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abkwould maintainers be interested to have varied linux/bsd distro compatible logic to configure system settings like network/pasword in an adapter fashion13:07
smoserabk, we can configure network to some extent, and you can add users and set their password that works in linux. i'm not sure if it would work in bsd.13:31
abksmoser, I'll be working on a binary reaching via cloud-init into instances taking care of all these base configuration on VMs which get pushed by Hypervisor during build13:35
abksmoser, I thought if cloud-init can use it up... will instead write as a component of it instead13:36
smoserabk, we can make cloud-init consume such data for sure.13:37
abksmoser, distros supporting (RHEL,Fedora,CentOS,Debian,Ubuntu,Gentoo,Arch,OpenSuse,FreeBSD,Scientific) and all major version of these13:37
smoseri'm not sure what you meant by "binary reaching via cloud-init".13:37
abksmoser, I'm not very well-versed in cloud-init yet... but what I notice is I can get my service doing these tasks via any bootstrap script using cloud-init's userdata13:39
abksmoser, but if it can be a part of cloud-init (as in if you folks and community is interested)... I'll instead put it somewhere where it's much easily usable by anyone desiring such feature13:39
smoserok. yeah, right. i would be interested in that, yeah.13:40
smoserpassing network settings in is currently kind of tricky/broken13:41
smoserit should work except for the case of 'eth0' (or any other "auto" configured devices with information already in the instance)13:41
smoserie, ubuntu cloud images ship with 'auto eth0' (for dhcp).13:42
smoserand changing that is not really functional13:42
smoserbecause we don't bring *down* interfaces when we configure networking passed in.13:42
shardyHey guys, noticed the docs have been bumped to 0.7.5, but the latest tagged release is still 0.7.416:06
shardyis a new release imminent?16:06
shardysmoser: That's a question directed at you I guess :)16:09
smosernot imminent, but development is open.16:10
smoserthe rtd is keyed off of Changelog i guess ?16:11
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harlowjasmoser i think the rtd is keyed off the version.py in cloudinit18:35
harlowjanot changelog afaik18:35
harlowjahttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/doc/rtd/conf.py#L41 18:46
harlowjasmoser yt, ok with merging https://code.launchpad.net/~harm-o/cloud-init/freebsd  ?18:54
harlowjasean here is gonna start pushing the people in the release team for freebsd to start making openstack images i think18:54
harlowjausing that freebsd stuff (and any future changes)18:54
smoseri hadn't really looked at that.18:57
smoseri recently changed cc_growpart18:57
smoserso i would have thoguht the merge thing would not like line 70 in that diff18:57
smoserand i think that VERSION (line 701) is going to piss off someone who was here before with some other distro. 18:58
smoserbut ... ok. merge i guess.18:58
smoseroh wait.18:59
smoserone thing18:59
harlowjaharmw yt :-P18:59
smosernever mind. harmo signed agreement. cool.18:59
utlemmingsmoser, harlowja: has anyone confirmed if the disk paritioning code works with this mp? 19:01
harlowjai havent19:01
harlowjabut my guess is its not 100% complete19:01
harlowjathats why seanwbruno just arrived19:01
* seanwbruno stops trolling from afar19:01
utlemmingharlowja: that is my guess19:01
harlowjaseanwbruno to fix it all!19:01
harlowjaseanwbruno i think is gonna try to bug the freebsd people to make better partitioned images, then hook this in 19:03
harlowjabut he can explain i guess19:03
seanwbrunodealing with $work horse shit at the moment, but tomorrow I'll get with the fbsd re team to put something out that looks like our franken-images at the office.19:03
seanwbrunoI may way to scrape the fbsd cloudinit stuff into a port for others if that's not in the works already.19:03
harlowjai don't know anyone else doing it19:04
seanwbrunohrm, I wonder if a fbsd ports has a hook into launchpad yet.19:04
seanwbrunolet me parse some make files19:04
harlowjaparse those makes files, lol19:04
harlowja*make files19:05
harlowjaharmw yt19:05
seanwbrunowell, my cursory "grep -ri launcpad" doesn't seem to indicate any kind of helper stuff.19:06
seanwbrunois there a shortcut URL that would engrabinate a tgz/tar/whatever of a LP repo?19:07
harlowjasmoser ?19:08
seanwbrunonot vital, just being lazy19:08
harlowjaprobably is some way19:10
smoseri dont think there is.19:10
seanwbrunowell, I can just checkout the tree and tgz it myself.19:10
seanwbrunolike I said, just being lazy19:10
smoseryou're saying wget http://some/url/lp:cloud-init > trunk.tar.gz19:11
smoserright ?19:11
seanwbrunosmoser: aye19:11
harlowjaseanwbruno one think i beleive will need adjustment (especially for y! use-case) will be the config-drive usage, which i believe that branch doesn't fixup19:15
harlowja*especially around network settings being written19:16
harlowjabasically the config-drive in openstack contains a network settings file, which cloud-init then translates into whatever version it understands for the current operating system19:17
harlowjalooking at that review19:17
harlowja407+ def _write_network(self, settings):19:17
harlowja408+ return19:17
* harlowja not really sure how freebsd handles network configuration files and stuff19:17
seanwbrunoif you want static configs, we'll have to construct an entry for rc.conf or rc.conf.local (preferred) and splat it in there19:18
seanwbrunoI suspect, that most configs will want to be splatted in there.19:18
harlowjak, thats probably not that bad19:20
harmwi didn't implement setting up networking in rc.conf just yet iirc19:20
harlowjaah, k, harmw  were u planning on, maybe that can be seanwbruno 'get wet' commit, lol19:21
harlowja*ok that probably wasn't a very good selection of words19:21
seanwbrunoI smell a "print" command coming on.19:21
harmwI wasn't planning on coding that tonight though19:22
harlowjatommorow night then?19:22
harmwfriday's more like it :p openstack shows networking stuff per ec2 api, right?19:23
harmwbesides config-drive (which I dont use)19:23
harlowjanot exactly19:23
harmwstuff like bla/local-ipv419:23
harlowjaah, i think for the ec2 usage, people mainly rely on dhcp19:23
harlowjafor config-drive its pretty different19:24
harmwindeed it is, pretty much straightforward in that case19:24
harmwperhaps i can parse the dhcp lease file and configure that to be static 19:24
harmwto cope with scenarios where networking is not done through a metadata api19:25
harlowjahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6798907/ is whats in the config-drive19:25
harlowjabasically a ubuntu network file :-P19:25
harmwyea, I noticed the rRH scripts rebuilding that blob to something RH understands :p19:26
harlowjaya, josh's custom parser19:26
seanwbrunoI have some hackery somewhere to parse that things somewhere.19:27
harlowjaya, the _write_network(self, settings): should get the parsed object19:27
harlowjanot the raw string (i think)19:28
seanwbrunoI even did it in /bin/sh19:28
seanwbrunowow ... such code19:28
harlowjaah, maybe not, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/distros/rhel_util.py19:28
harlowjathats josh parser19:28
seanwbrunothat's another thing I wanted to ask19:29
seanwbrunowhy on earth isn't all the network data in the meta.js file?19:29
seanwbrunoI was confused why I had to parse meta.js for a couple of config elements but all the network data had to come from some janky redhat file.19:29
harlowjathats really all19:30
harlowja*janky ubuntu file ;)19:30
seanwbrunoI was so happy (for a moment) when I could just do json parsing from single command line invocations of python and then got super confused by the then parsing of compeltely seperate network config file19:31
harlowjaopenstack started off being much more ubuntu specific, so that piece has stuck19:31
seanwbrunosomething like this was what I was going to put in a rc script somewhere.19:32
harlowjasoemday https://fedorahosted.org/netcf/ might be used 19:32
seanwbrunoI'd have just voted to cram it into the meta.js object and be done with it.19:33
seanwbrunoalso, hooray for outputting text with python only to then turn around and pass it to grep/awk19:34
* seanwbruno is a silly, silly man.19:34
smoserthey picked that /etc/network/interfaces file19:34
smoserthat was a bad decision19:34
smoserbut unfortunately, bad decisions mean legacy dependencies.19:35
smoserand they cant change *that* file.19:35
smoserthey could provide it in a more sane format elsewhere though.19:35
smoser(and probably should)19:35
harlowjaso thats why u see weird RHEL converter19:35
smoserthat make sense ^19:35
smoseri'm gonna commit it. python parsing of requirements.txt and ChangeLog19:36
smoseri tihnk we can assume core python19:36
harlowjaseems ok to me19:36
harlowjaseanwbruno steal the RH converter, it already translates ubuntu format to agnostic format19:37
harlowjaand then just write agnostic format out to freebsd format19:37
harlowjait probab ly doesn't need tobe in a file called rhel_util19:37
smoserread-version is 4 times slower after my python rewrite :)19:38
smoserbut oh well19:38
harlowjagoooo python!19:40
smoserpython3 is only twice as slow as python2 in this case.19:43
harlowjasmoser another thing i was thinking about19:45
harlowjato make cloud-init work in both 2 and 319:45
harlowjaalready done quite a bit of that in taskflow using the six module19:45
harlowjaprobably not so bad to do it in cloud-init19:45
harlowjathen it will be 2 and 3 compat19:45
smoseri'd like that.19:45
smoserwe dropped boto that is good19:46
smoserthe python-oauth is another woone that has to be replaced19:46
harlowjashould be simple to do six stuff19:52
harlowjanow that i know how to use it pretty well19:52
harlowjathen u won't be blocking ubuntu move to py319:52
harlowjaseanwbruno u didn't go through the CLA stuff yet right?19:54
harlowja*ubuntu CLA19:54
harlowja*not openstack CLA19:55
seanwbrunoharlowja: nah20:03
harlowjaseanwbruno smoser  i think https://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/net-distro-util/+merge/202743 should make it more obvious that u can use the same function20:07
smoseri wont block ubuntu move to py3. but dont think we'll get that in in trusty.20:09
smoserthat'd have to happen "really soon now".20:09
smoseri was kind of planning on it as 0.8.020:09
harmwharlowja: please extend the comments a little to describe what this agnostic format looks like 20:09
harmwsince now one needs to go over the source, and I'm way to lazy to do that :p20:10
harmwotherwise, looks like a nice change20:10
harmwand usable, ofc20:10
harlowjaharmw sure20:16
harlowjawill do20:16
harlowjaif i can remember, haha20:17
harlowjasmoser i don't think six stuff will take that long really20:17
harlowjaits pretty straightforward20:17
smoseri think its a pita.20:17
smoseri liked my ignorant magic handling of unicode20:17
smoseror string.20:18
smoserand open() and write(string_or_unicode) just working20:18
harlowjaits dumb, i agree20:40
harlowjahttps://code.launchpad.net/~harlowja/cloud-init/net-distro-util/+merge/202743 harmw 20:40
harlowjacomments added 20:41
harmw(though I'm missing a newline on L85 :p)20:46
harmwanyway, I think it's not that hard to have fbsd use this function to get the networking done - provided the image was booting with a config drive20:47
harlowjaagreed, it shouldn't be20:47
harmwand if it wasn't booted using config-drive, it should figure out what to configure per what it got through dhcp20:47
harmwthat'll have to wait 'till the weekend though :)20:48
harlowjaseanwbruno can do it to :-P20:48
harlowjaget his feet wet20:48
harlowjaeither way20:48
harmwah, well in that case I'll o it right now :p20:48
harmwtomorrow, probably20:49
harlowjaall good20:51

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