Mirvdobey: ah, because of the {debupstream} not working with native packages? there's an error with the source package building05:04
Mirvdobey: it just didn't occur to me since the other ~75 packages happen not be native packages and build fine05:04
Mirvdobey: epoch is because Qt 5.2 has libqt5core5 -> libqt5core5a transition, and any archive version that would temporarily be of higher version than the PPA version breaks updates. so epoch is the easiest way to ensure that if you try the PPA, you get the packages from there in any situation.05:05
didrockssil2100: the 0replaceme that were not replaced are per arch symbol files, right?09:19
didrocksor were :p09:19
sil2100didrocks: hi! This time they were from what I saw ;)09:21
sil2100didrocks: ah!09:21
sil2100didrocks: yes, per-arch when it was then no09:21
sil2100didrocks: when there is one .symbols file then it worked fine, but indeed .symbols.arch were missed ;)09:21
didrockssil2100: ok, I know why, fixed, not deployed yet, let me write a test :p09:22
sil2100didrocks: btw. you saw those strange errors in CITrain? They look like network errors09:25
ogra_bah, 2 new crachers in 14209:25
didrockssil2100: yeah, canonistack seems to have issues since yesterday09:25
cjwatsonthere was a datacentre issue a couple of hours ago09:27
ogra_well, i wouldnt expect that to produce .crash files during tests ;)09:27
didrockscjwatson: couple of hours or more? the issue started yesterday midday (I noticed it at 4PM UTC)09:28
didrocksogra_: we are discussing about something else…09:28
cjwatsonno, about 1h30m to about 1h15m ago09:28
ogra_yes, sorry, just saw the backlog09:28
sil2100didrocks, cjwatson: veebers noticed a problem yesterday late evening, so like 13 hours ago09:28
cjwatsonok, nothing I know about then09:28
didrockssil2100: well, I told it to veebers 16h ago, so yeah ;)09:30
davmor2popey: can you try something really quick for me.  Send a message that say "the number you need is 0201234567" and let me know if the number is sent or stays on your page to be sent as a separate text ta09:40
popeydavmor2: send from ubuntu touch?09:40
davmor2popey: yeap09:40
popeyworks fine as expected09:41
davmor2popey: thanks mine sent the text but not the number I had to send it separate09:42
davmor2popey: thanks I just wanted to see if it was confirm able :)09:43
popeycan you confirm https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dialer-app/+bug/1271450 while you're at it?09:46
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271450 in dialer-app (Ubuntu) "Duration resets if you swipe away from dialer during a call" [Undecided,New]09:46
* popey twitches every time he sees "dialer" instead of "dialler" ☹09:46
sil2100didrocks: ok, the ubuntu-keyboard looks ok from what I see - let me publish it, you can merge the seed change ;)09:53
sil2100didrocks: of course, a packaging ACK is in need: .09:54
davmor2popey: I can when I'm at work proper this was just something I would of forgotten :)09:59
davmor2popey: did you see this by the way http://thisisnthappiness.com/post/74108351942/lego-escher09:59
didrockssil2100: I would like an additional "," in the end of the deps10:04
didrockssil2100: in a following up MP10:04
didrockssil2100: hum, you didn't get the dep on ubuntu-keyboard = source:vesrion?10:05
didrocksthe rest is fine10:05
sil2100didrocks: ah, I didn't, since previously all the -lang packages were of architecture 'any', so I couldn't add a hard = dep10:07
sil2100Now I see I can do it nicely10:07
sil2100*were=were not of10:07
didrockssil2100: ok, I won't block on this, just do a followup MP10:07
sil2100didrocks: and things were non binNMUable10:08
sil2100didrocks: ok10:08
sil2100didrocks: the workaround seems to work, tested with imdb10:13
sil2100didrocks: should I top-approve?10:16
didrockssil2100: please do10:16
* sil2100 is waiting for it go be merged so he can press the build button10:30
davmor2popey: confirmed, also the dialer app doesn't come back on the right page either10:58
* sil2100 reruns the stack11:00
popeydavmor2: yeah, separate bug. thought i filed that months back11:01
davmor2popey: do you happen to have the bug number11:02
davmor2popey: and it looks like the issue with the number is because I enable the autocomplete on the keyboard11:02
davmor2didrocks: who is the best person to talk to about the osk?11:03
didrocksdavmor2: bill's team11:03
davmor2didrocks: thanks11:03
davmor2didrocks, ogra_, popey: can I get a confirmation on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/127149411:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271494 in ubuntu-keyboard "OSK sms doesn't send the last word if autocomplete is turned on" [Undecided,New]11:16
ogra_davmor2, i dont get any autocompletion in german ...11:48
ogra_(on 141)11:48
ogra_heh, and keyboard sounds still come out with a 0.5 sec delay if you enable them11:49
davmor2ogra_: foreigners and there dodgy keyboard layouts ;)11:49
ogra_well, the layout was defaulting to "Dansk"11:50
ogra_i had to switch it11:50
davmor2ogra_: nevermind then.  I assume that is a separate bug all together then maybe?11:50
ogra_well, i'll wait tim the new kbd stuff landed later today11:51
xnoxdavmor2: i can understand the foreign keyboard, UK layout however....11:51
davmor2xnox: It's a classic :P11:51
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popeydavmor2: confirmewd12:51
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
davmor2popey: man you are slowly turning into a cat adding mewd randomly to words ;)13:23
davmor2popey: thanks though :)13:24
didrocksogra_: uploaded ubuntu-touch-meta. As soon as it's in the release pocket, let's kick an image13:25
sil2100libusermetrics accepted13:28
didrockssil2100: great! :)13:28
didrocksthey will be blocked in proposed, but no big deal13:28
sil2100;p Sorry for the mix-ups again!13:28
didrocksno worry, I told the wrong component, I'll check again last time I harass people :)13:29
davmor2hmm popey another one to try, dial out to a number but don't answer it.  cover over the proximity sensor does the screen blank?  Answer the call try again :)13:30
popeydavmor2: works as expected13:32
davmor2popey: so while the phone is ringing out the screenvlanks for you?13:33
didrocksdavmor2: popey: keep some testing cycle once we kick the next image please :)13:33
davmor2popey: ah I see what it is.  It is just the period between the first ring on the mobile and the other phone ringing, once the other phone is ringing it works13:34
davmor2popey: thanks :)13:34
davmor2didrocks: I'm not test this is just stuff I'm finding from having the n4 and it not dying every 2 second :)13:35
didrocksdavmor2: keep some bug finding foo though, you will need it for next image that we hope to promote :)13:36
davmor2didrocks indeed :)13:36
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dobeyMirv: the problem is the "-0" in the recipe13:56
davmor2didrocks: when is the new image likely to land?13:58
didrocksdavmor2: an hour after it will start building :p13:58
didrocksdavmor2: I hope that will be in the next minutes, ubuntu-touch-meta is transitionning13:59
davmor2didrocks: ah that's fine.  I'll just work on a couple of smaller things then till it lands13:59
=== retoaded changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: retoaded | Landing instructions: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6292280/ | Known issues: -
didrocksdavmor2: ogra_: popey: image kicked14:12
ogra_poor image14:12
cjwatsonso, I've lost track - are core-dev landings that affect touch now on the basis of "make sure you've done proper testing in the emulator" or do they still require the landing spreadsheet stuff?14:12
davmor2didrocks: thanks14:12
cjwatsonI have a bunch of click changes I'd like to land at some point before proton decay kicks in :)14:13
dobeyMirv: also, this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/click-update-manager/+bug/1271172/comments/214:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271172 in click-update-manager (Ubuntu) "click-update-manager fails to run tests against Qt 5.2, use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=minimal" [High,In progress]14:19
kalikianaare you positive minimal will help? I'm just right now solving one which breaks with 5.2 because it's using minimal14:22
popeydidrocks: more interesting would be when it's available for update - stabbing "Retry" on the phone gets old quickly ☻14:24
kalikianaMirv: question: does quantal get the same qt build as other distros? I'm getting a GLX crash from Jenkins that passes with 5.2 amd64 and everything except quantal http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/u1db-qt-quantal-amd64-ci/26/console14:25
popeyooh, i could cron "adb shell system-image-cli -n" to check for updates14:25
kalikianaMirv: sorry, s/distros/series/14:25
dobeykalikiana: i have no idea. the bug report doesn't say anything about the problem, so i don't understand the problem, or why the suggested fix would resolve it.14:25
kalikianadobey: it's possible that minimal ends up "hiding" the problem, whatever exactly goes wrong may not be reached at all; I use xvfb more recently because it's much closer to normal behavior14:29
kalikianaat least that's true for most of the ui toolkit tests14:30
dobeykalikiana: yeah xvfb is something i used pretty much everywhere for tests that need a DISPLAY14:31
dobeykalikiana: my main complaint is that the bug that was filed, doesn't actually say anything.14:31
kalikianayeah. it's a one-liner that in truth is a huge change with no explanation14:32
sil2100didrocks: https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/dee-qt/add_cpp_symbols/+merge/202679 <- could you take a look and say if it's ok like this?14:39
sil2100didrocks: (I could use 0replaceme instead of a hard version, but I actually wanted to include the previous version for the symbols)14:40
balloonssergiusens, can you land clock? https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-testtimer-tests/+merge/20213214:42
sergiusensballoons, ack14:45
sergiusensdidrocks, did you get a chance to daily release phablet tools yestarday?14:45
sergiusensor autopilot?14:46
kenvandinesil2100, you have an old approved unmerged branch for cu2d-config https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/cupstream2distro-config/new_extras_media/+merge/20119614:47
kenvandineguess it never got top approved...14:47
sil2100I think I redeployed that? Let's try merging it in - if there are conflicts then we drop it14:48
sil2100kenvandine: btw. can you ACK this packaging change? http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Platform/job/cu2d-platform-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_process-cpp_0.0.1+14.04.20140122-0ubuntu1.diff14:49
sil2100didrocks: or you maybe? :) ^14:51
kenvandinesil2100, ugh... symbols file in cpp!14:58
sil2100kenvandine: yes! We want this, since otherwise we had to rebuild every rdep when dee-qt was released ;)14:59
sil2100Even though the ABI did not change14:59
kenvandineok, as long as that is intentional15:01
kenvandineit looks ok to me15:01
sil2100kenvandine: yes, I even added the nice (c++) notation ;D15:01
kenvandine"nice" :-p15:01
sil2100kenvandine: ah, actually, scratch my previous statement about dee-qt (mixed up releases, hoho) - but with process-cpp it's required sadly anyway, and there are some arch-dependend differences between symbols15:02
sil2100kenvandine: and since during MIR review we've been asked to merge all those to one symbols files, this is the cute end-result ;)15:02
davmor2popey: I just threw this together I don't know if it will work yet :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797758/15:27
popeyI'm just doing watch -d -n 60 "adb shell system-image-cli -n"15:28
popeywhich now tells me "Upgrade path is 143" - so that works ㋛15:29
sil2100didrocks: ok, so matthias says that properties-cpp needs to be required by some package to get MIRed, but he +1'ed it already - so, can I publish dbus-cpp now? :)15:35
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sil2100retoaded: hi! Was q-jenkins restarted?15:41
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
retoadedsil2100, by accident yes. I am to blame.15:45
davmor2popey: D'oh forgot to add the command to check again after the time.sleep(60) so now it works :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797837/  incase you want to use that instead :)15:51
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
davmor2popey: I might add some print commands to it, so you know what is happening :)15:53
popeydidrocks: OSK is busted in 14315:55
popeytrying to type a text message and it's not bringing up the OSK15:55
popeywent to browser to confirm, tapped on google search field, and osk wont come up there either15:56
popeynow, oddly my phone is flip-floppying between message and browser15:56
popeyindeed, it seems to flick between whatever app you have open and are trying to bring up the OSX and the last app you used15:57
* popey reboots15:58
didrockspopey: nooooooooooooo15:59
didrocksbfiller: ^15:59
sergiusenspopey, did you run ap tests?15:59
sergiusenssome tests annoyingly stop the maliit service15:59
didrockssil2100: keyboard was fine for you, can  you see what popey told16:00
didrockssil2100: on dbus-ccp, yeah16:00
* popey is on a hangout now.. 16:00
* popey uploads video to youtube16:01
bfillerdidrocks: I just flashed trusty-proposed but got 14216:01
bfilleris 143 available now?16:01
didrocksbfiller: yeah, from 30 minutes ago16:02
bfillerdidrocks: I will reflash and try it16:02
didrocksbfiller: let's see if it's a random issue, I didn't flash yet (just back from exercise)16:02
didrocksand needs shower but IRC is like christmas :)16:02
bfillerpopey: is ubuntu-keyboard-english installed?16:03
didrocksbfiller: I seeded your branch, so we should have all of them16:03
popeyvideo showing it16:03
didrocksogra_: can you kick your script?16:03
ogra_my script ?16:03
didrocks(we don't have the package diff for today)16:04
didrocksoh, 22.116:04
didrockshum http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140122.1.changes16:04
didrocksI don't see -touch-meta or keyboard16:04
didrocks22.1 is 2216:04
didrocksogra_: you are buggy! :)16:04
bfillerpopey: ps auwx | grep maliit16:05
ogra_22 is from 4am UTC16:05
bfillerappears it's not running16:05
ogra_22.1 is from 15:15 UTC16:05
ogra_didrocks, looka all correct to me16:05
didrocksogra_: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140122.changes and http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140122.1.changes are the same here16:06
ogra_oh, hmm16:06
popeyphablet   4440  0.0  0.4  62740  9028 ?        Ssl  16:03   0:00 maliit-server16:06
popeybfiller: ^^16:06
bfillerpopey:  would you mind trying this: 1) stop maliit-server 2)export MALIIT_DEBUG=true 3)maliit-server and pastebin the result16:07
popeyhmm, phone wedged after I did that and tried to unlock phone16:09
* popey reboots and starts again16:09
bfillerpopey: that happens some time, not sure why16:09
bfillerpopey: if you're going to reboot, try first running the messaging app not browser. think there might be a bug with the webbview that might cause osk to get screwed up16:10
davmor2bfiller: also not sure if you have seen this yet https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-keyboard/+bug/1271494 I notice this, this morning16:10
bfillerI'm flashing now16:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271494 in ubuntu-keyboard "OSK sms doesn't send the last word if autocomplete is turned on" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:10
popeyphablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ maliit-server16:10
popeyWARNING: virtual void MaliitKeyboard::Logic::WordEngine::setWordPredictionEnabled(bool) No backend available, cannot enable word engine!16:10
popeySegmentation fault (core dumped)16:10
bfillerpopey: yikes16:11
bfillerpopey: dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-keyboard16:11
bfillerdavmor2: yes, known issue16:11
popeybfiller: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797973/16:12
dholbachcan somebody let me know how we could get lp:click-reviewers-tools auto-landed?16:13
popeybfiller: (sorry for slow responses, on a hangout atm)16:13
dholbachpopey, where 'atm' means 'all the time', right? :)16:14
bfillerpopey: that looks right, how about these: 1)gsettings get com.canonical.keyboard.maliit enabled-languages 2)gsettings get com.canonical.keyboard.maliit active-language16:15
bfillerpopey: when you have time16:15
popey@as []16:15
bfillerpopey: all looks right, I'll dig in after flashing complete16:19
ogra_didrocks, fixed16:21
ogra_didrocks, hmm16:22
didrocksogra_: I prefer that diff :p16:22
ogra_didrocks, well, it seems to have been caused by 22.1 appearing and disappearing randomly on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/16:22
didrocksnot sure why libhunspell-1.3-0 is dropped though16:23
didrocksogra_: urgh? that may explains why bfiller didn't see it first16:23
didrocksblinking image? :p16:23
ogra_i can reload that page and the dir only shows up every 10th reload here16:23
cjwatsonwhich probably means mirrors are out of sync16:23
cjwatson"host cdimage.ubuntu.com" returns four hits from here16:24
bfillerpopey: try installing libhunspell-1.3-016:24
bfillerpopey: and restarting maliit16:25
davmor2popey: meh http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798005/ got there in the end I didn't know about the hidden bits on the returned str so now it works :)16:25
ogra_cjwatson, weird, that should be in place since a while already16:25
ogra_i know that behavior when it is freshly synced16:25
cjwatsonit might happen if the actual list of cdimage mirrors doesn't match what nusakan is triggering; or perhaps a sync failure16:26
ogra_well, i'm in meetings for the nextz 1.5h ... if it still happens after that i'll dig deeper (or have someone dig)16:27
popeybfiller: same16:29
bfillerpopey: k16:30
ogra_didrocks, ugh, the tarball grew by another 20M16:33
ogra_(and so did the zip too)16:33
didrocksogra_: hunspell-* ?16:33
didrocksogra_: this time, it's for a feature at least ;)16:33
ogra_our limit is at 500M16:33
didrocksogra_: but we'll need to have that on demand16:34
ogra_we're getting pretty close at that pace16:34
didrocksfirst goal would be autopilot I think16:34
bfillerogra_: no doubt the hunspell stuff added a lot16:34
ogra_441M currently ... at beginning of trusty we were over 100M smaller16:34
ogra_didrocks, definitely16:34
bfillerdidrocks: wondering if the keyboard issue is same that sil2100 was seeing with the crash yesterday. maybe the rebuild with arch "any" did not solve the problem16:35
didrocksbfiller: I thought it was fixed for him? can you explain the issue? (arch:all/any is only if you shipped some arch-dependant files)16:36
davmor2bfiller: adb shell ps aux | grep maliit is returning nothing on my maguro with the same build as popey16:37
bfillerdidrocks: ubuntu-keyboard-<lang> are plugins that generate and install .so files. they were incorrectly set to use "all" and we changed them to "any" so it would generate platform specific files16:37
bfillerplatform specific debs that is16:38
didrocksbfiller: ah ok, so makes sense, yeah, can't be the same crash16:38
bfillerdidrocks: my downloading taking years (: once I get it installed I can dive deeper16:38
didrocksbfiller: you have predictive text enabled?16:38
bfillerdidrocks: should be off by default16:39
didrockspopey: is it on for you? ^16:39
bfillerbut have tried it both ways16:39
didrocks(seeing the paste he had)16:39
didrocksah ok16:39
didrocksbfiller: I'll flash as soon as I finished something with IS16:39
popeydidrocks: i enabled it16:39
didrockspopey: can you try without it?16:39
bfillerpopey: try disabling auto correct and spell checking16:39
bfillerpopey: gsettings set com.canonical.keyboard.maliit spell-checking false16:40
davmor2bfiller: however I do see this _usr_bin_maliit-server.32011.crash16:40
bfillerpopey: others you can disable through the settings16:40
popeyno difference16:40
davmor2bfiller: for me auto correction and word suggestions are both disabled16:41
davmor2popey: do you have a crash file in /var/crash?16:41
bfillerdavmor2: try 1) ulimit -c unlimited 2) maliit-server 3) gdb /usr/bin/maliit-server 4) when in gdb run "bt"16:41
popey-rw-r-----  1 phablet whoopsie 2.5M Jan 22 15:31 _usr_bin_maliit-server.32011.crash16:42
bfillerpopey: is hunspell-en-us installed?16:42
popeybfiller: yes16:42
bfillerdavmor2: oops sorry "gdb /usr/bin/maliit-server core"16:43
davmor2bfiller: root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ulimit -c unlimited16:45
davmor2root@ubuntu-phablet:/# maliit-server16:45
davmor2FATAL: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display16:45
davmor2Aborted (core dumped)16:45
bfillerdavmor2: don't run it as root16:45
bfillerdavmor2: as user phablet16:45
popeysudo -u phablet -i16:45
davmor2bfiller: no worries will do16:45
davmor2popey: yeah thanks16:45
davmor2and phone dies16:46
davmor2bfiller: phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ ulimit -c unlimited16:48
davmor2phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ maliit-server16:48
davmor2Segmentation fault (core dumped)16:49
bfillerdavmor2: now you should have a file called "core" in that directory16:49
bfillerdavmor2: so run "gdb /usr/bin/maliit-server core"16:49
bfillerthen type "bt" once gdb comes up16:50
davmor2bfiller: there is :)16:50
bfillerthen pastebin the output16:50
bfillerthat gets a backtrace16:50
davmor2bfiller: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798139/16:51
bfillerdavmor2: thanks!16:52
bfillerdidrocks: this looks like the same stack trace we were seeing yesterday before changing the arch - so i guess changing the arch didn't solve that problem (:16:52
bfillerI need to dig deeper to figure out what's going on..16:53
didrocksbfiller: hum, well, the arch was truly a pb on itself16:53
bfillerdidrocks: for sure16:53
didrocksbfiller: ok, can we decide like we revert in a couple of hours if you can't find it out? (so that tomorrow morning image is promotable)?16:53
didrocksthis will give you more time as well16:53
didrocks(a couple of hours should be enough to decide it's trivial or not to fix)16:54
bfillerdidrocks: sure16:54
didrocksthanks bfiller16:54
bfillerdidrocks: what is really weird is it works fine when installing the packages from jenkins or building it direclty on the device16:54
didrocksbfiller: if I'm not around, please ensure cyphermox/robru/kenvandine are aware16:54
didrocksI'll tell them16:54
bfillerdidrocks: so I'm a bit confused16:54
didrocksbfiller: yeah, at least, you have the -dbgsym from this build16:55
didrocksin case it's a virtualized vs non virtualized issue16:55
bfillerdidrocks: oh really?16:55
bfillerdidrocks: how do I install the -dbgsym packages?16:55
didrocksbfiller: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Debug_Symbol_Packages, see from 2.16:55
didrocksbfiller: just add the ddebs.ubuntu.com repo16:56
didrocksthen each binary package has a -dbgsym corresponding one16:56
didrocks(if it ships code)16:56
ogra_didrocks, seems there was a hung rsync process on cdimage so that caused the 20140122.1 dir to randomly apprea/disapper depending if you had the luck to hit the right server or not16:57
ogra_IS killed and restarted it, so the changelogs should functioon fine again now16:58
bfillerdidrocks: if we need to revert it would be to the last know good version of ubuntu-keyboard and the seed as well I suppose16:58
didrocksbfiller: oh sure, we always revert to latest published version (so yeah, with the seed change)16:59
bfillerhope i can figure it out to avoid this16:59
didrockskeep us posted (and good luck!)16:59
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
bfillerdidrocks: where do I find the build logs for ubuntu-keyboard*? is it from the ppa page or built somehwere else?17:04
didrocksbfiller: yeah, one sec17:05
didrocksbfiller: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-unity/+archive/daily-build/+build/548536117:05
didrocksfor the armhf build17:05
bfillerdidrocks: ty17:06
didrocks(see buildlog)17:06
sil2100didrocks, kenvandine, cyphermox: can any of you do a packaging ACK of http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Platform/job/cu2d-platform-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_dbus-cpp_1.0.0+14.04.20140122-0ubuntu1.diff ?17:09
kenvandinesil2100, i see lots of 0replaceme in the symbols file17:12
kenvandinethose should have been rewritten...17:12
sil2100kenvandine: ahhh, right... it's a bug that didrocks noticed last time even, I thought it's fixed - but it might not have been17:13
kenvandineso that's a NACK :)17:13
sil2100kenvandine: actually, I would even do it differently, as I did with process-cpp - then it all should be ok ;)17:13
sil2100kenvandine: let me correct it17:13
sil2100kenvandine: can I poke you once I fix this ;) ?17:14
popeybfiller: fwiw I just clean flashed 143 and its broken, so not something to do with my user/settings17:20
bfillerpopey: I know, seeing same problem and trying to debug17:20
davmor2popey: I thought I'd do it right http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~davmor2/+junk/is_there_an_update :)17:26
sil2100popey, bfiller, didrocks: maybe one of the plugins is somehow breaking things? Since I just noticed that the difference between my system and popey's is that I only have -english installed17:30
sil2100Without the other packages17:30
sil2100I'll try installing all of them17:30
didrockssil2100: yeah, try that, and then, remove one by one17:30
bfillersil2100: and it works for you with just english installed?17:30
kenvandinei just updated to 143 and get no OSK17:31
didrocksbfiller: he has image #142 + those packages17:31
sil2100bfiller: it works fine here, not sure why yet...17:31
didrockskenvandine: see discussions ^17:31
sil2100bfiller: I have #142 with OSK updated17:31
kenvandinei was just confirming17:31
didrocksah ;)17:31
bfillersil2100: interesting17:31
didrocksyeah :)17:31
didrockssil2100: I don't see the browser fix in http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140122.1.changes17:34
didrockssil2100: stuck in proposed, can you look why?17:35
sil2100didrocks: looking17:36
sil2100didrocks: hm, release freeze?17:36
didrockssil2100: well, logs will tell you17:36
sil2100Ah, right, shit, forgot - it happened already in the past17:36
didrocksit's seeded by default?17:36
didrocksseeded by ubuntu17:37
sil2100Yes... it was the "?" I had last time when we wanted to release UITK - it seems webbrowser-app is seeded or pulled in by something17:37
ogra_didrocks, seeded in desktop17:37
sil2100geh, forgot about this17:37
ogra_didrocks, alpha2 freeze17:37
didrocksogra_: yeah, saw it, weird that it's seeded, that would need investigation17:38
sil2100bfiller: hm, installed all the -lang packages and it still works here17:38
sil2100But maybe that's because of some config I have?17:38
didrockssil2100: mind looking? and talk with the release team about it to unblock if possible?17:38
sil2100didrocks: sure, doing that now17:38
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ogra_didrocks, its a requirement for webapps17:38
ogra_was seeded quite a while ago17:39
ogra_robru should know more17:39
didrocksoh right17:39
bfillersil2100: it's strange, from the stacktrace it appears the language plugin is not getting loaded correctly and it's null17:39
didrockssil2100: forgot about it, I remember the webapps story17:39
didrocksthat we don't use17:39
didrockssil2100: just try to unblock it if possible, talk about the minimal change to the release team17:39
robruogra_, what do I know?17:39
ogra_rorwhy webbrowser-app was seeded :)17:39
ogra_you were the driver iirc17:40
robruogra_, oh yeah, it's the basis for the webapp container for the phone, and soon the desktop17:40
ogra_tell didrocks :)17:40
robrudidrocks, ^17:40
didrocksyeah, remember now17:40
ogra_old man getting old ;)17:40
didrocksbut it's not used (yet)17:40
* sil2100 remembers something as well, with the risky change in webapps he was asking to not have17:41
sil2100I remember even poking David about it17:41
sil2100But I have problems with memory!17:41
sil2100popey: not sure if you did this already, but did you check those two gsettings variables on your phone? :17:45
popeysil2100: yes, but mine is now wiped17:45
sil2100popey: that's the thing, since maybe because sometime in the past I set those variables and because of that it works?17:46
popeynguages@ubuntu-phablet:~$ gsettings get com.canonical.keyboard.maliit enabled-la17:46
popey@as []17:46
popeyguageet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ gsettings get com.canonical.keyboard.maliit active-lan17:46
popeythats on a clean phone17:46
sil2100hm, looks the same as here17:46
sil2100Ok, neverming17:46
robrufginther, when you're back: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/webapps-applications-trusty-armhf-ci/5/console looks like an infrastructural failure from https://code.launchpad.net/~justinmcp/webapps-applications/node-validation/+merge/19921317:49
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plarsdidrocks: I know it's already known to be bad, but the results on 143 are shaping up to be pretty ugly so far: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/18:15
didrocksplars: well, expected with the keyboard issue18:15
robrufginther, false alarm, seems working now18:17
sil2100didrocks: ok, Laney said webbrowser-app is done to be unblocked ;)18:23
didrockssil2100: excellent!18:23
* sil2100 is still fixing symbols for dbus-cpp18:23
kenvandinebfiller,  i have a stacktrace18:30
bfillerkenvandine: I do as well18:31
bfillerkenvandine: for some reason d->languagePlugin is null in wordengine.cpp18:33
bfillershouldn't be18:33
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cwayneplars, hi, could you please re-kick the 143 build for touch_custom?19:04
plarscwayne: will do19:05
cwayneplars, thank you sir19:05
plarscwayne: that image is known to have a lot of problems though19:06
plarscwayne: see didrocks's email19:06
cwayneplars, i know, but i figured it'd be good to have it at least not at 0% :)19:07
sil2100cyphermox, kenvandine: could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~sil2100/dbus-cpp/merge_symbols/+merge/202736 ? This should fix the 0replaceme problem earlier, and we don't duplicate symbol data now19:38
sil2100cyphermox, kenvandine: thanks and see you tomorrow!19:38
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balloonssergiusens, did clock land?20:10
kenvandinebfiller_afk, i have a fix for the keyboard20:18
kenvandinebfiller_afk, it's failing because of missing depends20:21
kenvandinethe plugins need shlibs:Depends20:22
* ogra_ senses another 50M added to the image :P20:22
kenvandinethey got removed in the latest image :)20:22
kenvandinebut added a bunch of other stuff20:22
kenvandinelibhunspell-1.3-0 and libpresage120:23
ogra_ah, then it is only a few libs20:23
kenvandinethe keyboard plugins are all linked with those20:23
kenvandinebut no depends20:23
kenvandinebecause they didn't have shlibs:Depends20:23
* kenvandine has a branch20:24
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bfillerkenvandine: really? you rock20:28
kenvandinei'll propose it in a moment20:29
kenvandinejust testing the shlibs20:29
kenvandinewoot, fixed20:31
bfillerkenvandine: what missing packages do I need to install on my device to make it work on 143?20:31
kenvandine libhunspell-1.3-0 and libpresage120:32
kenvandinebfiller, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-keyboard/shlibs/+merge/20274620:32
bfillerkenvandine: hmmn, they are already installed in the image20:33
kenvandinenot according to the changes file20:33
kenvandinethey got removed20:33
kenvandineand i didn't have them20:33
kenvandinebfiller,  do this20:34
kenvandineedit /usr/share/upstart/sessions/maliit-server.conf20:34
popeyyeah, both are missing on my 143 phone20:34
kenvandineadding this20:34
kenvandineenv QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=120:34
bfillerkenvandine: actually maybe they got installed when I was doing some testing20:34
kenvandinethen stop maliit-server20:34
kenvandinestart maliit-server20:34
kenvandineand look at the log in ~/.cache/upstart/20:34
bfillerpopey: if you install both does keyboard work for you?20:34
kenvandinethat's how i found the problem20:35
popeyone mo20:35
kenvandineit was spewing failing to load libpresage.so.1 errors20:35
bfillerthat's definitely it then20:35
kenvandinei installed those 2 packages and restarted20:35
bfillerkenvandine: just happroved the MR20:36
kenvandinethe real problem is all those new binary packages for the plugins didn't have shlibs:Depends20:36
popeyhah, can't install because i can't get on the wifi, because I can't type the wifi key ☻20:36
kenvandinepoor popey :)20:36
* popey tries phablet-network20:36
bfillerkenvandine: tmoenicke didn't know packaging at all - and my bad for not noticing..20:36
kenvandinethis is something pretty easy to miss20:37
kenvandinesomeone on the landing team had to review the packaging changes to before publishing20:37
kenvandinebut so easy to miss this20:37
kenvandinebfiller, i'm adding it to the landing plan20:39
popeyconfirmed, works after installing those two bfiller20:39
kenvandinebfiller, was there a bug filed for this?20:39
popeyi didnt, don't recall seeing one20:40
bfillerpopey: nice20:40
bfillerkenvandine: don't think so20:40
sergiusensballoons, I added for popey to review a couple of hours ago or less20:40
popeysergiusens: balloons i approved a few mins back20:40
mterryI have some minor changes to the mount flags for /var/lib/lightdm used in lxc-android-config.  Is there a pending upload I can squeeze them into?20:40
balloonsty popey and sergiusens20:41
kenvandinerobru, i added the keyboard fix to the landing plan and assigned it to you, since the fix was from me :)20:42
sergiusenspopey, just saw your update on #ubuntu-touch :-)20:42
kenvandinerobru, should be real easy to verify the fix and the current image is really broken20:42
kenvandineso low risk20:42
kenvandinebut critical to get in20:43
sergiusenskenvandine, hey, I added 3 items to the landing asks, what happens next?20:47
kenvandinesomeone will review it and get it in the landing plan20:48
kenvandinemake sure you include the status20:48
kenvandinefor example, if it's already landed in trunk state that20:48
mterryfginther, I want to land this minor lxc-android-config change: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6799380/     What is the process for lxc-android-config changes?20:50
fgintherrsalveti, can you direct mterry on how to change lxc-android-config? ^20:52
* mterry can upload, just not sure if this is a landing ask or a simple review or what20:52
fginthermterry, I'm not sure on that, this is outside the typical projects I deal with.20:53
mterryme too20:54
mterryit isn't in bzr, so I figure it's got its own process20:54
fginthersergiusens, can you possibly answer mterry's question regarding lxc-android-config?20:54
sergiusensmterry, bzr branch ubuntu:lxc-android-config ; you can pester ogra_ for proper daily release ;-)20:58
sergiusensmterry, in other words, direct upload20:59
mterrysergiusens, sure, OK20:59
robrukenvandine, I'm just about to break for lunch but I can start on that first thing after I get back21:03
robrukenvandine, where's your fix? I don't see it in trunk21:05
kenvandinerobru, cool, when it's merged i'll kick off a build21:05
robrukenvandine, ok thanks21:06
rsalvetimterry: yeah, direct upload21:16
kenvandinerobru, keyboard fix is merged, building now21:28
robrukenvandine, excellent thanks. i just finished flashing my device to latest so it's a good timing ;-)21:29
kenvandineyeah... latest is pretty broken :)21:29
robrukenvandine, so far in latest image i see no keyboard coming up at all... is that the expected brokenness?21:31
kenvandinethat's what my branch fixed21:31
robrukenvandine, ok good, will be easy to know if the fix works then ;-)21:31
kenvandineyup :)21:32
kenvandinerobru, ppa build is done, cu2d hasn't figured it out yet though22:03
kenvandinei gotta run22:03
kenvandineif you get it published i can do an image build later once it get promoted to release22:03
kenvandinerobru, ok, the publish job is ready, i've checked the diff and i'm happy with it22:08
kenvandinerobru, so if you test the fix, publish it please22:09
robrukenvandine, ok will do22:09
kenvandinerobru, thx22:10
robrukenvandine, ok publishing now22:17
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robrukenvandine, ogra_, or whoever: ubuntu-keyboard fix landed in archive, please kick an image build23:37
popeyrobru: probably not worth it, the cron job kicks in in ~3-4 hours.23:43
asacpopey: robru: is this a fix for a promotion blocker? is that the "last" blocker?23:47
asacif so, i wouldn't wait23:48
asacevery minute we might get another regression from somewhere :)23:48
asackenvandine: ^23:48
* asac off23:48
popeyfair enough.23:50

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