sync350Hey guys, very new to triaging, was looking through bugs, is 1271340 something that should be marked wishlist?06:51
chetanI am very new to ubuntu. but I am very enthusiastic and want to learn how to debug ubuntu programs...08:08
chetanmy own gnome-shell has some bug and would like to solve them. Please let me know a good starting point where i can learn on how to debug programs08:09
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brainwashI'm just curious.. the importance of bug 1222021 got reduced from HIGH to MEDIUM, is that correct?12:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1222021 in xfce4-power-manager (Debian) "[SRU] xfce4-power-manager does not inhibit systemd from handling buttons and lid events" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122202112:15
brainwashthe user does not want the system to suspend on lid close because of bad support -> possible data loss12:16
brainwashthe user wants to be asked what power action should be performed, when he presses the power button, but the system simply powers off -> possible data loss12:17
brainwashon top of that, this bug affects almost every xubuntu user12:17
hggdhbrainwash: it does not really matter, a fix has been committed to Saucy already13:53
brainwashhggdh: it matters to me, what would be the correct importance in this case?14:19
brainwashand it did matter to person who changed the importance (although the fix has been committed already)14:22
brendandhggdh, actually the person who changed the importance didn't follow good practice14:22
brendandhggdh, you should always explain major changes to a bug14:22
brendandalthough speaking of which, i have an lplib script that does set importance without explaining :/ but only unset ones :P14:23
brendandno-one's ever complained14:23
brainwashI'm just here to understand things better, did not feel like starting a discussion about the importance level in the bug report14:24
brainwashyou are right, an explanation would help in this case14:25
brendandbrainwash, well you have :)14:25
brendandbrainwash, anyway because they didn't explain why, we can all only guess14:25
brendandbrainwash, there are a lot of possibilities14:26
brendandbrainwash, only way to know for sure is to ask them14:26
brainwashthanks for clarifying :)14:26
hggdhin general, ALL changes to bug importance and status should commented on.14:53
hggdhbrendand: and yes, I know he did not follow the reccomended practice... after all, I am still one of the admins on bug triaging ;-)14:56
hggdh(bowing, of course, to the incomparable bdmurray ;-)14:56
brendandhggdh, it's a pity launchpad doesn't enforce it14:57
hggdhyes,, it is. Unfortunately, I do not see how we could enforce it without a semantic analyser14:59
hggdhbrainwash: anyway, you *can* comment on the bug, and ask why was the importance reduced. I would be interesting to know14:59
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brendandhggdh, late reply - it could put a dialog in the way of changing status/importance, requiring a comment to be entered. that's unlikely to be done now though16:42
hggdhbrendand: yes, we could, but we cannot guarantee the comment entered has anything to do with the actions performed...16:57
MapleyHey, since I haven't rceived a response for nearly two weeks, I'm just going to ask this here. About two weeks ago, I filed a bug for Simple Scan, requesting that the GTK+ toolbar utilize the devices icon "scanner" instead of the application(!) icon on the scan button; see https://bugs.launchpad.net/simple-scan/+bug/1268044 and18:45
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1268044 in Simple Scan "Icon types used by Simple Scan [UI/not sane]" [Undecided,New]18:45
MapleyI thought it was rather illogical, imho, for a /toolbar/ to use the /application/ icon. :S18:46
tewardMapley, lets keep in mind you've filed against the upstream project and not the package in Ubuntu18:47
tewardthe speed that upstream can get back to you is... um... unpredictable18:47
teward(where "upstream" means the project for the program)18:47
Mapleyyeah, I know.18:47
tewardmy thoughts are "It's not a bug filed against the Ubuntu package." but I'm semi-distracted :p18:48
MapleyI'm not even using Ubuntu - I just thought 'lp, gnome, whatever, gimpnet support's kinda slow so I might as well ask here'18:48
MapleyI'll pop over onto gimpnet now, though.18:48
MapleyThanks anyway.18:48
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