cubTheDrums, I was trying to test the trusty iso form the instruction you wrote a couple of days ago11:27
cubbut I'm not savvy enough to really understand what to do. :/11:28
TheDrumsOK, where are you?11:29
cubwell I got stuck already at "just echo the contents you see on bzr into it"11:30
cubI booted an iso on USB to test the shoft and F6, but did not get any boot command line either11:31
TheDrumsRight, did you see the little icon at the bottom?11:32
cuba small white line in the bottom left, yes. Any icon, no.11:32
cubfirst I get the unetbootin menu though. Do I need to run this on an installed version?11:32
TheDrumsOooooooh! unetbootin breaks how the menu works, OK.  Then there I think it's "Tab" to edit the boot line?11:34
cubhehe, aha.11:35
TheDrumshttp://smg.photobucket.com/user/griff_90/media/d9c03dfb.jpg.html is on CD, Vbox, and basically !unetbootin11:35
TheDrumsThe point of this is to create that file before any user has the option to login, so it needs to be created before lightdm first starts up.11:36
cubOk, so after that I just write "text" ?11:36
cubcreate which file? the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-ubuntustudio.conf ?11:37
cubSo I will need to check what the file looks like in the bzr before I boot up, create the file and add everything in there. Then startx11:40
cubah no, then sudo service lightdm start11:41
TheDrumsCorrect, for starting lightdm and the file.  Easy thing to do, download it to a place you can easily wget it from.11:41
cubthat would require network access though11:42
zequenceyou can also use a usb stick, mount it, then cp the file over11:43
zequenceor from internal hard drive11:43
cublunch break over, I will make another go later on again. :)'11:43
TheDrumszequence: Right, normally testing in vbox so I think wget first (And, generally have network anyway)11:50
cubso I could run it within a vbox without getting strange results?11:50
zequencecub: Yes. It's more or less the same deal12:53
cubTheDrums, no luck for me to get that text boot.19:10
cubRight away it shows a menu to choose language, then the "Try Ubuntu Studio wihtout installing" menu and directly after that it show the Ubuntu Studio logo with a spinning circle and booting19:11
cubno sign of the icons you showed in the screenshot, shift and F6 didn't do anything anywhere.19:11
cubNot sure what I'm doing wrong19:12
zequenceWe have the old menu19:14
zequenceCould be why19:14
zequenceWe should probably think about changing it19:14
cubI suppose it is. Not sure how to circumvent it to do the test. I'd like to learn though19:22
cubI tried the different F6 Options but nothing that would give me a text boot .. so far.19:22
cubI think I got it...20:08
cubAlright, zequence, TheDrums, so how can I tell if my test was successful? :D After I put in the file and started lightdm I got the normal desktop. Perhaps that was the success?20:17
TheDrumszequence: I like the old menu better. :)20:17
TheDrumscub: Did you ever see the lightdm prompt?  Are you in the UbuntuStudio session?20:17
cubAfter boot I only got a text prompt20:18
cubwhere I created the file, the service lightdm start, which loaded up the "normal" desktop20:18
TheDrumsThen yep.20:18
cubwhat would have happened if it had failed?20:18
TheDrumsYou'd see the lightdm login screen, as it is now.20:19
cubright, no I never got the graphic login screen20:20
cubI assume that would have been the lightdm login screen?20:20
cubcool, I learned something new today then. :)20:21
TheDrumsBeta freeze has already hit, though.20:21
kubotuTheDrums meant: "Alpha2 freeze has already hit, though."20:22
cubbut ubuntu studio is not part of the alphas, do it wouldn't make any change?20:24
cubwhat did this change fix? That users would get the lightdm login screen when booting into Live session?20:26
TheDrumsYes, and not only that, but normally get a different language and the Xfce session.20:29
TheDrumsAlso rather than submitting to you the Xubuntu Additional Drivers desktop file, I commented on the bug report and had it re-opened so hopefully you'll get it anyway.21:27

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