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shadeslayerhi, I'm on Kubuntu and I don't seem to have a com.ubuntu.Upstart interface on the session bus13:21
shadeslayerit does sometimes appear, but currently doesn't seem to be there13:22
shadeslayerany ideas?13:22
jodhshadeslayer: yes - that is bug 1258098 - I've fixed the bug. Just needs to be reviewed by an Upstart developer such that we can get it into the next release (this/next week I'm hoping).13:40
shadeslayeraha cool, I just wanted to be informed since I landed a patch in kde-workspace that allows suspending via the logind interfaces provided by com.ubuntu.Upstart a few weeks back13:41
shadeslayerand I started noticing lately that my laptop did not suspend since there was no com.ubuntu.Upstart13:41
jodhshadeslayer: oh - are you talking about the system bus?13:43
shadeslayerjodh: no, session bus13:43
jodhshadeslayer: right, that bug is the reason then :) fwiw until recently, the Session Init didn't connect to the Session Bus at all since it has a private socket anyway.13:44
shadeslayerhuh,weird, I did have a com.ubuntu.Upstart interface at some point and it did work :)13:45
shadeslayertested it quite a bit13:45
shadeslayerah well, /me will wait for fix to land13:45
jodhshadeslayer: it works as expected until the Session Init is restarted. This happens automatically on Ubuntu if the upstart package gets upgraded (or any of its dependencies; libc, libnih, etc).13:46
jodhshadeslayer: there is a work-around: run "initctl notify-dbus-address $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" as required and the Session Init will reconnect to the Session Bus.13:57
shadeslayerthx, that does work14:02

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