schultzais testing a semi-rolling release or do i still have to change codenames to keep up with testing?02:03
Daekdroomschultza, no need to change codenames. You'll need to do a "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" (instead of just an apt-get upgrade) though.02:26
DaekdroomBut to think of it, even after a version is released, one might need to do a dist-upgrade to be up-to-date02:26
schultzaim getting tired of having to rul do-release-upgrade after running dist-upgrade for two reasons. dist-upgrade doesnt actually update the codename (lts or interim) and do-release-upgrade actually turns off my ppas for stable libreoffice (from the libreoffice team), etc. thats why im trying to find a single codename to keep continuing. right now im on 13.10's codename and knowing that i will have...02:28
schultzato upgrade to the 14.04 codename when it comes out. what is the codename for testing/ubuntu+1 that doesnt keep changing... or is there one?02:29
Daekdroomschultza, huh... There isn't a codename for a testing Ubuntu version.02:34
DaekdroomAnd the proper way to upgrade a version is do-release-upgrade02:34
DaekdroomAnd it disables PPAs because not doing so can break things horribly.02:34
DaekdroomWhat I said previously is regarding when you're already running a development version of Ubuntu.02:35
schultzaim very careful in my ppas. nothing has horribly been broken when i upgrade. just the annoying gotta re-edit my files with the comments i had in them originally and activated them.. updating the codename as need there too.02:35
schultzaok.. how do i get to a development version of ubuntu?02:36
Daekdroomdo-release-upgrade -d02:36
schultzaand as usual, ill be trying this in a vm first.02:36
Daekdroomor upgrade-manager -d if you want a GUI02:36
schultzaok thanks.02:36
Daekdroomupdate-manager -d, my bad.02:36
schultzai work with servers on a daily basis.. id prefer on the command prompt any day. :)02:37
schultzaare there currently any issues on devel that i should know about? link?02:38
daek_woops. Bad internet connection.02:41
daek_schultza, I don't recall there being any pages that mention current issues on the development version, but you should take the advice at the /topic : "Consider this unstable and will probably break in some way."02:41
daek_It's not broken now but might break at any moment02:42
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FernandoMiguelanyone willing to help me improve my boot speed?20:42
FernandoMiguelkernel 3.13 is slower than previous ones20:42

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