shubhmoyjono: Hi01:31
shubhmoyjono, are you there?01:31
jonohey shubhmoy hey01:45
shubhmoyjono, I am newbie and looking for some work in Ubuntu-App-Development01:50
jonoshubhmoy, I recommend you start at developer.ubuntu.com01:50
shubhmoythanks, I am setting up launchpad account right now01:51
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Celebration Of Life Day! :-D07:34
dholbachgood morning08:07
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WebbyITtimp, zsombi:: Hi :-) Sorry to disturb you, but I have a strange problem with a listView in calculator app10:48
WebbyITIf I clear from the listview and then I use positionViewAtBeginnin() the listview doesn't go to beginning. I cannot use contentY or originY because the length of listview is variable10:50
zsombiWebbyIT: you clear teh ListView's model, right?10:51
zsombiWebbyIT: or what do you mean by "clear"?10:55
WebbyITzsombi, mhh, (sorry but I have not write this part), we have a var named ScreenFormula: when a user do a calc his calc is added to this var, and after the tear off is added to model10:57
WebbyITzsombi, my problem in when I pop last calc from ScreenFormula: is not in the model but it' s on screen10:57
WebbyITzsombi, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-calculator-dev/ubuntu-calculator-app/trunk/view/head:/Simple/SimplePage.qml#L11210:58
WebbyITif you try to run the app, press 5+6 and then C, you see that the ListView do a little jump back, and I don't understand how to fix it10:59
zsombiWebbyIT: ok, so what happens when you press C? you call this formulaPop()?11:02
WebbyITzsombi, exactly11:03
zsombiWebbyIT: I guess at that point teh screenFormula.length > 1, right?11:03
WebbyITzsombi, yse, if you press 5 + 6 the length is 311:04
zsombiWebbyIT: hmm... don't really get how this 'C' alters the ListView's model...11:08
WebbyITzsombi, well, ScreenFormula is added between the ListView Model and the header of listview, that is keyboard. If I use positionViewAtEnd() works as expected, if I use positionViewAtBeginning() no11:10
zsombiWebbIT: ah, wait, I got it!11:10
nik90zsombi: Hey, Can we talk after your lunch? I need to discuss some stuff about the alarms with you.11:10
WebbyITif I use contentY = 0 it works as expected, but I have some problems if the user adds new calc11:11
zsombiWebbyIT: positionViewAtBeginning should move the contentY as expected, considering of course the topMargin, which is altered by the Header, so don't touch that...11:11
zsombinik90: ok, I'll ping U11:12
zsombiWebyIT: but pressing 'C' should clear the last added number only, right?11:12
zsombiWebbyIT: hmm... I see there's some scrolling of the "keyboard", is that you are trying to fix? or...11:14
WebbyITzsombi, and the operator before him11:15
WebbyIT5+6 C is 511:15
WebbyITso we lost a line11:15
WebbyITzsombi, yes, I dont' want that keybord scrolls11:15
zsombiWebbyIT: well, the operator is not lost because of the scrolling I think...11:16
WebbyITzsombi, uhm, no, maybe I explain bad: the behabior of the function is right, only problem is the scroll of the keyboard11:17
zsombiWebbyIT: if I have nothing more than 5+6 'C', the keyboard is not moved... I have tried with more input but there are certain scenarios when the keyboard moves only...11:18
WebbyITzsombi, it happens once on every start of the app11:20
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zsombiWebbyIT: hmm... the app design approach is a bit weird to me... should the keyboard scroll ever at all? I see it is set as header not as footer... but the content is still above it... weird...11:24
WebbyITzsombi, yeah, I'm agree it's weird: the keyboard is set as header because verticalLayoutDirection: ListView.BottomToTop11:26
WebbyITkeyboard as to scroll with old calc11:26
WebbyITso when you scroll up to see old calc, keyboard disappears11:26
zsombiWebbyIT: wow! ok, I see now... :)11:27
zsombiWebbyIT: ok, fist of all, you have to learn that whenever you use ListView, and even if you only read contentY property, you should subtract originY from it.11:31
zsombiWebbyIT: otherwise you won't get the real contentY11:31
WebbyITzsombi, ok, interesting11:32
zsombiWebbyIT: however this won't help here, or might help, as for me the kbd only scrolls if the ListView's content goes out of the screen area, so only after few operations11:32
WebbyITzsombi, mhh, nice catch, I have a lot of old calc so I didn't see this11:33
zsombiWebbyIT: so revisit the code, read the Flickable.originY docs carefully, and then see if that will align the scrolling11:33
zsombiWebbyIT: the position function should work properly if the contentY was not messed.11:34
WebbyITzsombi, ok, thanks for your help, I'll try to do this :)11:34
WebbyITI'll inform you if I'll be able to fix it11:35
zsombiWebbyIT: good luck ;)11:35
dakerpopey: http://feedback.unity3d.com/suggestions/platforms-unity-editor-for-linu13:07
popeydaker: yeah, see how old that is ☹13:13
* popey votes though13:14
dakerdon't lose faith :)13:14
popeymost voted!13:14
om26erboiko, ping13:37
boikoom26er: pong13:37
om26erboiko, how does dialer-app saves call logs ?13:38
om26erboiko, can I feed some dummy data easily for tests ?13:38
boikoom26er: it doesn't. history-service does13:38
om26erboiko, ^ right, lets take history-service in context13:39
boikoom26er: it uses a sqlite database, but I think it might be even easier to write an app using history API to write fake data13:39
boikoom26er: there is a tool for importing telepathy-logger data into history-service's database, you can check how it is done and maybe use something similar to write fake data13:40
om26erboiko, i can just copy over the sql DB and replace it with real data during test run and then restore back, guess its going to be easier ?13:40
boikoom26er: no need to copy & restore, you can set the database path via environment vars: HISTORY_SQLITE_DBPATH13:41
boikoom26er: just make sure to restart history-daemon using that env var13:42
om26erboiko, even better, is there a parameter for contacts as well ?13:42
boikoom26er: good question, I think there is, ping renato about it when he gets online13:42
boikoom26er: I'll go for lunch now, but after I'm back I can help you with that13:43
om26erboiko, great, thanks13:43
WebbyITzsombi, I found a strange behavior of contentY of listview in calculator app.14:52
WebbyITAt the first start, it's -267 and every time user adds something contentY became little (e.g -300). If users remove something using C, contentY became bigger, and there is the scroll of the keyboard14:52
WebbyITBut after user tears off the calc, contentY stop to changes, and there is no more the keyboard scroll.14:52
WebbyITAlso if user removes something, contentY doesn't change.14:52
WebbyITI'm trying to understand why after tear off contentY is blocked14:52
popeymzanetti: be there in a second, my google+ experience is broken15:02
mzanettithe google+ experience15:03
HenrikGHello, I am totally new here so I apologize if I am in the wrong place, but I am trying to learn how to develop a HTML5 application for Ubuntu Touch. I am following the tutorial and I cant get it to work. Can I ask for help here?15:10
nik90HenrikG: yup this is the a good place to ask15:11
nik90HenrikG: although I am not the person to answer it :P I am more a qml+javascript dev15:12
HenrikGCheers! firstly in the tutorial part it says : sudo add apt-repository ppa/ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa -> I guess it should be sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa ?15:12
HenrikGWell, I can always ask, to begin with the information in the tutorial doesn't seem to be correct15:12
zsombiWebbyIT: that's the way ListView works... not straight forward :)15:13
zsombinik90: sorry, dude, my lunch got diverted into qt5.2 fight...15:13
nik90zsombi: lol..no worries15:14
nik90zsombi: I am assuming your EOD is soon..want to talk tomorrow?15:14
zsombinik90: but now I'm a bit releafed from it till my next package builds...15:14
WebbyITzsombi, mmh, ok, thanks :-)15:14
zsombinik90: unless it takes hours :)15:14
nik90zsombi: it will take at least 30 mins. Also I can come more prepared tomorrow with the questions :)15:15
zsombinik90: ok, let's get in touch tomorrow again!15:16
nik90zsombi: perfect. Will ping you then15:16
zsombinik90: awesome :)15:17
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om26erboiko, hey! back ?15:21
boikoom26er: yep, sorry, I was in a meeting15:21
om26erboiko, sure, no problem15:22
om26erboiko, I tried HISTORY_SQLITE_DBPATH but seems to have a problem15:22
om26erboiko, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797739/15:22
boikoom26er: ah, you have to use a file path, HISTORY_SQLITE_DBPATH=/some/path/to/a/database.sqlite15:23
om26erboiko, very well, seems to work :)15:24
om26erboiko, thanks15:25
om26errenato, ping15:25
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boikoom26er: if you don't care about the data in the history database, you can use :memory: as the database path, that creates a database in memory that will be destroyed as soon as the daemon is killed15:32
om26erboiko, I want pre-populated call logs in this case15:34
boikoom26er: ah ok, yeah, then the memory one won't be of much use15:35
om26erboiko, the address-book-app supports ADDRESS_BOOK_TEST_DATA=vcard.vcf I hope there is something for dialer as well15:37
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renatoom26er, pong15:41
om26errenato, do you know if I can load contacts from a different path to appear in dialer-app ?15:42
renatoom26er, what do you mean by different path?15:43
om26erI need to write a few autopilot tests that would need pre-populated contacts in the contact list15:43
renatotake a look on the contact app autopilot tests15:43
renatolet me check which test15:43
om26errenato, I did look at those but that didn't work for dialer-app for me15:44
renatoom26er, AddressBookAppTestCase.PRELOAD_VCARD = True15:44
renatoom26er, I think that the dialer-app does not support memory backend15:45
om26erboiko, ^15:45
renatoom26er, boiko you need to add support for QTCONTACTS_MANAGER_OVERRIDE15:46
renatotake a look on contact app15:46
boikoom26er: hmm, I thought the QML plugin for contacts would be the one checking the override15:49
om26erboiko, I can try porting this https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-app/dynamic-backend/+merge/192326 over to dialer-app15:51
boikoom26er: that's fine I think15:51
boikoom26er: I would still prefer this to happen in the contacts plugin though, but for now this is OK15:58
om26erboiko, if my case gets solved by just replacing the database by a dummy-db I may skip adding the memory backend support15:59
WebbyITI'm tring to use valgrind function profiler with QtCreator on Ubuntu 13.10, but I have an error: Error: "/usr/bin/valgrind" could not be started: No private key file given. What could I do?16:28
mzanettidpm_: hey, is there some documentation about app armor permission now?16:32
nik90mzanetti: perhaps this might help http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/security-policy-for-click-packages/16:34
mzanettinik90: oh, thanks a lot!16:34
mzanettinik90: music_files is to write to ~/Music, right?16:35
nik90I am guessing yes16:35
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jdstrandmzanetti: warning-- music_files is a reserved policy group17:03
mzanettijdstrand: which means? I cannot write an app that uses it?17:03
jdstrandapps should use the content-hub for that sort of thing17:04
nik90mzanetti: yup, at the moment only the music app uses it (or is allowed to use it)17:04
jdstrandI don't think it is well-defined for music yet, but maybe it is. perhaps tvoss or kenvandine can shed some light on it17:04
jdstrandthe music-app should not have direct access to ~/Music, but it does. that is supposed to change at some point17:05
jdstrandactually, it is tvoss, kenvandine or jamesh17:05
kenvandinei think the music-hub is the likely future for this17:06
jdstrand(tvoss for design, kenvandine for content-hub implementation and jamesh for music/media service)17:06
kenvandinealthough i don't know much about the music-hub17:06
* jdstrand either17:06
jdstrandkenvandine: is that jamesh?17:06
jdstrandkenvandine: just otoh17:07
kenvandinecontent-hub is for exchanging the content between apps, i think the music-hub will give you access to the music library and let you do things like playback17:07
kenvandinei don't know who is implementing music-hub, tvoss created the project and initial api17:08
mzanettimy use case would be: xbmcremote download music files from xbmc so the user can listen to them on the go (using the music player - xbmcremote doesn't do playback itself)17:08
kenvandineit could provide an export for the files it downloads, and the music-app could import them17:10
kenvandinethat would require the music-app to implement a content-hub import handler17:10
kenvandinewhich it probably needs anyway17:10
kenvandineunless the music-hub will provide this separately17:10
kenvandinenot sure17:10
mzanettimhm... I guess the music hub would need to move the files to ~/Music when importing17:15
kenvandineyeah, if the music-hub provides that17:15
kenvandineif not, the music-app could with it's import handler17:15
mzanettiin any case this is not happening anytime soon, right?17:16
kenvandinethe music-app could implement an import handler now, the content-hub provides this functionality already17:17
kenvandinebut it would be best to verify the plans for music-hub and how it all fits together first17:17
mzanettiwould the music app have permissions to move the file away from xbmcremote's confined folders?17:17
kenvandinethe content-hub does a copy17:18
mzanettia copy? so we end up with all the stuff copied?17:18
kenvandineand since you don't need to keep the files in your app, you could remove them after you see the music-app has collected them17:19
kenvandinewhen the transfer objects state changes to collected, you could cleanup17:20
WebbyITpopey, maybe now keyboard support works in calculator app. Could you try, please?17:22
WebbyITzsombi helped me to solve the scroll keyboard error17:22
popeyWebbyIT: sure.17:22
WebbyITThis is definitely  the most grueling patch for calc app that I've made17:23
popeyWebbyIT: that works well!17:24
WebbyITTonight beer for all :)17:24
dpm_mzanetti, sorry, I was on a call, but yeah, I would have given you that same link http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/security-policy-for-click-packages/ and suggested to talk to Jamie for more details17:26
* dpm_ hugs WebbyIT17:27
labsinhi all, I'm having issues with click packages. If I update my package, the desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications isn't updated.18:25
labsinI'm installing the same version with modifications and the /opt/click.. files are updated18:26
labsinAnyone else has this issue? Wouldn't it be better if they were symlinked?18:26
labsinok, how do I best uninstall a click app installed with pkcon?18:37
labsinjust deleting the desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications before installing the click file again did the trick.18:38
buharin_hello can I mix ubuntusdk qt program with java?19:15
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popeynik90: clock r300.. I am getting no sound from timer .. do you need to add the audio policy group maybe?20:14
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nik90popey: I didnt merge that MP20:59
nik90popey: On talking to bfiller about the timer, I have to use the Alarms API for it. And that service will be the one which triggers the ringtone. I shouldn't do it from the clock app.21:00
WebbyITSomeone can help me? http://askubuntu.com/questions/409273/valgrind-and-ubuntusdk21:38
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shubhmoyCan anyone please send me invitation to #ubuntu-beginners-dev?23:07
sarnoldshubhmoy: it looks like it just forwards to #ubuntu23:10
shubhmoysarnold, ok. Since I am beginner, some suggested me to go to #ubuntu-beginners-dev. Any ways thanks for your reply23:13
sarnoldshubhmoy: the name does sound appealing, but there's nothing there..23:14
shubhmoysarnold, ok. :P23:15
sarnoldah, related: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-beginners/2013-August/002541.html23:15
shubhmoysarnold, oh, that's sad.. anyways, past is past. And there is enough documentation and help available on IRC23:17
popeymhall119: you about?23:19
popeyso someone has made an app which supplies a simple index.html23:20
popeyand I get a white screen when I launch it23:21
popeyam trying to figure out if it's a malformed desktop file or something23:21
popeyhah, typo23:22
popeyExec=webbrowswer-app index.html23:22
popeyridicule mode engaged23:22
mhall119popey: where are you running it (desktop or device)?23:23
mhall119installed via click or otherwise?23:24
popeyyes, click from the store23:28
popeywell, I download the click, push to phone and pkcon install23:28
mhall119does it have a Path= property in the .desktop?23:28
popeyno path in the .desktop file in the click package23:28
mhall119sounds like it didn't install properly then, is the .desktop in ~/.local/share/applications/ ?23:29
popeypath is set on install though by pkcon i imagine23:29
popeyit did23:29
popeyits all installed infe23:29
popeythe guy simply typoed the Exec line - see above23:29
mhall119oh, I thought you were correcting yourself, lol23:29
popeyinteresting that during install the Path= gets added23:29
mhall119let's the app developer not care about where click is going to put it23:51
popeyoh wait23:56
popeydo we still have that issue with capitals letters in desktop file names?23:56
popey** (process:3980): WARNING **: Unable to exec: Permission denied23:58
popeycant fathom why this isnt working23:58

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