Ahmuckhi.  having problem with printing, hplip.  problem is printing only prints one page and then prints no others.  multiple page inputs only results in single page output.13:55
Ahmuckthis changed in .0413:56
Ahmuckother problem, when making an effort to upgrade a machine, the machine will no longer boot13:56
Ahmuckbut it will use the live cd13:56
zanzacarwhats the best software to use when checking disk health on lubuntu? I was in profiler/bench mark but that didn't seem right.14:33
zanzacarwell nm I can't connect to that computer anyways14:36
thor1I am running ubuntu 13.10 with lxqt , but now i can't login after the 2 last update for lxqt15:16
ianorlinif I kill light locker when it won't redirect me to login to GUI will that mess up bug report?16:33
ianorlinnot sure I have enough to reproduce this though16:42
koellTry to get working an umts-stick on my dad's laptop. It's a huawei 303 or a 352- It's listed in lsusb. And I tried to usb_modeswitch but without success.18:19
koellsometimes the keyboard doesnt work when i start my notebook. i've to manually turn the computer off with the power button.19:29
koellhey phillw :)19:45
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phillwhiyas koell20:15
deletedoh boy21:16
c4318230Hey all, any must haves for my old school lappy that has lubuntu on it?21:41
geniic4318230: lubuntu-restricted extras package probably, for a start :)21:52
geniilubuntu-restricted-extras , rather ( forgot hyphen)21:53
c4318230come again?22:00
geniic4318230: It is the package which installs a bunch of stuff which most people want to use but is not installed by default. So like Adobe Flash, some restricted fonts, other stuff along these lines22:06
c4318230oh jeeze that is awesome. thank you22:06

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