppy, i had to learn how to install software... i never really got the hang of it.. just needed adobe but here i looked for xchat and it installed automatically  will i be able to do that with any software i use on ubuntu?03:48
hitsujiTMOSixtyGig: it seems you're not using a web client but using xchat itself03:48
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: its responds to version not info. hes using xchat03:49
SixtyGigyes, i knew that...i thought it was for puppy.. was going back in there to ask a friend a question..03:49
cfhowlettSixtyGig, xchat did not install automatically.  you authorized it somewhere03:49
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: /ctcp user version03:49
SixtyGigwell yes but i mean i didn't have to use any commands except "install"03:49
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, thanks.03:49
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, is that a freenode command?  where would I find more of the same?03:50
SixtyGigok so how to i find the puppy chat i was using wher ei had a couple friends03:51
whotoohow do i sort out a conflicting dependency issue for failed update install if it doesn't say what it is?03:51
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: ctcp isn client to client protocol                  its a somewhat independent irc command structure which is client dependent. typically the only commands are ping, time, info and version03:52
ghsSomeone here uses a version old of ubuntu ?03:52
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, so it's an IRC command then?03:52
VKBghs: What do you need?03:52
cfhowlettghs, "old"?  meaning?03:52
ubottughs,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:53
ghsWell, I want to use the ubuntu without unity.03:53
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:53
VKBghs: Do you know what DE you want to use?03:53
cfhowlettghs, no problem.  logout out.  choose a different desktop environment.  login03:53
ubottughs,: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:54
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: ctcp is irc, but the indivual command in interpretted by the client and therefore client dependent.03:54
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, ok.  thanks.  "You know, I learned something today!"03:54
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: /ctcp user time       is the best use i find.g03:55
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: good for determining a users timezone03:55
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: seems you're utc +8 :P03:57
ghscfhowlett, I'm using the Kubuntu currently. apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop ?03:57
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, seems about right.  It's a beautiful, sunny and uncharacteristically clear day in Beijing03:58
VKBghs: To get GNOME, yes.03:58
VKBghs: It all depends on what desktop environment you want.03:58
ghsVKB, without unity ?03:58
VKBghs: Every DE besides unity is without unity.03:59
VKBghs: GNOME is GNOME 303:59
Crazydogsudo apt-get install?04:00
VKBCrazydog: That's how you install stuff without the software center.04:00
CrazydogOh. I'm newbie :P04:00
VKBCrazydog: you run that in the terminal04:00
VKBCrazydog: no worries. :)04:01
hitsujiTMOmanual | Crazydog this might be helpful then04:01
hitsujiTMO!manual | Crazydog this might be helpful then04:01
ubottuCrazydog this might be helpful then: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:01
CrazydogStill learning linux.  Mess around with it every so offen in vmbox04:01
nearstlearning is good :)04:01
cfhowlettCrazydog, good way to learn it04:01
VKBCrazydog: Everyone here had to learn at some point. VMs are a good way. :)04:02
CrazydogRead some tutorials and what not, but its obviously something you dont learn over night :P04:02
VKBCrazydog: I've been using Linux for almost 4 years, and I'm still learning stuff.04:02
nearsttry and error is a good way xD04:02
LinuxBoeyHas anyone had any luck installing Ubuntu 13.10 on a MacBook Air 2013?04:02
Crazydogtook me like 2 hours to figure out pastebinit, but considering no one helped me except google.  not to bad04:03
qinCrazydog: man pastebinit?04:04
hitsujiTMO!mac | LinuxBoey this any good to you?04:04
ubottuLinuxBoey this any good to you?: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:04
SixtyGigi saved someone to my friends list.  now how do i find the friends list lol04:07
hitsujiTMOLinuxBoey: please not that there are some mac specific isos that can possibly deal with some issues: see am64+mac in http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10/04:07
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CrazydogMy problem with linux is I don't see the whole picture yet.  I'm not sure about the root, or the dirs in it, i know each one controls different things like windows, but a lot of the libarays are confusing.04:08
naknomikTrying Banshee Media player, I see some UPNP servers under shared media but they're all greyed out.04:08
cfhowlettCrazydog, what's your intended knowledge target?  user?  deverloper?  coder?04:08
qinSixtyGig: Meta key and type "contacts", unless it is app specyfic list, like Steam.04:08
hitsujiTMO!fhs | Crazydog04:08
ubottuCrazydog: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier04:08
SixtyGignew to linux.. what's a meta key lol04:09
SixtyGigalso what is a vmbox04:09
CrazydogWell.. Good question.  Never thought about that. Maybe a little of each.  Jack of all trades, but master of none :P04:09
hitsujiTMOSixtyGig: "meta key" is dependent on context. vmbox would be a virtual machine box04:10
qinSixtyGig: most commonly windows logo04:10
cfhowlett!manual|Crazydog, might want to decide as it will inform what you read/study.  that said, see the ubuntu manual04:10
ubottuCrazydog, might want to decide as it will inform what you read/study.  that said, see the ubuntu manual: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:10
VKBSixtyGig: VMs are virtual machines. They let you run virtual computers to test other operating systems without installing them directly to your computer. It also allows you to run multiple OSes at once.04:10
SixtyGigthe context is how do i view my friends list now that i saved someone!04:10
qinSixtyGig: Wait, are you on unity? Then click on dash04:10
SixtyGigok gotcha vkb thx04:10
SixtyGignew to linux.  don't know what unity is lol04:11
SixtyGig don't know what dash is lol04:11
vinseHi guys!04:11
cfhowlettvinse, greetings04:11
cfhowlett!manual|SixtyGig, read more04:11
ubottuSixtyGig, read more: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:11
nearst!dash | SixtyGig04:11
ubottuSixtyGig: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using  BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash | See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DashAsBinSh04:11
vinseI was wondering if someone can give me a hand reinstalling a few packages. I updated my gnome-online-accounts and it removed my ubuntu-desktop04:11
vinsenow my computer thinks it's a phone04:11
Evil_Ericwhats the chan you guy use for off topic stuff04:11
ubottuEvil_Eric,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:12
cfhowlettvinse, what version of ubuntu?04:12
Evil_Ericthank you04:12
SixtyGigk i'm saving the info you guys are giving me..04:12
vinsecfhowlett http://i.imgur.com/MdFh07t.png04:12
vinseI'd like to uninstall the stuff I installed and just reinstall what I uninstalled04:13
SixtyGigwhat does it mean when you guys put an exclamation point in front of a word!04:13
cfhowlettvinse, and "thinks its a phone"???04:13
vinseMy System settings shows Phone stuff04:13
naknomikWill I get help about Banshee Media Player?04:13
vinselet me show you a picture04:13
ubottunaknomik,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:13
SixtyGigi'm disturbingly new..  when and where do you use an exclamation point in front of a word and why lol04:13
VKBSixtyGig: They're IRC commands04:14
vinsecfhowlett -> http://i.imgur.com/xPx0koX.png04:14
cfhowlettvinse, huh.04:14
SixtyGigthis is different than yahoo msgr then.. if i can give commands in the middle of the chat lol04:14
naknomikBanshee shows my UPNP servers (shared music from Windows, Plex, Mini-DLNA etc) but they're all greyed out. Wonder why04:14
vinsethats the photo of my settings cfhowlett. I've lost the gnome-center :(04:15
cfhowlettvinse, one step at a time; updating online accounts doesn't delete software so ... you authorized some changes.  I'd suggest you reinstall gnome-center04:15
SixtyGigthanks for info everyone.. going to eat... before i go can someone tell me in plain english how to access my friiends list now that i've saved a few..04:15
cfhowlettvinse, but "about this phone"?   what is your hardware?04:16
vinseIt's a Asus Zenbook UX31A04:16
cfhowlettvinse, !04:16
vinsei authorized it to update some dependencies04:16
cfhowlettvinse, I'd suggest this: backup data.  now.  then reinstall.04:17
vinseand yeah it updated me to the ubuntu phone OS control panel04:17
cfhowlettvinse, how did you update?04:17
vinseI just used apt-get install04:17
cfhowlettvinse, and "guessing" did you enable the "propsed" repositories or something?04:17
vinsenope.. don't think so04:18
vinselet me check04:18
vinseno didnt04:18
cfhowlettvinse, apt-get install is NOT update.  sudo apt-get update (check and update the system package list)  sudo apt-get upgrade (install upgrades to installed packages)  apt-get dist-upgrades (install latest packages available for this distro)04:19
cfhowlettvinse, anyway, as I said, stop here: backup everything essential.  the reinstall ubuntu04:19
vinseoh sorry I'm switching the terms. I apt-get installed gnome-online accounts04:19
vinsethere's no way of "downgrading"?04:20
cfhowlettvinse, I don;04:20
cfhowlettvinse, IDK and that "phone OS" thing confuses the heck out of me...04:20
vinsewell hmm from what i understand04:21
mccawrHey I can't boot ubuntu04:21
vinseI installed all the things that i lacked for gnome-online-accounts04:21
vinsethan it uninstalled the old stuff04:21
vinsewhich was libgoa-1.0-0 and such04:21
vinsei just really need ubuntu-desktop back and gnome-control-center04:21
vinseIs there a way I can reinstall those? like apt-get install certain version or find the .deb files online?04:21
cfhowlettvinse, sudo apt-get install packagename.deb04:22
nearstvinse, try apt-cache search <package>04:22
vinsehow would i indicate versions04:23
mccawrCan anyone help me with ubuntu not booting04:23
ubottumccawr,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:23
hitsujiTMO!info gnome-online-acco7nts04:24
hitsujiTMO!info gnome-online-accounts04:24
ubottuPackage gnome-online-acco7nts does not exist in saucy04:24
ubottugnome-online-accounts (source: gnome-online-accounts): GNOME Online Accounts. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.3-2 (saucy), package size 54 kB, installed size 251 kB04:24
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu, Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0404:24
hitsujiTMOvinse: are you using ppas?04:24
nearstmccawr, define not booting04:25
mccawrWhen I boot the laptop it gives me an error 0xc000007b, tells me to put in install disk and reboot04:25
vinseyeah I am hitsujiTMO04:25
hitsujiTMOvinse: what ppas are you using?04:26
cfhowlettvinse, also, 13.04 is only supported for 9 months - time to upgrade?04:26
nearstmccawr, http://askubuntu.com/questions/356702/error-0xc000007b-after-installing-ubuntu-13-1004:26
vinsethe PPAs I have are Gnome3, Wine, NoobsLab04:27
vinsesays I'm on 14 not raring anymore04:27
lwizardlso what would be a scanner app the would be similar to the standard one on windows (xp for example)04:28
vinseI mixed it up sorry04:28
nearst!14.04 | vinse04:28
ubottuvinse: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+104:28
hitsujiTMOvinse: then you will have to contact the gnome3 ppa maintainers for that specific issue as it would not be supported here. You are using a diffferent version to that of the ubuntu repos. and as cfhowlett has already said, yuo should upgrade your system. 13.04 is isnoy supported for another few days04:29
vinseHow do I upgrade?04:29
cfhowlettlwizardl,  xsane I believe04:29
vinseI thought apt-get dist-upgrade was good enough04:29
hitsujiTMO!upgrade | vinse04:29
ubottuvinse: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade04:29
lwizardlI have tried xsane, skanlite, simplescan and they do not seem to have the same option as the MS one. I want to be able to adjust the contrast and darken the text. but when I try these apps it just makes the background into a grey04:29
cfhowlettvinse, sudo apt-get dist-release04:30
vinsesays invalid option. but I'm sure I'm update to day04:30
cfhowlettvinse, system>settings>update manager04:31
vinseyeah I'm sure I'm update to date. hmm04:31
qinvinse: do-release-upgrade04:31
vinseIt says it's up to date04:31
hitsujiTMOvinse: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue04:32
vinseno new release found04:32
=== Pebbe|Away is now known as Pebbe
cfhowlettqin, thanks.  I upgrade only LTS to LTS and I can never remember that dern command04:32
vinseUbuntu Trusty Tahr (development branch) \n \l04:32
cfhowlettvinse, then download the ISO and installl04:32
qinvinse: foo bar04:32
hitsujiTMO!trusty | vinse  then this is the channel you should be in04:33
ubottuvinse  then this is the channel you should be in: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+104:33
vinsewhat's foo bar? I don't really wanna reinstall, it's near exam time and I don't really have time to go pick up a cd drive for my laptop04:33
vinseI'll give that channel a try04:33
vinsethanks guys04:33
vinseIs it possible to install an alternative control panel?04:34
cfhowlettvinse, possible and you break it, you bought it.  If you insist on the gnome experience, just install gnome-ubuntu04:34
vinseI'm already running gnome-shell04:35
qinvinse: 14.04 has not been released yet. Why do you use beta Ubuntu and expect thinks to acctualy work?04:35
vinsei mean gnome-ubuntu04:35
vinseI honestly didn't notice it was a beta04:36
vinseI just follow random guides on internet on how to install cool thigns like themes and stuff04:36
vinseI read stackoverflow how to fix gnome online account and now the stuffs all messed04:36
cfhowlettvinse, so you basically took vanilla ubuntu, cobbled on the gnome packages, installed the gnome control panel and ... oh, wait ...04:36
vinsemore like04:36
cfhowlettrandom ... right.04:36
qin...Rubuntu, random Ubuntu.04:37
cfhowlettqin, LOL.  I think that version is unsupported04:37
hitsujiTMOi <3 qin04:37
sec_anyone help me to ngix rule? this is not working: http://pastie.org/865259704:37
hitsujiTMOsec_: before anything i'm going to refer you to http://wiki.nginx.org/IfIsEvil04:39
vinseYou guys don't think it'd work if i just uninstall what I installed and reinstall what I uninstalled?04:39
cfhowlettvinse, you've mixed and matched and enabled ppa's AND the development version --- go ask in #ubuntu+104:39
sec_hitsujiTMO: what did you mean?04:40
qinvinse: If you have taut you had followed you can try to revert changes, most likely start from removing all ppa and purge all not native insatlls04:40
THeNineDoes anyone know how to change keyboard backlight preferences?04:41
hitsujiTMOsec_: i mean an 'if' rule is usually a bad idea. i would also return instead of rewrite on a bad referrer04:43
hitsujiTMOTHeNine: can you give exaxt details. what are you experiencing that needs changing04:44
sec_hitsujiTMO: could you fix that rule for me? please04:44
THeNinehitsujiTMO: my backlight comes on when I plug my laptop in. I don't want that to happen any more04:44
hitsujiTMOsec_: its dependent on your scenario but maybe a return 403; might be suficcioent04:45
sec_hitsujiTMO: i want it hit homepage..04:45
sec_hitsujiTMO: redirect to homepage04:45
jeffrey_fvinse:  Remove the stuff you installed first.  If that does not fix it, you have a choice or 2.  Remove then reinstall gnome-desktop or do a fresh install (after backing up data).  The thing is: If it gets too borked, you can spend hours and days fixing it or you can just start fresh with a known variable.   Try uninstall/reinstall gnome.  if it is still borked, fresh install04:47
rpcesarim trying to create/use a PGP key in 13.04. I was under the impression it used seahorse (similar), but the window is missing critical menu options. None of the tutorials line up. I have a "properties" menu when I right click, and I can find an "export", but it seems to be exporting the private key. im really confused.04:47
jeffrey_frpcesar: kleopatra works well for a gnupg front end04:48
vinsejeffrey_f I'm trying to reinstall libgoa-1.0-0(3.8.3-2) but i don't quite know how04:48
rpcesarhmm, ill try that. no issue with it being KDE?04:48
tewardrpcesar: i think you're using a different front-end, did you actually try running `seahorse` ?04:49
rpcesari did an apt-get seahorse-<something i forget>, but yea, i think i was using the "default". which looks similar. but not the same04:49
jeffrey_fvinse: command/terminal--> sudo apt-get autoremove libgoa*04:50
rpcesaryea typed seahorse into terminal, same window04:51
rpcesarthe only menu option is a plus sign in the top left04:51
rpcesari just did an apt-get for kleopatra, but if anyone has any other advice or ideas please let me know04:52
rpcesarim a programmer, but pretty new to GPG04:52
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
jeffrey_frpcesar: the front end is a bit clunky, but works well once you get used to it.  Your first few keys for testing should be expired after 24 hrs....04:53
rpcesarthats the thing, im trying to do some test runs but am missing some critical steps. ala, i want to export a public key, encrypt a message with it, as well as decrypt04:54
rpcesari found an export, but it seems to be exporting the "complete key" (as the dialog indicates) which worries me, especially since the header on it says "private key"04:54
rpcesarand that export i found through "properties" menu, nothing by right clicking like i see in the various tutorials04:55
rwwstop using the pointy clicky and just use the command-line tool?04:55
rpcesari have considered doing that.04:55
rwwgpg --armor --export 93755E0804:56
cfhowlettrpcesar, programming begins when when gui use ends04:56
rwwor whatever04:56
rpcesarcfhowlett: i get that. but I serve on an IT comittee and have to explain this to multiple people whom are NOT programmers. which means i have to test run a usable scenario04:57
cfhowlettrpcesar, point taken04:57
rpcesarall of a sudden "security" has become paramount (beats me as to why) and im supposed to get everyone using pgp and their own keys.04:57
rwwgpg -r 93755E08--encrypt somefile04:57
rwwgpg --decrypt somefile04:58
KI7MTrpcesar, it's pretty easy one ya do a few, but create revoke keys for them too: http://www.gnupg.org/gph/en/manual.html04:58
vinsefixed it thanks guys04:58
vinseI just needed to uninstall gnome and reinstall it04:58
rpcesarits actually more of the "usage" that ill need to make easy. im sure I can create the keys for people once I get a handle on it04:58
KI7MTrpcesar, it's very similar, though there are diff's, to ssh keys.04:59
KI7MTrpcesar, This a good run through .  overview as well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto05:01
rpcesaryep, already visited that05:01
KI7MTrpcesar, I still dont understan the Seahorse problem, it should ahve been installed by default .. 3.6 I think, but it sounds like you looking at seahorse-nautilus05:04
vinseIs there a way to switch from developer ubuntu to stable?05:04
rpcesaris there a way to switch to another seahorse?05:04
KI7MTrpcesar, There's only one seahorse .. then seahorse agent and the seahorse-nautilus (plugins)05:05
rwwvinse: nope, that would be a downgrade, and we don't support downgrades05:06
rpcesaryou made it sound like im looking at something rather different or have an oddball install for some reason05:06
rpcesaris this the case?05:06
KI7MTrpcesar, in term, just apt-cache search seahorse .. you'll see them05:06
rpcesaryea, shows seahorse, seahorse-daemon, seahorse-nautilus, and seahorse-sharing05:07
KI7MTrpcesar, You can check if it's installed, dpkg -l seahorse .. should start with ii if installed.05:07
nushorsorry to bother you guys, but does anyone use an RTL8192CU/8188CU wireless driver? I can't seem to get it to compile on saucy05:07
rpcesaroh, i type seahorse and it comes up. with that same dialog that doesent match what the tuts show05:07
cjwelborncan anyone see this character? i found it by accident:     for those who can't see it, its relevant to this channel.05:08
rpcesarfew tutorials ive made it through show things like context sensitive menus for encrypting files, an easy means of exporting (strictly) the public key, etc05:08
KI7MTrpcesar, You have the Files, top left corner, on this new GUI ?05:08
rpcesarno, all i have is a single green plus sign, and a search (placeholder: Filter) to the right05:09
rpcesarthe part of creating the keys looks identical to what ive seen (no problems there)05:09
rpcesarbut right clicking a key only shows properties and delete05:09
rpcesarproperties has owner, name and signatures, and details. details has an export, marked clearly as "Export Complete Key"05:10
rpcesarwhich I presume is not the "public" key, but the private (the file showed what appears to be the private header on it)05:10
vinseWhen I was installing ubuntu05:10
KI7MTrpcesar, I dont have access to a 13.04 build fight now, but on 12.04, when I type seahorse in the term, it brings up the full seahorse app.05:10
nushornvm I'll just use this hacked up driver I found on github.05:11
vinseI didn't know it was development version05:11
vinsehow did I end up with 14?05:11
rpcesarso basically im using some obscure version of seahorse somehow?05:11
KI7MTrpcesar, Well, I dont know for sure, but I do know, 13.04 goes out of support this month, so, 13.10 or 12.04 would be better options initially.05:12
KI7MTwith 13.10 loosing support in July I believe.05:13
vinseI see05:13
vinseI didn't say what month the 9 month started05:13
vinseI installed ubuntu like last month05:13
KI7MTrpcesar, I just checked my 14.04 DE .. same GUi as 12.04 uses.05:14
vinseI probably won't be installing ubuntu ever again after this. The community seems to be full of not it all dick heads05:14
vinseknow it*05:14
rpcesarhmmm, so strange05:14
KI7MTrpcesar, except it's v3.10 v.s. 3.4 on 12.0405:15
rpcesarseahorse 3.6.3 GNUPG: /usr/bin/gpg (1.4.11)05:15
KI7MTrpcesar, either way, you want to be moving off of 13.0405:15
KI7MTrpcesar, That correct for 13.04 gnupg05:16
rpcesaryea, ill be moving to 13.10 sometime over the weekend. is there a way to simply upgrade seahorse perhaps?05:16
rpcesarive read some things about 3.10 breaking my particular wireless adapter and I don't want to risk that at this exact moment in time05:17
=== aaaas_ is now known as aaas
KI7MTrpcesar, you would enable backports, but that could bring with it a host of other packages deps, not I've not just upgrade seahorse on its own before.05:17
KI7MT*I've not just upgraded .. ..05:18
rpcesarwell i just did a sudo apt-get upgrade seahorse and its updating05:18
KI7MTrpcesar, understand about wireless, can't be touchy at times.05:19
KI7MT*can be touchy ..05:19
rpcesarI understood what you meant ;)05:19
KI7MTsri, im on a very small screen and kb at the moment.05:20
SubCoolwhy am i getting this error? subcool@Mediaserver:~$ sudo xzcat FreeNAS-9.2.0-RC2-f3001e6-x64.img.xz | dd of=/dev/sdd bs=64k05:20
SubCooldd: opening `/dev/sdd': Permission denied05:20
rwwSubCool: because the sudo only covers the xzcat, not the dd05:21
KI7MTrpcesar, In any case, you should have Login ; Certificates ; PGP Keys ' Secure Shell .. down the left side of the Seahorse GUI when it opens.05:21
rpcesarits updating now, ill see if that fixes it. seemingly updating a lot of crud05:21
rpcesaropenssl, firefox, heck even bind05:22
KI7MTrpcesar, and Files ' Edit ' Remote 'View and Help on the Top-Bar.05:22
rpcesaryea, i wasnt getting any of that on the version i am (was, we will see after the update) running05:22
rpcesarit was very "bare" in contrast to what I was seeing05:22
jeffrey_fVinse:  Try a fresh install, get the LTS version.  It is more stable and less bleeding edge software.05:22
KI7MTrpcesar, Yes, it does not sould like it was fully installed or something , from what you described anyway.05:23
SubCoolrww, thanks, its not frequent that i run in SU.05:23
KI7MTrpcesar, Even goign through Dash >> passwords and Keys brings up Seahorse, so maybe the update will sort it out.05:25
rpcesaryea, i was going through dash->keyboards and keys at the beginning. tried "seahorse" in terminal in another attempt. im crossing my fingers.05:25
rpcesarwhy in gods name does it need to update cups, lmao05:26
rpcesarseems totally irrelevent05:26
KI7MTrpcesar, In case you wanna print your Key maybe :)05:28
litropyHow can I make sure swap is usable? I keep getting these out of memory kill process or sacrifice child messages, and I think it's because it either can't decrypt swap, or it's trying to use a different uuid altogether.05:28
kkfhello guys05:30
=== santosh is now known as Guest22502
kkfI need some help with using terminal server on a windows machine and getting into 13.10 ubuntu.  Anyone help?05:31
rpcesarwelp, i now have a menu on seahorse05:32
rpcesarall my keys are gone however05:32
KI7MTrpcesar, what does about say for version info?05:32
rpcesarseahorse 3.6.3 GNUPG: /usr/bin/gpg (1.4.11)05:32
litropyAh. yep. I think I got this. I definitely don't have the right uuid.05:32
KI7MTrpcesar, There still there, you prob need to import them into seahorse05:32
rpcesarthis is funny. if i click on passwords and keys i get the old one05:33
jeffrey_fkkf: http://www.unixmen.com/install-xrdp-in-ubuntu-13-04/05:34
KI7MTrpcesar, you can check in terminal, gpg --list-keys for you PG keys05:34
kkfthank you jeffrey05:34
jeffrey_fkkf: no prob.  Come back with a report working or not.  If not, we can work from there.  This should work05:34
KI7MTrpcesar, then ls ~/.ssh/ for ur ssh stuff .. installing sh should not alter current any keys.05:36
rpcesarah, actually, i realized that i was in root on the terminal I called seahorse from05:36
rpcesarapparently its showing the menu in root, and not in the user05:36
kkfOk so I did that already.  I get a fuzzy screen.  I am on windows 8.1 and I think that plays a factor if I remember right.05:36
rpcesari probably need to refresh my session im guessing05:36
KI7MTrpcesar, You definitely don't want to be using the root account on any of these distro's causes all sorts of issues.05:37
rpcesaryea, that was accidental05:37
rpcesarhad a terminal open with it05:37
KI7MTwhoops ! :)05:38
rpcesaranyways, root has the menu, the other does not , very strange05:38
KI7MTrpcesar, That may explain the od root menu then05:38
rpcesaractually no05:38
rpcesarthe one without the menu is the user05:38
rpcesarthe one with the menu is root05:38
rpcesar(but does explain the lack of keys)05:38
kkfAny ideas Jeffrey?05:39
=== PunX is now known as PunXerZ
KI7MTrpcesar, I'd log out and back ina  normal user then check the user seachorse GUI .. did you install seahorse with sudo apt-get install or just used the root terminal and apt-get install ?05:40
rpcesarstill sudod it05:40
rpcesarbut it was probably in root05:40
rpcesaractually i can confirm that05:40
rpcesarim not logged in as a super-user, i had simply sudo su'd a terminal from before05:41
jeffrey_fkkf: Win --> Ubuntu connection?05:41
KI7MTrpcesar, I goofed up one server I had by activating the root account, all sorts of odd things happened, so, I can't realy can't say what affect using the root account has on all apps, other than one should not use it.05:41
kkfYes sir.05:41
rpcesaryea i dont ever log into root, just sudo su if need be05:41
KI7MTsudo su should be ok05:42
jeffrey_fkkf: what resolution are you going in with?05:43
kkfoh I got it to work!!!05:44
kkfIt was the module that wasn't working correctly.05:45
kkfIt messed up the way it was looking.  Thank you jeffrey!  :)05:45
KI7MTI need to test some install testing, A2 is going out this Wed.05:47
KI4ROKI7MT, Ham cal?05:47
kkfJeffrey next question.  How do I log in from a remote network?  I am assuming I would have to set up a DNS and then connect to it?  I am new to all this btw.  :)05:48
* KI7MT <-== Yup that be the call :)05:48
KI4ROKI7MT, Nice to meet you05:48
KI7MTSame !05:49
jeffrey_fkkf: you would need to set up a VPN between Network A and Network B. Putting a machine as a DMZ host is just asking to be hacked05:51
kkfHmm so that is out of the question for me.  Since it is a work network I assume they could tell if I did that?05:52
jeffrey_fkkf: Not sure what kind of business?05:54
kkfI work for a non-profit that does education and housing.05:54
jeffrey_fkkf: If your network guy keeps his eyes open, they'll know.05:55
KI7MTAnd probably wont be too happy about it either :)05:55
kkfThat's what I thought.  Is it do able over my phones lte connection?05:55
kkfSetup a VPN through my phone and then connect?05:56
jeffrey_fa VPN can be done over any connection.  You'd  need a VPN capable router on both ends05:56
jeffrey_factually, scratch that....You'll need a VPN capable router on the end you want to connect to.  If you want an always there connection, then what I previously said05:57
KI7MTrpcesar, you get the user GUI sorted out?05:58
rpcesarno, but I discovered GPA.05:58
rpcesargnu privacy assistant05:59
KI7MTOh ok05:59
KI7MTrpcesar, Terms sometiems get confuzzzing .. OpenPGP is standard, where GnuPG and PGP are the actual apps.06:00
KI7MTrpcesar, and gpa also06:01
rpcesaryea GPA shows all the keys, and seems to have tools for signing messages, etc06:01
rpcesarpretty sure it all interfaces the same thing06:01
Psil0Cybinhey guys I am having a problem on my HP G62 my Wifi connection keeps dropping, I have done alot of googling and found the results specifiying that a bunch of people have the same problems (but after waiting half a year) I cannot find a solution. My only solution is to type sudo dhclient and wait a few minutes\06:01
rpcesarjust a different frontend with a few more features (and probably its own slew of bugs)06:01
Psil0Cybinhey guys I am having a problem on my HP G62 my Wifi connection keeps dropping, I have done alot of googling and found the results specifiying that a bunch of people have the same problems (but after waiting half a year) I cannot find a solution. My only solution is to type sudo dhclient and wait a few minutes\06:02
KI7MTrpcesar, gpa is like seahorse pr Kgpg, it's the manager app.06:02
KI7MTrpcesar, Still baffeled why seahorse not workign for you though.06:02
=== zz_frobware is now known as frobware
KI7MTrpcesar, Yeah, gpa, seahose all them I believe are use GnuPG system, they are just GUI version v.s. cli.06:04
KI7MT*are using .. .. ..06:04
KI7MTrpcesar, don't forget about creating a revoke key if you publish ur public key06:06
rpcesarthanks for the heads up06:07
KI7MTI have a few hangers out there .. lol .. learned the hard way on that one.06:07
KI7MTrpcesar, You could always put an expire date on them too ..06:08
=== frobware is now known as zz_frobware
diuneighcan someone help me with Xchat?06:11
jeffrey_frpcesar: Create a private, public and revoke key for each key you create06:12
KI7MTYeah what he said ^^^06:12
=== laptop is now known as Guest58294
Guest58294Q: Just installed a fresh 13.10. Xorg log says 'no screens found(EE)'. What can I do?06:17
=== Guest58294 is now known as PilotsLicense
aluchkoPilotsLicense, what else is in the Xorg log?06:18
aluchkomight be the driver failing, what's the video card?06:19
PilotsLicenseRight before that it says 'UnloadSubModule "vbe" and then Screen(s) found but none have a usable configuration06:19
PilotsLicenseNo idea what my video card is, it's an i706:19
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
aluchkothink that's an integrated video card, could try vesa and see what happens06:21
PilotsLicensehuh it says there 'VESA(0) V_BIOS addres 0xd00 out of range'06:22
aluchkoPilotsLicense, this help? (sounds like they have an nvidea card, you have any nouveau stuff in yours?) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=199197306:24
PilotsLicensealuchko: is there anything on that site? looks totally fucked up to me with no CSS and text overlayed over other text06:26
aluchkoPilotsLicense, it's ubuntuforums.org :)06:27
PilotsLicensehitting "printable version" made it readable06:27
PilotsLicensedoes ubuntuforums always look like that?06:27
PilotsLicensepretty messed up and hard to read06:27
KI7MTLooks clean here06:27
PilotsLicensei'll check out if i have any nouveau things going on06:27
aluchkodepends on your browser I guess, looks fine for me06:28
PilotsLicenseyea actually chromium for me too06:28
KI7MTMaybe you have paged zoomed in abit or something, but looks normal here.06:29
PilotsLicenseno i have literally no css06:29
PilotsLicenseno colors, everything is in Times, menus are listed as default ULs... no idea why06:29
KI7MTYeah, something not right about that then.06:29
KI7MTI cleared my cache .. loaded ok .. little slow though, or slower than normal anyways.06:30
ubuntuaddictedanyone familiar with fluxbox? i installed it into xubuntu 12.04.3, choose fluxbox as my session and booted into it. First thing I notice is moving windows it's almost like there's a default wobbly window compositing06:35
ubuntuaddictedBUT the problem is dragging and moving the window is slower than mollasus06:36
jundoehello, is there any channel here for mysql? i have some problems with it, but the people in the mysql channel are not responding06:36
linuxearthhow can i login to the gui of other user from Ctrl+Alt+F306:36
ubuntuaddictedlinuxearth, is there already a user logged into the system at ctrl-altf7?06:37
ubuntuaddictedjundoe, you can ask your question BUT it may or may not be able to be answered06:37
blueingressHi, Is there a script to ignore the login/out message in this channel?06:37
linuxearthi don't know but just have logged in with entering password and username in the gui when the pc starts06:38
linuxearthubuntuaddicted: i don't know but just have logged in with entering password and username in the gui when the pc starts06:38
ubuntuaddictedblueingress, what irc client?06:38
jundoeubuntuaddicted: thanks06:38
blueingressubuntuaddicted, sorry, it is irssi.06:39
ubuntuaddictedlinuxearth, and you want to do what? ctrl-alt-f1 thru f6 are terminal sessions without an x server running.06:39
jundoei am using irssi as well06:39
jundoe< jundoe> anybody can tell me what is the problem with my mysql? when i  type "mysql" in my terminal it give me error message: $ mysql06:39
jundoe14:34 < jundoe> ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through  socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)06:39
linuxearthoh but my switch user option is missing somehow06:39
MagiobiwanI use ZNC then HexChat on my computers06:40
jundoesorry bout that06:40
ubuntuaddictedblueingress, you'll have to google "stop login/log off notifications in irssi"06:40
aluchkojundoe, the mysql server isn't running06:40
PilotsLicensealuchko: i did apt-cache search nouveau, but it doesn't look like i have anything installed06:40
jundoehow to run it?06:40
blueingressubuntuaddicted, Thanks. trying.06:40
sjd_zeusjundoe: service mysqld start06:40
jundoesjd_zeus: thanks06:40
linuxearthoh but my switch user option is missing somehow06:40
jundoeunrecognized service06:41
linuxearthubuntuaddicted: thanks man06:41
ubuntuaddictedjundoe, it may be already running, you aren't specifying what user to log into the mysql server with though06:41
Psil0CybinHey guys how can I find out what Wifi Driver, I am using so I can diagnose my network dropping issue on my HP G62. I find that alot of people had the same issue (back when I remembered) but now I forgot all the links and information06:41
jundoesjd_zeus: unrecognized service06:41
jundoesorry for being noo06:41
PilotsLicensealuchko: i don't even have a xorg.conf in my /etc/X11 after install, is that normal? i copied the failsafe in but that doesn't make a difference06:42
aluchkoPilotsLicense, I know they stopped generating it by default but I haven't had video card issues since they did that06:42
sjd_zeusjundoe: mysql-server installed on your pc?06:43
ubuntuaddictedPilotsLicense, what's your problem?06:43
jundoesjd_zeus: yes06:44
ubuntuaddictedPilotsLicense, you could run the command lspci and look for the VGA one and see what kernel module it says. that's the driver you're currently using then06:46
PilotsLicenseubuntuaddicted: it says i have an integraded graphics controller rev 0906:47
ubuntuaddictedPilotsLicense, lspci -i i meant06:47
ubuntuaddictedPilotsLicense, sorry, lspci -v06:47
KI7MTlspci -vnn |grep VGA06:48
PilotsLicenseubuntuaddicted: for VGA it doesn't say anything about kernel. for some other modules it says a kernel driver in use, not for VGA.06:49
bray90820Is there any sort of ubuntu touch interface for ubuntu desktop06:49
jundoesjd_zeus: how do i start mysql,? i i have installed it a week ago06:49
PilotsLicensejundoe: tried running mysqld?06:49
ubuntuaddictedjundoe, it's probably already running. try ps aux | grep mysql06:49
ubuntuaddictedPilotsLicense, try sudo lspci -v06:50
PilotsLicenseubuntuaddicted: i did06:50
jundoe$ ps aux |06:50
jundoe>                         grep mysql06:50
jundoepio       2837  0.0  0.0  20428   948 pts/1    S+   14:50   0:00 grep --color=auto mysql06:50
PilotsLicenseno kernel module mentioned for VGA06:50
jundoewhere pio is username06:50
ubuntuaddictedjundoe, then it's not running06:50
jundoe./etc/init.d/mysqld start is not functioning06:51
jundoei mean its not working06:51
ubuntuaddictedjundoe, to start it you would issue sudo service mysql start06:52
jundoei used the sudo before the /etc06:53
jundoelet me try again06:53
jundoecommand not found06:54
jundoeby the way, i have Mysql workbench installed, would it be possible that they clashed?06:55
riyanhelp me setting modem06:56
jundoewhat is your problem with modem?06:56
bray90820Is there any sort of ubuntu touch interface for ubuntu desktop06:57
Psil0Cybinhmm I cannot figure out why my HP Pavilion G62 and a Ralink RT5390 keeps dropping the wifi, anyone know what guide can point me perhaps in the right direction, sorry to be a nag guys..I am just lost as usual a little :(06:57
riyanMy modem is not detected06:59
Jordan_UPsil0Cybin: Ralink's drivers are often terrible :(06:59
KI7MTjundoe, what's the ouput of: mysqladmin variables | grep socket06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Psil0CybinJordan_U: so do you think gloing out to walmart type thing and buying a 25$ wifi card, might fix my issue? if so what what I look for to insure this would never happen again :P it is very frustrating, but I do not want to stray away from Xubuntu 12.04 :(07:01
Psil0CybinI just cant use eth0 all the time.07:01
Psil0Cybinwifi usb card*?07:02
=== edwin is now known as Guest36551
kkfok so my router does not allow me to create a VPN.  How would I do this in ubuntu 13.10?  I have a DNS setup through my router as of right now.07:06
not_availablenetwork manager07:07
KI7MTPsil0Cybin, this a good place to start, last update looks like AUG-2013: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported07:07
not_availablealthough i could not get a vpn to work when i tried it kkf07:07
kkfYou couldn't get a vpn to be created using a DNS as ip on ubuntu 13.10?07:08
PilotsLicenseQ: Xorg log says "Screens found but not usable" on Intel i7 laptop with 13.10. Any ideas?07:09
blueingressubuntuaddicted, the answer does not work - (about ignore the login/out infor)07:11
KI7MTPilotsLicense2, Is this one of the new laptops with Intel and NV graphics, optimus I think it's called?07:12
PilotsLicense2i don't know if it has both07:12
PilotsLicense2i only have an i7 sticker on it07:12
PilotsLicense2how would i find out?07:12
PilotsLicense2KI7MT: when i do lspci -vnn i don't get more than one VGA device, and that only says Intel Haswell07:13
KI7MTPilotsLicense2, What have you installed thus far?07:13
PilotsLicense2KI7MT: only the Ubuntu 13.10 installer, then on first reboot it fell back to console with errors in Xorg log07:13
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
=== zz_frobware is now known as frobware
Shudorshondoes anyone know how to sign in hotot07:31
Shudorshoniv got token and inserted it in hotot, but still its not letting me sign in07:31
cfhowlett!info hotot07:31
Shudorshon!info hotot07:31
ubottuhotot (source: hotot): lightweight microblogging client - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (saucy), package size 3 kB, installed size 34 kB07:31
Shudorshonthere is no login info cfhowlett07:32
cfhowlettShudorshon, never used it, don't know.  sorry07:32
Shudorshonholy cat fish :/07:32
MyrttiShudorshon: the development of the client seems to be a bit, and the wikipedia states that it "also appears to use excessive Twitter API requests in some circumstances, leading to the user hitting the request limit before their quota resets every hour."07:34
ShudorshonMyrtti,  so ur telling me that i have to wait more 1 hour to get logged in?07:35
MyrttiShudorshon: no, I'm telling you you might be better off finding some other app.07:35
MyrttiShudorshon: in all likelyhood it's quite possible Twitter itself is blocking it07:36
Shudorshonsounds awful07:37
ShudorshonMyrtti,  how do i know if twitter is blocking it07:37
Shudorshoniv got the pin code from twitter07:37
MyrttiShudorshon: well then you're all good. I'd probably use the Hotot Chrome/Chromium thing though.07:38
MyrttiShudorshon: https://twitter.com/HototApp/status/34483991334420480107:38
ShudorshonMyrtti,  but afterputting pin number why the holy hotot doesnt allow me to sign in07:38
Myrttithere we go, answered. Use the Chrome/Chromium Hotot.07:39
ShudorshonMyrtti,  how to use chomium hotot07:40
MyrttiShudorshon: which browser do you use?07:40
MarkDaviesShudorshon: what's the problem?07:41
ShudorshonMarkDavies,  the problem, is im using voyager xubuntu 12.04 and i cannot log in hotot07:41
MyrttiShudorshon: in that case, I'd recommend you find some other twitter app. There's no point in starting to use the Chrome/Chromium Hotot if you're running Firefox as well07:41
Shudorshoni put the pin code supplied in my twitter account , and then still the hotot doesnt sign me in07:42
ShudorshonMyrtti,  what if i sign up identica.. there is an idenica sign in hotot07:42
MarkDaviesWould somebody be so kind to strace to his firefox process, open some pretty normal sites (let's say microsoft, mozilla, subaru) and provide me with the output?07:42
MyrttiShudorshon: sure, that might work, but identica isn't twitter07:43
ShudorshonMyrtti,  ok i know07:43
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PilotsLicense2!cookie KI7MT07:53
linuxhello ?07:53
PilotsLicense2!cookie | KI7MT07:53
ubottuKI7MT: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!07:54
Shudorshonhotot is not working07:55
Shudorshonhow do i share my computer intenet to another xp computer with ethernet08:06
ShudorshonMyrtti,  do u know how08:06
bray90820If i close the cover on my laptop will my distro update continue08:09
somsip!test | jundoe08:12
ubottujundoe: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )08:12
nearst!ask | jundoe08:12
ubottujundoe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:12
Myrttibray90820: depending on what your powersaving settings are08:13
Myrtti!ics | Shudorshon this might (or might not work)08:13
ubottuShudorshon this might (or might not work): If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing08:13
bray90820Myrtti: what is the default08:14
bbnicknobody's here with a macbookpro?08:17
somsip!mac | bbnick (if you get no answers)08:17
ubottubbnick (if you get no answers): For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages08:17
nearstnope. i got p2 here08:17
Myrttibray90820: it might shut it off after some time.08:18
Myrttiie. attempt to suspend - I can't remember what the default is.08:18
Psil0CybinKI7MT: this is what I am currently using: Steganography$-$Art$of$hiding$data.pdf08:20
Psil0CybinKI7MT: this is what I am currently using: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)08:20
Psil0CybinSubsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company U98Z062.12 802.11bgn Wireless Half-size Mini PCIe Card08:20
Psil0Cybinwrong copy and paste08:20
Psil0Cybini cant get it to run on my HP >.< I wish I did not have to go out and spend even more money08:21
jony_easyriderif I exit Deluge, it won't start anymore, only if I restart the system, please help08:23
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
bbnickI installed 12.04.3 on this macbookpro, on the secondary disk, now I am stuck at boot, on the clean grub prompt08:23
aeon-ltdjony_easyrider: have checked if it exited properly? as in no processes running?08:24
jony_easyrideraeon-ltd, how can I check?08:24
aeon-ltdjony_easyrider: activity monitor? or in a terminal top or htop08:26
nitstormaeon-ltd: ps aux | grep -i deluge08:26
nitstormsorry that was meant for jony_easyrider08:27
blueingressCan anyone tell me how to quickly ignore the  login/out infor in *irssi*? thanks a lot..08:27
nitstormblueingress: forward-slash-hereignore #ubuntu ALL -PUBLIC -ACTIONS08:27
jony_easyrideraeon-ltd, you're right, I killed it08:27
jony_easyridernitstorm, ty08:28
jony_easyrideraeon-ltd, ty08:28
nitstormjony_easyrider: np :)08:28
yaccStupid question, what happened to ddccontrol in Saucy?08:35
tomboy64where can i set in ubuntu that the window focus follows the mouse cursor?08:36
ksmthI am really confused by the downloads page: http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/08:36
ksmthis the 64-bit PC install image compatible with Intel processors or not?08:36
tomboy64ksmth: depends on the generation08:37
somsipksmth: it's compatible with 64bit Intel and AMD08:37
ksmthtomboy64 i708:37
ksmthsomsip thanks :)08:37
somsipksmth: you're fine then08:38
tomboy64ksmth: that one is amd64 (or x86_64) compatible08:38
yaccksmth: AMD64 => that's what Intel 64bit processors emulate.08:38
ksmthyacc: just learned something new08:38
yaccksmth: as crazy as it sounds, 64bit in the Intel architecture was introduced by AMD08:38
tomboy64hehehe yup08:38
yaccksmth: Intel 64bit was meant to be Itanium but somehow that did not work out that well for Intel.08:39
ksmthand if I'd ever want to VNC to the machine, I'd have to use the desktop image?08:39
tomboy64intel was crazy enough to try and force a hard switch to ia6408:39
tomboy64ksmth: it would make things easier for a newbie, yes08:39
tomboy64ksmth: but if you use the server-image you can ssh into it just as well.08:39
ksmthtomboy64 just in case. I doubt I will ever use it, but I don't know just yet08:39
yaccIntel calls it's implementation of AMD's 64bit mode EMT64 or something like that.08:40
somsipksmth: you can run X on a server installation if that's what you mean. Plenty of WMs that are smaller and quicker if you only want VNC access08:40
ksmthsomsip well, I'd like the default user interface I'd see when working with a local ubuntu box08:40
somsipksmth: if you want unity to be availble, better to use the desktop edition08:41
ksmthsomsip ok, that's what I thought08:41
yaccanyone got an idea what happened to ddccontrol?08:41
ksmththanks :)08:41
yaccsomsip: nothing that an apt-get install cannot solve :-P08:42
ksmthah, scrap that. I can install the missing packages when I feel the need for them, right?08:42
somsipksmth: yes08:42
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blueingressnitstorm, thx, Trying08:44
yaccksmth: kind of trivially, yes.08:46
linuxatorhow is ubuntu related to lubuntu an kubuntu?08:46
yaccAnyway, anyone got an idea how to set it up so that WLAN/LAN port use the same MAC address => get the same IP address from DHCP servers08:46
somsip!flavours | linuxator08:46
blueingressnitstorm, I still saw ...." -!- kitty_ [~smuxi@s281p8.home.99maxprogres.cz] has joined #ubuntu"08:46
ubottulinuxator: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.08:46
KI7MTyacc, I think it may be indicator-gddccontrol now08:46
yacclinuxator: lubuntu/kubuntu => different desktop environments on top of Ubuntu08:47
yacclinuxator: LXDE/KDE to be exact.08:47
supauliyacc: i have 'MAC ADDRESS' box on my network manager, but you should be able to se the hw address also on command line08:48
=== sjd_zeus is now known as AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOp
supaulithough, not sure what will happen if you plug both in same network, my guess is problems08:49
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
supauliyacc: (for command line, see man ifconfig 'hw' option )08:49
linuxatoryacc:are there distros ubuntu-supported?08:49
linuxatoryacc:are these distros ubuntu-supported?08:50
yaccsupauli: well, actually that would just make the WLAN access point sweat to decide what side of the bridge to put the packets, BUT as the laptop is reachable on both sides, ...08:50
=== AbCdEfGhIjKlMnOp is now known as oOxXxOo
yacclinuxator: kind of. Define exactly what you mean by ubuntu supported AND what you expect out of this tag.08:52
=== frobware is now known as zz_frobware
yaccAnyway, to return to the real reason, I'm looking for a way to control brightness on my external displays, ...08:53
yaccthe settings app only controls the brightness on the internal screen.08:54
=== zz_frobware is now known as frobware
TJ-yacc: externals probably don't support brightness adjustment in the way you mean (by lowering the CFL output) that laptops do09:02
yaccTJ: but they do support DDC?09:02
yaccTJ-: somehow the support for DDC seems to have evaporated, ...09:03
TJ-yacc: how are the monitors connected?09:05
yaccTJ-: VGA&HDMI plus the internal panel of  the laptop.09:06
yaccTJ-: the HDMI is technically a DVI-D display with a passive DVD-D <=> HDMI cable.09:07
seoaquacan anyone see me pls?09:12
ActionParsnipseoaqua: yes09:12
Unforgiveni see you09:12
TJ-yacc: E-DDC is mandated by the HDMI specification. Are you able to read the EDIDs from the external VDUs?09:12
seoaquaActionParsnip,thank god09:12
yaccTJ-: what tool would tell me? (the screen layout settings do know the monitor by name if that's what you ask)09:12
TJ-yacc: xrandr uses the EDID info to provide its information09:13
yaccTJ-: xrandr works.09:13
TJ-yacc: or you can use the "read-edid" package: "sudo get-edid | parse-edid"09:15
TJ-yacc: EDID confirms E-DDC is working09:16
yaccsudo get-edid09:16
yaccsudo: get-edid: Befehl nicht gefunden09:16
yaccTJ-: sorry.09:17
=== p3rinceTest_ is now known as p3rinceTest
TJ-yacc: As I said, it is in the "read-edid" package09:19
yaccThe EDID data should not be trusted as the VBE call failed09:19
yaccError: output block unchanged09:19
TJ-yacc: Is it via an nvidia GPU?09:19
yaccTJ-: HD4400+750M Optimus with Bumblebee09:19
yaccTJ-: Acer V3-772G09:20
TJ-yacc: you could try ddcontrol: https://github.com/ddccontrol09:21
toilHi. I'm trying to set up Wireless on Ubuntu Server 12.04, but I'm having some trouble. This is my /etc/network/interfaces: http://pastebin.com/3fXynnhT -- It won't connect unless I first login to root. So I have a screen setup on the server, and I have to login to the normal user. according to ifconfig it's up, but no connections are going through.("destination host uneachable"). Then, I run sudo -s, ifdown wlan0, ifup wlan0, and it 09:21
toilCould it be the use of ecryptfs?09:22
TJ-toil: check "/var/log/syslog" and ensure the routes are correct after boot09:24
toilok I'll check that09:27
toilBut it's strange that once I sudo ifdown wlan0; sudo ifup wlan0, it works09:27
TJ-toil: something else you've configured may be over-writing the default route for wlan009:28
yacctoil: have you added wlan0 to the auto directive?09:28
toilIt's a fresh installation09:28
toilyacc: What do you mean?09:28
=== jamie_ is now known as vorsprung
yacctoil: yes, you have ;)09:29
toilOh, I see what you ean09:30
VlanXanyone here know how to use dd?09:30
toilVlanX:  dd if=/path/to/source of=/path/to/destination bs=409609:30
VlanXtoil: I wonder if I can clone an OS which is on a USB drive to a HDD to clone it a different moment again to a differend USB drive09:31
toilTJ-: the 'gateway' setting, is that the supposed to be the Broadcast?09:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:33
dhruvasagarProlonged youtube (even with html5 enabled) usage really bumps the load on the system (load average > 1), is there any known fix ?09:33
x86_128where's the question format now09:33
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:33
toilThe 'gateway' setting in /etc/network/interfaces - Is that the Bcast? Or just the Router gateway?09:34
x86_128i'm using ubuntu, the problem is: it's ubuntu, what i expect is: not ubuntu, how do i fix my problem?09:36
DJonesx86_128: If you want Ubuntu that doesn't look like Ubuntu, have a look at Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu09:37
toilNevermind worked that out myself.. I should rtfm.09:37
=== Zerant_ is now known as Zerant
x86_128:p ok09:37
Wiz_KeeDhow can I get the contents of a web request in ssh to a link like this? http://localhost/indexJsonOnly.php?code={%22KLEB%22:%20%22NO%22,%20%22KARAB%22:%20%22NRM%22,%20%22GEW%22:%20%22EGG%22,%20%22FABR%22:%20%2280%22,%20%22BEF%22:%20%22ED%22,%20%22LEN%22:%20%226%22,%20%22TL%22:%20%22TL%22,%20%22TYP%22:%20%22DXA%22}09:40
Wiz_KeeDSorry, I should not have added those: {"KLEB": "NO", "KARAB": "NRM", "GEW": "EGG", "FABR": "80", "BEF": "ED", "LEN": "6", "TL": "TL", "TYP": "DXA"}09:40
Wiz_KeeDI treid wget and it complains it's not valid09:40
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: nobody can access that , the address is 'localhost' which means it will resolve on a viewers PC to their own system, not yours09:42
nitstormWiz_KeeD: Also, you can use curl instead of wget - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7172784/how-to-post-json-data-with-curl-from-terminal-commandline-to-test-spring-rest09:43
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you will need to forward port 80 on your router then give us your WAN IP etc09:43
toilOK TJ-: The routes are the same09:44
Wiz_KeeDnitstorm, that is a good start but I need to send json as GET09:45
TJ-toil: Does syslog confirm that wpa_supplicant was successful?09:45
toilNope it doesn't.09:47
toilI ifdown at this line 12309:47
nitstormWiz_KeeD: If you don't add the -X switch, curl defaults to GET09:47
toilthe line*09:47
nitstormWiz_KeeD: Alternatively, you could specify -X GET09:47
NuSueyanybody got the Lightpack (lightpack.tv) working on Ubuntu? It didn't want to detect my device (lightpack)09:48
Wiz_KeeDI think I have my answer09:48
Wiz_KeeDThank you nitstorm !09:48
Wiz_KeeDYou have been great help09:49
nitstormWiz_KeeD: Np :)09:50
toilTJ-: Before running ifup/ifdown, wlan0 doesn't have a 'inet addr'09:51
toilperhaps worth noting lol09:52
TJ-toil: is there anything else in /etc/network/interfaces, possibly before wlan0 definitions, that could be causing a syntax error?09:53
toiljust ilo, which came on installation09:54
toilI just tried turning off the auto wlan0, rebooting, and running ifup wlan0 by itself, and it worked fine, too.09:54
=== HDRDanny is now known as HDRDanny|Zzz
toilmeh. i added to /etc/rc.local ifdown wlan0 ; ifup wlan0 and it worked09:57
toilthanks anyways TJ- :D09:58
TJ-Well that's one way not to fix a problem!09:58
NuSueyoh, nobody with a Lightpack? :/ meh too bad10:01
learneris anyone there to help me out10:03
k1llearner: just ask :)10:03
learnerI am facing an issue with display not being initialized after PC is booted10:04
yacck1l: well, it's a new variation on "Can I ask a question" ;)10:04
learnerI see "Error opening display!"10:04
learnerwhen I press escape, cause the display turns dark and does not respond for long10:04
learner12.04 LTS is being used10:05
learnerkill: any clues10:05
learnerk1l: any clues10:06
k1llearner: is this over ssh?10:07
learnerI can access PC over ssh10:07
learnerbut as told on that PC the display is not being initialized10:08
learnerI can access terminal by using ALT + <F>10:08
learnerservices are also running as I can also access webserver from other PC10:09
learnerservices are also running as I can  access webserver from other PC10:09
=== shabble_ is now known as shabble256
EpidemiasHello Everyone10:18
EpidemiasDoes anyone has experience with a MariaDB galera cluster running on ubuntu12.04?10:19
zanzacarI am currently trying to setup backup software with dropbox. I was using back in time via software center. does anyone have any other suggestions? back in time isn't cutting it.10:20
nitstormzanzacar: There is a list of backup tools @http://askubuntu.com/questions/2596/comparison-of-backup-tools10:22
nitstormMaybe you'll find what you're looking for10:23
zanzacarnitstorm: Thats where I found back in time. I just thought that I would poke around arnd see what else anyone might recommend.10:23
nitstormzanzacar: LOL :P okies :)10:23
Mace268zanzacar, you could rsync into a dropbox synced folder, but that may not be what you are looking for.10:24
learnerk1l: do u hv d solution for this problem ?10:24
zanzacarMace268: Well that is basically what I am looking for but the dropbox folder has max of 2gb ( free ) and back in time doesn't seem to be able to do what I want getting rid of some of it. or comrpressing etc.10:24
=== dean|away is now known as dean
nitstormzanzacar: If you're looking for a lot of free cloud storage space, how about Mega?? https://mega.co.nz/10:28
nitstormIt gives you 50Gigs of space for free..10:28
zanzacarnitstorm: nice I might have to look into that.10:29
tiblockHi. I have notebook with WiFi that connected via ethernet to router. Router have WiFi and connected to internet true ethernet cable. My friend have phone with  android that maybe sends some information to some server. I need to sniff trafic. What is best solution for that? I think 1)i can host WiFi from notebook, connect phone to it and sniff trafic. 2)i can connect phone to router and sniff10:30
tiblockWiFi from notebook.10:30
tiblockany easier solution?10:31
tiblockphone dont have root, so i can't install wireshark there10:31
zanzacarActionParsnip: thanks for the article. nice info on there.10:31
ActionParsnipall I did was quack ;)10:31
quackgyverYou can't say that. That's our word.10:32
=== a is now known as Guest99067
* cfhowlett is thoroughly confused by this thread10:32
zanzacarI always thought it was a ducks word first...10:33
jargonthat is,it's a running system with ext4 and it's currently not set up for lvm. can i switch it to lvm without having to reinstall the whole system all over again?10:33
jargonis it possible to change an existing ext4 partition to lvm?10:33
jargonswitched the sentences accidentally,sorry10:33
ActionParsnipjargon: I'd make the LVM, then restore the data to it from your backups10:34
ActionParsnipjargon: it may be possible to convert but its not something I've done10:34
jargonActionParsnip: so start from scratch?10:34
ActionParsnipjargon: is the data on it's own partition?10:35
yaccjargon: not really, you can create a LVM VG, move the partition by copying into the VG.10:35
yaccjargon: then you can create a PV into partition that hosted the ext4 filesystem10:35
yaccjargon: and move the content into it.10:35
yaccjargon: as a last step you can remove the PV you've used for the moving around (e.g. external USB driver)10:36
jargonActionParsnip: there are two partitions only, swap and root10:36
yaccjargon: but there are two issues,  PV takes some space too, so you'll need to shrink the filesystem a tiny bit, if you want to just use the original partition.10:36
jargonyacc: is there i guide on this anywhere? i've never done this before10:36
yaccjargon: and the second issue is, if it's your root partition, you need to keep your system bootable.10:37
yaccjargon: is it your rootfs?10:37
yaccjargon: honest answer => reinstall with LVM.10:37
jargon /dev/sda1 is swap and /dev/sda2 is /10:37
jargonyeah that's what i was afraid it would be10:38
yaccjargon: keeping the system bootable is the issue here.10:38
C4RR3Hey people, I'm installing a GameCube emulator through terminal, and the "make" command requires superuser privileges. How do I run this command as superuser? Thanks in advance!10:38
nitstormC4RR3: sudo make10:39
yaccjargon: so basically, to do that you would probably need to try out the operation in virtual machine first to get a feeling how to handle all issues => it's faster to backup and reinstall.10:39
jargonyacc: i'm going to do the backup now and then reinstall. thanks10:39
C4RR3Nitstorm thanks I'll try that10:39
Touhou11C4RR3: Please don't discuss piracy10:39
yaccjargon: not so fast, let's move over to #lvm, let's discuss what exactly you are trying to achive?10:40
C4RR3Touhou11, not piracy, open source emulator. Not necessarily involve copyright violation.10:40
jargonyacc: ok10:41
Xentinelcan someone help me out here, I need a driver in the form of a deb package, I've got the source right here: https://launchpad.net/~michael-gruz/+archive/canon-trunk/+packages it hasn't been packaged into a deb file. The one I'm looking for is called "scangearmp-common - 2.10-34~ubuntu13.10.1"10:41
yaccTouhou11: an emulator as such is not piracy, especially as the GameCube/Wii community has quite a bit of homebrewn stuff going.10:41
Touhou11yacc: No shit, but in reality 99% of people download games for which they don't own a copy10:42
C4RR3Touhou11, says who?10:42
Touhou11C4RR3: I just did?10:42
ActionParsnipXentinel: why not use the Canon site itself....10:42
C4RR3lol Exactly, you're gonna need a better source10:42
Touhou11C4RR3: Please photograph the legal copies of the games you will be emulating. Or else shut up10:43
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines10:43
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:43
C4RR3Touhou11, k dad10:43
Touhou11C4RR3: Thought as much10:43
C4RR3Touhou11: <310:43
yaccTouhou11: well, so either you are criminal yourself (you illegalically did surveillance on a good part of the users) or you just parroting some copyright lobbyist unfounded accusation?10:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:44
C4RR3Hmmm even with sudo make it comes up with error message: "cannot create directory, maybe need administrative privileges."10:45
C4RR3What's my next recourse? Is there another command such as sudo for superuser?10:45
XentinelActionParsnip, well I can't seem to find it through them10:46
ubottuC4RR3,: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo10:46
ActionParsnipXentinel: try the Canon Europe website10:46
C4RR3cfhowlett,  thanks!10:47
DJonesC4RR3: Is it a specific emulator you're trying to install, just wondered whether there was one avilable in the standard repositories10:47
nitstormIs there someway to take a look at the logs in a `more` format on irssi?10:47
C4RR3DJones I'm installing dolphin out of this instructions: http://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu/wiki/Linux_Build10:47
C4RR3currently at the make && make install line10:47
C4RR3any input very welcome10:48
C4RR3DJones, what do you think?10:49
DJonesC4RR3: Just looking, there's actually a PPA for that10:50
DJonesC4RR3: https://launchpad.net/~glennric/+archive/dolphin-emu10:50
DJonesC4RR3: While its not in the official repo's, installing from a ppa should be a lot simpler10:51
C4RR3DJones, awesome thanks! Is there anyway I can undo the other steps from the first tutorial? lol10:51
nitstormC4RR3: You just need to delete the directory that you cloned.. rm -r dolphin-emu10:52
=== timrc is now known as timrc-afk
C4RR3awesome thanks!!10:53
nitstormsince other packages you installed were just dependencies..10:53
C4RR3(sorry got a noaz bleed hard to type)10:53
nitstormC4RR3: oh ouch!10:53
C4RR3lol its fine, just messy lol10:54
DaiwiddEveryone running 12.04 say Yay! Everyone on 13.10 Yeesh!10:57
DaiwiddYay baby10:58
zanzacarif I have a proccess ID and i know the command how can I tell what program is actually running it?11:00
zanzacarFor example [ 1006 root       20   0  196M 45816  9484 R 46.2  4.8  4h31:05 /usr/bin/X :0 -core -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -nolisten tcp vt7 -novtswitch ]11:01
zanzacarI have a feeling its team viewer but I don't really know.11:01
=== CJD14_ is now known as CJD14
XentinelActionParsnip, okay, I found both a printer and scanner driver on canon europe, but they're also both source files, can I turn them into .deb files?11:02
zanzacaro btw that output from htop! [ pid / user / pri / ni / virt / res / shr / s/ cpu% / mem% / time+ / command ]11:02
ActionParsnipXentinel: what is the model of the device please?11:08
nitstormzanzacar: ps -f pid11:08
nitstormor you could also use pstree -p pid11:10
=== dean is now known as dean|away
zanzacarnitstorm: thanks looks like it Xorg ( its running lubuntu and I am using team viewer to connect ). Is there any way to log CPU usage for that process in the background to a log file or something? this way i can log it for the next 24 hours and check it tomorrow.11:13
ksmthhow can it be that I can ssh into the machine, but the machine can't ping google, i.e.11:19
XentinelActionParsnip, sorry for the long response time, it's a Canon Pixma 64011:19
ksmthok, the DNS doesn't seem to work ...11:19
XentinelActionParsnip, here is the link to the scanner software, pretty sure it's what I need: http://www.canon-europe.com/Support/Consumer_Products/products/Fax__Multifunctionals/InkJet/PIXMA_MP_series/PIXMA_MP640.aspx?DLtcmuri=tcm:13-728033&page=1&type=download11:20
k1llearner: what kind of computer and display is it? what video card?11:21
SamuraiDiohow can I make a smb mount point to be shown on file manager (pcmanfm), to allow users to mount/umount by one click?11:22
learnerdesktop having 2 GHz dual core processor, 4gb RAM, and nvidia display adapter11:22
learnerk1l: desktop having 2 GHz dual core processor, 4gb RAM, and nvidia display adapter11:23
k1ldisplay adapter?11:23
learnerk1l: yes11:23
ksmthhmm, how do I set which nameservers to use?11:23
k1llearner: like in: "which one?"11:24
ksmththe official docs state that changes to /etc/resolv.conf will be re-written on reboot, which is not what I WANT11:24
ksmthsorry for caps lock11:24
nitstormzanzacar: https://superuser.com/questions/149961/writing-a-cpu-ram-usage-log-over-a-period-of-time-to-file-on-centos , https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18922040/small-sh-script-to-log-processes-ram-and-cpu-usage11:24
nitstormzanzacar: you could also do something like top | grep -i pname > log.txt11:25
nitstormFor example, this logs my chromium browser resource usage ->11:25
nitstormps aux | grep -i chrom > ~/Desktop/log.txt11:26
learnerk1l: sorry plz clarify your question - like in : "which one?"11:26
=== stijnvbr_ is now known as stijnvbrande
k1llearner: which video card/adapter is it?11:27
doughiany info about rooting device leo (lg fireweb)11:27
=== timrc-afk is now known as timrc
learnernvidia, thats all I know11:27
Bear10Does anyone know how to install 5.4.23-1+sury.org~precise+1 with xdebug? the xdebug version i have installed was for php 5.3 and i can't get it to work11:27
k1llearner: "lspci" will tell11:27
learnerNVIDIA Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)11:28
k1ldoughi: your issue is not ubuntu support, is it?11:28
ActionParsnipXentinel: looks like you'll be compiling it (if that's what it needs). You could contact the PPA maintainer of the PPA you found11:28
ActionParsnipXentinel: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/19211:28
learnerk1l: any other info should I fetch from results of lspci11:29
k1llearner: what did you do before that error happens?11:29
learnerI kind of purged a few software using - apt-get purge11:30
ActionParsnipksmth: you can add it to the bottom of /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head11:30
ActionParsnipksmth: its a hack but it works11:30
ksmthActionParsnip I have just modified the /etc/network/interfaces11:31
ksmthActionParsnip seems to be working fine11:31
ActionParsnipksmth: that works too11:31
ksmthis it less hacky? haha11:31
learnerk1l: sudo apt-get purge sound-theme-freedesktop ubuntu-sounds11:31
ActionParsnipksmth: the head file adds the resov.confwarning text, so if you add to the file it will add the nameservers you name :)11:31
ActionParsnipksmth: yes lots less hacky11:31
XentinelActionParsnip, thanks so much11:32
k1llearner: ok. can you pastebin the apt-log please? "pastebinit /var/log/apt/history.log"11:32
ksmthdoes apt-get update + upgrade also update ubuntu?11:33
k1lksmth: it does not bring you from 13.04 to 13.1011:33
ksmthk1l: that's good, because I wouldn't want that ;)11:34
supauliksmth: it works in the say way as debian apt-get does11:34
k1l!apt | ksmth11:34
ubottuksmth: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)11:34
learnerk1l: http://pastebin.com/dFknBHZh11:35
learnerk1l: this happened y'day11:35
ksmthk1l: thanks, that seems to be a very nice resource for everything related to apt11:37
learnerk1l: are you able to access the log ??11:37
k1llearner: yes, can you make sure "lightdm" is installed? "apt-get install lightdm"11:37
ksmthsupauli: being unfamiliar with both, this information does not help me very much. ;)11:38
learnerk1l: its says - lightdm is already the newest version.11:38
learnerwhen I used the command11:38
ActionParsniplearner: sudo apt-get --reinstall install lightdm11:38
learnerActionParsnip: done , shd I restart that PC ?11:39
learneror startx11:39
k1llearner: dont use startx11:40
k1lstart lightdm11:40
learnerk1l: ok11:40
k1l"sudo lightdm start"11:40
learnerk1l: thanks11:40
learnerActionParsnip: thanks11:40
WinstonSmithhi trying to set a gsettings schema, in dconf the schema exists, but gsettings complains "no such schema". now how do i set an option in that schema on the cli?11:41
learnerk1l: that was simply great... just trying after restarting once... thanks a lot11:42
learnerk1l: restarting PC I mean11:42
linu1hi i bought a new serial bluetooth adapter,i want to work on it through command,i used normal pairing for file transfer between 2 ubuntu pc,but i dont have idea abt serial bluetooth adapter,can you help me11:43
learnerk1l: after PC restart, same problem11:43
learnerk1l: how can I make lightdm start11:43
k1llearner: sudo lightdm start11:44
learnerk1l: do I have to everytime do lighdm start11:44
k1llearner: this is a server install?11:44
ActionParsniplearner: it should add itself to the startup11:44
learnerk1l: this is desktop 12.0411:44
learnerk1l: should I add this to autostart apps11:45
learnerk1l: or can you give me command to add this11:45
paul424http://sourceforge.net/projects/opendungeons/files/Current%20Release/ hello who could test my binaries ?11:45
learnerk1l: should I try - sudo update-rc.d lightdm defaults11:49
hitsujiTMOlearner: try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm11:49
hitsujiTMOlearner: makes sure you select it as the default display manager11:50
ActionParsniplearner: does it not show up on its own anyway after a reboot?11:50
learnerActionParsnip: show up what ?11:51
ActionParsniplearner: does the GUI login page not show now, when you reboot?11:53
learnerActionParsnip: No11:53
ActionParsniplearner: you can add the command you ran to start lightdm in /etc/rc.local  above the 'exit 0' line11:54
learnerthe ubuntu logo is shown continuously and when I press escape I see error showing "Error opening display!"11:55
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
learnerthen I press ALT + F1 to login thru terminal11:55
learnerand start lightdm11:55
ActionParsniplearner: is this a fresh install?11:56
learnerno quite old11:56
learnerusing it since one year or so11:56
k1llearner: pastebinit /var/log/syslog11:56
ActionParsniplearner: could try:  sudo apt-get clean; sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop11:56
Ssshhah i remember the days of hacking X to get it working :D11:57
SsshhActionParsnip: wouldnt an X reconfigure work better than a reinstall?11:57
Ssshhor at the very least dropping a .conf file into /usr/X11/?11:58
Ssshhlearner: while on the screen with the ubuntu logo, try CTRL-META-BACKSPACE see if it fixes it11:59
Ssshhif not can login through a TTY, try going to init 3 then back to 4, and if that fails you can always cat the error message in the X logfile12:00
k1lSsshh: not that much "hacking" needed. we actually can look into syslog and see if there is some error12:00
Ssshhk1l: was back in early 2000's12:01
SsshhXFree86 :D12:01
k1lSsshh: yes, we have evolved since back then :)12:01
SsshhX tech has, but then i still miss my old Debian with X8612:02
learnerk1l: http://pastebin.com/7rnfw5Aq12:02
tokamHi my Samsung Galaxy S3 is not listed as an mtp device on my ubuntu computer. Why not? I do not even find it with lsusb or mtp12:02
Ssshhtokam: try opening a shell and sudo dmesg | tail see if its listed12:03
ralph_good morning. I'm having difficulty trying to install kubuntu 13.10 and overwriting an existing ubuntu 13.10. the installer doesn't see any hdd which i believe is due to the existing install being a full disk encypted install(passphrase to boot os)12:06
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
Ssshhralph_: you can use sudo fdisk /dev/yourdisk and rewrite the drive from there, just throw down a basic linux part :)12:06
tokamSsshh: not it is not listed.12:07
alexande1is it possible to give a spesific userid permissions to a spesific folder without chown or changing him into the group that has permissions12:07
azamathi. On my ubuntu 13.10, sometimes volume goes to maximum. Why is that?12:07
ralph_ive tried installing kde plasma desktop already but something broke it. id like to reinstall but even after formatting disk and repartitioning in kubuntu live disk session installer still doesnt recognize the hdd. the partition program in live session still shows a lock on the hdd and im never prompted for my passphrase?12:08
learnerActionParsnip: Thanks, adding command to /etc/rc.local helped12:09
Ssshhtokam: doesnt look possible according to the Ubuntu forums, sorry mate12:09
learnerk1l: Thanks again12:10
tokammaybe there is an alternative? maybe an nautilus plugin?12:10
Ssshhtokam: might be not sure, i dont use a lot of andoid devices mate12:10
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
Ssshhralph_: might just need a reboot so the kernels aware of the partition changes if any have been made12:11
ralph_@ssshh i will try thx12:13
Ssshhazamat: not sure mate12:17
=== dean|away is now known as dean
alexande1I want to see relevant info regarding users in terminal12:24
alexande1how can i display such info?12:24
geirhawhat do you consider relevant?12:26
alexande1username-userid-gid-secondary groups12:26
alexande1perhaps even homefolder12:26
alexande1i know that groups is displayed with the groups command12:27
geirhagetent passwd   shows most of it12:28
alexande1Thanks geirha!! :D12:28
alexande1geirha: I used the /etc/passwd file already as an indication, but it only shows primary group. so now i use the passwd file and the groups command to get most of the info. But is there a command that is even more informative?12:33
geirhaalexande1: Shouldn't be too hard to read in those two databases with awk and output the info in the format you want.12:36
sopparushow can I check which crypto are installed in kernel?12:40
geirhaalexande1: awk 'BEGIN{OFS=FS=":"} FNR==NR{group[$3]=$1; n=split($4,a,/,/); for (i=1;i<=n;++i) member[a[i]]=member[a[i]]","$1;next} $3>=1000{print $3, $1, group[$4] member[$1]}' /etc/group /etc/passwd12:50
geirhaalexande1: gives you  uid:username:groups12:51
MasterOfDisasteralexande1: what about 'id'?12:51
MasterOfDisasteralexande1: id <username> e.g. id fuero -> uid=1000(fuero) gid=1000(fuero) groups=1000(fuero),20(dialout),27(sudo),29(audio),44(video),46(plugdev),120(vde2-net),124(pulse-access),1001(netdump),122(vboxusers),129(libvirtd)12:52
weedmicusing mail (or mailx) from a terminal as root, how does one delete all e-mails for root read or unread?12:55
ActionParsnipweedmic: look in /var/spool/mail or /var/mail   each mailbox has a text file, just blank it off12:56
MasterOfDisasterweedmic: rm /var/spool/mail/root might be the fastest way ;-)12:56
weedmicif I delete the file, will a new one be created when the next e-mail is received?12:56
MasterOfDisasterweedmic: yes12:57
weedmicperfect - Q12:57
ActionParsnipweedmic: or use:  cat /dev/null > /var/spool/mail/root12:58
weedmictoo late :o12:58
geirhadon't even need cat /dev/null12:58
MasterOfDisasterActionParsnip, weedmic: truncate -s0 /var/spool/mail/root12:59
weedmictomorrow, i'll take all the mail and put it in a file and print it out and see what notices I've been getting that aren't 356k lines worth :D12:59
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: that too12:59
geirhajust   >/var/spool/mail/root   without any command, will truncate the file12:59
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weedmichas anyone here successfully got eticket (from eticketsupport) to fetch pop3 mail?  I'm trying to hire eticket to get that working, but they don't seem to read my messages.  the ticket sysem works fine except for fetching e-mail via pop3.  it's not ubuntu so it's ok if no one knows either.13:01
=== dean is now known as dean|away
TJ-weedmic: have you used tcpdump/whiresark  to analyse any connections it makes?13:05
weedmicno - i shall look into that momentarily13:06
weedmiccould it be wireshark?13:06
vaneaLet say I have this directory structure http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=NwYYj25S Can anyone help me to make a script that goes to the directory R, then enters R1 do the stuff, exits R1, enters R2, do the stuff, and so on till R9, exits R9, exits R, enters C, enters C1, do the stuff, exits C1, and so on till all the directories from the first level (e.g. R, C, H) are processed by it?13:07
vaneaI do not know the precise list of the directories or subdirectories13:07
weedmicI might suggest #bash - they helped me with some scripting (if it was bash)13:07
TJ-weedmic: "sudo tcpdump -nvi $IF tcp port 110"13:08
huttanvanea: man find13:10
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest52368
weedmici connect from my linux to other linux servers using krdc.  it works, but it is very choppy moving the cursor.  anyone know how to make it smoother?  I'm comparing this to when I use rdesktop to connect to windoze servers which works smoothly.  rdesktop has never worked for me from linux to linux.13:13
james_woodsHi, I've compiled strongswan on my own on Ubuntu 13.04 and I want to have it started at system startup. AFAIK Ubuntu made a switch from /etc/init.d towards service - can someone point me towards a howto where I can learn howto add the strongswan startup script?13:14
huttanweedmic: teamviewer is great for convenience. www.teamviewer.com13:14
ActionParsnipweedmic: what do you do on the remote system?13:15
weedmicQ, but vnc is already working, I just want a better experience13:15
ActionParsnipweedmic: vnc is not secure. I hope you are not using it over WWW13:16
philinuxjames_woods;~ dash>startup apps. You can add it there.13:16
weedmicI'm the root user and manage them.  they are not all in my building - my networks is a bit large.13:16
MasterOfDisasterweedmic: I'd strongly suggest using xfreerdp (newer versions of krdc do) and try adjusting its performance settings13:16
weedmicit is an intranet13:16
ActionParsnipweedmic: so you help users fix desktop issues on the remote systems?13:16
ActionParsnipweedmic: VNC is not secure in any way. I suggest an SSH tunnel for security13:17
weedmicno, i don't like users.  it's only servers13:17
ActionParsnipweedmic: what do you do on the servers that needs a GUI?13:17
MasterOfDisasterweedmic: liking them is optional :D13:17
* cfhowlett thinks this explains SO much ...13:17
MasterOfDisasterActionParsnip: you might be hard pressed using a windows server without a gui.13:18
ActionParsnipweedmic: what do you do when you are on the remote server desktop?13:18
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: have you not used Windows server core then?13:18
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: no GUI at all, you manage it using powershell from your desktop PC13:18
weedmicfor example, the helpticket lamp machine.  it is a complete unit to itself.  I did not open the apache to others, so I would need to open firefox to manage it (until I get it to fetch pop3 mail - then I can mange it without ever goign there at all via e-mail).13:18
weedmicthe backup machine is all text, but sometimes i get 5 of each letter - which is a bother13:19
MasterOfDisasterActionParsnip: If I could, I would. If you have to install 3rd party cra... ah software that requires a GUI for installation and operation, you're screwed.13:19
ActionParsnipweedmic: you can open the SSH port, connct to the server then run Firefox via SSH, nice and secure13:19
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: its managed dude, good times13:19
MasterOfDisasterActionParsnip: plus, we're domainless heathens here.13:20
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: plus, making MSI packages of software is wise13:20
=== zz_dino82 is now known as dino82
ActionParsnipMasterOfDisaster: makes effort for yourselves without a domain13:20
weedmicI can consider that, perhaps it is the wrong approach, but do you have any idea why rdesktop does not connect to linux machines - while krdc/vnc does?13:20
weedmicin my mind, I always think of ssh as text only - so it is a bit of a new concept for me13:21
ActionParsnipweedmic: no idea. I think remote desktop is pretty much dead these days, there are lots more graceful ways to achieve what people use vnc etc for.13:21
MasterOfDisasterweedmic: well, is your linux box running an rdp server? Isn't rdesktop rdp client only?13:21
ActionParsnipweedmic: if the client has an X server (install and run Xming in Windows) you can X forward apps to it and they will be running on the server side but displaying on the client13:22
weedmici'm only talking linux - connectin to nt machines is working perfectly13:22
ActionParsnipweedmic: then linux to linux will run as your client will have an X server13:22
xerror1hi all, its me :-) may i ask somethign ?13:23
weedmicu just did :D13:23
xerror1:-D right13:23
ubottuxerror1,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:24
pavsIs it possible to install the latest stable kernel 3.13 on Ubuntu 13.10?13:25
k1l!mainline | pavs13:25
ubottupavs: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:25
xerror1ty, ok, my question: is the dailybuild of 12.04.4 to consider as unstable as a dailybuild before a fullrelease is ? could i really damage hardware installing the dailybuild of 12.04.4 and if i intsall it, where could i exchange expieriences baout it and maybe contribut a little to it ?13:25
weedmicI found nothing with "rdp" on the server at all - hmmm13:26
weedmici think i'll try the ssh thing first though13:26
cfhowlettxerror1, daily builds are not considered stable.  use the point releases13:26
cfhowlettxerror1, or go ahead and use daily and contribute bug/break and fix reports13:27
weedmicgive me a sample terminal line to start firefox on a remote linux machine to which I am connected via ssh, then I can see if that works for me.13:27
=== UKn0Meh is now known as UKn0Me
xerror1cfhowlett: ty ! so the only meetingpoint would be the bugtracker ? and am i right that the alpha2 comes on th24th this month ?13:29
weedmici'm not sure vnc is insecure, i setup kfrb to allow the connection only from 1 machine - did that not do anything?  or are you talking sniffer level snooping b/c it is not encrypted packeten.13:29
zetheroousing Ubuntu 12.04.3 here ... I have a 16GB USB stick ... I copied about 1GB of data to it and then Safely Removed it ... then up pops something saying that data is being written to the USB disk and to wait until it's finished ... this dialog stays there for quite a while before finally disappearing ... this does not seem right.13:35
=== p3rinceTest_ is now known as p3rinceTest
cfhowlettxerror1  alpah2?  um, you MUST be talking about 14.04 and not 12.04.4, right?13:39
MyNickIsNickhi, i need help if anyone has an idea... i'm trying to do some traffic shaping using wondershaper, but every time i try i get this output : RTNETLINK answers: Operation not supported We have an error talking to the kernel13:43
MyNickIsNicksome people say that i may need to load some modules toi enable QOS at kernel level13:44
=== hXm is now known as hxm
MyNickIsNickmost doubt that i should compile a new kernel with QOS enabled, because the default kernel probably has it already (12.04)13:45
james_woodsphilinux: but I am speaking of a server, e.g. I want to solve this via terminal and without a login event?13:45
james_woodsphilinux: I think crontab is the wrong thing to use and I thought service might be the right (?)13:46
AnonymoRefugeMyNameIsNick: Im not sure, i havent ever had that problem, but you could look it up on bing or google if that would help13:46
james_woodsI will use /etc/rc.local13:46
MyNickIsNickAnonymoRefuge: well i did, and there's a lot of material on these keywords, most talk about compiling a new kernel with good options selected13:46
AnonymoRefugeAhhhh okay, im not sure then, sorry13:47
trisquelmy laptop brightness is max every time i bootin13:47
MyNickIsNickand there is my other issue, i compiled my new kernel, placed it in /boot tryed update-grub command, but the system does not see my frehly compiled kernel13:47
trisqueli tried echo 3 > /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness13:47
philinuxjames_woods;~ some info here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=176797913:48
MrAlexandroaccidental change of root's shell using chsh here. trying to use the shell file to change it back but now i get pam authentication faled13:48
trisquelbut doenst work13:48
tomboy64nobody here knows how to switch window-/mouse behaviour to "focus on hover"?13:48
MyNickIsNicklast time i tryed to build my own kernel, grub was a few versions back, and we used menu.lst13:48
tomboy64it's no problem to change on kde, why is this an issue on gnome?13:48
trisquelany solution?13:48
trisquelyounes: i have a hp printer 3515 that works in ubuntu 13.10 but not in 12.04?13:50
trisquelyounes: i think its driver issue?13:52
younesMaybe try to google for drivers for linux i'll help you with searching13:52
WinstonSmithhi i'm on 13.10, custom keyboard shorcuts don' seem to work, tried different shortcuts none work. any ideas?13:53
trisquelyounes: i have tried installing drivers from hp site but it breaks the setup so i wont.13:53
youneshmm look at this: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html13:53
younestry it with that13:54
younesif it doesn't work call me then ;013:54
younes;) *13:54
younesAnd btw why did you downgrade?13:54
WinstonSmithshortcut shows up fine in org.gnome.desktop.settings.daemon.plugins.media-keys.custom013:55
WinstonSmithyounes: yes?13:55
younesDoes your keyboard come with special drivers?13:55
younesIf so you need to install them13:56
trisquelyounes: with 13.10 my hardisk and cpu of the laptop make a lot of noise and run continuously thus heating issue13:56
John__Hey, to anyone with experience - I'm attempting to run Ubuntu from a toshiba external harddrive - the OS will be run on multiple machines, is it my best bet to go with the 32 bit installation?13:56
WinstonSmithyounes: no normal PS/2 keyb, other system shortcuts work fine13:56
younesTrisquel Hmmm okay weird but ok13:56
younesJhon____ YEs13:56
ubottumatenano: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:56
younesBEcause you can't know the ram specs on every pc13:56
John__^ exactly13:56
younesNo Problem13:57
John__will my HDD be wiped completely during installation?13:57
John__I have files on it.13:57
younesJhon__ It depends13:57
trisquelyounes: i had similar issues with almost every ubuntu release except the lts one.13:57
younesI would recommend to partition your hard drive13:57
John__Thats what i thought13:57
younestrisquel Hmmm did your laptop run windows first?13:57
trisquelyounes: no13:57
trisquelyounes: why?13:58
younesHmmm because your laptop can need some special drivers or it won't work like mine13:58
trisquelyounes: but why does it work with 12.04?13:58
raiderturboJohn__, Is there a particular reason why you want to install to a external HDD?13:59
younesI have no idea but i could be that the kernel is different and works for you but i have no idea13:59
younesRadiderturbo: because he wants to use it with multiple pc's13:59
John__I'm a high school student and my school has a networked system of PCs running Windows 7.13:59
John__I think it would be great to literally carry around my hard drive.14:00
younesAhhh don't like windows ;P14:00
John__That's why I want to boot up to Linux on every computer I have access to.14:00
WinstonSmithso any ideas?14:01
younesNice idea Jhon__ But my school haves a other linux distro installed so i don't have to use a hard drive :p (dual-boot)14:01
younesabout what ?14:01
raiderturboJohn__, And you're school is going to let you do that?!?!14:01
John__That would be nice if I didn't attend an inner-city low budget school.14:01
John__Pssh, of course not.14:01
ActionParsnipJohn__: if yu have a linux system at home you can port forward port 22 and run an SFTP server, no need to carry anything then :)14:02
John__I considered that actually.14:02
John__I'm afraid of my IT director becoming the wiser and disabling that feature, leaving me in the cold.14:02
ActionParsnipJohn__: as long as port 22 is allowed then you win14:02
WinstonSmithhint: run on port 80 ;)14:03
younesJohn__ btw if there is a computer you can always live boot if it supports usb booting14:03
John__Anyway to check?  {Windows 7 Enterprise}14:03
younesahah smart ;)14:03
John__Live boot?14:03
younesTo check what jhon__?14:03
John__If port forwarding is disabled.14:03
John__or allowed in this case.14:03
ActionParsnipJohn__: you can try SSHing to known SSH servers etc, you wont be able to connect to your own kit as its not setup yet14:04
younesWell every computer should have a bois chip go into the bios and select usb as first boot option14:04
younesif you don't see it it probably wont work14:04
John__Wouldn't the OS be more efficient if I could just install it to the HDD14:04
John__faster i mean14:04
John__i have a TB external14:05
John__its not a problem to do so14:05
ActionParsnipJohn__: why, how does that fix anything?14:05
younesJohn__: Again it depends on what you want14:05
ActionParsnipJohn__: smart admins put passwords on BIOSes etc, so may scupper your plans to boot USB14:06
John__does wubi require administrator14:06
younesJhon__ If you have a slow connection then yes but sftp or ssh doesn't need that14:06
ActionParsnipJohn__: yes it is a system change to Windows14:06
younesmuch internet speed14:06
John__i do not believe i have administrator access14:06
John__no i dont14:06
ActionParsnipJohn__: plus wubi is garbage, and no longer developed14:07
younesJhon__ You don't need it14:07
John__my internet is plenty fine14:08
dopsiJohn__ : you can also try file sharing over http (https://singpolyma.net/2009/11/simple-http-based-file-shares-for-ubuntu/)14:08
John__i don't have a steady internet connection at home14:08
John__my DSL times me out14:08
John__i live in the middle of nowhere, however my school is in the middle of town14:08
younesJhon__ ohh then maybe it's not better to run it at home but to install it on the HD14:08
John__it has great internet14:08
John__is that possible to do so without an administrator account?14:09
younesJust boot into the bios14:09
designbybeckVery Odd Problem this morning!... I shutdown Ubuntu 13.10 after work on Friday. I boot up this morning and can't get past the login screen. I type in my password, the screen goes blank and then comes back to the login. This happens with Guest as well.14:09
John__pendrivelinux requires admin'14:09
designbybeckI tried going to a terminal and start/stop lightdm, but that didn't seem to help14:09
designbybeckI've restarted and shutdown twice..... Any suggestions!?14:09
John__I just have the ISO..14:09
younesdesignbybeck: Sorry Can't help you with that14:09
designbybeckThis is the first time tanything tlike this has happened14:09
younesJhon__ wait i'll give you a tut14:10
John__class change :D14:10
younesLook here for a tut on how to install it on a external HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDM2LqFoHv414:11
younesohhh he is afk :|14:11
designbybeckActionParsnip: ...might you be around?14:11
=== Amaury is now known as Guest16334
younesGuys i'm afk!14:13
Quitey23312Guys, I'm trying to download eclipse Kepler. I don't find it in the USC. If I download it in my browser, the download fails due to faulty internet connection.. Can I get a torrent/ppa?14:15
Guest16334Hi everyone, I've got a problem with Ubuntu 13.10 : after the installation, I've lost my wallpapers... I cannot change my default wallpaper nor the Unity's dock color...14:15
tiblockHi. I tryed to upgrade from ubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 and while rebooting i got this http://rghost.ru/51819776/image.png and nothing changing for about 1-2 hours. Do i need hard-reboot notebook or wait more?14:16
younestiblock: Try to do a clean reinstall14:17
youneshi john__14:17
tiblockyounes, so i can reboot it? Thank you.14:17
younesi found a tut for you on how to install ubuntu on a HD14:17
youneslook here14:17
John___no YT...14:18
John___any text tutorial14:18
younessure wait a sec14:18
John___ill try a VPN in the mean time14:18
Guest16334All I got is a black wallpaper, cannot change anything about it ...14:18
younesJohn__ are you her?14:18
younesGuest16334: Try to download one14:19
John___im on an Xp machine now14:19
youneslook herre http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/installing-ubuntu-on-an-external-hard-drive/14:19
John___send that to me again in one second14:19
John___im going to move to a windows 7 machine14:20
younesoki see you then14:20
Guest16334Hi Younes ( thanks ), I already tried but anything I tried worked !14:20
designbybeckSo far I tried this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360572/cant-log-in-after-upgrade-ubuntu-13-1014:20
designbybecktried removing .Xautohrity didn't seem to do anything14:21
dubeyI am using 12.04 installed with  openvpn. I want to configure vpn client same as "redirect-gateway def1"  on windows14:22
cfhowlettdubey, greetings14:22
designbybeckWell dang that didn't work either14:24
vklphello everyone, I'd closed the lid of the computer and when I just re-opened it, the screen was not locked, as it was normally supposed to be. I tested it by closing and opening the lid once again, and it was locked this time. what might have happened?14:24
designbybeckI tried this as well... still didn't work: sudo /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults --show-manual-login true14:24
John___Back on a 7 machine.14:24
youneslook here: http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2013/10/23/how-to-install-ubuntu-13-10-on-an-external-hard-drive/14:25
smmsadrnezhI have elementary OS Luna 64-bit on my HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. I'm unable to change desktop wallpaper and create new keyboard language layout in system setting. It doesn't take effect.14:25
younesroger, over14:25
smmsadrnezhPlease help me.14:25
juzemackanyone know why there is a huge performance difference from 12.04 to 13.10 on virtual box??14:25
designbybeckAnyone have problems logining into Ubuntu 13.10? I type in my password it goes to blank and then goes back to the login14:25
ubottusmmsadrnezh,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:25
cfhowlettjuzemack, how much ram did you give the new box?  are you using 32 or 64 bit on the new box?14:26
designbybecksmmsadrnezh: also contact the elemntary OS IRC channel14:26
juzemackcfhowlett: I maxxed out my ram and it is the 64, that may be the issue?? my older 12.04 is 3214:27
cfhowlettsmmsadrnezh, elementary OS?  Is that ubuntu?14:27
John___Okay... installation is asking for me to mount linux distro onto a disc... I obviously know how to do that but my question is will I need administrative access - which I do not have.14:27
arunpyasiguys, will Ubuntu 32 bit dual boot with windows 8?14:27
smmsadrnezhdesignbybeck: cfhowlett: elementary is based on ubuntu.14:27
compdocjuzemack, are any processes taking up a large amount of cpu time?14:27
cfhowlettsmmsadrnezh, but it's NOT ubuntu so ... not supported here.  sorry.  pretty sure they have their own support channels.14:28
juzemackcompdoc: not that I know of. As far as I am concerned it is running under same conditions my 12.04 was14:28
Guest16334Another thing : when there's not a window opened ( not reduced into the dock ) and I close one, I've got a little freeze ( when my Ubuntu has to load the desktop it freezes a little bit )..14:28
younesjohn___ Did you go in to the bios and booted from the iso or disk?14:28
juzemackim currently on the 12.04 version14:28
designbybeckcorrect smmsadrnezh but those guys know their setup inside and out and might can provide better insight...just a suggestion14:28
juzemackI was told I may have to run 'mate' along side VBox14:28
cfhowlettjuzemack, 64 bit needs a different kernel than 32 bit and vbox can't always create it.14:28
juzemackcfhowlett: ok, I may have to reinstall under 3214:28
John___younes :  dont i have to burn that image to a disc or USB first?14:29
juzemackmy laptop is 64 and was hopin it would utilize the hardware a bit better14:29
John___i just have the .iso on my external14:29
John___nothing has been done to it14:29
younesJohn__ you need to use a tool to kinda put it on the usb/disk because else it wont boot14:29
cfhowlettjuzemack, ??? mate is a desktop environment ...14:29
cfhowlettjuzemack, ask the experts: #vbox14:29
juzemackcfhowlett: sounds good, thanks for the info14:30
younesJohn___ google it i'm sure you'll find it type in: How to live boot ubuntu from usb14:30
arunpyasiguys, will Ubuntu 32 bit dual boot with windows 8?14:30
John___i need a tool that doesnt require administrative access14:30
cfhowlettjuzemack, I've had better luck with 32 bit14:30
cfhowlettjuzemack, for similar reasons, I'd recommend NOT using unity in a  vbox.  lubuntu/xubuntu run just fine14:30
arunpyasiguys, will Ubuntu 32 bit dual boot with windows 8 64 bit?14:30
cfhowlettarunpyasi, yes.  but14:31
compdocjuzemack, you can always just look to see if any processes taking up a large amount of cpu time14:31
cfhowlett64 bit should run if your system is capable14:31
younesJohn___ they don't need it14:31
juzemackcompdoc: when i look at processes on both machines they appear to be similar, although 13.10 64 is slightly heavier14:31
juzemackI think I will just reinstall with 32 and see what that does14:32
cfhowlettjuzemack, best of luck.14:32
juzemackcfhowlett: thx for the help :)14:32
compdocjuzemack, cant use the ram if you go 32bit14:33
compdocdid you say you have 64G ram?14:33
juzemackheh no 8 gig ram on my laptop14:33
ihreWould it be possible to dd an entire system from a HDD to an USB stick?14:33
compdocstill, 32bit is limited to 4G14:34
ihreso that it would boot, forgot to mention14:34
cfhowlettihre, ... in theory ... yes.  straight copy.  Now a BOOTABLE copy is a whole different question14:34
younesOk guys i need to go cya14:34
Ssshhcompdoc: 32 is 3TB, beyond 3TB a 32 bit arch cant handle14:36
compdocSsshh, its actualyl 4G, but the video card ram has to fit in there14:37
Ssshhwhen you format a "4TB" device you get less than 4TB14:37
Ssshhso 3TB way i see it14:37
pankaj_is there a way to have unity,lxde,xfce desktop in a system without clashing of applications?14:39
pankaj_wahts that14:40
Ssshhall 3 use GTK, with Unity being GTK3 based14:40
Ssshhsince Unity is another GNOME shell14:40
nivramhow to get world war 2001 to work14:40
Ssshhyou should only need to set your GTK2/3 themes and you should be good to go14:41
Ssshhisntr LXDE switching to Qt actually?14:41
pankaj_i could not get your last line14:41
dopsipankaj_ : yes install kdebase-workspace for kde desktop without kde apps (konqueror, etc...)14:41
cfhowlettpankaj_, yes, just install the desktop environments not the meta-packages; e.g. sudo apt-get install lxde NOT lubuntu-desktop14:42
pankaj_and if i need to remove one of them completely?14:42
john____Got administrative access14:43
john____installing pendrivelinux to external now14:43
pankaj_eg. i will remove xubuntu-desktop for xfce ?14:43
cfhowlettpankaj_, sudo apt-get purge packanage-name14:43
pankaj_purge wil do what?14:43
nearstpankaj_, remove config file14:44
Bray90820_Can a live CD be used to upgrade ubuntu14:44
nearstBray90820_, if ure chroot it14:45
Bray90820_I'll just stick with the update manager14:45
Bray90820_seems quicker14:45
SsshhBray90820_: its as easy as mounting your partitions, typing chroot /your/directory /bin/bash and then upgrade from there14:48
Ssshhi would highly recommend learning how to :]14:48
Bray90820_i will be learning how in the next few weeks but right now it's quicker then downloading the iso and making a CD14:50
SsshhBray90820_: Aptitude will upgrade your running system itself once installed14:50
Bray90820_Right now i am just using the upgrade manager14:51
Ssshhbecause of Debians base you just need to issue a dist-upgrade and you can download updates and it'll auto upgrade basically14:51
hansapt-get can upgrade to.14:51
nearstusually chroot is for recovery. upgrade and dist-upgrade will safe too14:51
Ssshhlike nearst said, recovery14:52
Bray90820_I will be taught all of this in my windows command line class14:52
Ssshhbut i have been known to use old install isos and upgrade from a chroot before first boot14:52
Bray90820_i ment Linux/unix comman line14:52
Ssshhtry sudo apt-get dist-upgrade14:52
Ssshhif its Debian use aptitude safe-upgrade14:53
Bray90820_I already started the update process14:53
Ssshhyou did read the release notes right?14:53
Bray90820_ didn't really need to because i pretty much knew everything it was going to say14:53
Ssshhah ok cool :]14:53
Bray90820_I have been using ubuntu for almost 10 years14:54
Bray90820_i started on 8.0414:54
Ssshhi started Ubuntu on first release14:54
Ssshhtwas fun14:55
Ssshhnot particularily fond of it lately like14:55
Bray90820_you don't like the unity stuff huh14:55
Ssshhno i can say i do like it to an extent, but i prefer vanilla GNOME 3 to it14:56
Ssshhit could be very much more refined14:56
nearsthoary for me as i remember, canonical send me a live CD to install it. sweet memory14:57
Ssshhnearst: i remember them :]14:57
Myrttimemory lane runs to #ubuntu-offtopic too ;-)14:57
Bray90820_personally I love it but that might be due to the fact that i am using it as my tv interface with a touch screen and remote14:57
Ssshhim up for some of that!14:57
nearstMyrtti, ty for advice :P14:57
Bray90820_What i would like it a tablet to run ubuntu desktop with the touch interface14:59
muttley_hey all! :) anyone use this hacking tools? its great for learning!   http://adf.ly/cRFKQ15:00
somsip!touch | Bray90820_15:00
ubottuBray90820_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch15:00
Bray90820_somsip: i was actually asking more about an overlay for the desktop version15:01
Milkywayfrench ?15:01
somsipBray90820_: overlay? You mean unity?15:01
somsip!fr | Milkyway15:01
ubottuMilkyway: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:01
trisqueli have trouble configuring a hp printer Ink Adv 3515. It runs on 13.10 but doesn't run on 12.04 and i use 12.04?15:02
jattdoes ubuntu 12.04 use systemd or upstart?15:02
Bray90820_somsip: I wanted the touch interface on top of the desktop version so i could run all the desktop apps but use it like a tablet15:02
trisquelwhat can be done15:02
Bray90820_somsip: i already have the desktop version installed15:02
somsipBray90820_: you want to enable the touchscreen in unity?15:03
Bray90820_somsip: you know the interface for a device like a nexus 10 right15:03
somsipBray90820_: No, I don't15:03
trisquelany idea15:03
Cheeryhow to configure sound settings in modern ubuntu?15:04
Bray90820_somsip: no offense but i don't think your the right person to be helping me15:04
somsipBray90820_: I agree. Maybe if you can clarify exactly what you want, someone else can help.15:05
Bray90820_somsip: i actually did but you didn't realize that there is a different interface for tablets and desktops15:05
trisquelprinter hp 3515 works on 13.10 and not on 12.04 why?15:06
somsipBray90820_: it may be that you're expecting a convergence from !touch that is in development and !14.04 unity which is also in development. It may be that 14.04 gives you the unity experience you want, but without some of the screen-switching necessary on a small-form device. Anyway, EOT for me15:06
somsip!fi | robotti^15:07
ubotturobotti^: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)15:07
supauliBtw: on ircnet the ubuntu.fi was invite only (?)15:08
robotti^I don't think so15:08
Bray90820_somsip: http://pocketnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ubuntu-touch-nexus-10.jpg15:08
robotti^supauli: I am chatting on ubuntu.fi at ircnet15:08
Bray90820_that's the interface i want on the desktop verson so i can use it on my touch screen laptop15:09
anonymous 15:09
somsipBray90820_: as mentioned, !touch is in development and supported elsewhere. It's nice to have hopes for the next version of Unity, but you may not get concrete answers that help you here15:09
Bray90820_somsip: i just asked here since I wanted on top of the desktop version instead of starting with that as the base and not being able to install desktop apps15:11
Bray90820_do you get what i am saying15:11
somsipBray90820_: you seem to want something that isn't there yet. For now, it's Unity. And I'm going to stop responses now as off topic.15:11
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Bray90820_Anyone else wanna chime in15:12
=== rickyb98 is now known as RickyB98
anonymous 15:12
anonymous 15:12
anonymous 15:12
FloodBot1anonymous: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:12
bwkin gnome boxes I can't establish a connection to the ISOs i'm trying to make a box for. Any clues of why that is?15:13
railsraidercan someone help me out with this upstart it hangs but when i just fire the start-stop-daemon from the shell it workshttp://pastebin.com/QtsYWUPb15:14
Bray90820_Would ubuntu work well installed as a VM on a clover trail processor15:16
Cheeryso nobody knows how to adjust ubuntu audio from terminal?15:17
supauliCheery: alsamixer15:18
adje123 15:18
adje123 15:18
adje123 15:18
FloodBot1adje123: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:18
=== dhruvasagar_away is now known as dhruvasagar
Cheerysupauli: thanks!15:18
supauliCheery: np!15:18
Bai11I'm trying to do CUDA development locally, but I'm not confident about configuring everything. I've got an NVIDIA GeForce 525m, but that's tied up with the integrated graphics. I expect to configure the driver for the card, configuring Bumblebee, and then install CUDA 5.5, but I'm not sure how to approach it. Can I get some thoughts on this?15:20
bwkanyone know of gnome-boxes and it failling to connect to ISOs?15:20
=== bwk is now known as kmitchel1
supauliBai11: I use OpenCL with nvidia cards, its just packages opencl-headers and nvidia-<something>15:21
Bai11supauli: I gotta use CUDA, part of a class on Coursera15:22
supauliBai11: I see, (opencl is imho better due it can be used with different vendor cards), but for cuda i cannot say for sure15:22
supauliBai11:  But see: vidia-304-dev: /usr/include/nvidia-304/cuda/cuda.h15:23
oalI'm trying to take a screenshot in SuperTuxKart, with Shutter, but I always get tearing, even though vsync is enabled in STK. Any ideas how I can do this?15:23
supauliI think if you just install the nvidia-<versionhere>-dev it might have all the needed files15:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:23
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traceroute87I have a fresh install and recently just installed my nvidia drivers. Now every time I boot I see this " Missing Operating System" error. And I no longer see a boot splash. It stays black till I reach X?15:24
supaulitraceroute87: something went wrong with your installation, i think15:25
supaulidid it boot ok at all after installation?15:25
pikarenis yum better than apt15:26
color_fishI would please like some help on remastersys. I have created a remastersys backup whilst in a chrooted environment. it generated an iso which I tested on a virtual machine (qemu) in the chrooted environment. However when I use "dd" to copy the iso over to a Flash Drive to make it bootable, It doesnt boot at all on a real machine. I need help.15:26
color_fishI would please like some help on remastersys. I have created a remastersys backup whilst in a chrooted environment. it generated an iso which I tested on a virtual machine (qemu) in the chrooted environment. However when I use "dd" to copy the iso over to a Flash Drive to make it bootable, It doesnt boot at all on a real machine. I need help.15:28
traceroute87supauli, Well initially after I killed nouveau and rebooted. It was stuck on a black screen and wouldn't do anything and I was unable to see access a login prompt. So I rebooted into recovery and finished my nvidia installation then rebooted and everything was fine, Minus that error and no bootsplash15:29
=== cohnation_ is now known as cohnation
tuxcrafterhi all i need to install six ubuntu 13.10 kvm quests systems downloaded the offical server iso and followed the steps, but the end results is a ineffective quests with way to much swap space, wierd big console resolution and some other stuff i dont like15:35
tuxcrafteris there a special optimised ubuntu kvm quest iso15:35
tuxcrafterserver 13.10 amd6415:35
andrew806tuxcrafter not that i know of. what hardware are you using?15:36
compdoctuxcrafter, nothing wrong with using the standard iso. I do.15:36
tuxcrafterandrew806: im using a intel xeon cluster15:37
andrew806why are you using 13.10 server?15:37
tuxcraftercustomer demand15:37
andrew806why not 12.04?15:37
tuxcrafternormaly i use debian15:37
garylabronzhow do i use terminus font, with xterm, doing like xterm -fn terminus doesnt load it15:37
mads-I live in a crowded residential area and I would like to know if anyone has connected to my wifi. Is there a way to analyze (or just check activity) on my network?15:37
garylabronzi have installted console-terminus15:37
andrew806mads, log into your router15:37
andrew806and check the status of your LAN15:37
andrew806it'll show all current devices connected15:37
compdoc13.10 is a bad choice for that15:38
tuxcraftercompdoc: why is it a bad choice?15:39
color_fishI would please like some help on remastersys. I have created a remastersys backup whilst in a chrooted environment. it generated an iso which I tested on a virtual machine (qemu) in the chrooted environment. However when I use "dd" to copy the iso over to a Flash Drive to make it bootable, It doesnt boot at all on a real machine. I need help.15:39
martianWhen using bash completion of directory names, why does bash auto complete a trailing slash on to directory names but not symlinks? When trying to cd to a symlink, I need to hit tab twice. No big deal but it would be nice if I didn't have to. Any thoughts?15:40
mads-andrew806, a bit easier than I had imagined :) Thanks15:40
compdoctuxcrafter, end of life is July 201415:41
Bray90820_Anyone know if there is an ubuntu touch sell i can run on top of ubuntu desktop instead of unity so i can have the touch features while still being able to run desktop apps15:41
tuxcraftercompdoc: ah yes i know15:41
=== dean|away is now known as dean
ActionParsnipBray90820_: try in #ubuntu-touch15:43
ActionParsnipBray90820_: the Unity shell is quite touch frindly15:43
Bray90820_ActionParsnip: I did as well but since i was installing the desktop version as a base i thought i would as here as well15:43
ubottutonino: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:43
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[Ethos]Good Day!15:53
linuxuser1000i've just ran a jockey-text --list and for some reason it says my video card driver is disabled15:55
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
linuxuser1000kmod:nvidia_319_updates - NVIDIA binary Xorg driver, kernel module and VDPAU library (Proprietary, Disabled, Not in use)15:55
linuxuser1000even the free one is disabled15:55
linuxuser1000it scares me seeing my nvidia card is disabled15:56
[Ethos]You can download the binary from the nvidia.com15:56
[Ethos]that would be propietary15:56
[Ethos]but ubuntuguide.org15:56
linuxuser1000i did but that just gets me into a blackscreen15:56
[Ethos]has non-propietary version15:56
linuxuser1000after install15:56
linuxuser1000and reboot15:56
[Ethos]do a fresh install15:56
[Ethos]and download one from ubuntuguide.org15:56
linuxuser1000is the non proprietary better15:57
Beldarlinuxuser1000, The proprietary wont follow kernel upgrades for one.15:58
[Ethos]not much difference, one is written by nvidia, the other one is written and customized for Ubuntu by Linux Developers15:58
garylabronz any ideas using terminus with xterm? running xterm -fn terminus doesnt work15:58
linuxuser1000i still wonder why does primusrun and optirun work15:58
VinylIf it's working fine, leave it as it is15:58
linuxuser1000if my videocard is disabled15:58
[Ethos]Beldar or anyone has found a way to dual boot with Windows 8?15:58
VinylI triple boot15:59
Ben64linuxuser1000: because you have dual gpu15:59
OrpheonI need some help with some RAM problems. I have 8 GB of RAM installed, but both ubuntu and windows7 (dualboot) only detect 4. Even the BIOS does this http://i.imgur.com/wG6CfsI.jpg , and memtest shows both http://i.imgur.com/zubWJfh.jpg , More details about the devices: http://i.imgur.com/p2bEsUD.jpg . Anyone have any idea how to deal with this?15:59
Beldar[Ethos], Many dual boot in that scenario.15:59
Orpheon(Alternatively, anyone know an other channel where it would be more appropriate?)15:59
[Ethos]please guide me to how to15:59
linuxuser1000and if i do primusrun glxspheres15:59
VinylEthos, do you use uefi as system?15:59
linuxuser1000it says it's running through the nvidia15:59
Beldar!uefi | [Ethos]15:59
ubottu[Ethos]: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:59
VinylSorry, new to irc and such. Don't know all of the commands and such :)16:00
[Ethos]Vinyl: Yes16:00
[Ethos]Beldar: Thanks.16:01
VinylOkay, Ethos. What are you running atm?16:01
VinylOr can I see that with a script16:01
BeldarOrpheon, There are limitations on the amount of memory for any setup, does your computer run on 8 gigs, did you check this?16:01
Orpheona friend bought the exact same computer, he has 8 GB, he just didn't put ubuntu on top of the existing windows16:02
BeldarOrpheon, Is the ubuntu 64 bits?16:02
Orpheonat least I assume that's the reason, never noticed this before16:02
Orpheonyes, both OSes are 64-bit, although that shouldn't matter if even the BIOS has trouble16:02
VinylEthos, did you buy a laptop with w8 already installed?16:02
OrpheonBeldar, ^16:02
[Ethos]my laptop already has Ubuntu 13.1016:03
VinylAah okay, system76?16:03
BeldarOrpheon, I would check that the memory is seated, and be sure that the computer will actually use 8 gigs, not assume it will.16:03
[Ethos]Beldar: so you recommend legacy boot16:05
[Ethos]and dualboot16:05
TJ-Orpheon: what's the make/model of the PC (or motherboard) ?16:06
OrpheonTJ-, not sure what name you want. Intel i5?16:06
VinylLegacy boot is always better16:06
[Ethos]that's uefi16:06
VinylIF you dont mind a 2 sec longer startup or something :P16:06
=== HDRDanny|Zzz is now known as HDRDanny
[Ethos]Vinyl: stop trolling man16:07
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
TJ-Orpheon: I can't be any clearer!16:07
OrpheonTJ-, sorry, my own ignorance16:08
VinylAm I trolling or something Ethos?16:08
TJ-Orpheon: what is the make and model of the PC, or if it is a white-box or self-built, what is the make/model of the motherboard?16:08
OrpheonTJ-, [    0.000000] DMI: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P55-UD3L/P55-UD3L, BIOS FI 11/01/201016:08
Bray90820_Does unity 8 have detection of a hardware keyboard like on ubuntu touch16:08
Orpheonbought, not self-built16:08
TJ-Orpheon: thanks16:08
bingoHello. does anyone know the commands to remove the old video drivers before updating to the newest. I found that if i remove the ones currently, the new ones wil install fine and not brick my OS16:09
Bray90820_i am asking so i can use the touch keyboard when no hardware keyboard is attached to my touchscreen laptop esktop16:10
OrpheonTJ-, here's the dmesg output http://paste.ubuntu.com/6792342/16:10
Bray90820_laptop not dsktop16:10
Ben64bingo: apt-get should handle all of that, unless you installed with a strange method16:10
bingono, but it just wont work. I upgrade id driver it bricks. This isnot new, some are have this problem. But! I did find a solution once that allowed me to update, i had to remove current driver listing first. I just cant recall the thread16:11
adiehow would I go about completely disabling a sound card? :<16:11
bingosomething to do with it needing to be clear to point to new driver on boot16:11
Ben64bingo: that makes no sense16:11
bingoits hard to explain, but if i upgrade driver to newest, 100% it will nto boot16:12
bingoif i dont first remove listing for current16:12
bingoim looking, ill try to show you16:13
TJ-Orpheon: The DMI info suggests that modules A0 and A2 are mapped to 0x00000000, and A1 and A3 are mapped to 0x80000000. That is wrong, each should be mapped to a different address:16:13
bingobut I am not alone, many people have this nvidia issue16:13
color_fishI would please like some help on remastersys. I have created a remastersys backup whilst in a chrooted environment. it generated an iso which I tested on a virtual machine (qemu) in the chrooted environment. However when I use "dd" to copy the iso over to a Flash Drive to make it bootable, It doesnt boot at all on a real machine. I need help.16:13
germanstudentAre there good gnuplot alternatives? (Want to know, because I have to decide which tool to study)16:13
Ben64bingo: well you must have installed the driver manually or something, because what you're saying simply is not the case16:13
bingoyes i had, i used the "additional driver"16:14
color_fishI would please like some help on remastersys. I have created a remastersys backup whilst in a chrooted environment. it generated an iso which I tested on a virtual machine (qemu) in the chrooted environment. However when I use "dd" to copy the iso over to a Flash Drive to make it bootable, It doesnt boot at all on a real machine. I need help.16:14
bingod yuo know command to remove association for removing 304 driver ?16:14
bingowhatever may conflict with updating16:15
bingoto 319*16:15
toad_Hi folks, anyone else having problem installing packages from apt archives? I'm constantly getting "packages could not be authenticated".... :/16:15
bingofound thread ! Ben64 , want to see?16:15
Beldarcolor_fish, remastersys is a 3rd party not in the ubuntu repos, technically not supported here, you might try ##linux16:16
toad_@color_fish - you can't dd an iso to a flash drive - and iso is an optical disc image AFAIK16:16
bingoBen64, http://askubuntu.com/questions/145195/nvidia-driver-problem-after-updating-to-12-04  --- this worked for me16:16
Beldartoad_, Not authenticated is a missing key generally.16:17
toad_@Beldar, got all the keys, deleted them and reimported them16:17
toad_cleared the apt cache /var/lib/apt/lists etc16:17
Ben64bingo: so what you're saying is, you have two version of nvidia installed? well sure, that can cause problems16:18
toad_no joy... :( think it might be proxy/firewall but can't fathom why16:18
bingoya but, Ubuntu for me, wont do it when i upgrade driver. it does for most16:18
Beldartoad_, It would help if you showed these is a pastebin to the channel, we also don't use @ here, you cab tab complete nicks.16:18
bingohence why is problem16:18
Ben64bingo: then you need to get rid of the packages that you do not need, and keep the correct nvidia one, then it will work16:18
bingomost Ubuntu users it wont install 2 versions, this is problem for some people. I am one16:18
bingoi found command for get rid :)16:19
Ben64don't do what it says in that link you posted though16:19
bingoit worked last time16:19
bingobut okay, what i do?16:19
Ben641st, what video card do you have16:19
bingogefore 9600m gt16:19
Ben64is it dual gpu?16:19
toad_OK Beldar, will get a pastbin up in a sec16:19
bingoi dont know16:19
=== Guest62671 is now known as Sleepnbum
Ben64bingo: what does "lspci | grep VGA" say16:21
bingo NVIDIA Corporation G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] (rev a1)16:21
bingo01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] (rev a1)16:21
Ben64bingo: ok, and "cat /etc/issue"16:23
bingoUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l16:23
ekarlsohttp://pastebin.com/pyRNKUXt < is this a bug in kernel package or ?16:24
bingoBen64, , my concern is that if it does not work i cant boot and must reinstall. wh cant i use method i know worked16:25
Ben64bingo: pastebin the output of "dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia"16:28
=== scottb is now known as zz_scottb
bingoBen64, http://pastebin.com/Aq57jCL216:29
=== jack is now known as Guest19025
bingoBen64, this worked last time sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current16:30
bingobut i wont do yet16:30
Ben64you've already got the latest 304 driver16:31
bingobetter is avaialble in list16:31
bingoi should not bother?16:31
bingosays recommended16:31
Ben64unless you're trying to do gaming, not worth it16:32
bingosudo apt-get purge nvidia-current  let me use 30916:32
bingoyes gaming16:32
Ben64then you should use 31916:32
bingoyes sorr 21916:32
bingoso i can do sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current then?16:32
bingoonly way i was able to use it16:32
Ben64well you don't have nvidia-current16:32
Ben64because you keep breaking everything :)16:32
bingoill try the others on that page, one worked16:32
bingowithout it, i cant boot16:32
Ben64you can if you stop purging things all the time16:32
bingofrom th start, fresh install16:33
bingowont boot when i upgrade16:33
bingoevery time16:33
bingothis is problem that is not uncommon for some16:33
Ben64you're doing something wrong if its not upgrading16:33
bingoall i do is use the gui16:33
bingowhat i can do wrong?16:33
Ben64anyway, purge nvidia*16:33
bingoi dont know why it works, but it does16:34
bingoif i upgrade to 319 now and dont do it, it wont boot, 100 sure :/, ty fo your help though Ben6416:34
Ben64then do sudo apt-get install build-essential dkms linux-headers$(uname -r | sed s/^.*[0-9]\-/-/g) nvidia-319-updates nvidia-319-updates-dev nvidia-common nvidia-settings-319-updates16:35
toad_Hi folks, can anyone tell me why I'm getting apt package authentication problem when trying to install update?   http://pastebin.com/uNw8w2Fh16:35
Ben64then do sudo dpkg-reconfigure dkms16:35
guillaumeJbonjour comment allez vous ,16:36
Ben64then it should have built the new module and you can have 31916:36
Ben64!fr | guillaumeJ16:36
ubottuguillaumeJ: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:36
Bray90820_How well does ubuntu run on intel atom z2760 if at all16:37
Unforgivenif i do apt-get source <package> , can i copy that source and install to other laptop (same ubuntu distro)16:39
longviewbitsUnforgiven: I'm guessing yes... I don't know if source tarballs get put in the same directory as .deb files /var/cache/apt/archives/, but if they do... you want to put them there on the target system.16:40
longviewbitsUnforgiven: does the source system not have an Internet connection? (or a slow/metered connection)16:41
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
Unforgivenlongviewbits: no, just hating to download the same thing16:41
longviewbitsUnforgiven: much easier to just do that16:42
PiciUnforgiven: Is there a reason you can't use the binary instead of the source?16:42
longviewbitsUnforgiven: why not just download it again?16:42
Unforgivenoh that apt-get source is not a binary source?16:42
TJ-Unforgiven: The packages are downloaded to the current directory and extracted there; I have "/home/all/SourceCode/" where I pull source to. You don't need "sudo" to do "apt-get source <package>"16:42
longviewbitsUnforgiven: is this a gigantic file, or something? If not, then what's the big deal?16:42
q_a_z_steveTrying to boot recent versions of Ubuntu or even Tails and I get screens like this. I can't get past it even with rEFInd installed on my Macbook Pro. http://picpaste.com/dTBlcmGN.JPG http://picpaste.com/ijMQHMFr.JPG16:43
TJ-Unforgiven: If you just want to download the binary .deb files use "sudo apt-get --download-only install <package>"16:44
longviewbitsq_a_z_steve: there's a fix for that... run OS X on it. :)16:44
longviewbitsq_a_z_steve: as it was designed for ;)16:44
PiciUnforgiven: no.. it is the actual source code of the package.  If you have just installed it recently on computer 1, you can go into /var/cache/apt/archives/  and copy it out.16:44
q_a_z_stevelongviewbits: Thanks. Troll.16:45
UnforgivenTJ-: does that download the dependencies as well16:45
longviewbitsq_a_z_steve: I'm not a troll. I use both OSes, on both types of hardware. I have experience with this issue. It is seriously a freak of nature, in my opinion, to try and shoehorn Linux on to a machine that was designed to run a different OS. Not to mention, a serious waste of money.16:46
Ben64!behelpful | longviewbits16:47
ubottulongviewbits: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.16:47
q_a_z_steveSo what if all I'm trying to do is use a liveCD for a specific purpose and then I'll go right back to supporting Apple and their security holes?16:47
TJ-Unforgiven: As far as I recall, yes. It'll do the same job as a regular install with regards to downloading the packages.16:49
nicofsI have a small PC (Odroid) running Xubuntu with XBMC on top [A] and my normal Xubuntu PC [B]. Is there a way (UPnP?) to initiate streaming of a media file from within [B] to XBMC on PC [A], i.e. by context menu on PC [B] "send to > PC A (XBMC)"...? (Did I phrase that in a way that is understandable? oO )16:50
=== zz_scottb is now known as scottb
ikonianicofs: I have no idea what you've just tried to explain16:53
TJ-nicofs: You want a context-menu item in the file-browser that allows you to add a custom send-to action via a custom-written script... is that it?16:54
nicofsTJ-, and more than that a way to "push-stream" a media file to a remote (UPnP) device...16:56
nicofsikonia, in a way, I want to "push" a file from my PC to a remote PC's XBMC...16:56
ikoniaso server -> client, rather than client <- server16:57
nicofsikonia, yes16:57
ikoniaI thought upnp was based on requests not push16:57
nicofsikonia, i don't know much about UPnP - it was just the only thing i could think of looking for similar/exisiting things...16:59
ikoniawhy do you want to push, rather than clients request16:59
=== HDRDanny is now known as HDRDanny|AFK
nicofsikonia, client has no peripherals whatsoever. all i do is open the remote page in a browser on my pc, navigating through the same pc's shared folders on the remote device. click and start would save time...17:01
ikoniadoesn't sound like you're using the right app for what you want17:01
ikoniaare you trying to do something like push out adverising videos to displays around a shop (for example)17:02
q_a_z_stevelongviewbits: Have you got anything that can help me get past the issue?17:02
nicofsikonia, if you consider the living room projector a shop, yes17:03
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=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
pangelMy screen still dims after unchecking "dim screen to save power" using Gnome 3.10 and Ubuntu 13.10. Is that a known problem?17:04
=== map is now known as Guest13800
=== phuh_ is now known as phuh__
ldcicconidoes anyone know how I can use an IDE on my local computer to edit files on a cloud server?17:07
=== phuh__ is now known as phuh_
nicofsikonia, if i take out my smartphone and select the "multi-screen" button, my XBMC instantly displays whatever my smartphone sends. I don's see why that shouldn't work from my pc...17:07
nicofsgranted, sending the command to stream might be slightly more sophisticated - but would be exactly what i'd like to have...17:08
Bray90820_can ubuntu run on an intel atom z2760 processor17:09
ikonianicofs: ok, I see what you mean now. It maybe worth looking at the Apple Airplay open source implimentations (not actual airplay) as there is a "send to device" function that could work well for you17:09
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=== Npc_ is now known as Npc
ikonianicofs: depends on what that app is17:09
=== Rasmus`- is now known as Rasmus`
ActionParsnipBray90820_: yes17:09
ActionParsnippangel: how did you install Gnome 3.10?17:09
=== markalanevans_ is now known as markalanevans
Bray90820_ActionParsnip: SCORE17:10
BigMaoHi there, my machine was compromised yesterday.  I'm reinstalling it now, do I need to wipe the home folder? (It's mounted on a different partition).17:11
ActionParsnipBigMao: you could virus scan it from liveCD etc..17:11
BigMaoActionParsnip, thanks. What is a good virus scanner for Linux?17:11
ActionParsnipBigMao: clamav, avg...various17:12
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus17:12
nicofsikonia, thanks so far :) I think this apple thing is worth looking at for a start...17:12
BigMaoI have a pretty good idea of how the machine was compromised (sshd was replaced) - but I don't know of anything that might be lurking in users' home folders that might be logging passwords17:12
=== smuxi is now known as Guest37183
ActionParsnipBigMao: rkhunter may help too17:12
BigMaoActionParsnip, thanks - rkhunter seems to look on the root filesystem and not in peoples' home folders afaik.17:13
waykool99ClamTK or ClamAV, same thing. plus i use Tiger unix security and BleachBit (as root).17:13
Bray90820_Am i right that wubi isn't around anymore?17:13
ActionParsnipBigMao: not sure, worth throwing in to the mix, if its no good then fine :)17:13
ActionParsnipBray90820_: its not developed anymore17:14
MarkDaviesDoes somebody know if MS Word handles ODF documents properly?17:14
MarkDavies(no fireworks)17:14
Bray90820_Oh well i will just wait till tomorrow then to install ubuntu17:14
BigMaoActionParsnip, thanks :)17:15
waykool99might it be possible in ubuntu studio v13.10 to download the elements of the Gnome 2 GUI to replace Xfce or run side by side?17:17
=== Zarthuss is now known as Zarthus
Pessimistwaykool99, gnome 2 is discontinued but there's a fork of it called "the mate desktop environment". It is in ubuntu 14.04 repositories but not 13.10. You can use a ppa though. I don't know what you mean by 'elements of the gnome 2 gui' but you can run mate applications on xfce and vice-versa but you still have to choose one desktop environment17:22
ActionParsnipwaykool99: just install the gnome-panel package then log off17:24
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
ActionParsnipwaykool99: Cinnamon is also in the official repos17:24
ActionParsnip!away > GTB3NW_AWAY17:24
ubottuGTB3NW_AWAY, please see my private message17:24
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:24
VynelIs there a command that shows all the !?17:24
Vynellike !help17:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:25
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/17:25
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Vynel!uefi Vinyl17:26
PDPC101linux firewall is essentially broken until kernel 3.1517:30
Vyneliptables eh17:30
bingohello, what is the command to show which vid driver i am using ?17:30
ActionParsnipPDPC101: how so, its still iptables which is separate to the kernel17:30
ActionParsnipPDPC101: your statement doesnt make sense17:31
PDPC101nftables takes precedence17:31
ActionParsnipPDPC101: how, if it's not installed?17:32
PDPC101nftables iptables and nts fight ntf wins17:32
bingoHello. Vidro driver says it is activated but not currently in use. How can i make it in use?17:33
ActionParsnipbingo: what is the output of: lspci | grep -i vga17:34
bingoActionParsnip, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G96M [GeForce 9600M GT] (rev a1)17:34
ActionParsnipbingo: and the output of:  cat /etc/issue17:35
bingoi want to know which driver version is using currently17:35
ActionParsnipbingo: sudo lshw -C display | grep driver17:35
bingoActionParsnip, pc-02@pc02-laptop:~$ cat /etc/issue17:35
bingoUbuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l17:35
ActionParsnipPDPC101: I have trusty on 3.13 kernel, no nftables command to set it up.....17:35
bingoActionParsnip, sudo lshw -C display | grep driver17:35
bingo       configuration: driver=nvidia latency=017:35
bingopc-02@pc02-laptop:~$  sudo lshw -C display | grep driver17:35
bingo       configuration: driver=nvidia latency=017:35
FloodBot1bingo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:36
ActionParsnipbingo: then it's in use :)17:36
ActionParsnipbingo: nvidia is the proprietary video driver17:36
bingoyes but which version?17:36
bingoi want 31917:36
ActionParsnipbingo: if you run:   nvidia-settings    does it say?17:36
bingosays 319 but on "additional drivers" says its activated but not in use. Confused which is correct17:37
ActionParsnipbingo: additional drivers can be ignored, if nvidia-settings is telling you its ok, it's fine17:38
bingook ty , i test fps now :)17:38
ActionParsnipPDPC101: so how can anyone configure nftables, without a configuration method? Guess what does the firewalling? iptables, just like it always has17:39
PDPC101nft is in the kernel you just have to trust its disabled bug free or have a sane default17:40
ActionParsnipPDPC101: Im using the default Trusty kernel, so why would it be disabled if its so magnificent?17:41
=== anonimous is now known as xubuntu79
puchacz_hi, I think I am experiencing this problem: http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=15378.0   when I try to convert a specific image, I am getting: convert: invalid argument for option `-resize': -resize 512x512 @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2382.17:41
puchacz_is this there another resizer on ubuntu?17:42
ActionParsnippuchacz_: does 'file' report the source file as an image ok?17:42
PDPC101so you trust thing you cant confirm or even attest its functioning or not17:42
PDPC101or configure17:42
ActionParsnipPDPC101: i looked online for the commands to configure the nftable service, I have none of them.17:43
PDPC101just because the commands to configure it arent in place it doesnt mean the code isnt in use17:44
puchacz_ActionParsnip: yes17:44
ActionParsnipPDPC101: then how would I configure my firewall without tools to configure it?17:44
puchacz_ActionParsnip: other commands from imagemagick work ok on it, for example: convert  /home/puchacz/tmp/wikimedia-images.2014.01.19/wikipedia/commons/1/1c/Carpinus_betulus_\'Fastigiata\'_by_Line1.jpg -print "%w%" /dev/null17:44
=== Amaury is now known as Guest91677
puchacz_gives me width of the image17:44
PDPC101so is ntf disable?17:45
PDPC101the code is in the kernel17:45
puchacz_ActionParsnip: I will try to use gimp in command line mode17:45
PDPC101you cant even atest to wether or not they are in use by default17:46
ActionParsnipPDPC101: http://paste.ubuntu.com/679279317:46
ggzwhen I launch chromium the first site I open freeze, i need to open a second tab to have a working site, i'm on ubuntu 12.0417:46
ActionParsnipPDPC101: its not a service or a command.17:46
ActionParsnippuchacz_: does the partition you are converting to have free space and inodes17:46
puchacz_ActionParsnip: yes, 35% in use in df -h17:47
ActionParsnippuchacz_: and:  df -i17:47
ActionParsnipPDPC101: "The currently used iptables(8), ip6tables(8), arptables(8), and ebtables(8) (IPv4, IPv6, ARP, and Ethernet bridging) are intended to be replaced with nft(8) as a single unified implementation, providing firewall configuration on top of the in-kernel virtual machine."    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nftables17:47
puchacz_ActionParsnip: 3%17:47
ActionParsnipPDPC101: look, its not in yet, you are reading this all wrong17:47
puchacz_I think it is convert issue, like I pasted....17:48
puchacz_it does not work only for some images17:48
ActionParsnipPDPC101: believe what you want,I'm geting back to support17:48
ActionParsnippuchacz_: can you convert to another image type, then resize that. Just to test17:48
puchacz_ActionParsnip: let me google the command17:48
ActionParsnipPDPC101: yes but it doesnt mean its in every kernel17:48
ActionParsnippuchacz_: convert inputfile.jpg outputname.png   for example17:49
ActionParsnipPDPC101: you can compile a kernel with no USB support if you wante17:49
PDPC101i know that17:49
ActionParsnipPDPC101: so saying it is a feature in the 3.13 kernel is moot if the Ubuntu devs dont include it17:49
ActionParsnipPDPC101: so, if you are using the stock ubuntu kernel, its not in there and iptables is used17:50
PDPC101im using trusty17:50
puchacz_ActionParsnip: no worries, it had to do with quotes in filename. Something is wrong in my script17:50
k1lPDPC101: for 14.04 please use #ubuntu+a since its in development state17:51
ActionParsnipPDPC101: if its not in the kernel, it wont be active. There are no commands in a default trusty install to configure nftables so its a very safe assumption it's not present and that iptables is doing the work17:51
gxAnyone know of a CLI program that I can use to compare 2 WAV files and get a good estimation of whether or not they're a match?17:52
ActionParsnipPDPC101: im sure in time, if it is beneficial then it will move over but for now its not17:52
PDPC101just making sure its better to not have them that to havem half backed17:53
genioffj gis17:54
kanchaok here I am agaoin18:04
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
kanchaI wrote a bash code18:04
kanchawhich helps to delete the content of all files from line 30 to 1000 of txt file of all files of folder18:05
=== tristan is now known as Guest1385
kancha ./run.sh: line 4: syntax error near unexpected token `sed' ./run.sh: line 4: `      sed -e '30,1000d'; f > f'18:05
kanchathis is an error18:05
ggzkancha: you need to write $f in your loop18:06
ShudorshonHello, does anyone knows the official support channel of Voyager xubuntu distro?18:08
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Guest35548Hi, guys, I was able to download Minecraft and get permissions to run it, but now I want to get some extra free mods to play with, one of which are the "Mini Clay Soldiers". I am kinda new to Linux, and for the likes of me, I can't find any easy download or way to get mods on Ubuntu 12.04. help if you can18:14
Shudorshonpinky,  hi18:15
pinkyShudorshon: hi18:15
Shudorshonpinky,  where u frm18:16
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shmupin Ubuntu GNOME, is there more going on than just removing Unity and adding Gnome?18:18
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Guest35548anybody know about Minecraft and mods?18:18
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Beldarshmup, unity is tiny and not really a removable per-say easily.18:23
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: what.18:23
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ShudorshonSonikkuAmerica,  do u know the official support channel of voyager os18:24
BeldarSonikkuAmerica, Show me a wiki or legit link on removing unity.18:24
ShudorshonBeldar,  do u know18:24
streulmahow can I solve that my sound is not stuttering with Virtualbox in Ubuntu ?18:25
BeldarShudorshon, use whole words here, do I know what.18:25
Shudorshonbeldar,  do u know the official support channel of voyager os18:25
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: [ sudo apt-get remove unity ] aaaaaaaand it's gone.18:26
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: Use [ purge ] instead of [ remove ] to get rid of the Unity extras.18:26
BeldarShudorshon, That has nothing to do with ubuntu support, and do not just ask questions of people on the channel who have mot addressed your question,18:26
ShudorshonBeldar,  it runs in ubuntu18:27
traceroute87After installing my nvidia driver. My boot screen disappeared. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks18:27
BeldarSonikkuAmerica, Hardly, unity is a compiz plugin sitting on gnome 318:27
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: So? Get GNOME Shell if you want to directly replace Unity, see !GNOME18:28
Guest35548does anyone know how to get mods for Minecraft?18:28
Guest35548or not18:28
SonikkuAmerica!ot | Guest3554818:28
ubottuGuest35548: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:28
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SonikkuAmericaBeldar: Unity is currently a shell for GNOME, but Unity 8 will be a Qt/QML shell. By that time, Ubuntu proper will have its own stock apps and utilities (forked from GNOME).18:29
BeldarSonikkuAmerica, The general consensus on this channel of the top helpers is unity is small and not worth removing.18:30
Beldarthere is no official docs on doing so18:31
percybionicHi! I have a dual boot Windows 8/linux-secure-13.04-64bits. Is it possible to upgrade Ubuntu to get a normal version by writing "sudo update-manager -d" ?18:31
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: Granted, you *could* let Unity sit there and vegetate, but if you wanted another DE it's common practice to grab a Live image of one of the other DEs or use the mini.iso18:32
SonikkuAmerica(to build a custom version)18:32
shahan1322fquestion, how do you resize launcher icon size in unity with 13.10 and gconf-editor?  or was it not gconf?18:34
BeldarSonikkuAmerica, Dude, I was not looking for your opinions, just helping another user in the manner this channel has and does do.18:35
SonikkuAmericaBeldar: Sorry, was trying to clarify a thing or 218:36
Pessimistshahan1322f, get unity tweak18:37
ionwindsomeone how to activate doble panel in nautilus?18:38
ActionParsnippercybionic: that will upgrade you to Trusty. You will leapfrog a release which is known to cause issues18:39
shahan1322fwhy is the general consensus on things like ccsm and unity-tweak so negative?18:39
k1lionwind: wasnt that removed?18:39
ionwindyep thats way i want to have it again18:39
ActionParsnippercybionic: you will need to upgrade to 13.10 first, then to 14.04 which you would have got with your command. (I suggest you research what your command actually does)18:39
ResQuehow can i set grub to auto boot?18:40
ionwindi dont know why they removed its a great app18:40
ActionParsnipshahan1322f: ccsm has a nice warning when you run it18:40
shahan1322fPessimist, thank you btw18:40
k1lionwind: well, ask the gnome boys :)18:40
ionwindyes.... :(18:40
shahan1322fActionParsnip, does the same go for unity tweak? what about these apps makes them so?18:40
Oneillany simple way to disable monitor sleep for ubuntu server? really want to monitor some graphs and i need it to be always on18:40
k1lshahan1322f: unity tweak is the official settings app for unity.18:41
percybionicActionParsnip: thanks18:41
streulmais Ubuntu Precise 12.04.3 LTS recommended for a stable system ?18:41
shahan1322fk1l, oh i got it mixed up with something else18:41
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)18:41
k1lshahan1322f: what you might mean is ubuntu-tweak, which is a something like the "windows speed up" utilities.18:42
shahan1322fi see i see.. hmm18:42
k1lshahan1322f: ccsm has some warnings, because beginners can crash their whole desktop with the settings18:42
ionwindthanks kll18:42
streulmacan I make Ubuntu runs faster ?18:43
k1lstreulma: there is no hidden config with: make_ubuntu_faster=0 which you need to make =1   :)18:44
shahan1322fisn't there a way to make launcher icons smaller than 32 pixels? in 13.10?18:44
ActionParsnipstreulma: sure, use a lighter desktop18:44
ActionParsnipstreulma: LXDE and XFCE will use fewer resources and run faster18:45
shahan1322for was that only 13.04?18:47
verdeshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WithFloppies ; http://ftp.egr.msu.edu/debian/dists/etch/main/installer-i386/current/images/floppy/ 18:52
verdeshttp://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/main/installer-i386/current/images/floppy/ ; both give 'Not found'18:52
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JonathanchasrI have a question, when I install Ubuntu on vmware I cant get my wireless card to be used in the virtual machine if I use ifconfig eth0 only pops up is there a way of getting mon0 to pop up without buying a seperate USB Wireless Adapter18:53
ikoniaJonathanchasr: the vm should not see a wireless card18:53
ikoniaJonathanchasr: it should only see an ethernet card that is bridged to the wireless connection on the host18:54
xananaxHello all. If I have a solid state drive of 15g, and a normal drive of 1 tera, and want to dual boot between win7 and buntu, anyone has pointers on the best partition scheme?18:54
bazhangverdes, #debian for debain support18:54
ikoniaxananax: don't use the 15gb ssd18:55
ikoniaxananax: that is too small for windows and too small to share18:55
xananaxikonia, then shouldn't I install ubuntu on it?18:55
ikoniaxananax: no18:55
xananaxwith home on another partition18:55
ikoniaxananax: I wouldn't see much benifit to it, use it as a scratch disk or something18:56
ikoniaxananax: if you want to install ubuntu on it, you better really understand the sizing of your distro and what you want to use18:56
xananaxikonia, in general, my ubuntu does not exceed 15gigs....But yeah, it's gonna be tight18:57
Jonathanchasrikonia: ok, thanks18:57
xananaxikonia, my current setup is ubuntu on the SSD, taking 10gigs, and home on the 1Tb18:58
xananaxI've been using this setup for a year18:58
xananaxWithout problems18:58
xananaxMy only problem now is I am forced to use windows for some crappy software I don't care about18:58
xananaxSo I need to make space for it18:58
xananaxVMs won't be good enough, nor wine18:59
ikoniaxananax: if you know what you want to do and don't want to change it why are you asking "what should I do" ?19:00
xananaxikonia, sorry, I didn't mean it that way;  know how much my ubuntu weights, but I don't exactly understand what's better about SSDs and what should be installed on them19:01
xananaxMaybe it's better to leave them as virtual memory disks19:01
xananaxor maybe it profits windows better19:02
ikoniaxananax: you don't understand what's bettter about SSD's - but you know you want to use it ?19:02
ikoniayou can't fit windows on it...so what's the point discussing it19:02
xananaxikonia, So my best bet is to keep ubuntu on it and install windows on the 1gb, you think19:02
ikoniano, I don't think that at all, which is why I said "don't use it" - but you seem strongly opinioned to use it for ubuntu, so use it for ubuntu19:03
xananaxno, I'm not strongly opinioned about anything, I'm just a noob and I'm trying to understand what's best19:04
ikoniawell, I've given you my opinion.19:04
ikoniathe SSD's are a better drive, but yours is to small to use organically without planning19:04
xananaxSo ideally, I'd use it as a scratch disk, a.k.a, store virtual memory on it? Or linux swap?19:04
xananaxIs this what you mean?19:05
ikoniathat would be a total waste of time19:05
xananaxThen what? Just not use it, or mount it somewhere in my ~ and forget about it?19:05
ikoniajust use it for scratch fast IO needs19:05
ikoniaswap is worthless on it19:05
xananaxOk I see19:06
xananaxThanks for the advice!19:06
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b3knnHi all, I might be able to find the answer here ! I am currently using a Macbook Pro and a Dell latitude laptop both with SSD hard drives ( there are other devices on the network but I am using these in the example). In the past I have setup a Squid3 proxy server and set it up for web optimization, this was when I have a 3mb/s DSL connection and it did help vastly.19:12
b3knnI now have a 120mb/s fiber connection. Would setting up a Squid3 proxy again help with the page loading speeds keeping in mind the Squid3 server would be storing the cache on a normal spinning HDD?19:12
b3knnI think I know the answer is but I am open to opinions……19:12
b3knnI now have a 120mb/s fiber connection. Would setting up a Squid3 proxy again help with the page loading speeds keeping in mind the Squid3 server would be storing the cache on a normal spinning HDD?19:12
b3knnI think I know the answer is but I am open to opinions……19:13
ikoniab3knn: where does ubuntu come into this mix ?19:13
b3knnubuntu would be running the Squid3 server19:14
ikoniayou should see a reasonable benifit caching from squid19:14
b3knnmore so than just keeping local browser cache on each machine ?19:16
bubbles_hello all. I could use some help19:16
b3knndoes anyone here run ubuntu on a macbook pro ?19:17
ikoniabut probably not enough of a benifit to warrent running an additional server19:17
ikoniaand the overhead of maintianing a server for squid19:17
ikoniahow many users will be connecting to the squid service ?19:17
bubbles_I installed ubuntu on my new pc and there is no graphics. Radeon r9 290x, I know I need to install the drivers, trying to do so from command line19:17
b3knnit ranges from a few users to about 15-20 max19:18
ikoniab3knn: is this a home connection ?19:18
bubbles_I try the command sudo sh ./*.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise but no deb packages are made19:18
b3knnyes it is19:18
ikoniab3knn: then I really wouldn't bother with the hassle/overhead19:18
b3knnhowever i run 8 publicly available servers on the link.19:19
b3knni think i will not bother......19:19
ikoniathat doesn't really have anything to do with it19:19
bubbles_any clues what I am doing wrong?19:19
b3knnwell used to tunnel all traffic through the proxy server but with a UTM/layer 7 firewall i done really need to anymore19:20
ikoniathis sounds like a bad design for a home connection19:20
b3knnwhy does it ?19:20
ikoniabecause your on a home fibre conneciton, that is not designed for hosting and your putting complex setups over the top of it to add pointless layer overheads19:21
b3knni never said it was a designed home connection19:21
b3knnits just in my home19:22
ikoniaI asked if it was a home connection you said yes19:22
ikoniaif you can't understand the implication of that question, then there is little point having futher discussion19:22
b3knnno need to be like that19:23
ikoniaI'm not being like that - I'm being honest19:23
b3knndo you work in the industry ?19:24
ikoniayou've said you didn't say it was a home connection when I asked specifically if it was a home connection, you don't understand the difference in connections, so it's a pointless discussion to have19:24
ikoniab3knn: in which industry19:24
b3knnIT/networking ?19:24
imadoriHello guys ;) I really need help so if someone would like to help ( i m french )19:27
b3knnwhat with ?19:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:28
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:28
imadoriWell, I install Lubuntu on Powerbook G4. It lunch, but I have no sound and don t see the volume control > or battery logo, videos also don t work very good. I try to find some update, but there is nothing. Somebody can tell me what to do ? install a new version of Linux more appropriate ? Or something else ?19:31
ikoniappc port - pretty much dead and unsupported19:31
ikoniathe later versions less so than the older versions19:31
darth_ponyhey cna anyone here help me out19:35
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
imadoriikonia> so there is no issues ?19:37
ikoniaimadori: there are many issues, hence why it's dead19:38
darth_ponywhen i try to update ubuntu i get  string of errors that look like this19:39
darth_ponyW: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-security/restricted/i18n/Translation-en_US  Cannot initiate the connection to security.ubuntu.com:80 (2001:67c:1562::14). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 2001:67c:1562::14 80]19:39
ikoniathat host is down19:39
darth_ponyany help would be appreciated19:39
darth_ponyso basically i just have to wait it out19:39
ikoniapretty much19:40
darth_ponyok thank you19:40
darth_ponyit annoying because via the update manager i get a a error that says Requires installation of untrusted packages so that is why i was trying to update via the terminal19:43
ikoniachange to point at a different repo19:43
krlngcHi all. I've been looking around to find a solution to my wi-fi problem on ubuntu 12.04. Could somebody help me with that?19:44
krlngcIt works quite fine with ethernet connection19:44
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
krlngcI followed some instruction, however they didn't work out and now I've ended up not having the connection at all.19:45
krlngcanyone ?19:46
krlngcit's dead here19:47
ikoniano, it's not19:47
gyre007guys I need to tunel traffic to DB server over SSH from some hosts19:49
ikoniawhy would you need that ?19:50
gyre007is there any sane way to create this tunnel to like 20 hosts ish19:50
ikoniagyre007: that doesn't sound a good solution19:50
gyre007I could spend half a day setting up VPN indeed19:50
gyre007but theres no time to be a hero19:50
=== dhruvasagar is now known as dhruvasagar_away
ikoniait's not being a hero19:50
gyre007and ssh is a solid and proven protocol19:50
ikoniait's not implementing bad design19:50
gyre007its a temporary thing19:51
gyre007for couple of hours19:51
gyre007not like forever19:51
FloodBot1gyre007: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:51
krlngccan somebody help me with the wi-fi problem I have ?19:52
monipanda_Ikonia: so you will help me ?19:52
ikoniamonipanda_: help you with what, I've not seen you ask a question, just ask the question and people in the channel will help if they can/want to19:53
monipanda_Sorry, I m Imadori, I ve been disconnected, I didnt see that my nickname change ;)19:53
ikoniamonipanda_: I told you the PPC port is pretty much dead, so you'll struggle19:54
krlngcwhat are the main reasons of wi-fi problems in ubuntu 12.04?  It used to work impeccably...19:55
krlngcI don't get it. It must be due to the recent updates...I didn't touch it at all19:55
=== SSK is now known as SSK42
monipanda_ikonia: you would like to help me to fix it ?19:56
ikoniamonipanda_: not really no, as it's a dead distro19:56
=== michael__ is now known as Guest358
monipanda_I see...19:57
monipanda_ikonia: thank you anyway...19:57
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krlngccan someone help me with the wi-fi connection problem ?20:09
Beldarkrlngc, Run in the terminal lspci and find the wifi info and include this is your queries to the channel20:11
krlngcBeldar, I can't remember the link for copying codes. Can you help me with that ?20:12
Beldar!pastebin | krlngc20:13
ubottukrlngc: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:13
darth_ponyikonia, thank you for the advice i got it working perfectly now20:13
Beldarkrlngc, The wifi info is one line, just find it and include.20:13
krlngcBeldar, here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6793556/20:13
krlngcBeldar, oh ok ,wait then20:14
Beldar!broadcom | krlngc look here20:14
ubottukrlngc look here: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:14
krlngcBeldar, I don't get it. It used to work impeccably. The problem must be due to recent updates. I haven't touched any config at all20:15
=== GZA-ZNC is now known as GZA-Genius
krlngcBeldar, anyway thanks for directing20:16
Beldarkrlngc, I have never used a broadcom card, however many have to use that link to get the drivers and get up and working.20:16
Beldarget it up*20:16
krlngcBeldar, ok I'm checking it out20:16
darth_ponykrlngc, odd my laptops wireless worked right after a afresh install20:17
Beldarkrlngc, Are you forgetting that maybe you have done this before? If you upgraded the distro you have to reload the drivers.20:17
Beldardarth_pony, Was it a broadcom, and are you even familiar with broadcom cards?20:18
darth_ponyim not sure let me check but yeah i used to have broadcom on ubutu back in the ahrpy days20:19
darth_ponylol this s just a intel wireless card20:20
krlngcBeldar, all I did was simply allowing the ubuntu to install the recent updates. Apart from that I did nothing special. Then I tried to follow some instructions which didn't work out for me. This must have worsened the situtation20:20
krlngcBeldar, now I 'm reading the page, see it'll help or not . thanks20:21
Beldarno problem20:21
bobiesVOTE FOR PEDRO20:21
krlngcBeldar, btw ethernet connection simply works fine20:22
Beldarkrlngc, I'm not your best help on this. However I'm noticing a lack of any specific details in your posts is all.20:24
axisyshow do I play xfinity streampix?20:26
krlngcBeldar, I've followed the instructions and that made the wi-fi work eventhough extremely slow compared to thw ethernet.20:28
krlngcBeldar, thanks20:28
rturHi, I am currently repackaging a library and it's header file (two separate packages) and am not sure about pkg-config. As I see it pkg-config is used for libraries not for headers, am I right so far ? The previous maintainer put the .pc file for the library into the package with the header and set the library as a dependency. It doesn't really make sense to me, so I want to move it into the library package.20:29
rturBut thought to ask, just to make sure I ain't missing something.20:29
dumb_questionsanyone know of a good C++ channel to get some help?20:32
rturdumb_questions: #c++ ?20:33
dumb_questionstried, keeps sendnig me to ##overlow20:33
malluHI, I was wondering if anyone use Active directory for Linux service/app accounts?20:34
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=== Lance is now known as Guest22333
yyc_Q: I am using the current ubuntu release, 64 bit. I have setup printer share using internet printing protocol. When I do a port scan, port 22 and 631 are open to the world. 22 is protected with public key auth only and fail2ban. Is an open 631 a security risk, how to mitigate? Thanks.20:42
dragsI'm seeing a umask of 002 for my non root users on precise server. Is this due to the change to pam_umask? What's the best way to enforce a 022 umask system wide (is it ok to still put mask in /etc/profile?)20:43
yyc_DRAGS: <- unable to answer your question20:43
=== dino82 is now known as zz_dino82
dragsargh, looks like it's due to USERGROUP_ENAB in /etc/login.defs20:48
dragsthere's a var in there to define default UMASK (022), but then this is set to yes, which makes umask effectively 002 for all non-root users20:49
Daanhi, i'm new to ubuntu20:58
Daanjust downloaded and installed the latest version on a netbook20:58
Daanbut screen was flickering, now blue and text is not very readable, some graphics issue.. is this a known issue?20:58
k1l_Daan: no, not really a known issue21:00
DaanStrange lines appearing accross the screen, in menus only every few letters appear...21:00
cweiskeHi. How does networkmanager configure its dnsmasq instance? /var/run/NetworkManager/dnsmasq.conf is empty21:01
ProjectBarksOk so I have an Hp Pavilion laptop and I wanna delete the HP_TOOlS partition to make room. However I was told I need to make a copy of hp tools to a usb or something in that aspect anyone mind helping me achive this?21:01
rallehi.. when setting up a VPN connection, MTU is always set to 1400. I do need another value like 1356. "sudo ifconfig ppp0 mtu 1356" works for one VPN session (until disconnect). Any idea how to set it permanently?21:01
bekksWhat makes you think "I do need another value like..."?21:02
bekksAnd in the Network Manager, you can set an MTU, as well.21:02
ralle@bekks: VPN connection does not work with standard value 1400. By searching google I found out that another value (1356) works. My tries confirm this.21:03
tuxy+OK CHwHT/I6JBA0LW8BL0aR9Ua0W6d1k.7mgSz1Q6bbt.uwCvt0NuwOh/AJePs1UeVdk.80qos.oRaGm0IrBTS1yWXYo1t1n1L1o/n4v1MBGWP14FhCS1Rg3ok.21:03
ralle@bekks: In network manager I can't change the value because ppp0 is created after VPN connect only.. it does not appear in NetworkManager21:03
jimmtI just thought of the phrase "ubuntoobad" and I think I'm the first21:06
jimmtanyone heard the phrase before or did I just break new ground21:06
k1l_jimmt: that is more of a topic for #ubuntu-offtopic21:07
crippledmonkanyone running trust daily?21:07
Toyraztory2how do i get rid of workspace switcher21:07
k1l_crippledmonk: #ubuntu+1 :)21:07
Toyraztory2please can someone answer my question?21:08
nearstToyraztory2, workspace is my live saver. lol. try look at settings21:08
crippledmonkI just dl'd and am going to dd to usb in order to give a spin. any paticular things I should watch out for?21:08
Toyraztory2how do i get rid of workspace switcher?21:08
k1l_Toyraztory2: do you mean the icon? do you mean the 2x2 workspaces? etc etc etc21:09
Toyraztory2i know but i want to do something different21:09
Toyraztory2yeah the icon21:09
k1l_!trusty | crippledmonk21:09
ubottucrippledmonk: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info. support in #ubuntu+121:09
Toyraztory2whats the terminal process?21:09
k1l_Toyraztory2: look into the options?21:09
tuxy+OK qrysf1wWHxI1iJYax.iFHRj/RGqKa1IjhoP1pfidy.rjhqn/P6PdT.R91H70aozMt/D7/s41g.fBn0X0qKV/LUW330GDoI..y88PH.bvKMr1zfn91/yHKOG/QJmz6.Z9yuX1MH0o8/7zJ/b.El2S8/MPcES/21:10
Toyraztory2I tried looking in ubuntu forums21:10
Toyraztory2no joy i guess21:11
Toyraztory2ugh i hate this feature so vehemently.21:11
Toyraztory2thanks anyway21:12
douglToyraztory2 - install Kubuntu21:14
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
bekksdougl: which has a desktop switcher by default, too.21:15
douglbekks, yeah it works different tho right?21:16
ralleCan someone help? How to set MTU for VPN (temporary ppp0-network device) permanently?21:16
niranjan_Trying to find best way to get screen of my work machine to my home machine. I normally connect to my work machine using ssh -t -t <public facing> ssh mydesktop21:16
rallei think there must be some script which is being executed on ppp up?21:16
bekksdougl: It works pretty much the same - it offers desktops which can be switched.21:16
niranjan_Ssh works fine21:16
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douglbekks, I wonder if the fact there was more than one desktop or the switcher... I use the cube21:18
tuxy+OK qrysf1wWHxI1iJYax.iFHRj/RGqKa1IjhoP1pfidy.rjhqn/P6PdT.R91H70aozMt/D7/s41g.fBn0X0qKV/LUW330GDoI..y88PH.bvKMr1zfn91/yHKOG/QJmz6.Z9yuX1MH0o8/7zJ/b.El2S8/MPcES/21:18
k1l_dougl: we will never know, he stopped ranting and quit already21:18
k1l_tuxy: please stop that21:19
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douglk1l_, yeah that is really what I was poking fun at.21:20
JOGATRESHi everybody, I am currently working on a paper about reliability of open source softwares in companies. You can help my searches, by answering this short survey: http://opensource-survey.myesgi.org Some of you have already done it and I do thank you21:23
YahtoI hope that i can get a bit of help here. i am hving problems with my hotkeys/ fn + f1-12 the problem is that they are realy slow they work but slow. if i turn volume up it takes aout 10 sec to react to it21:23
ikoniaJOGATRES: please don't spam surveys in the support channels21:24
JOGATRESikonia, ok my bad, i didn't mean to bother21:26
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ikoniaJOGATRES: not a problem.21:32
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jeffrey_fGuest47114: If you have a question, please ask.  State the problem as you see it, what you already know and have tried.  If someone knows the answer, they will respond.21:45
dimsenHey Guys .. may someon could assist me with some ipv6 trouble .. ?? Im now on Native IPv6 and IPv4 .. its a real DualStck Connection .. I also have a HomeServer running on it ans via DynDNS I can connect to my server .. via https://cloud.dimsen.de   .. since im running on ipv6 .. establishing a connection seems to be very very slow ..21:48
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Guest62801Hi, guys, I'm having a time figuring out how to get mods, mini clay soldiers, for my minecraft. Does anyone know how? Ubuntu 12.0421:49
dimsenWhen trying to reach my server via ping6 I not able to connect ... i guess the Problem will be that my server does not allow incomming connections via ipv6 and the Browser is redirecting them to ipv421:50
dimsenOhh on my Server i have running Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit .. with apache 2.4 ..21:51
new2ubuntuhello, hope someone can point me in the right direction. is this the place to ask for help with ubuntu?21:52
Beldarnew2ubuntu, What does the channel header say.21:53
jeffrey_fdimsen: Do you have IPv6 in the apache config??  http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ipv6-apache-configuration-tutorial/21:54
new2ubuntuI'm actually not sure. Where is the channel header?21:54
Beldarfirst lines on your irc client21:54
k1l_new2ubuntu: type "/topic" in here21:54
Beldarnew2ubuntu, Topic for #ubuntu is: Official Ubuntu Support Channel21:54
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new2ubuntuOk great. I have three older netbooks, all aspire one's. what is the best image to use for installation and where can i get it? I've read jaunty but I can't seem to find that.21:55
k1l_new2ubuntu: jaunty is long time outdated21:56
k1l_new2ubuntu: i would suggest you try Lubuntu since its lightweight desktop for the low power netbooks21:56
k1l_!lubuntu | new2ubuntu21:56
ubottunew2ubuntu: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.21:56
new2ubuntuso.. what image should i use? i need a reliable, easy to use setup that will be used by young kids21:56
dimsen@ jeffrey_f so I did not configured that in apache .. i've read that when apache has no special config for ipv6 or ipv4 .. it'll allow connection from both ipv6 & ipv4 .. ive just configured port 80 and port 44321:57
Beldarnew2ubuntu, All those requests are really opinion based, try precise a longterm release and see if it suits your needs.21:58
new2ubuntuok thanks a lot. looking at lubuntu now.. i'll just try it, thanks21:58
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jeffrey_fdimsen: apache listens on an IP address and port.  This is ALL in the apache config.  If IPv6 isn't part of the config, IPv6 requests are ignored.21:59
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dimsen@ jeffrey_f OK.. but that would be a problem. So my IP Adress will change everytime my router is going down for updates .. or other things like that ..22:01
dimsen@ jeffrey_f or would it be enought when i configure apache to listen to the LinkLocal IP that is assigned to the MacAdress ?? fe80 ... ??22:03
phil-nsdimsen: why not statically assign an ip to your box that is outside the dhcp scope of your router, and have your router route port 80 to that static ip?22:07
idanielguys, I don't know where to go to find help with mods for minecraft on Ubuntu 12.0422:08
k1l_idaniel: ask in a minecraft channel? :)22:08
dimsenbecause i dont have a static IP ..22:08
idanielI'll try again, but I was on one and nobody was answering. I'll check again22:09
dimsen@ phil-ns because i dont have a static IP22:09
phil-nsdimsen: dyndns ?22:09
dimsenYes ..22:09
dimsenwhen you type ping cloud.dimsen.de ..22:09
dimsenyou will directly connected via dyndns to my server ..22:09
phil-nsdimsen: does your router not have the ability to monitor/manage dyndns?22:10
dimsenbut ping6 cloud.dimsen.de doesnt work22:10
qindimsen: if you change ip (if not too often) overwrite config with new ip and restart apache.22:10
mikubuntuanybody know where a vibrant knoppix channel might exist? i am having trouble with installing knoppix's 'adriane' os for the blind for my blind friend. any moderator familiar that would be willing to help?22:11
dimsenMy Router is FRITZ!Box 636022:11
pavel_solamente hablo, pienso y escribo en español...  que tal a todos...22:11
misdirecthi, what software would you suggest to create a table similar to this http://www.workhealth.org/strain/jsdef2.jpg ?22:11
phil-nsbut your router is giving a local subnet address to the apacher server, as long as your router is passing port 80 to it, I don't see the problem.22:11
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qinphil-ns: right, I missed something22:14
jhutchins dimsen WHat about regular ping?22:14
phil-nsdimsen: dyndns is handling the outside world getting to your router, your router is passing port 80 to the box running your apache server...we cool with that so far?22:15
dimsen@ jhutchins regular ping works like a charm ..22:15
jhutchinsdimsen: Chances of a home router or an ISP correctly handling ipv6 are very slim.22:15
phil-nsyou could mod your router with openwrt, or maybe even dd-wrt and it would handle ipv622:15
phil-nsof course, your isp has to be passing it along as well.22:15
AnonymoRefugehello, i have just dowloaded Ubuntu, and i was wondering, do i have to use an iso program to open it?22:17
dimsen@ phil-ns yes I got it .. and connecting my server was pretty fast before IPv6 .. so it seems like my router doesnt allow incomming connections and also doesnt forward them to port 80 / 443 on my apache ..22:17
bekksAnonymoRefuge: you have to use a dvd burning program to burn the iso to a dvd or you can create a bootable usb thumb drive using unetbootin, e.g.22:18
phil-nsdimsen: what you need is to change the routers dhcp scope, only allow it to hand out address in the range, hmm, lets say to And then, set your apache box to a static ip address of
phil-nsdimsen: you'll have to adjust for your subnet, the 192.168.x. part...it may not be 122:18
phil-nsdimsen: and then get into your routers port forwarding section, and forward port 80 to
ralleCan someone help? How to set MTU for VPN (temporary ppp0-network device) permanently?22:19
rallei think there must be some script which is being executed on ppp up?22:19
phil-nsdimsen: and while you're there, check to see if your router can manage the dyndns, most modern routers do.22:19
Akiva-MobileStrange question, but seeing I am using an ubuntu font, when it comes to formatting basic letter documents, does Ubuntu or Canonical adhere to a certain guideline?22:20
dimsen@ phil-ns: Ohh i allready did this .. the ipv4 scope in my router is from - the IP ive assigned to my server ist ..22:20
mikubuntuanybody know where a vibrant knoppix channel might exist? i am having trouble with installing knoppix's 'adriane' os for the blind for my blind friend. any moderator familiar that would be willing to help?22:21
dimsen@ phil-ns also my router handels PortForwarding very well ..22:22
AnonymoRefugebekks: Okay thanks22:22
SabbieI have a node with a pretty high load (around 6). I've shutdown almost all the processes, but the load persists. Does anyone know what could be the cause?22:22
bekks6 isnt a high load, nowadays.22:22
bekksSabbie: Just take a look at top whats causing the load.22:23
Akiva-MobileAkiva-Mobile: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/StyleGuide << guess I found it.22:23
Sabbiebekks: this node has a brother which is now in production, it has a load of less than 122:23
Sabbiebekks: I did, there is nothing causing load. In fact, I've killed everything except the neccesary system processes, but the load persists.22:23
bekksSabbie: And still, 6 isnt a large load. It just says: "when having only one core, there are 6 processes in the queue to be processed." I bet you have more than one core.22:24
bekksSabbie: Can you pastebin the output of "ps -ef" please?22:24
Sabbiebekks, it has 16 cores. It used to have no load. We just took it out of production and an identical node is now in production with a load of 1.22:25
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Sabbiebekks: will do, one sec22:25
bekksSabbie: And can you pastebin "ps aux" too, please?22:27
Sabbiebekks: http://pastebin.com/KxNNBWax22:28
pavel_hola brianboza22:32
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pavel_que tal AndresSM22:36
k1l_!spanish | pavel_22:37
ubottupavel_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.22:37
Sabbiebekks: any idaes? Or should I just reboot the node..22:38
bekksSabbie: did you check swap usage?22:38
bekksSabbie: Did you check I/O, using sar?22:39
Sabbiebekks: I've disabled swap22:39
bekksor iostat, or vmstat?22:39
SabbieI checked i/o with iotop, no i/o at all22:39
bekksI'd not rely on iotop at that point.22:39
bekksIts a pythong script, doing weird stuff basically :)22:39
jackHello world22:40
=== jack is now known as Guest45038
Guest45038Hello world22:40
Sabbieah ok :)22:40
Guest45038Sabbie: Hellop22:40
Sabbieso looking at iostat, what am I looking for? I have 94.27% idle22:40
bekksSabbie: what about iowait?22:41
bekksSabbie: Can you pastebin "iostat -x" please?22:42
Balzyhello! just a quick question: does modprobe loads a module for the running session? If I reboot it won't be reloaded, right?22:42
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bekksSabbie: Which Ubuntu is that? And did you check the drbd connection?22:43
linusi followed this tutorial , http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/  ,up to step 3 where i get different options than the listed.what went wrong?22:44
Sabbiebekks: it's 10.04, we have drbd offline right now22:44
Sabbiethat is, it is in unconfigured state22:44
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Sabbiebekks: iostat -x 1 has everything at 022:45
Sabbiebtw Balzy: you're correct, modprobe loads a module into the running kernel and after reboot it will not be loaded22:49
SabbieBalzy: to have it load after a reboot, add the module to /etc/modules22:49
linusi followed this tutorial , http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/  ,up to step 3 where i get different options than the listed.what went wrong?22:50
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Akiva-Mobilehttp://design.canonical.com/brand/B.%20Complete%20Ubuntu%20brand%20guide%20-%20November%202010.pdf  <<  Am I free to copy the formatting used in this? I really like the ubuntu aesthetic, and want to apply it to some of my business documentation.22:51
Sabbielinus: you're probably running a different operating system than the one pictured in the tutorial22:51
linusi run ubuntu 13.1022:52
jiffeso I've used ufw to add a deny entry on line 1 and it doesn't seem to be working22:52
Sabbiebekks: don't mean to pressure you, but do you have anymore ideas?22:52
k1l_linus: what is your exact problem there?22:53
linusi dont get the'run in terminal'option22:53
bekksSabbie: I am sorry, I have no further ideas.22:54
Sabbiebekks: no problem man, thanks a lot for the help anyway.22:55
mdrska80_linus open normal terminal, go to location and run it22:55
mdrska80_ctrl shift t....etc22:56
k1l_linus: yes, easiest and fastest way is to run it from terminal22:56
linuswhat should i type?22:56
mdrska80_cd to location of tht sh22:57
mdrska80_that sh......22:57
mdrska80_sorry for my bad keyboaard (a is problem)22:57
linusmdrska80_, install-depot-multisystem.sh: command not found22:59
k1l_linus: open a terminal, cd Downloads, chmod +x file, .file22:59
sideup66can i get some help with a machine running ubuntu 13.10 i believe, im trying to get the gallium radeon rs880 driver to output video through hdmi22:59
sideup66which it does not seem to do by default23:00
ImmatixIf MOTU is responsible for keeping Universe and Multiverse components of the Ubuntu repositories together, does anyone know who to complain to about a package being horribly out of date, including no security patches?23:00
mdrska80_linus do as k1l_ said23:00
k1l_Immatix: i would suggest to file a bug23:01
sideup66i need the hdmi video out23:02
sideup66how do you set it23:02
sideup66to output i mean23:02
sideup66ok nevermind23:05
sideup66got video working, now how do you set sound to play through23:05
Immatixk1l_: I'll try that I suppose, hopefully it doesn't fall on deaf ears like other bug reports for this package23:05
sideup66actually got it, sorry to bother folks23:08
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AgusS_ARGgoood night23:28
Immatixhopefully that will take care of the problem at some point23:32
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Jacywould anyone here happen to be able to help me figure out how to set up a three-way boot between windows 7, Ubuntu 13.10, and Kali Linux?23:48
kalekip1Does anybody know how I can make my terminal transparent?23:48
quadHelixkalekip1 Edit>Profiles.  make it transparent23:50
kalekip1quadHelix: I can't access it. It's disabled :/23:50
quadHelixkalekip1, not sure why that would be....  Info here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/74114/how-to-make-terminal-semi-transparent23:52
kalekip1quadHelix: The funny thing is that I just stumbled on that there.23:55
kalekip1But again, I can't access it.23:55
kalekip1It's disabled for some reason :/23:55
kalekip1Right clicking worked, but I don't have the "background" tab23:55
kalekip1I'm on 13.1023:55
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DF3D2!khash 350023:56
DF3D2lol wrong chan23:56
kalekip1OK, I give up. It's late. I will look tomorrow. Ty anyways23:57

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