brainwashtoo bad00:03
brainwashisn't he the original author of the greeter?00:03
ochosi(this is as far as i know)00:03
ochosiyeah, but he only authored it as a reference implementation00:04
ochosiit was never meant to stick around for so long00:04
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, Can you help me with an FTBFS?00:04
Noskcajin menulibre00:04
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: what's up?00:04
brainwashochosi: that reminds me that we need to check how unity-greeter loads the gtk3 indicators now, lightdm-gtk-greeter isn't able to anymore00:05
NoskcajCurrent build-deps are debhelper, python3, distutils-extra, libgnome-menu-3-dev, python-gi-dev00:06
ochosibrainwash: yeah, we're about to do a dev-release of the greeter, so it could go in the next release. feel free to investigate how it's done, it's currently really low on my todo-list00:07
bluesabre-laptopunicode will be the death of me00:08
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, It only occurs in a clean schroot, so i'm having a lot of trouble debugging00:08
bluesabre-laptopI have no idea what could be causing that00:10
ali1234ochosi: currently there is no right way to do it, as with the desktop session itself00:11
ochosiali1234: what is that re: to? logind and the powermenu stuff in the greeter?00:12
bluesabre-laptopprobably indicators00:12
bluesabre-laptopbut maybe not ;)00:12
ochosisorry, i was looking at the logind stuff here so i naturally associated the comment with what *i* was doing :>00:12
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: building in saucy or trusty?00:12
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, The .desktop should say encoding="UTF-8" i think00:13
Noskcajtrusty pbuilder-dist00:13
NoskcajJust let me try a quick rules hack, might fix it00:13
brainwashali1234: but unity-greeter does it00:13
NoskcajThat's fixed it.00:15
Noskcajone other thing, in the manpage, BUGS is meant to be where you file bugs00:17
brainwashali1234: nice00:19
brainwashso it should be fixable in gtk greeter too00:20
Unit193bluesabre-laptop: Since you have a meta proposal already in, do you want to remove gnome-time-admin too or should I create another?00:25
bluesabre-laptopUnit193: go ahead and create another if you don't mind00:26
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: I got that idea from another package I saw, lol00:27
NoskcajNow we just need to find a DD, something that is nearly impossible.00:27
bluesabre-laptopif the build works, would you mind pushing it to the PPA?00:30
bluesabre-laptopochosi and I can try to convince Corsac to help it along into debian00:30
Noskcajbluesabre-laptop, If you get a reply from corsac, you're doing better than me00:31
bluesabre-laptopwe've got some other projects that corsac is interested in, so it makes it easier to mention it00:31
NoskcajJust get corsac to sponsor gthumb (from collab-maint) and embed-plugin (pkg-xfce) too00:34
NoskcajWhich of the two PPAs should it go in?00:40
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: https://launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/+archive/devel00:40
bluesabre-laptopGotta run, bbl00:40
Noskcajuploading now00:41
bluesabre-laptopyeah, stable has the wrong url name :)00:41
Noskcajok, bye00:41
bluesabre-laptopthanks Noskcaj, have a great evening!00:41
bluesabre-laptopor morning00:41
bluesabre-laptopwherever you are :)00:41
Noskcajstill morning00:41
bluesabreNoskcaj: looks like it worked, thanks!02:59
bluesabreelfy, trusty packages are available at https://launchpad.net/~menulibre-dev/+archive/devel02:59
bluesabreeveryone, please test ^!03:00
bluesabre+ forestpiskie03:00
bluesabreI'll do a proper release announcement tonight/tomorrow03:03
pleia2bah, still no alpha builds, I had hoped to get some testing in today before work again tomorrow03:25
Unit193Could still do menulibre or if light-locker needs it, but aye.03:31
bluesabrelightdm-gtk-greeter 1.7.1 released, https://launchpad.net/lightdm-gtk-greeter/1.7/1.7.103:38
bluesabrewill also do a proper release announcement of that soon03:39
bluesabreheading to bed, be back tomorrow03:39
NoskcajUnit193, g-s-t is merged06:28
Unit193micahg: Nothing urgent, but preferred before release: https://code.launchpad.net/~unit193/ubuntu-seeds/small-fixes/+merge/20240106:36
NoskcajMenulibre uploaded07:34
slickymastermorning all10:19
Unit193slickymaster: "This documentation provides documentation to the most common issues with Xubuntu, including:" seem like normal language to you?10:20
slickymasterUnit193: well, no10:22
slickymasterthe anaphora used seems a little forced10:22
Unit1930,/documentation/s@documentation@document@ ?10:22
slickymasterUnit193: ?!10:23
Unit193Right, I shouldn't think in terms of sed.  This document provides documentation for the most common10:23
slickymasteryes, but even linguistically I think that string/sentence could/should be improved10:24
knometoo many slashes, i'm off10:26
Unit193Great, you broke knome.10:27
slickymasterlet's us hope he'll manage to glue himself10:28
slickymasterbluesabre: yeah, I saw the logs and what you said, so I'll remove that item from the http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=mugshot-docs:installation-preferences section10:38
slickymasterbluesabre: on a completely different note, can you please provide a pt_PT pot file in https://translations.launchpad.net/menulibre/2.0 so it can be translatable into Portuguese? 10:39
ali1234Unit193: "This document describes the most common issue with Xubuntu"10:59
Unit193Quite so.11:00
Unit193But to me that (and the orig) indicate it's workarounds and common problems, when it appears to be more generally a user guide. 11:01
ali1234well i can't see the rest of the document in question...11:03
ali1234fixing the grammar is one thing, but if it's just flat out wrong that's totally different11:03
slickymaster Unit193, ali1234, a possible solution could be "This documentation provides information to the most common issues with Xubuntu, including:"11:08
brainwashochosi: got a diff for the top panel 1px removal?11:10
Unit193What Alister said works.11:11
slickymasterUnit193: I still think that that string should be reworded11:12
bluesabreslickymaster: https://translations.launchpad.net/menulibre/2.0/+pots/menulibre/pt_PT/+translate11:15
slickymasterbluesabre: thanks, I'll start working on that as soon as I'm able to11:15
bluesabreif you have any questions, let me know11:16
slickymasterwill do, thanks11:16
slickymasterbbl ->12:16
ochosibrainwash: in case you're using the light-lock branch of greybird, add "border-width: 0;" to #panel_window13:02
brainwashochosi: does not seem to work here13:55
brainwashochosi: setting pedding-right to 0 in .menubar removes the 1px14:10
brainwashbut breaks the layout14:10
brainwashuhm, bug 127116914:12
ubottubug 1271169 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) " Let Xubuntu users disable/enable hibernation from Xfce Power Manager" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127116914:12
micahgUnit193: I'll review after alpha214:36
jjfrv8elfy, or anyone, is there an easy way to see the bugs that have previously been reported against the trusty iso's?14:53
jjfrv8every time we get a new milestone, they seem to get cleared out14:53
jjfrv8and you can't even see them if you go back to an archived version14:54
slickymasterjjfrv8: see these: http://bit.ly/18o24DO and http://bit.ly/18bwkqM14:59
brainwashjjfrv8: "Abiword top ruler hidden by gray area on first open"  it's now a white area on my system :)15:02
jjfrv8slickymaster, thanks, but that list doesn't seem to be complete and it includes post-install stuff15:03
ochosibrainwash: not sure you noticed, but i did include a patch in the 1.7.1 to query the policies for the powermenu on the fly...15:05
brainwashthe debian patch?15:06
brainwashah, very similar15:07
ochosino, that was silly15:07
ochosii rewrote it15:07
ochosiwell, we'll see what issues are left with that "solution"15:07
jjfrv8brainwash, still gray on mine: http://imagebin.org/28797715:08
ochosiwhat convinced me in the end was your scenario, where you'd leave the greeter open and go to a tty, e.g. VT1 and log in15:08
ochosiat least that should be handled now15:08
ochosisome of the other problems might remain, but i mentioned them in the bugreport, so...15:09
brainwashjjfrv8: so a recent greybird change turned the grey area into a white one15:09
ochosidon't think there were any really relevant greybird changes15:09
ochosibut then again, i have no clue what dark magic abiword uses for its UI15:09
ochosi(and i don't want to know anymore, too many hours wasted on that already)15:10
brainwashsadly it does not look there will a fix anytime soon15:10
ochosibrainwash: wrt indicators, one reason why they're so low on my list is the fact that last time i tried them in the greeter, there were several issues, e.g. you could open gmusicbrowser via the sound-indicator or other gnome settings apps (if installed) from the datetime indicator etc.15:10
brainwashthis time it's a gtk 3.10 issue, not theme related15:10
brainwashbefore one could fix that, he would need to study the code of unity-greeter15:11
ochosiwell again, i can tell you they have gnome-settings-daemon to handle most of what we lack15:12
brainwashochosi: what about the the 1px in the greeter top panel? any ideas why border-width does not do anything15:13
brainwashwell, I'll test greeter 1.7.1 in the meantime15:15
brainwashochosi: http://lpaste.net/98855 light-lock branch, this eliminates the 1px15:35
brainwashnot sure how to remove the copied properties and only set the padding one without breaking it15:37
brainwashpower menu fix works fine :)15:41
ochosibrainwash: strange, my patch works here. i'll do this properly once i got trusty next week16:09
brainwashochosi: so trusty seems to break more things than expected16:10
ochosiwell, gtk3.10 was a late decision16:11
ochosiso yeah, i'm not surprised there are issues we couldn't foresee16:11
ochosibut this is a lot less worse than the theming issues we had in previous gtk3 upgrades16:11
ochosi(sometimes meant that themes had to be rewritten, and with 5 of them, that's not too much fun)16:12
brainwashah right, do you keep track of the changes which maybe need to be applied to all shimmer themes?16:13
brainwashlike the sound menu play menu highlight16:13
ochosithere aren't that many16:13
ochosibut yeah, i *try* to16:13
brainwashok :)16:14
elfyjjfrv8: not sure what's up with that bug list tbh - but I tend to look at the reports so have half an idea16:36
elfylp isn't very user friendly for searching 16:39
ochosii tend to use google as a wrapper16:42
ochosibut that also doesn't always make it easy-peasy16:42
elfyI find the best way to just keep reporting bugs - the people sorting it out must have some way of finding out16:43
elfy/bad elfy16:43
jjfrv8elfy, thanks. I did see that some previously reported bugs still show in the dailies, I didn't look there before. I just looked at alpha1.16:53
elfyjjfrv8: I'm pretty sure that all the previous important bugs are still there - but not necessarily Xubuntu ones16:54
elfythe only that's gone is our session one16:54
jjfrv8my 386 test install in VBox did not restart at the 'press enter' prompt and I could have sworn I had seen a report of that before16:55
jjfrv8but couldn't find it when I searched.16:55
elfyjjfrv8: there is a BIG list - not launchpad but tracker16:55
jjfrv8ah, okay, I'll check that out.16:56
elfyno gui for us to deal with users now then 17:20
elfyknome: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1628/info18:11
elfywhich is a mandatory test - I've no partitions/no other internet/no usb's - do I then fail it ... 18:12
elfyor bug 127126718:12
ubottubug 1271267 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "1628 - Xubuntu Post Install testcase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127126718:12
elfyslickymaster: perhaps better in here 18:20
elfyOther applications that retrieve user information from /etc/passwd will also be updated (including Abiword and Gnumeric)18:20
slickymasteryes, that's referenced in the Face-Page18:21
slickymasterelfy: were you asking?18:21
elfygissa chance - thinking on the fly :p18:22
elfyperhaps "Other applications retrieving user information from /etc/passwd will be supported following future updates"18:22
slickymasterelfy: good point18:23
elfyMugshot is a lightweight, easy-to-use user configuration utility.18:23
slickymasterbluesabre-laptop: ^^^ I do agree with elfy's suggestion. What do you think?18:23
elfydoes it need to be lightweight and easy to use - doesn't one sort of point to the other anyway?18:23
slickymasterlol, that's why I've asked you18:24
slickymasteryou're native to the language18:24
elfysorry that - wasn't a question but a comment :p18:24
elfyI'd do one or the other personally18:25
elfyMugshot is a lightweight (or (easy-to-use user)) configuration utility. 18:25
slickymasterelfy: well, technically being lightweight refers to the fact that it isn't a heavy on the system application18:25
slickymasterthe easy-to-use, speaks for itself18:26
elfytechnically - but reading a manual wise - is it necessary is what I'm saying18:26
elfyand should a user manual be concerned with how heavy something is on the system18:27
slickymasterelfy: maybe I'm seeing it too much as a brochure18:27
slickymastereven though that's just a sort of a introduction paragraph18:28
slickymasterthe manual per si is in the following links18:29
elfyMugshot is a lightweight user configuration utility.  Mugshot allows you to easily set profile image and user details for your user profile and any supported applications.18:29
slickymasterelfy: I like it. If bluesabre-laptop won't object, I'll use your description instead of mine18:30
elfyslickymaster: you only want me to look at the front page?18:33
slickymasterno, by all means, browse the links18:34
elfyokey doke18:34
slickymasteronly the http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=mugshot-docs:usage isn't finished yet18:34
elfythough I'm only reading - not physically checking18:34
slickymasterwell, I've checked the links, and they're all pointing to the right page18:35
elfythat's a good start - I'm looking while sorting little one18:36
slickymasterelfy: np. I also have to go now. will be back after dinner18:37
brainwashochosi: http://lpaste.net/98905 - clear message box after user selection change18:52
Noskcajbluesabre, Menulibre is uploaded, is the license meant to be GPL3 or GPL3+ though?19:03
Noskcajochosi, When do you think panel or the required garcon version will be out?21:32
ochosibrainwash: looks sane, how do i reproduce the related bug?22:28
ochosiNoskcaj: it's guesswork, i think nick is busy and consolidating all the panel-changes take time, i'm not sure. it could happen anytime (same as happened with the andrzejr/wrapper3 branch merge...)22:29
ochosisorry i can't give you a more optimistic outlook22:32
ochosimy approach would be: package a git-snapshot now and update it as soon as we get a release22:32
ochosiwe *need* this stuff in 14.0422:32
ochosiwe can update it in the backports, but not having it at all because there's no release reproduces the saucy problems22:32
NoskcajI'll prepare it today22:33
NoskcajDo we know of anyone with a xubuntu precise install? Needed for the xfce4-weather-plugin SRU to precise22:34
ochosihmp, sry, i'll only even get trusty in a week22:34
ochosino hdd-space to install precise (as ridiculous as that sounds)22:34
ochosimaybe that's ^ something we should use project funds for22:35
ochosiget devs proper hardware...22:35
NoskcajI'd have a precise VM when the parts get un-lost22:35
Noskcajfor now, we just need to prepare a big SRU call for testing when i finish a few others (power manager, other weather fixes)22:36
knomeSRU for 13.1022:36
knomeoh, 12.0422:37
knomethe last SRU is on feb 6th though22:37
Noskcajknome, various releases22:38
knomenot sure 13.10 is worth it, people using it should upgrade to 14.04 at latest on july anyway22:40
slickymasternight all22:42
ochosiyeah, let's focus on 14.0422:42
ochosifrankly, the fact that ali1234 resolved the most prominent 13.10 bug deserves lots of applaud (and more), but we should really look ahead now22:42
knome(one of the benefits for the shorter support cycle for regular releases is not having to SRU loads of stuff)22:44
NoskcajWhat's garcon need to make the gtk-doc documentation?23:02
ochosisry, neither a packing expert nor gtk-doc (in fact we're still having problems with that in parole...)23:05
NoskcajI guess garcon get's to miss it's gtk-doc till a full release. I think it's something from git23:07
brainwashochosi: simply login or unlock with an invalid password, the message box will appear "invalid blabla", now switch the user23:12
ochosibrainwash: ok, will test, thanks23:12
ochosiok, i can confirm the bug23:12
brainwashochosi: switching the user should remove the message box, because the message was addressing the previous failed login23:13
brainwashochosi: so what is the deal with the light-lock branch?23:16
ochosibrainwash: it's a proposal by satya for a new greeter-theme for greybird23:16
brainwashit looks fancy, elementary-os-ish23:16
ochosiyeah, too much eOS23:17
ochosia bit rip-offy imo :)23:17
brainwashthe white login box looks more friendly than the current dark one23:17
brainwashand I like the transparent top panel23:17
ochosiyeah, i agree with that to some extent23:17
ochosiknome thinks it breaks consistency with the rest of the desktop theme23:18
ochosii agree to some extent, i guess at least the logout dialog would have to be recolored23:18
brainwashah, I also removed the blue xubuntu background from the plymouth theme, now it's a black background + white logo23:19
brainwashI like it, might look a bit like win xp23:19
bluesabre-laptopelfy, slickymaster: works for me23:21
brainwashbut I support the idea of making the login/logout screen a bit more brighter23:21
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: I suppose GPL-3 for now23:21
bluesabre-laptopNoskcaj: I think gtk-doc-tools is all23:21
bluesabre-laptopI got it to build once23:21
NoskcajThe docs work fine in full releases23:22
Noskcajjust not the git snapshot23:22
NoskcajAnd i'll go change the debian/copyright now23:22
ochosibrainwash: thanks for the patch, tested and pushed it23:24
Unit193brainwash: For smooth transition, ochosi kindly updated the accountsservice patch in xfdesktop so that it'd only pull from the first desktop (the one xfdesktop will go to upon login.)23:27
ochosialso, Noskcaj ^23:27
ochosiyou probably wanna update my previous patch with the additional line...23:27
Unit193https://unit193.net/debian/saucy/xfdesktop4-data_4.11.2-2.1_all.deb - https://unit193.net/debian/saucy/xfdesktop4_4.11.2-2.1_amd64.deb or I can link to the dsc. :P23:28
Noskcajochosi, Let me finish the power manager SRU paperwork and i'll do that23:28
Noskcajdsc please23:28
ochosisure, thanks Noskcaj!23:28
ochosiUnit193: i presume you can link the dsc? :}23:29
ochosicool ty23:29
knomeUnit193, that link to the dsc is not working for me23:29
* knome hides23:29
Unit193knome: Klik faster!23:29
* Unit193 thinks ochosi doesn't know what to do with a dsc, so opens it in browser.23:31
ochosiUnit193: yup, that's what i've set exo-open to do23:32
Unit193ochosi: dget http://foo.bar/mekofoomfoomfally.dsc23:32
knomeback tomorrow ->23:33
brainwashUnit193: sounds great, so now we only need a working patch for the theme issue23:38
brainwashbut that makes me wonder, why does xfsettingsd take so much time to be ready on session start?23:41
Noskcajbug 1222021 is now ready for an upload23:50
ubottubug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Ubuntu Saucy) "[SRU] xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202123:50
Noskcaj*cough* micahg *cough*23:50
Unit193knome: Did you see, or were you interested in the es xubuntu-docs strings that make index not validate?23:52

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