rick_h_frankban: ping, did you see the emails from Gary last night?11:51
frankbanrick_h_: the ones related to the charm?11:52
rick_h_frankban: yes, the charm release11:53
frankbanrick_h_: already replied, do you see the email I sent just some minutes ago?11:53
rick_h_frankban: I've got to get the little guy off to day care but I'll start looking for the webops upgrade process docs for jujucharms after I get back. 11:53
rick_h_frankban: ah no, I've got a built in delay running offlineimap11:53
rick_h_nvm then ('ll see in 2-4min ish11:54
rick_h_how did I I/) ugh, morning11:54
rick_h_hah, or offlineimap hung on the server last night and I'm missing a lot of email11:55
rick_h_frankban: awesome email, one question back at you12:13
rick_h_bac: ping, when you get around this morning it appears charmworld hasn't ingested since the 20th. Did a deploy happen monday? Can you look into it?12:13
bacrick_h_: thanks.  i'll look into it later12:14
bacrick_h_: deploy was on thursday, the 16th12:15
rick_h_bac: thanks. Off to run the boy to day care (and a coffee run) back in a bit. 12:16
frankbanrick_h_: thanks, replied12:42
* frankban lunches12:42
benjibac: how can I help with the ValueError problem?  Perhaps I should attempt to reproduce it first.12:43
bacbenji: morning.  i have discovered the problem.  the int() was in jujuclient, a piece of the chain i hadn't looked at12:43
benjiok, I'll do... the other thing I was going to do, whatever that was12:44
bacbenji: but the actual problem lies in the deployer12:44
baceasy peasy fix, though12:44
bachey, maybe i'll add some tests12:44
bacbut, benji & rick_h_, the solution will require getting changes made upstream into the deployer and then having the charm use that new version.12:46
baci don't see that happening before noon today12:46
benjiprobably not12:46
bacoh, look, i should read my email before starting my day.12:48
bachi frankban12:51
rick_h_bac: rgr, not a problem. frankban's got the charm updated and I'll look at getting it deployed12:52
bacthanks for looking into the constraints issue.  it turns out the deployer has a utility function called 'parse_constraints' that turns '1G' into a proper int value.  making that call in action/importer.py before calling self.env.deploy does what we want12:53
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
benjibac: why is the deployer parsing these at all, shouldn't it delegate that to juju?13:08
bacbenji: the juju cli parses them.  the juju api expects a uint6413:09
benjithat's unfortunate (because of issues like this)13:09
benjinext thing you know one of them will be parsing 1M as 1,000,000 and the other as 1,048,57613:10
rick_h_bah, and #webops is a ghost town this morning13:12
rick_h_I want a long bell pull I can yank on. "The bosses are coming the bosses are coming. Get up and deploy!"13:12
rick_h_gary_poster: backup plan to push it up to AMZ for meeting?13:17
gary_posterrick_h_: comingsoon still working; s'ok.  I can still announce the release was made, and jujucharms in progress13:18
gary_posterthank you13:18
rick_h_ok cool, wasn't sure what extent was required for the meeting. 13:19
gary_posterhey frankban, are you familiar with local.jenv/bug 1271341?  Does quickstart handle this?13:21
gary_poster#1271341 mup?13:21
gary_posteroh, no mup13:21
gary_postermup sadness13:21
frankban:-) bug 1271341 come on mup13:22
* gary_poster pretends to be mup: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/127134113:23
frankbangary_poster: looking13:24
rick_h_"right-click, edit search engines, scroll way down, add new, [Launchpad Bugs, b, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/%s] and done"13:25
rick_h_now just b<space>127134113:25
rick_h_and chrome syncs all that across browsers/installs. I forget I set it up originally. 13:25
rick_h_(and the right-click is on the address bar to bring up "edit search engins")13:26
frankbangary_poster: AFAIK the situation is the following: if the admin-secret is included in envs.yaml, juju uses that, otherwise a random one is generated. In both cases the admin secret is included in environments/[env name].jenv. quickstart is only aware of envs.yaml, and refuses to start if the admin-secret cannot be found there. when creating environments, quickstart always requires and includes the admin-secret fie13:30
frankbanld. not sure about whether we can consider jenv files an internal detail or not. anyway, a fix for that should be quite easy to add13:30
gary_posterfrankban: sounds great, thanks.  I will file a quickstart bug and make a high maintenance card to represent "we need to investigate this" (since IIUC you are not sure yet that we actually need to *fix* this).  Sound right?13:32
frankbangary_poster: sounds perfect, in theory we could consider the mandatory presence of the admin-secret field just one of the many quickstart opinions13:33
gary_posterheh, agreed :-)13:33
gary_posterFor the curious, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/presentation/d/1zJGPoNp8PTJCekluHzVy5Dr6aKViNqrg5fkBA7IIWyQ/edit#slide=id.g25d342ae6_35 has the slide I'll use to present our progress.  Comments/suggestions welcome.13:39
rick_h_gary_poster: maybe note on quickstart as "fastest way to node 0 hosted gui env"? or the like?13:40
gary_posterrick_h_: maybe replace the last quickstart bullet with that?13:41
rick_h_gary_poster: +113:41
gary_postercool thanks13:41
frankbangary_poster: I forgot to mention in my email: while "juju-quickstart --gui-charm-url cs:precise/juju-gui-82" worked the GUI icon in the topology is a broken image. I suppose this is due to the ingestion problems in charmworld13:42
gary_posterfrankban: you must be right about ingestion problems.  81 is still most recent13:43
rick_h_frankban: yes https://manage.jujucharms.com/api/3/charm/precise/juju-gui-82/files/icon.svg13:44
gary_posteraccording to charmworld13:44
rick_h_gary_poster: I've put a card up in urgent for the ingestion issue. It's not run some the 20th13:44
gary_poster:-( ok thank you13:44
rick_h_at least according to heatbeat13:44
gary_posterheatbeat, the new way to dance to summer tunes that's sweeping the nation!13:45
bacgary_poster: i have a deployer fix made and tested.  i'm trying it out with our charm now.13:45
gary_posterbac, great thank you.  that's for the issue you were investigating yesterday, rt?13:45
bacgary_poster: yes13:45
gary_posterjujugui, who owns the "investigate MJC not ingesting" card?  May I have a volunteer?13:51
bacgary_poster: i am looking13:51
bacgary_poster, rick_h_ : i suspect it is related to a problem jcsackett saw and was solving.13:51
bacjcsackett: you around?13:51
gary_posterbac, ok.  you already have another card active though.  worth dragging benji in?  maybe not: sounds like multiple cooks already13:52
rick_h_and no vanguard in webops this morning to help debug the logs13:52
gary_posterMakyo: welcome back! when you get in would like to talk about subdividing relationship line project into task cards.  Afterwards we'll want to talk to rick_h_ about whether it should come before debug log, since it is not landing with speed.13:53
gary_poster(in juju core)13:53
rick_h_gary_poster: sounds good to me. I can be put to work. 13:53
gary_poster:-) k13:54
bacbenji: do you have access to staging for charmworld?13:54
gary_posterrick_h_: for logs, if we need to, I'm +1 on escalating the issue13:54
benjibac: last time I tried I was getting strange errors no one could help with13:54
rick_h_gary_poster: ok, I have an ops going to do the deploy soon (non-vanguard)13:54
gary_posterrick_h_, bac: if we decide we need mjc logs, please make RT then ping #webops and ping me13:55
rick_h_I can try to charm my way into getting a little extra if possible13:55
gary_posteroh ok13:55
gary_posterok thanks13:55
rick_h_try to relate it in together and nab his time13:55
gary_poster:-) k13:55
gary_postersounds like a plan13:55
bacgary_poster, rick_h_: after a quick look at staging, i see that ingest is failing to start.  the problem is the lack of an index, which is now occuring since the number of charms has grown and exceeded a threshold.  this is the problem jcsackett is fixing.  it is almost certainly the same as affecting production.13:56
bacrick_h_: if you do get app.log from production it'll likely show ingest attempting to start every few seconds13:56
rick_h_bac: ok good to know13:57
rick_h_what index is lacking that's causing ingest not to start? 13:57
rick_h_bac: mongodb or ES?13:57
gary_posterok, thank you bac.  If not obvious, I would categorize this as urgent/critical/stop-the-line/eek.  Anything we can do to help move this along (short of running around like chickens with our heads cut off) makes sense to me13:57
rick_h_bac: ok, so we just need a migration in place to add the index and a deploy then? 13:58
bacrick_h_: pymongo.errors.OperationFailure: database error: too much data for sort() with no index.  add an index or specify a smaller limit13:58
gary_posterwe probably should hjave a retrospective as to why this didn't get caught sooner13:58
gary_posterat the very least with some kind of operational alert13:58
rick_h_bac: orly, now that's not something I've seen. Mongo up and quits because it's too long? 13:58
gary_posterI will add this card13:58
bacgary_poster: i was in the discussion with jc but failed to recognize it would cause production to fall over.13:58
gary_posterhappens.  but production has been falling over since Monday13:59
gary_posterthat's what seems to me to be the most obvious failure of some sort13:59
gary_posterthat we ought to address for future13:59
gary_postermake sense?13:59
rick_h_bac: ok, it shows JC as out the last two days and back today13:59
rick_h_bac: the calendar that is13:59
bacgary_poster: my troublesome bundle just deployed successfully.  i'll propose the deployer fix upstream to hazmat and submit the charm change after the new tgz is built14:00
gary_posterfantastic thanks bac.  perhaps two candybars are needed14:00
bacrick_h_: it must've been an apparition then.14:00
rick_h_bac: lol ok. I was mainly looking to see if he's around today. 14:00
bacrick_h_: you can review the irc logs to see if i dreampt it up.  :)14:00
rick_h_woooooo ghost of charmworld past14:01
bacgary_poster: should someone phone jc to check his status?14:01
gary_posterbac, ok.  will do so14:01
frankbanbac: FWIW I replied to your email14:02
gary_posterbsc, called, left message :-/14:04
bacfrankban: i made the change lower in the gui env14:04
frankbanbac: sounds good14:05
bacfrankban: mp here https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/juju-deployer/parse-constraints/+merge/20267414:10
bachazmat: when you have a moment could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/juju-deployer/parse-constraints/+merge/20267414:11
frankbanbac: that branch looks great14:15
bacgary_poster: wait on hazmat or release the charm with a forked version of deployer?14:16
gary_posterbac, forked ( :-( )14:16
jcsacketthey bac: gary_poster|away just called me to ask that i speak with you. ingest issues on charmworld?14:24
jcsackettapologies if you've now been double pinged by me; not sure i was connected the first time.14:24
bachi jcsackett.  yes, the problem you saw on staging has brought down production and now we need a fix asap14:24
bacjcsackett: unsure how far you got.14:24
jcsackettbac: ack; brought down production, or just production ingest?14:25
bacjcsackett: just ingest.  hasn't happened since the 20th.14:25
jcsackettbac: i see.14:25
bacjcsackett: but we're looking to do a juju gui charm release today and so we'd like to see it on charmworld14:26
jcsackettbac: ack. do you have a traceback from production, or are we just assuming it's the same issue (which is a very good assumption, i think).14:26
bacjcsackett: just assuming it is the same based on same heartbeat output14:27
gary_posteryay jcsackett and thanks14:27
bacjujugui: trivial charm review https://codereview.appspot.com/4972004414:27
gary_posterjcsackett: no vanguards today so logs difficult :-/14:27
frankbanbac: on it14:27
frankbanbac: done14:29
gary_posterfrankban: going to set up a call tomorrow with you and william (and maybe me) to review quickstart to talk through https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-quickstart/+bug/1271341 and any other upcomg juju changes that might change/affect quickstart (e.g. the ssh key stuff that Tim is working on).  I figured you would quickly walk through what quickstart does, noting needed conversation topics as you go; and then, as time 14:30
gary_posterpermits, try to resolve those issues.  I think the review list is our first priority though, so we know where we stand.  sound ok?14:30
jcsackettbac: take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jcsackett/charmworld/fix-enqueue-sort-failure/+merge/202678 for me? this should fix ingest, and we can try it on staging straight away.14:31
frankbangary_poster: sounds good14:31
gary_postercool ty14:31
jcsackettbac: mind you, this doesn't add indexes, so we're still going to see some issues, but i'm uncertain of the best way to do that on production and this should remove the current problem.14:32
bacjcsackett: looking14:35
bacjcsackett: voted approved.  didn't mark the MP as 'Approved' as it'll start the landing process.  do it when you're ready.14:38
jcsackettbac: and away we go.14:38
jcsacketti'll monitor staging and let you know if it does fix it. then we'll have to hound someone to do a production release.14:39
bacjcsackett: ping me if you see it merged14:40
baci'm tailing app.log so should notice when it actually starts ingesting14:40
jcsackettbac: ok.14:41
=== rogpeppe2 is now known as rogpeppe
bacjcsackett: CI rejected your branch14:46
jcsackettbac: yeah, i saw. trying to open the jenkins data to see why.14:46
jcsacketttests pass locally. :-/14:46
frankbanrick_h_: jc.com on pyjuju is really surprising :-/14:49
rick_h_frankban: yes, that was quite surprising and caught us off guard a bit14:49
rick_h_frankban: I thought that was upgraded months ago with charmworld, but maybe only one got done14:50
frankbanrick_h_: yeah14:50
frankbanrick_h_: thanks for updating the wiki page14:50
rick_h_frankban: np, I'll file an RT to get it moved to -core and upgrade should owrk better14:50
frankbanrick_h_: at this point I'd also remove sandbox=true from there14:50
rick_h_of course I remove pyjuju support14:50
rick_h_sandbox? /me thought it needed that14:51
rick_h_I'll look at what all it does again. 14:51
frankbanrick_h_: yes, you are right, it was staging the missing bit14:51
frankbanrick_h_: sandbox is ok.14:52
rick_h_frankban: right, staging messed it up initially. I missed that one while editing14:52
jcsackettbac: can you open the results? i think jenkins might actually be down.
bacjcsackett: did you connect to the vpn?14:56
jcsackettbac: zuh? this may be a thing i missed.14:56
bacjcsackett: where does that jenkins run?  is it on canonistack?14:58
bacjcsackett: the vpn is required for the qa lab, so nm14:58
benjirick_h_: do you have a moment to discuss "Auto open/close sidebar when using flyout from unit/inspector"?14:58
jcsackettbac: i believe so. but that's a floating ip.14:58
bacjcsackett: ask your fellow orangies14:59
rick_h_benji: I think that's getting punted. 14:59
rick_h_benji: working with webops atm though, will need a bit to chat14:59
rick_h_gary_poster: ^^14:59
jcsackettabentley: charmworld qa is on canonistack, right?14:59
abentleyjcsackett: Right.14:59
gary_posterbenji, it's a reasonable job separate from the project.15:00
gary_posterbenji, want to call?15:00
benjigary_poster: sure; how about the daily meeting hangout?15:00
jcsackettabentley: which environment? it looks like it may be down. i can't get a response trying to look at test results or anything else (
gary_posterbenji, k (though apparenty it pings some people when we use that? <shrug>) joining15:01
abentleyjcsackett: It's looked like it was down for weeks now.15:01
abentleyjcsackett: So maybe they've gone ahead with their plan to switch to something else.15:01
rick_h_jcsackett: bac I've got the logs from prod charmworld15:01
jcsackettabentley: it seems to be running tests; it's approved earlier branches of mine and has rejected the most recent.15:02
jcsackettrick_h_: gimme.15:02
bacfrankban: the juju-gui charm is failing locally with pip install.  perhaps it doesn't like the name i used juju-deployer==0.3.1-prerelease15:02
rick_h_jcsackett: bac join #cloud-dev on canonical? I don't think there's info in here but don't want to put it in pub irc15:02
bacfrankban: it worked fine with juju-deployer==0.3.115:02
frankbanbac: uhm, what's the pip error?15:03
abentleyjcsackett: the env was juju-gui-qa15:03
rick_h_jcsackett: it looks like a github issue15:04
hatchjujugui lf a quick review on a slight refactor of the drag and drop code https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/83 15:05
hatchit's mostly code reorg 15:05
jcsackettabentley: thanks.15:11
jcsackettlooks like juju-qui-qa has lost its floating ips.15:11
Makyogary_poster, rick_h_ sounds good.  Let me take care of filing vacation (whoops), then I'll be all caught up.15:13
gary_poster:-) k thanks15:15
gary_posterhatch, I have a callin 12.  I'll try to get review done before then15:18
Makyogary_poster, accidentally filed MLK as PTO instead of nat'l holiday, just deny that one.15:21
bacjcsackett: what's the story with charmworld CI?15:27
jcsackettbac: still can't see the results, but i think it's a lint failure.15:27
jcsackettpushing up a change now.15:28
bacdo i need to re-approve?15:28
bactarmac used to be pissy about such things15:28
bacgary_poster: juju gui charm on LP is currently broken.  new version being proposed now.15:29
gary_posterMakyo: approved/rejected everything as appropriate; sent email to Sarah for 2013 days15:29
Makyogary_poster, cheers, thanks.15:29
gary_posterack thanks bac.  will ask for details on daily call15:29
gary_posterhatch, looked good but ran out of time.  get someone else?  or I will return to it after daily call15:30
bacfrankban: can you look at this https://codereview.appspot.com/49720044 trivial review?15:30
Makyogary_poster, just curious, can I claim airport parking? There's no public transit to the airport from FoCo.15:30
gary_posterMakyo: yes15:31
MakyoFort Collins, sorry :)15:34
MakyoFoCo, NoCo.15:34
hatchyeah I guessed that15:35
hatchwe just say Saskatchewan to laugh at people who can't pronounce it15:35
frankbanbac: done15:36
jcsackettbac: branch has been merged; should be on staging shortly.15:39
bacjcsackett: cool15:39
bacjcsackett: new version running: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797831/15:42
jcsackettbac: that lock thing doesn't look good...15:43
jcsackettis it just thrashing?15:44
bacjcsackett: i'm not sure what is happening.  if it grabbed the lock but then errored due to the lack of index it should've released the lock.  so i'm not sure why it is starting again with the lock held15:45
* jcsackett nods15:45
jcsackettthe lock should release in about 10 minutes.15:45
bacjcsackett: i'm going to watch it for a bit.  if i need to manually restart ingest i can15:45
jcsackettbased on the timestamp.15:45
bacyeah, they have a 15 minute cycle15:45
bacgary_poster: changes landed to juju gui charm at r155.  https://code.launchpad.net/~juju-gui/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk15:47
rick_h_bac: gary_poster note that we can't release that until we get the env to juju-core15:48
rick_h_bac: so left a 'deploy jujucharms' up there. If we can do another charm release, once I get through everything we can look to deploy that updated charm release. 15:48
gary_poster...on call confused15:48
gary_posterwill focus soon15:48
bacrick_h_: i'm confused to by 'get env...'15:49
rick_h_bac: yea sorry. Figured I'd go through it on the call15:49
rick_h_jujucharms.com is on pyjuju, the charm no longer supports it. Things go boom right now15:49
bacjcsackett: we really should make those times human readable...  :(15:49
bacjcsackett: time outputs in the log, i mean15:50
* rick_h_ is changing locations pre-call15:50
Makyojujugui call in 1015:50
bacjcsackett: stale locked removed on staging and it is now ingesting15:54
jcsackettbac: whoo!15:54
bacjcsackett: http://staging.jujucharms.com/heartbeat15:54
jcsackettbac: already have it opened.15:55
jcsackettbac: so we need a charm upgrade and deploy done on production.15:55
bacjcsackett: but is it the same issue on production?15:55
jcsackettbac: i can't tell. the log i got is corrupted.15:55
bacjcsackett: for production we just need an update of the charmworld code, the charmworld charm is ok.  correct?15:58
jcsackettbac: no, a revision i landed requires a charm update so the ini file is updated.15:58
bacjcsackett: ack15:59
jcsackettbac: you're making the request of webops?15:59
bacjcsackett: i will15:59
hatchjujugui call in 115:59
MakyoSorry, got signed out16:02
rick_h_jcsackett: the tarball didn't work I sent you?16:02
jcsackettrick_h_: no, the bunzip command says the data is corrupt.16:02
rick_h_jcsackett: it's tar bz2? 16:03
* rick_h_ looks up bunzip16:03
rick_h_jcsackett: email on the way untar'd16:10
hatchis anyone else getting an email about the daily call being changed every day?16:25
rick_h_benji: ping if you want to chat16:28
rick_h_hatch: if you look I think it's for dates far in the future16:28
benjirick_h_: I'll be there in a sec.16:28
rick_h_like on holidays or something. At least the last one I noticed was Oct or something?16:28
gary_posterhatch, the bluefin thing?  yeah/16:28
gary_posterI could uninvite it :-)16:28
hatchrick_h_ yeah it just shows a slew of dates and I can't see anything different, but you're probably right16:28
jcsackettrick_h_: this log worked.16:29
jcsackettunfortunately, it makes it look less likely that my fix will sort out production, since i don't see the same error.16:29
MakyoVimeo tab crashed 55% of the way through uploading, argh.16:37
MakyoI kind of hate computers.16:37
hatchyou sure it's not Vimeo? It sometimes stops playing a video half way through too lol16:42
MakyoNah, this was a chrome crash.16:44
hatchboo urns16:44
gary_postersigh, toilet clog, overflow, upstairs, sigh16:49
gary_posterback to review16:50
hatchthose are the worst! 16:51
gary_posteryup :-)16:51
hatchI like the new toilets though, because they use such little water it would take like 3 flushes to overflow :)16:52
gary_poster1960s toilets up here16:52
hatchat least here, I don't think we can even buy a 'traditional' toilet anymore16:52
hatchwe use such little water that they had to increase our water bills because they weren't able to support the infrastructure lol16:52
gary_posterthat's cool, mostly!16:52
hatchdownside to being 'green' I guess haha16:53
gary_posterhatch +1 on code.  do you need a qa for that?  I have call in 6.16:54
hatchgary_poster I qa'd and it worked so if you want to live on the edge....no :)16:55
gary_posterHeh ok, I think the edge will be where I live then :-)16:55
gary_posterhatch trivial comment request.  shipit otherwise.  If you really wanna you could push comment into next branch. :-)16:56
hatchsounds like a plan thanks16:56
marcoceppimanage.jujucharms.com api down?16:56
rick_h_jcsackett: bac rgr, that was my impression that this looked different16:56
gary_postermarcoceppi: we are def having issues.  yes, looks like it.  bac, ^^^16:57
marcoceppigary_poster: cool, as long as you guys are aware :)16:57
gary_posternot best timing in the world :-P16:57
gary_posterthanks marcoceppi16:57
rick_h_marcoceppi: gary_poster looks like deploy is going on16:57
rick_h_chat in #webops on it16:58
gary_posterrick_h_: oh ok16:58
gary_postermarcoceppi: back17:01
hatchfrankban you still around?17:09
frankbanhatch: yes17:10
hatchso I'm following the README in juju-core which says to use `go get -v launchpad.net/juju-core` but after that go complains that there are no Go source files (which is true) so the readme I'm assuming is missing a step/17:10
frankbando you have $GOPATH set up?17:13
hatchyeah it downloaded all the files17:13
hatchI am trying again on a fresh instance but I'm guessing I'll have the same outcome17:14
frankbanhatch: have you created the $GOPATH directory?17:16
frankbanmkdir $GOPATH17:16
hatchyeah.... oh you know what I did? I forgot the ... after the url17:16
hatchI'm not really sure what that does or why it's required17:17
hatchgo get -v launchpad.net/juju-core/...17:17
frankbanhatch: it means get recursively everything17:17
hatchnormally it only gets the top level?17:17
jcsackettbac, rick_h_, gary_poster: manage.jujucharms.com appears to be ingesting.17:18
frankbanhatch, rick_h_: I also set up a bzr lightweight checkout following http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/view/head:/doc/bazaar-usage.txt17:18
gary_posterthank you jcsackett, bac17:18
frankbanif you do that you can skip the cobzr instructions17:18
hatchfrankban so is that a thing with `go get` that if you don't put the ... at the end then it won't get anything deeper than a single level?17:19
rick_h_jcsackett: what was the mjc error about?17:22
rick_h_jcsackett: and yay17:22
frankbanhatch: see "go help packages"17:23
frankbanhatch, rick_h_: so basically IIRC I followed http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/view/head:/README#L22 (from line 22) and then http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~go-bot/juju-core/trunk/view/head:/doc/bazaar-usage.txt17:23
jcsackettrick_h_: so, the problem my branch fixed was removing a sort on a query that we didn't need, b/c the collection is too big to sort without an index.17:26
jcsackettthat was observably the problem with ingest on staging.17:26
jcsackettnot to so much on prod, but it appears to have fixed it. ...or there was an unknown issue that updating/upgrading cleared.17:26
bacrick_h_: was marco's API issue transient due to the upgrade?17:28
rick_h_bac: yes, I believe so 17:29
baccool.  just reading backwards after being afk17:29
rick_h_jcsackett: ok, so a restart or something might be hiding a production error? It was 'fixed' as a by-product of updating?17:30
bacrick_h_: well, we know the index issue was real and present.  unsure what, if anything, might still be lurking17:31
rick_h_bac: rgr, ok17:31
bacrick_h_: but to reduce the variables we did the deploy and it now seems (temporarily) happy17:31
hatchrick_h_ just fyi, super easy to compile juju if you don't make any stupid assumptions that the docs were wrong17:37
rick_h_hatch: lol17:38
hatchrick_h_ my vm thinks that there are branches on the remotes/origin (my fork) that don't actually exist is there any harm in deleting them as if they do?17:47
hatchat least from what you may have run into in the past17:47
rick_h_hatch: I'd want better details17:47
rick_h_what's the output of git branch -a17:47
hatchoh `git remote prune` I think I'm supposed to use17:48
rick_h_yea, if you don't clean up your branches when they're merged they hang around and that's valid17:49
hatchyeah the issue is that they don't actually exist but it thinks they do17:49
rick_h_this is the part that confuses me17:49
hatchso it must just be stale and doesn't actually update on pull17:49
rick_h_they don't exist locally?17:49
rick_h_git fetch updates17:49
hatchnope, or remotely17:49
rick_h_just run a git fetch and git branch -a should be good17:50
hatchyeah no luck, they are still there17:50
rick_h_what is one of their names?17:50
hatchwhich doesn't exist in my remote fork17:51
hatchor locally17:51
rick_h_that shows up in git branch -a?17:51
hatchthere are a lot here17:51
hatchwhich fall into the same category of "don't exist"17:51
hatchso a fetch/pull must not update the remote list17:52
rick_h_git remote show origin17:52
rick_h_hatch: did you add another remote that has those branches?17:52
rick_h_git remote17:52
rick_h_have only the two?17:52
hatchthe vm hasn't been started in a long time though, and I removed those from another vm17:53
hatchit's just odd that a pull/fetch doesn't update the remotes17:53
* rick_h_ is confused17:53
hatchrick_h_ https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/46bee204-7bc9-42c8-9214-7dbb7739291e/61a736cb9f230a012072cee432333e3c 17:55
hatchthose are from the git remote show origin command17:55
hatchbut I'm not entirely sure HOW they get into this state17:56
rick_h_hatch: hmm, http://kparal.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/git-tip-of-the-day-pruning-stale-remote-tracking-branches/ has some notes17:57
rick_h_hatch: so maybe you've got something setup that auto tracks remote brancheds you've not checked out directly? 17:58
rick_h_hatch: and they got removed on the remote end so that tracking reference goes nowhere?17:58
hatchahh that could be why it's stale17:59
* rick_h_ has none and isn't sure and wonders if it's hatch specific git toys17:59
hatchbecause grb auto tracks remotes17:59
rick_h_sounds like a winner 17:59
hatchwell it is really convenient 17:59
rick_h_and then you don't know wtf it's doing. Magic...it'll bite ya! :)18:00
hatchwell no, I knew it was auto tracking, I just didn't know if that tracking failed the branch ref would go stale18:01
hatchI figured it would just be cleaned up on pull/fetch18:01
rick_h_well it sounds like grb needs its own pull/fetch to auto update that 18:01
hatchyeah maybe, it only has 5 commands create, delete, publish, rename, track18:03
rick_h_well, maybe you need to add a tweak you something like your version of the juju-sync alias to also prune remotes18:04
hatchyeah that's a good idea, I wonder why you would WANT to keep un-pruned branch references18:05
rick_h_no idea18:05
gary_posterok, call over.18:08
gary_posterlunch now18:09
rick_h_heh...hum about the call? or lunch18:09
gary_postercall.  for us was mostly fine, except for not being able to align with master spreadsheet18:09
gary_posterwill describe more later18:09
gary_posterjust was very long, mostly :-)18:09
rick_h_hatch: Makyo http://blog.fogcreek.com/we-spent-a-week-making-trello-boards-load-extremely-fast-heres-how-we-did-it/ mainly for the progressive layout chunking18:32
rick_h_but interesting lunch read anyway18:32
hatchcool i'll check it out18:32
hatchI used to use fogz bugz a few years ago18:33
hatchended up bring priced out as the team grew18:33
hatchugh itunes is such a mess 18:44
Makyogary_poster, I have a little list.  Where should I create the cards?18:58
hatchgary_poster in call, whwnever you're ready19:00
gary_posterMakyo: one sec, let's talk on your call about it19:01
Makyogary_poster, sounds good.19:02
gary_posterMakyo: I expect you feel blocked. :-) if so, I'm ready to talk anytime.  I'm in the 1:1 hangout now19:13
gary_posterotoh no rush19:13
hatchstore/go.js is way to big at 1600 lines :)19:30
hatchstore/env/go.js that is19:30
gary_posterrick_h_: moving per-unit debug log cards to backlog subdivide 6 (currently empty).  s'ok?19:30
gary_posterbenji will move your card to maintenance as discussed19:30
benjigary_poster: k19:31
rick_h_gary_poster: rgr19:31
rick_h_hatch: got a sec?19:43
hatchsure wassup?19:43
rick_h_yui ?19:43
hatchthe jpop singer?19:43
bacrick_h_: is the bug you're working on juju-gui or charmworld?  it is assigned to juju-gui but says staging.jujucharms.com20:05
rick_h_bac: gui20:05
rick_h_bac: that's the ol gui url20:05
benjiare the "social" buttons in the GUI supposed to work?20:05
rick_h_bac: the old gui comingsoon thing20:06
benjiif they're just there to taunt people silly enough to want to click on them, that's fine with me; otherwise I'm going to file a bug as my exploritory bug for the day20:06
bacbenji: they wfm20:07
benjibac: chrome?20:07
bacbenji: chrome too20:08
bacbenji: what do they do for you?20:08
benjibac: nothing (hence the taunting)20:08
gary_posterbenji, sounds like a winner20:12
benjiI'll ship my laptop to whomever works on the bug.20:12
rick_h_that just means you get to fix it20:13
bacrick_h_: is the 'charmworld staging on prodstack' card really ready to go?  if so, can you do a pre-imp with me?20:13
rick_h_saves the shipping costs20:13
rick_h_bac: I think so sure20:13
bacrick_h_: ok, gimme five minutes?20:14
rick_h_bac: rgr20:14
rick_h_hatch: care to review/qa when you get time? https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/84/20:18
rick_h_hatch: no hurry at all20:18
rick_h_bac: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7ecpjtg5oje324k9uvcla65al8?hl=en20:24
rick_h_bac go bye bye20:28
rick_h_bac: is that cool though? nough said or any other questions?20:28
hatchgary_poster when sending the zip to juju we need to specify the series....any preferences to how this is done?20:38
rick_h_bah humbug IE20:39
hatchrick_h_ the test failure didn't show which test failed :(20:39
hatchgary_poster we need to know before we upload it, so I was thinking a dialogue 20:39
gary_posterhatch, can we open the inspector immediately, put the dialog in it, and then change that to become the usual deployment view?  In effect, if not in code20:40
rick_h_hatch: yes it did, in the selenium images20:41
hatchgary_poster so it would be essentially a blank inspector with the exception of the single input?20:41
BradCrittendenlaura has posted an opening for a mongo intern in asia. i should apply then move to myanmar.20:42
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
gary_posterhatch, I envision the dialog, wherever it goes, saying the name of the file, a description of what's about to happen, some buttons to choose a series, and a button to cancel teh upload20:42
hatchgary_poster ok I'll create another task for that20:43
gary_posterhatch, or have it be separate.  TBH, the right answer is to ask luca20:43
gary_posterhatch: for this branch, you'll assume precise?20:44
hatchright, ok I'll create a card, and it can be done in parallal 20:44
hatchright now I'll just assume precise20:44
gary_postercool :-)20:44
* hatch rages 20:46
hatchI hit that $%^&*(&^%$#%^&*&^%$#@$%^ power button all the time on this stupid keyboard20:46
hatchwho puts a power button right above the delete key!!!!20:46
benjibac: if you would, try the social icons on comingsoon.jujucharms.com20:47
rick_h_any console log bits?20:48
* rick_h_ wonders if it's recnetly broken then20:49
bachatch: huh, i think that has happened to me once.  maybe you delete more stuff than me.20:49
gary_posterconsole log is empty20:49
hatchbac haha maybe20:49
bacrick_h_: maybe they just got bored from never being pushed.20:49
baci mean, have we seen any posted to twitter?20:50
hatchgary_poster email sent to peeps and luca20:53
hatchre the dialogue20:54
gary_posterhatch, email and card look good, thank you20:54
hatchrick_h_ hey what was the IE fix?21:52
rick_h_hatch: if (Y.ua.IE) { search._handleInputFocus() }21:52
hatchahhh right, the simulate ie bug21:53
hatchman I wish they would fix that21:53
rick_h_me too21:53
rick_h_of course the docs don't note that it's an issue at all21:54
rick_h_whatever, I kicked it in the butt, it's landing21:54
* rick_h_ throws down the mic21:54
* rick_h_ is ready to put today to bed21:55
* gary_poster goes22:00
=== gary_poster is now known as gary_poster|away
hatch*sigh* looks like I have to write my own xhr code because Y.io doesn't do what I need :/22:14
hatchmorning huwshimi 22:14
huwshimihatch: Fun evening then?22:14
hatchehh, just feel like I wasted a bunch of time 22:14
hatchand every time I try to use YUI it seems like it's falling behind22:15
hatchI mean there should be no reason I have to write native XHR to send a blob :/22:19
huwshimihatch: Yeah, not cool22:20
rick_h_hatch: what can it not do?22:27
hatchrick_h_ http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/io_js_io-base.js.html#l636 22:27
hatchI'm pretty confident I cannot pass a blob as 'data' unless it's in a form22:27
rick_h_hatch: hmm, maybe chat tomorrow on it? pre-imp 22:30
hatchI'm almost done the xhr stuff22:30
hatchbut sure22:30
rick_h_I'd think you could base64 or at worst fake it22:30
rick_h_meh, ok then. Just make sure to test in all browsers :)22:30

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