ahoneybun_for ubiquity bugs where on launchpad should I report them?01:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 1271390 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[ubiquity-frontend-kde] Incorrect version number in installer slideshow" [Undecided,New]02:13
ahoneybun_should I take screenshots of the ubiquity installer in the alpha2 for the docs or wait for at least a beta?03:01
shadeslayerRiddell: fwiw I did a install on Saturday and everything went fine06:49
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1271423] kwin requires libwayland-egl.so @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1271423 (by Uqbar)07:13
lordievaderGood morning.07:37
shadeslayermorning lordievader07:38
lordievaderHey shadeslayer, how are you doing?07:38
lordievaderDoing good too :)07:39
lordievaderHey apachelogger, how are you doing?08:19
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu Bug Squishing 😱 | https://trello.com/kubuntu | 4.12.1 WIP http://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas | bugs https://tinyurl.com/ovfcj78 | build status http://goo.gl/cjEFkO | ISO testing http://goo.gl/cRAawa `
apacheloggerlordievader: many sleepy I am ;)08:30
mikhasapachelogger, have you said your prayer to the God of Caffeine yet?08:31
mikhasapachelogger, how you personally like trello?08:31
apacheloggernope, still very much work in progress08:32
apacheloggermikhas: love the trello08:32
mikhasoh cool08:32
mikhaswould have thought you deeply reject it08:32
shadeslayerhm, server teams want to drop openjdk from main to universe :/08:32
apacheloggerit's very flexible, that's all that counts for me08:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: so after dropping offical java support we now drop non-official java support? 08:33
shadeslayeryeah :/08:33
shadeslayerThe reasoning seems to be ETOOMUCHWORK08:34
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2014-January/037991.html08:34
mikhasapachelogger, deep answer, thanks ;-)08:35
apacheloggermikhas: well, there really isn't anything else to say :P08:35
mikhasno I understand that, and you already thanked you for your brevity08:36
* shadeslayer likes the satisfaction of moving things from Doing to Done08:36
mikhasI love short clear answers.08:36
mikhasyeah, does the kanban effect feel real?08:36
apacheloggershadeslayer: that's from scrum-ishy boards in general though08:36
apacheloggermikhas: exactly08:36
shadeslayermikhas: it does08:37
apacheloggeranyway, afk for coffee08:37
apacheloggershadeslayer: go triage some bugs please :P08:37
shadeslayerI was going to go lunch :(08:38
shadeslayerbut ok08:38
mikhastriage bugs about the quality of your lunch then08:38
mikhasapachelogger didn't specify the bugtracker =p08:38
shadeslayercurrently lunch is non existent08:38
mikhascan you reproduce?08:39
shadeslayerask again tomorrow08:39
shadeslayeronly reproducible between 12 PM to 2 PM08:39
mikhashave you tried to apply any workarounds?08:40
mikhashow often does this bug happen?08:40
shadeslayeryeah, mum.patch and food.patch fix the issue08:40
mikhasboth together or just one?08:40
shadeslayerboth separately :)08:41
mikhasI mean, does each patch separately fix the issue?08:41
mikhasoh cool08:41
mikhaslet's go with mum.patch then, it's easier08:41
mikhasstatus is now resolved fix, thanks!08:41
shadeslayerhola jussi08:43
jussiheya shadeslayer08:47
shadeslayerhm, choqok has no translations /o\08:48
apacheloggermikhas: sure, I did, lunchpad :O08:54
apacheloggervery lovely amd64 is still oversized09:02
apacheloggeroh, right, someone needs to upload new language-pack-*09:04
apacheloggerthough I am not actually sure that will free enough space09:04
apachelogger"gtk3 look is set to unconfigured (unsure)"09:09
apacheloggersome bug report that must be 09:10
apacheloggerallee: you are on bug 1266736?09:12
ubottubug 1266736 in skanlite (Ubuntu) "Please update skanlite to 1.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126673609:12
* apachelogger wonders why kubuntu-bugs is subbed to xplante :O09:25
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 125767509:42
ubottubug 1257675 in kubuntu-firefox-installer (Ubuntu) "please remove kubuntu-firefox-install source & binary from trusty" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125767509:42
Riddellapachelogger: isn't that your task? :)09:46
Riddell!testers | lots more alpha 2 testing needed!09:49
ubottulots more alpha 2 testing needed!: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se  for information09:49
lordievaderRiddell: Will see if I can do more testing this afternoon/evening.09:49
kfunkoh. what's the reasoning for the move to firefox?09:53
Riddellkfunk: it brings me much sadness but rekonq had various bugs that made it unusable with no fix in sight09:54
jarkkoRiddell: alpha 2?09:54
Riddelljarkko: candidates need testing!09:54
jarkkoRiddell: what is needed09:54
Riddelldownload a kubuntu image and install it in one of the methods so you can tick the tested box09:55
jarkkoso you need to install that...09:55
Riddellyes (can be on a virtual machine)09:55
jarkkowell i could try virtual machine09:55
kfunki see, conceivable. not that I bemoan the loss of rekonq, it's always been not that useful to me personally because of minor annoyances09:56
jarkkoi am downloading kubuntu iso09:57
jarkkotakes time09:57
Riddellkfunk: alas I think everyone else felt the same10:00
Riddelljarkko: we have all day :)10:00
apacheloggerRiddell: I am no archive admin....10:01
Riddellapachelogger: oh remove from archive?10:01
shadeslayerapachelogger: can you have a look at whether choqok has the right l10n setup?10:03
shadeslayerI don't see any po dir in the source10:04
shadeslayernor in CMakeLists.txt10:04
Riddellkfunk: alas I think everyone else felt the same10:06
Riddellkfunk: alas I think everyone else felt the same09:55 < Riddell> download a kubuntu image and install it in one of the methods so you can tick the tested box10:06
RiddellI do dislike this laptop, how does anyone use a touchpad?10:06
yofelshadeslayer: talk to the debian maintainer and ask him how the hell he generates tarballs10:17
yofelbecause debians choqok_1.4.orig.tar.xz has nothing to do with the official choqok-1.4.tar.xz10:18
yofelesp. translation wise10:18
yofelFWIW, debian 686983 is getting no attention either10:19
ubottuDebian bug 686983 in choqok "choqok: The Choqok package does not include any language pack/locale files (.mo files)." [Minor,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/68698310:19
Riddellconsider repackaging with the real tar10:21
shadeslayerhttp://choqok.gnufolks.org/download/ > 40410:31
apacheloggershadeslayer: sounds very wrong then?10:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: write me a card, today be bugs day, not l10n day10:33
shadeslayerapachelogger: I was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/choqok/+bug/117060910:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 1170609 in choqok (Ubuntu) "No french translation for choqok 1.3 in kubuntu 13.04 although it is translated in french" [Medium,Triaged]10:33
apacheloggershadeslayer: bug 1271423 == bug 1206371 ?10:34
ubottubug 1271423 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "kwin requires libwayland-egl.so" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127142310:34
ubottubug 1206371 in libhybris (Ubuntu) "kwin is not starting: cannot find libwayland-egl.so.1" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120637110:34
apacheloggerreports of course do not describe what they see, that would be too helpful in identifying duplicates....10:35
apacheloggerbug 593117 ohmy10:36
ubottubug 593117 in kfloppy (Ubuntu) "KFloppy will not format floppy" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59311710:36
apacheloggerRiddell: what exactly am I supposed to do with these bugs?10:36
Riddellshadeslayer: steal it from suse? https://build.opensuse.org/package/show?project=openSUSE%3A13.1&package=choqok10:37
Riddellapachelogger: kfloppy?  close them as unsupported?10:38
apacheloggerRiddell: how is it unsupported?10:38
apacheloggerupstream releases it regularly, debian releases it regularly, we release it regularly10:39
shadeslayerapachelogger: most certainly looks like it10:39
shadeslayerRiddell: checking10:39
apacheloggerI am pondering on making kwin conflict libhybris10:40
apacheloggersince apparently whoever is working on it doesn't give a shit that it breaks kwin10:40
mgraesslinor fixing libhybris?10:40
shadeslayerRiddell: indeed10:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: why do users have libhybris anyway10:40
apacheloggerbecause of ubuntu phablet10:41
apacheloggerand/or mir10:41
shadeslayeris it even supposed to be installed on desktops?10:41
mgraesslinnevertheless doesn't make sense on a normal system10:41
apacheloggershadeslayer: not by default, no10:41
apacheloggerbut you know how users are10:41
shadeslayerInstall all the packages!10:41
apacheloggerah let's install this here package I hear about on omgubuntu10:41
apacheloggerlet's install it!10:41
apacheloggeroh noe! shit is broken!10:41
apacheloggerbetter report a bug >:@10:42
apacheloggerlocalepurge is an equally shitty package10:42
apacheloggerbreaks kde localization in every form and fashion10:42
apacheloggerand basically comes with a disclaimr "yo, we no support no nothing, if stuff breaks it be your fault"10:42
apacheloggerwhich begs to ask why exactly it is in the archive to begin with10:43
apacheloggerof course it comes from debian so the question is moot as the answer is "because!"10:43
* apachelogger sighs a bit and goes back to bugs10:43
* mgraesslin passes my X11 tasks to apachelogger, so that he knows what real fun is10:44
shadeslayertoo late10:45
apacheloggerohohoho, talking about tasks10:45
Riddellshadeslayer: upstream are dicussing dropping it10:45
apacheloggeranyone fancys writing a webpage for bug management?10:45
shadeslayerRiddell: dropping what?10:45
Riddelloh that was ment for apachelogger 10:45
Riddellapachelogger: upstream re discussing dropping it10:45
apacheloggerthe list on launchpad is getting terribad what with our influx of packages10:45
apacheloggerRiddell: I know, I threw my thoughts at that... it doesn't help me right now though because right now it ducktypes to supported10:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: I know right :/10:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 390226 in kdepim (Ubuntu) "Make KDE Get Hot New Stuff button labels consistent" [Low,Triaged]10:51
yofelshadeslayer: http://sourceforge.net/projects/choqok/files/Choqok/ has the tar10:51
shadeslayermuch old, such wonder10:51
yofelbut that 404 is weird, it worked for me minutes ago @_@10:51
BluesKajHowdy all10:56
RiddellBluesKaj: more testing needed for alpha 2 :)10:58
BluesKajhi Riddell. yeah I'm there :)11:00
BluesKajstill waking up here11:00
Riddelllovely :)11:00
shadeslayerFirefox is broken11:01
BluesKajslight insomnia, but a nap later this aft will help11:02
BluesKajshadeslayer, how?11:02
shadeslayersave changes button missing : http://i.imgur.com/RGnSPF0.png11:03
Riddellshadeslayer: arguably it could be launchpad which is broken11:03
apacheloggerRiddell: bug 1257316 ... MM1 is in proposed I think11:04
ubottubug 1257316 in libnm-qt (Ubuntu) "Please update libnm-qt to" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125731611:04
shadeslayerRiddell: that happens if your comment window becomes too big11:04
yofelshadeslayer: isn't it there? just.... really small?11:04
shadeslayeryofel: yeah, it goes below another frame or sth11:05
shadeslayerwhen you resize the comment window11:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: actually that is launchpad11:21
apacheloggerbecause chrome supported resizering since forever11:21
apacheloggerand launchpad was all like "yeah, we only support firefox"11:21
apacheloggerand now firefox support it11:21
apacheloggerand now launchpad is broken everywhere11:21
apachelogger</story of bit rot>11:22
apacheloggerRiddell: what to do https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-facebook11:23
Riddellapachelogger: it still works doesn't it?11:24
RiddellI'm sure I tested it recently and found it still useful11:24
apacheloggerRiddell: yes, it has bugs, what do I do with the bugs?11:25
apacheloggeralso what do we do with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-quickaccess11:26
Riddellif there's an upstream send them upstream, if not we live with them?11:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: hehe11:27
apacheloggerRiddell: define live with them please?11:27
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1201180] Pressing power button turns off the PC ignoring the presence of another session manager @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1201180 (by Marco Trevisan (Treviño))11:29
Riddellapachelogger: keep them in launchpad in the knowledge they're unlike to get triaged or fixed?11:29
apacheloggerRiddell: well that doesn't sound helpful to anyone :/11:30
RiddellI can't think of a better idea11:32
Riddellall projects have bugs they acknowledge are unlikely to get fixed11:32
apacheloggersure, we are talking about having bugs that we know won't ever get fixed, because the software they are in is unmaintained11:33
apacheloggerthere's a difference between "please add streaming from imap to phonon" and "please fix resize bug in unmaintained plasmoid #1"11:34
apacheloggerfromer has insaaaaaaaaaaaanely low priority, latter simply won't happen because it's unmaintained and not even umaintained by us but unmaintained by someone else11:34
apacheloggerit's bascially something we did not handle in our bug triage spec way back in lucid11:35
apacheloggerupstream-everything-that-is-upstream. but what do you do if there is no one to upstream to11:36
apacheloggerso I'll argue that we cannot 'live with them' because that is against the policy11:36
apacheloggerand the point of the policy is to prevent us piling up stuff we will not ever be able to fix...11:37
Riddellclose them then?11:37
apacheloggerso really IMO the two options are either remove the package and close the bugs as unfortunately no longer maintained; or not remove the package and close the bug as unfortunately no longer maintained but we still keep the package around because aside from the minor issues the software is still plenty useful11:38
apacheloggerformer is the correct thing to do, latter is generally nicer but puts more work on the triagers11:38
apachelogger(triagers = me :'<)11:39
Riddellsomehow it seems worse to close the bugs if we still have the software with the bugs11:40
apacheloggerthey are not our bugs11:40
Riddellso I'd still vote for keeping them open as long as we have the software package11:40
jarkkowhat mesa version is suggested 14.0411:40
apacheloggerRiddell: that's agaisnt the policy, they are not our bugs11:41
apacheloggerpolicy says we do not track !our bugs unless they are actually valuable to us (>= medium impact)11:41
Riddellapachelogger: so close them11:42
apacheloggerright, what do we make the policy though? :P11:42
Riddellto close them but keep the package if we still want the package11:42
apacheloggerso when do we remove unmaintained software?11:42
Riddellwhen it becomes not useful11:43
RiddellI'd argue kfloppy is in that state11:43
Riddellbut facebook plasmoid is still useful11:43
apacheloggerI'd agree11:43
apacheloggerneed something more than 'useful' though11:43
apacheloggernot sure we can have something more, but we should ^^11:43
apacheloggerI mean, in terms of defining 'useful'11:44
* apachelogger gets some more coffee11:44
lordievaderIsn't useful not very dependent on the person? Just my two cents.11:45
apacheloggerthat's the problem :P11:47
apacheloggerthe facebook is not useful to me, it is probably useful in the grand scheme of things11:47
apachelogger(though it is python so personally I think it doesn't need a package to begin with)11:48
apachelogger(someone should redo it in ECMAscript ;))11:49
apacheloggerRiddell: I created a card to figure this out11:55
shadeslayercan someone try and reproduce https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/954012 with 14.04 + external screens?11:56
ubottuUbuntu bug 954012 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "Task Manager Widget on secondary monitor not minimising application when primary minor running a full window application" [Undecided,New]11:56
apacheloggerRiddell: do you have any closing thoughts on the milou thread btw?11:56
shadeslayerI do not have one at the moment11:56
apacheloggeroterhwise I am going to postpone it to 14.1011:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: isn't that upstream?11:57
apacheloggerreads very upstream to me11:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes, but I don't if still reproducable11:57
Riddellapachelogger: it is to my great reget that I've not properly read it :(  but it seems like it'll be uncertain while nepomuk is going through a transition so best postpone11:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: ask on the bug? ;)11:57
Riddellawooga, canonical will fund me to fo to fosdem11:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah ...11:58
apacheloggerRiddell: summary is that baloo is coming so the entire milou business would depend on 4.13 being adopted and of sensible quality ... plus we might want to try something more daring in replacing krunner with milou11:59
apachelogger(i.e. if we were to adopt it now we'd have two applications doing the same thing more or less, so that's bad)12:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: can't test until tomorrow, if you remember to poke me tomorrow I'll do it12:00
Riddellapachelogger: bigger question is how do we decide on 4.12 vs 4.1312:04
RiddellI'm tempted to go for 4.1312:04
apacheloggerRiddell: upstream says 4.1312:04
shadeslayerwe still support Quantal -.-12:04
yofelI think even from us we have like +some, -012:04
yofelfor 4.1312:04
apacheloggeras I outlined in the thread, I'd go for 4.1312:04
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'm waiting for more opinions12:05
shadeslayeron the other thread you started12:05
shadeslayerto which only Albert replied12:05
apacheloggerif shit falls on our heads we can quickly swap back to 4.1212:05
shadeslayerhow so?12:05
yofelXreallyY? ^^12:05
yofelwould be fun to release with that ^^12:05
shadeslayerbah :/12:05
shadeslayerbut tbh there isn't a prettier solution to this12:07
shadeslayerif we only release 4.13 to PPA's I doubt it'll get enough testers12:07
shadeslayerthen shit will fall all over the place at release time12:07
shadeslayer( if we proceed to push 4.13 to the archive 3 weeks before release )12:07
yofelit'll probably do that anyway, but at least we can say we did our best to test it12:08
shadeslayeryofel: but we might be able to contain stuff if things break near release12:08
Riddellsounds like 4.13 is the way to go, anyone want to send an e-mail to make it official?12:08
shadeslayerRiddell: maybe give it till end of this week for more people to reply on the kde-release ml?12:09
Riddellok although I suspect upstream don't have too much of an opinion, it's really a distro problem12:10
yofeldo we file an FFE? Or build git snapshots before FF just to get it in? ^^12:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://i.imgur.com/Uft24Pe.png12:10
Riddellfile a FFe I think12:11
shadeslayerRiddell: do you like spotify so far?12:13
Riddellshadeslayer: I'm being drawn in, I'm becoming a victim of capitalism, I've even got a smartphone now12:14
Riddell(finally found a waterproof smartphone)12:14
shadeslayerRiddell: which one?12:14
Riddellbut yeah it's nice12:14
Riddellsony xperia acor running android 4.112:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: bug 1171238 looks like it's crashing in KCups?12:16
ubottubug 1171238 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "plasma-desktop randomely crashes - but only on 64 bit." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117123812:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: isn't that the crash for which I wanted a new qt?12:23
shadeslayerI don't know :S12:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: I think it crashes in qtscript tho12:23
shadeslayerwhich bug is it ?12:23
shadeslayer( the qtscript crash )12:23
apacheloggerdunno, see mailing list12:23
apacheloggerdid you make a backport of qt btw?12:23
shadeslayerI did not12:24
shadeslayercan do now12:24
apacheloggerthose backtraces are utter shit12:24
shadeslayergdb :/12:25
apacheloggerno, noob12:25
apacheloggercomment 5 is a differnet backtrace altogether12:26
apacheloggerno crash indication though in the frames12:26
apacheloggerand since he did not include that information comment 5 is useless12:26
apacheloggerhowever most likely unrelated12:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: close invalid tell him to use drkonqi for reporting bugs...12:27
apacheloggercomment 2 has a corrupted stack most likely12:27
apacheloggercomment 4 is the qtscript thing from the list I think12:28
apacheloggercomment 5 may be cups, or no crash at all12:28
apacheloggerall 3 different anyway, so that report is 3 reports and we don't do meta-reports anyway, so closing it is the right course of action regardless12:28
shadeslayergod : 120052312:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 982889 in xorg-server-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "X trying to start before plymouth has finished using the drm driver" [Undecided,Triaged]12:31
shadeslayer"  Cannot access memory at address 0x6"12:33
shadeslayeron 123002512:34
apacheloggerworkspace bugs are fun12:38
shadeslayerjust noticed arch is i38612:51
shadeslayercan't even use coredump on my machine12:51
shadeslayerstupid apport failed as well12:51
apacheloggershadeslayer: please make bugs public unless they are meant to be private12:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: looks like the stack exploded though12:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, I'll just ask LP to retrace again, if it still fails I'll make it public12:56
apacheloggeralso https://launchpadlibrarian.net/151394991/Disassembly.txt is fishy12:56
apacheloggerit's probably veromix :P12:57
apacheloggertoo bad, no veromix loaded12:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: discard12:59
apacheloggerthat was for 4.11.1, saucy relased with .212:59
apacheloggerwhatever the cause, unless he can reproduce it we don't really care :S13:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: then https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/1184105 needs to be discarded as well?13:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 1184105 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "package plasma-widgets-workspace 4:4.10.3-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.notifications/contents/ui/JobDelegate.qml', which is also in package kde-workspace-data 4:4.10.2-0ubuntu2.1" [Undecided,New]13:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: fixed13:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: unless you find a dup 13:01
shadeslayerah okay13:01
* shadeslayer marks as such13:01
apacheloggerrule of thumb for conflicts: not for the present devel series && not for ppa && no dups = fixed13:01
shadeslayeryofel: bug 649721 , we don't ship byte compiled files do we?13:04
ubottubug 649721 in Kubuntu PPA "kajongg: python source is not byte compiled at installation" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64972113:04
shadeslayerRiddell: how does one byte compile at install time?13:04
Riddellshadeslayer: um, for what?13:05
Riddellyou write a postinst script if you're talking about packaging13:05
shadeslayerRiddell: http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-buildsystem/2010-September/007376.html13:05
Riddelloh dh_pythonX will do that13:05
Riddellit'll install to an obscure directory then at install time link to the file from /usr/lib/python2.7 and /usr/lib/python3.3 and do the byte compile (or something like that)13:06
Riddelltrouble with python debhelper scripts is there's so many to choose from I always forget which one is the flavour of the month13:06
shadeslayer--compile-all is what I need?13:07
Riddelldh --with python  isn't it?13:07
mitya57--with python213:07
mitya57(or python3)13:07
shadeslayerRiddell: I meant isn't dh_pythonX --compile-all what I need to call in the postinst script13:08
mitya57You don't need to do anything with postinst manually, dh_python2 will take care of that13:08
Riddellright, let debhelper do it for you13:08
* shadeslayer looks13:08
shadeslayerRiddell: you did put  "dh = --with=python2" in rules13:10
* shadeslayer marks fix released13:11
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/staging/+builds?build_state=building13:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: and saucy please :P13:15
shadeslayerapachelogger: bug 1142636 is similar :P13:23
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1142636 could not be found13:23
shadeslayerapachelogger: and bug 542856 for your pleasure plz13:25
ubottubug 542856 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "gdm has entry for kde but kde is not fully installed" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54285613:25
ghostcubemeh still no kdeconnect 0.4.2 for ubuntu?13:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: oh yes, why did I assign that to me? :O13:35
* Riddell has an android phone now and using kdeconnect is on his todo now13:36
shadeslayerwe have 0.4.213:37
shadeslayerit be FTBFS13:37
=== soee_ is now known as soee
shadeslayerRiddell: you might want to migrate from kdeconnect-kde to kdeconnect ^^13:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: is bug 1065930 still valid?13:41
ubottubug 1065930 in qapt (Ubuntu) "Prompt to install stuff like flash should be disabled on the live-cd" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106593013:42
apacheloggerI was rather under the impression that we disbale the notificationhelper via casper13:42
* Riddell notes there's still bits of 4.12.1 in proposed if anyone wants to investigate why13:42
shadeslayerno clue, need to check13:42
apacheloggerRiddell: are you going to deprecate printer-applet upstream?13:52
shadeslayerCan someone upl http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect_0.4.2-1ubuntu1.dsc13:53
apachelogger<- no keys13:54
Riddellapachelogger: how?13:54
yofelshadeslayer: was just curious what you did, but:13:55
yofelcurl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found13:55
yofeldget: curl kdeconnect_0.4.2-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect_0.4.2-1ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz failed13:55
shadeslayerwrong debian.tar13:55
shadeslayeryofel: try again13:55
apacheloggerRiddell: write to release-team@ ... get the repository moved to unmaintained13:56
yofelshadeslayer: the test doesn't work?13:56
apachelogger!info libspectre13:56
ubottuPackage libspectre does not exist in saucy13:56
shadeslayeryofel: we've disabled tests all across the board13:56
apachelogger!info libspectre-dev13:56
ubottulibspectre-dev (source: libspectre): Library for rendering PostScript documents - development files. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.7-2 (saucy), package size 33 kB, installed size 149 kB13:56
yofelyeah, probably no point to enable it just here13:56
apacheloggerI really wonder why we are subscribed to so many unrelated packages13:57
Riddellapachelogger: it is in unmaintained https://projects.kde.org/projects/unmaintained/printer-applet/13:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: so 1065930 is fixed13:58
apacheloggerRiddell: indeed, nevermind13:59
apacheloggerjust need to kick it out of kubuntu-bugs and close the bugs13:59
apacheloggerkubotu: order coffee13:59
* kubotu slides a cup of steamy hot coffee down the bar to apachelogger.13:59
shadeslayeryofel: the big issue is that kdelibs installs some sort of test framework that is missing14:00
shadeslayeryofel: causing tests to fail everywhere14:00
yofelno, it's the tests not being compiled because we turned that off14:01
yofelbut 'make test' doesn't check for that14:01
yofelso you would have to do something like if(KDE4_BUILD_TESTS) add_subdirectory(tests) endif in CMakeLists.txt14:01
apacheloggerwhy upstream doesn't do that is beyond me14:02
apacheloggermost confusing thing ever, totally bit me when creating libkubuntu....14:02
* shadeslayer likes how cirrus graphics on KVM completely screw up Kubuntu14:05
yofelI would really like to know why they do that ^ actually14:05
yofelit worked in the past14:05
shadeslayerI have to pass -vga std now14:06
yofelunity looks even worse ^^14:06
shadeslayergood to know14:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: I started amarok and no notification to install packages14:10
shadeslayerso it's fixed14:10
Riddellwaa, why can't I copy wiki pages14:12
Riddellis anyone able to copy https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/Alpha1/Kubuntu to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/Alpha2/Kubuntu ?14:13
yofelthe wonders of moinmoin14:14
shadeslayermitya57: Riddell: do you have a clue as to where I can find the compiled files?14:14
Riddellshadeslayer:  /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/ ?14:16
mitya57shadeslayer: for python2? in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/$(your_module)/*.pyc14:16
shadeslayerand dh_python2 scans recursively?14:18
shadeslayerbecause there is no  /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/kajongg14:19
mitya57Ah, right, because that's a private module14:19
mitya57look at /usr/share/kde4/apps/kajongg/*pyc14:20
shadeslayeralready did14:20
* Riddell out14:21
mitya57Let me look14:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: what do we do with bug 1069498, it has a patch, it's fixed in some really old KDE version14:21
ubottubug 1069498 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "KWin shows tearing despite of VSync" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106949814:22
shadeslayermitya57: thx14:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: SRU?14:22
shadeslayerbut I doubt there'll be anyone for verification14:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah, screw SRUs14:23
apacheloggershadeslayer: tell him to use PPA :P14:24
apachelogger12.10 is eol anyway, no14:24
shadeslayerApril 2014 no?14:25
apacheloggeranyway, afk for 30 minutes or so14:28
mitya57shadeslayer: kajongg has a non-standard layout (i.e. no __init__.py), so you either need to change that or use --compile-all14:30
mitya57       dh_python2 --compile-all14:30
=== vHanda_ is now known as vHanda
ghostcubeshadeslayer: yeah i've seen this but its not build 15:10
ghostcubewill wait till its done :D15:12
shadeslayerghostcube: huh?15:20
ghostcubethe page you posted the link there is no usable build. all failed afaik15:21
ghostcubefor kdeconnect :)15:21
shadeslayerwell, someone needs to upload my fix15:21
shadeslayerso cold15:22
shadeslayerkubotu: weather gurgaon15:22
apacheloggeryou cannot imagine how much it pisses me off when a changelog doesn't contain any useful information whatsoever15:28
apachelogger* Touched control file, I might have changed it, or maybe not.15:29
apacheloggerand that shit even predates bzr branches15:33
apacheloggerright that does it15:37
apacheloggerthe entire delta goes away15:37
apacheloggerakonadi has like 4 differences to debian, 2 have no origin, not in the changelog not in bzr, they are just there, nobdy knows why15:38
Riddellhi sgclark 15:46
sgclarkRiddell: Good morning! seems I slept in lol15:47
sgclarkRiddell: thank you   for getting those packages :) more  coming in shortly15:48
Riddellhow's this? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/Alpha2/Kubuntu16:01
ghostcubehmm sudo do-release-upgrade -d did the trick for me .. is there anything special for the kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade?16:12
Riddellit's just a 1 line script to run the same16:13
apacheloggerRiddell: there was a new feature or change or something16:14
apacheloggerRiddell: improved usability in usb-creator16:14
Riddellapachelogger: anything good to screenshot?16:15
apacheloggerjust the main view really16:15
apacheloggerwere subtile changes ... like actually auto-selecting a manually added image and smarter spacing of the columns16:15
apacheloggertalking about smarter, smarter: do you still maintain kvkbd or should we throw it out in favor of some other vkbd (I seem to recall that there is a plasmoid or something)16:16
smarteroh hai16:17
apacheloggerRiddell: oh and the bug list probably needs updating ^^16:17
smarterI'd recommend using the plasmoid, yes16:17
apacheloggerRiddell: oh oh oh, and please note that the tiny version of screenshots have a uniform size now :P16:17
apacheloggerRiddell: must be 350px wide16:17
smarterkvkbd was removed from kubuntu-desktop a while ago16:17
apacheloggerfull size screenshot can have any size, the 350px thing is just so that the table is not layed out all over the place16:18
apacheloggersmarter: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kvkbd still in the archive though16:18
apacheloggerand has bug reports ;)16:18
smarterright, well it's not maintained so feel free to nuke it16:19
smarterI don't know how good the plasmoid is though16:19
smarter(or if it's maintained)16:19
Riddellyou should get into alpha 2 candidate testing smarter, you'd enjoy it16:19
apacheloggersmarter: putting down a task to look into it16:19
Riddellor maybe KF5 packaging16:19
smarterhi Riddell :)16:20
smarterI'm kinda busy with other stuff currently16:22
* smarter has been hacking on libav/ffmpeg recently16:23
* Riddell adds usb-creator on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/Alpha2/Kubuntu16:23
Riddellsmarter: elite!16:23
smarteralso, am I the one who is driven crazy by KMail often popping up dialogs or flooding my notification area about broken connections and stuff like that?16:26
sgclarkRiddell: kservice is ready for you, important one16:26
jarkkoguys i got a questin16:26
smarterlike, when I resume from suspend16:26
jarkkoi got logitech gamebad16:26
jarkkoand logitech keyboard16:26
jarkkoboth has small usb receiver16:27
jarkkodo you know if its possible to use only 1 receiver to use both?16:27
Riddellsmarter, jarkko: I guess nobody here knows, try in a support channel17:30
shadeslayerRiddell: did you upload choqok?17:34
shadeslayerI mean17:34
shadeslayerRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~rohangarg/upload/kdeconnect_0.4.2-1ubuntu1.dsc17:35
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't think so, did you ask me to?17:36
shadeslayeryep :)17:36
shadeslayerRiddell: also, could you review http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-frameworks-devel/2014-January/009917.html17:36
shadeslayerIf I understand it correctly, they want to remove the full legal text?17:36
shadeslayerWon't that go against the entire point of having COPYING* files?17:37
Riddellshadeslayer: I don't think he's saying that but I'll try to talk to alexmerry tomorrow17:40
apacheloggershadeslayer: We would17:40
apachelogger(have to) keep COPYING and COPYING.LIB regardless.17:40
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes, but atleast that's what I understood from the email17:41
shadeslayerthat they want to drop those infavor of pointing to a link17:41
shadeslayerthat has the license17:41
Riddelldpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address17:41
shadeslayeragain, not sure, which is why I asked you17:41
Riddellshadeslayer: tsk17:41
shadeslayerRiddell: drat17:41
apacheloggershadeslayer: not how I read it anyway17:42
apacheloggerditching LICENSE and AUTHORS, supposedly the files containing a list of all copyright holders and all licenses17:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, maybe I'm mis-interpretting17:43
apacheloggerwhich really is pointless information 17:43
apacheloggersurely not a bad idea to point out that COPYING* cannot go away for legal reasons17:43
shadeslayerRiddell: dget 17:44
shadeslayerI mean, updated :_)17:44
* apachelogger updates shadeslayer17:46
ovidiu-florinhello world17:47
shadeslayerI don't have enough power to be updated17:47
ovidiu-florinI want to debug kmail. what would be the debug packages that I need to install 17:47
ovidiu-florinthere is no kmail-dev17:47
shadeslayertoo much power diverted to thinking about DAC's and whether  I really need one17:47
apacheloggerwhatever happend to Alessandro Ghersi17:48
* ovidiu-florin is not sure if there should be a kmail-dev17:48
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: kdepim-dbg17:48
ovidiu-florinthank you17:48
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: kdepim-dbg kdepimlibs-dbg akonadi-dbg to be more precise17:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: do you have a DAC17:48
apacheloggerdepending on what needs debugging17:48
apacheloggershadeslayer: does it have to do with prn?17:48
ovidiu-florinthank you apachelogger17:49
shadeslayerif your prn uses FLAC for audio streams and you have hi fidelity equipment to hear prn17:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: so what's a DAC then?17:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: digital to analog converter17:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: that thing that outputs sound :P17:50
shadeslayerthat comes before the speakers17:50
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-E10-Wzmacniacz-USB_DAC-S%C3%85%C2%82uchawkowy/dp/B005VO7LG6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390396363&sr=8-1&keywords=Fiio+E1017:50
* apachelogger scratches had and wonders about the point17:50
apacheloggerbut no, I do not17:50
lordievaderPutting a digital signal on speakers is not very pleasant.17:51
shadeslayerapparently, regular laptop dac's are not powerful enough to drive my 50 ohm impedance headphones17:51
shadeslayerwhich is why they do not sound optimal17:51
shadeslayerhence you need one of those ^^ 17:52
shadeslayera E10 can drive upto 300 ohm impedance speakers/headphones17:52
apacheloggertotally falling asleep I am17:52
apacheloggershadeslayer: so what's the question good for? :P17:53
shadeslayerwas just curious if you had one17:53
apacheloggerI do have other things tho....17:54
BluesKajmost headphones and speakers used to be 8 ohms17:54
BluesKajmost still are afaik 17:54
apacheloggerbug 900705 17:55
ubottubug 900705 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Installation of "kubuntu-full" breaks desktop effects on intel graphics hardware" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90070517:55
apacheloggerno clue what to do17:55
apacheloggerScottK: bug 82049117:56
ubottubug 820491 in kubuntu-netbook-default-settings (Ubuntu) "KMail missing from search and launch" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82049117:56
BluesKajapachelogger, the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental package fixed the desktop effects problem here with the Intel i915 driver17:58
apacheloggerBluesKaj: that's not on kubuntu-full is it?17:59
BluesKajapachelogger, i didn't install kubuntu-full. if that's some kind of meta-package18:01
Riddellapachelogger: hmm, usb-creator-kde not so good with --iso flag "An unhandled exception occurred:18:02
Riddell'QDialog' object has no attribute 'insert_label'"18:02
BluesKajapachelogger, it's not on kubuntu-full , the experimental mesa package is in the 14.04 repos18:02
Riddellhmm, and not so good in general "Failed: Error setting partition flags on /dev/sdb2: Command-line `sfdisk --change-id "/dev/sdb" 2 0x0c' exited with non-zero exit status 1: 18:03
RiddellWARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdb'! The util sfdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted."18:03
Riddellapachelogger: did it work for you?18:03
apacheloggerRiddell: worked on saucy18:04
apacheloggerRiddell: your stick is GPT not MBR, supposedly usb-creator-common doesn't handle GPT18:04
Riddellapachelogger: hmm, the only thing on this stick is the iso I copied with dd18:05
apacheloggermight be that the ISO is hybrid MBR/GPT... otherwise you couldn't boot it on UEFI-only system 18:06
BluesKajRiddell, start up disk creator worked here on a usb , the efi mode had to be enabled to boot it18:06
BluesKajand secure mode was disabled as well18:07
apacheloggerRiddell's fails when formatting the partitions18:07
apacheloggernot at boot18:08
apacheloggerregarding the floppy topic from earlier :P18:11
apacheloggersince this morning I am writing a mail and add something like every half hour and every time I almost send it -.-18:12
apacheloggermy mind is weak :'(18:12
apacheloggerhttp://qalculate.sourceforge.net/images/qalculate-gtk.png gtk looks so much better than qt :O18:13
shadeslayeris that from fluffy 18:14
sgclarkwow that does look nice18:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: fluffy never had gtk theming18:16
shadeslayertoo bad18:16
ScottKapachelogger: I thought that was fixed.18:18
ScottKThat is our problem, not upstream, however, if it's not.18:19
apacheloggerScottK: how so though? doesn't upstream have kmail in the favs?18:22
ScottKNo, it has kontact, but we patched it to kmail for netbook, since the kontact U/I is a bit much for a small netbook screen.18:22
ScottKThe problem was, IIRC, something about kmail vs. kmail2.18:23
apacheloggerScottK: if you could confirm it's fixed that'd be lovely, otherwise I'll check tomorrow18:23
ScottKUnlikely I can before then.18:23
apacheloggernow where do I put a note so that I don't forget ^^18:25
apacheloggershadeslayer: yo, bro, wanna be my PA? :P18:25
shadeslayerno thx18:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: use sticky notes and stick them to your screen18:25
apacheloggermy screen is already sticky, thanks very much18:26
shadeslayerapachelogger: coming to FOSDEM18:26
Riddellshadeslayer: is that a question or a statement?18:28
shadeslayerquestion, so sleepy ....18:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: coming to FOSDEM?18:28
apacheloggerso much spam18:28
Riddellsgclark: kservice uploaded!18:31
sgclarkRiddell: wonderful thank you18:31
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't think coming to FOSDEM counts as spam18:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: and yeah, so much spam http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d5/Spam_with_cans.jpeg18:32
ScottKSpam is delicious.18:57
manchickenIt is.18:58
ScottKmanchicken: Did you know there's a Spam museum near the Hormel factory in Minnesota?18:59
ScottKThere are snacks.18:59
ScottKBest museum ever.18:59
manchickenScottK: Nice! That sounds like a museum worth going to.19:00
ScottKIt is.  Great for kids too.19:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: but no, not coming to fosdem19:11
shadeslayerScottK: spam museum? :D19:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: is that due to having too much spam and not having a PA?19:12
ScottKshadeslayer: http://www.spam.com/spam-101/the-spam-museum19:12
apacheloggeryes, I have 300 years of email backlog19:12
apacheloggeralso the boyfriend did not approve the trip19:12
ScottK"You have to come here to experience this life-altering pure pork bliss for yourself. So pack the family car for a meat-packed day of fun at the Eighth Wonder Of The World: The SPAM® Museum."19:13
ScottKI can attest to the pure pork bliss.19:13
apacheloggeroh, btw, I create more email backlog by doing work because I in the end all the things I do to kubuntu bugs end up in my inbox ^^19:15
apacheloggerbug 1214467 :O19:15
ubottubug 1214467 in kscreen (Ubuntu) "Network installation fails on libkscreen1 package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121446719:15
apacheloggersmartboy broke it :'<19:16
apacheloggershadeslayer: fancy fixing that?19:17
apacheloggertotally tagged and milestoned19:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: btw does this apply to 14.04 ?19:24
shadeslayerbecause the last instance of libkscreen0 is  libkscreen0 | 0.0.92-0ubuntu0.1 | raring-updates/universe | amd64, armhf, i386, powerpc19:25
shadeslayerwhich was superseeded19:25
apacheloggershouldn't be a problem in 14.0419:25
apacheloggerstill need it though because otherwise libkscreen2 will come around and people will forget about it again19:26
apacheloggerI mean, chances are it will be forgotten regardless, but then I get to actually rage at whoever forgot it :O19:26
apacheloggershadeslayer: when are you coming back to the past btw?19:27
shadeslayerapachelogger: maybe 25th19:27
apacheloggernot booked yet?19:27
shadeslayerno, depends on health of grand dad19:27
shadeslayerif it gets worse, I might delay19:28
shadeslayerso far it's improving, but they still haven't figured out what's wrong19:28
shadeslayeruhm dude19:29
shadeslayerBreaks: libkscreen019:29
shadeslayerReplaces: libkscreen019:29
apacheloggeroh, I totally didn't see that19:29
shadeslayeryou should totally go to sleep19:29
apacheloggerI told you, my mind is weak today19:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: please be closing that bug, good sir19:30
apacheloggerktorrent bugs are a battle field19:31
apacheloggerbug 117444319:31
ubottubug 1174443 in ktorrent (Ubuntu) "ktorrent 4.3.1 freeze" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117444319:31
apacheloggermakes me shrug, also a bit sad that I couldn't even tell that person one command that will likely give useful information19:31
apacheloggerlife's a harsh mistress I tell ya19:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 1058032 in ktorrent (Ubuntu) "Cannot reopen popup windows, context menus, etc. after minimizing KTorrent" [Undecided,New]19:32
shadeslayerbug in unity19:32
shadeslayerstill reported against ktorrent xD19:32
apacheloggeryeah, there was some bug today that also was reported somewhere where it did not belong19:32
apacheloggerfwiw, it could also be a bug in the qt patchery19:33
* apachelogger ends bug triage for the day19:34
shadeslayerwell, I'll just assign it to Unity to see what they say19:34
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Blue is the new Orange | https://trello.com/kubuntu | 4.12.1 WIP http://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas | bugs https://tinyurl.com/ovfcj78 | build status http://goo.gl/cjEFkO | ISO testing http://goo.gl/cRAawa `
apacheloggerwell then, dearies19:35
apacheloggerawesomest QA date on friday19:35
sgclarkRiddell: ktextwidgets ready for you19:35
apacheloggerLTS upgrade testerooo \o/19:35
apacheloggerScottK: ^ do you hold a stake in that?19:35
apacheloggeroh my, rest of the month is packed with QA19:36
* ScottK hasn't held stake in much of anything for the last month or two. $work has been overwhelming.19:36
apacheloggeroh no, that's feb19:36
apacheloggerperhaps I should reshuffle that a bit19:36
apacheloggerScottK: many works is a good thing I suppose :)19:37
ScottKBe careful what you ask for though, you may get it.19:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: I plan on pushing new touchpad app tomorrow19:38
shadeslayerif I can figure out releaseme19:38
apacheloggershadeslayer: use the rewrite branch; see what I wrote in bluesystems channel when we last talked about it :P19:38
shadeslayerI'm reasonably satisfied about strings and quality of the app19:38
apacheloggerless to figure out, possibly more bugs19:38
lordievaderFor the iso testing: lvm without encryption no longer is a test case?19:39
shadeslayerI don't think I have that much backlog for that channel, didn't you mention it eons ago19:39
apacheloggerlordievader: if it isn't on the tracker then it is not, no19:39
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, this month anyway19:39
lordievaderOk, fine by me.19:39
apacheloggerbecause I only wrote the CLI for the rewrite branch on Jan2 or so19:40
apacheloggera good 100 bugs triaged, lovely19:41
shadeslayercool :)19:41
apacheloggerhm, I might want to upload ubuntu-release-upgrader before LTS upgrade testing19:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: we might want to get it to remove krandr post upgrade19:44
apacheloggeralso very silly... friday I worked nonstop on tasks to decrease the todo amount to 30 cards, now we are back up at 37 -.-19:45
shadeslayerfwiw we still don't have a new ktp19:45
shadeslayerneed to work on that too19:45
apacheloggershadeslayer: it doesn't remove it?19:45
shadeslayerapachelogger: I don't know, I haven't checked19:46
shadeslayerbut it /should/ is what I'm saying19:46
apacheloggerdidn't notice it in the random test I did some days ago19:46
apacheloggerthen again I did not check explicitly ^^19:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah19:46
* shadeslayer will check once he has better internets in Barcelona19:47
apacheloggerinternetz with prn quality we call that19:47
shadeslayerI have 2Mbps here, which is enough for prn :P19:47
apacheloggernot for 3d HD19:48
sgclarkRiddell: kemoticons also ready19:48
apacheloggerahoneybun_, valorie: do you have docs&l10n export figured out btw?19:48
apacheloggerwould rather like a test tarball at some point19:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: I think that's called real life19:48
shadeslayerthe internets doesn't have enough bandwidth for real life19:48
apacheloggernot that we notice problems  2 weeks before release19:48
shadeslayerk sleep, night19:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: for second life it does19:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: nini19:49
* apachelogger also going to call it now19:49
apacheloggertomorrow more work on libkubuntu \o/19:49
=== jackson is now known as Guest4739
keithzgTotally random (and I asked it already on #kde to no reply), but, are there KDE toques for sale anywhere? I've been wearing a Chrome toque for a while now and I'm starting to feel guilty ;)20:14
lordievaderHehe... It is possible to log out from a live-session. This throws you to lightdm with no option of starting a new live-session.20:35
lordievaderAlso the live-session doesn't care what language you select in Ubiquity.20:41
lordievaderTo where do I file ^ that bug?20:54
ahoneybuncan anyone shot me the link to the qa page for this new alpha?22:16
ahoneybunRiddell: valorie how are we going to handle the kubuntu-doc package?22:59
xnoxlordievader: it does care, it's just it doesn't have the language pack.23:33
xnoxlordievader: we ship all strings for installer for all languages, but only a few languages on the cd (e.g. english, chinese, spanish and at times up to 2 more)23:33
xnoxlordievader: all other language packs are downloaded during installation.23:33
xnoxlordievader: lvm without encryption should be a valid test-case.23:33
xnoxlordievader: it was since introduction in quantal.23:33

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