darklexhi comunnity11:28
zequencehi darklex11:29
darklexi'm installing ububtu studio 10.13 for first time, hope i can make music in this S.O.11:30
darklexin the live cd can't get audio11:30
darklexsome one's have this detail too?11:30
darklexany one in here is a music producer?11:35
waykool99is it possible in ubuntu studio v13.10 to download and use the Gnome 2 GUI instead?17:08
zequencewaykool99: Not from the standard repo, AFAIK. Gnome2 is no longer maintained, but there are forks of it.Well, at least one - mate.17:21
zequenceYOu may be able to find a ppa that has it17:21
zequenceWhich ever DE (desktop environment) you choose to use, you will need to install separately. You can have multple installed in paralellt17:23
zequenceYou choose the DE session from the login screen17:23
waykool99i've never seen Gnome 3 but heard such terrible things about it. Another option i've thought of, using KDE or LXDE (spelling)17:24
waykool99and thank you for your suggestions, by the way17:27
waykool99ahh. it is LXDE.17:28
waykool99reason is, my computers are too old. in Unity and Xfce GUI's, they crash constantly.17:29
zequencelxde is probably the best choice then17:31
zequencethere are even simpler ones too17:32
zequenceI like awesome myself17:32
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zequenceI use either awesome or gnome3. gnome3 with newer machines. Fast, and simple17:32
waykool99i've not heard of awesome(?)17:33
zequenceThere are others too17:36
zequenceJust google linux and desktop environments17:36
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