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Noskcajthanks for the syncs Logan_. There should be a fair few more there03:26
NoskcajAnd another SRU03:26
Logan_Noskcaj: lol, you should be happy I'm doing this now. first day of the new semester tomorrow :O03:27
NoskcajI've got another week still03:28
Logan_unfortunately there aren't any Ubuntu packaging classes I could TA03:28
Logan_it's a shame03:28
NoskcajAre there any ubuntu packaging classes ever now?03:28
Logan_if there were one, that would be awesome03:29
Logan_make it happen!03:29
Noskcaji'll try. First i need all the xubuntu 14.01 stuff sponsored and to finish adopting xsane03:30
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pittiGood morning05:47
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jibelpitti, provisioning of VMs for adt is working with kernel -507:58
pittijibel: indeed, I verified this morning07:58
dholbachgood morning08:07
pittierk, since when do we switch consoles using Alt+Left/Right? that's very confusing, and I use these for other things already08:11
pittiis that a kernel thing, or X.org?08:12
pittiapw, RAOF ^08:12
pittistgraber: if I may bother you again: I use apt-cacher-ng on my workstation; is it possible to tell lxc to set an apt proxy for creation of a container? or is that  something you'd set up manually for each container after its created?08:32
smbpitti, Courtesy of unity default keybindings I would guess. The kernel does not care about that08:47
pittismb: I can switch between VTs with Alt+left/right as well08:48
didrocks(nothing related to unity keybindings)08:49
pittigah, it's only now that I realize how often I use Alt+left/right08:49
pittiswitching between channels in IRC, going back and forth in firefox08:49
pittiI'm fairly sure this is new from today08:49
pittior new with kernel -5, I was running the saucy kernel yesterday afternoon to test something else08:50
pittiI'll bisect08:50
didrockspitti: I didn't update yet and alt + left/right works here to switch IRC channels08:50
didrockspitti: let me see what I didn't update since yesterday08:50
smbpitti, I woul d be pretty sure that the changes between those kernels did not contain something to change that08:51
didrockspitti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6796175/08:51
didrocksquite a lot08:51
didrockswant me to try upgrading to latest kernel first?08:51
pittididrocks: yeah, fortunately most packages are unrelated to that08:52
smbdidrocks, that at reast would rule out the that or not08:52
pittididrocks: if you want; I'll try downgrading the kernel first, and then some other updates08:52
apwpitti, using -5 kernel here and Alt+Left/Right is working as expected08:52
smbpitti, Thats still installed, no?08:52
didrockspitti: as you wish, I can apt-get install linux-image08:52
pittismb: "still installed"> I'm running that, if you mean that08:52
smbpitti, I mean downgrading to -408:53
smbBoth should be installed if you upgraded08:53
smbvia grub08:53
pittismb: apt-get autoremove already cleaned it up, but I'll get it from LP08:53
smbapw, Isn't autoremove supposed to leave at least the previous one?08:54
pittismb, didrocks: ah, a mere reboot fixed it apparently (without changing packages)08:55
apwthe last three, plus the current kernel if it isn't one of those08:55
pittiso it was either some funny thing that qemu or LXC did this morning, or some transient thing from dist-upgrading without rebooting08:55
pittismb, apw: I had -5 installed and running, plus the saucy kernel, so -4 got autocleaned08:55
pittiwhich I was quite happy about, given how leaky -4 was08:56
pittiperhaps booting precise in LXC does some funny console setup or so?08:56
smbpitti, It surely was not the best one. Though I would not expect autoremove to be that smart ;)08:56
pittismb: ah, it doesn't have a "remove dangerous kernels" mode? :-)08:56
apwno indeed :)08:57
pittireminds me of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytVdBLMmRno08:57
pitti(watch it till the end)08:57
apwperhaps you were running the saucy kernel when you autoremoved08:57
smbpitti, Maybe if we flag them as broken when we send them out. Like all those we do especially to check whether qa is paying attention. ;-P08:57
pittiapw: no, that was this morning when I ran -508:59
didrockspitti: oh :)08:59
pittiapw: anyway, I had the current, running, and a previous kernel08:59
jibelpitti, re proxy for LXC, set HTTP_PROXY to your apt proxy or to 'apt'09:01
jibelpitti, ie sudo HTTP_PROXY=apt lxc-create ....09:01
pittijibel: ah, nice09:01
jibelor or sudo HTTP_PROXY="http://.../" lxc-create....09:01
pittihm, doesn't seem to work09:03
pittiI can stop apt-cacher-ng and it still works; and there's nothing in the container's apt.conf.d/ to set it?09:03
pittijibel: ^09:03
pittijibel: or perhaps this doesn't work as it's using a cached base system already09:04
jibelpitti, yes, you may need to flush the cache with option -F of the template09:04
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pittijibel: trying09:05
jibelpitti, "sudo HTTP_PROXY=apt lxc-create -n test_proxy -t ubuntu -- -F -d" works here and it creates /var/lib/lxc/test_proxy/rootfs/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70proxy with the right proxy09:06
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pittijibel: ah, so I suppose it doesn't create that file when using a cached base fs09:07
pittijibel: ah, now it's using apt-cacher-ng even during creation09:08
pittijibel: merci09:08
pittistgraber: ^09:08
pittijibel: ah, HTTP_PROXY=apt would use, which doesn't work in a container; but it proves that it did configure a proxy :)09:10
* pitti updates it to
jibelpitti, right, =apt gets the configuration from apt, alternatively you can specify the IP or hostname of your host instead of apt09:12
jibelif it is on the same machine09:12
pittiah, hostname sounds like a nice idea, avoids hardcoding the IP09:13
pittiso 70proxy is *not* in  /var/cache/lxc/precise/, so lxc-create does create it after copying; but apparently not if it's using a cache09:13
* pitti files a bug, that doesn't sound hard to fix09:14
oskiehello. it seems cloud-init or something is bricking my machines if I set up my own ephemeral...09:14
pittistgraber, jibel: FYI, filed bug 127145509:20
ubottubug 1271455 in lxc (Ubuntu) "lxc-create does not honor $HTTP_PROXY when using a cached base image" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127145509:20
pittiyay, now my host ubuntu, schroots, autopkgtest, and now lxc are all using the same apt-cacher-ng; this thing rocks :-)09:23
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darkxstpitti, any chance you could take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~darkxst/ubuntu/trusty/gdm/nokill/+merge/20239309:51
pittidarkxst: sure09:52
darkxstnote debian does not kill gdm in postinst, except in the case where they transition from gdm -> gdm309:52
pittidarkxst: hm, not in the recent big upload though, it seems? (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/162697567/gdm_3.8.4-0ubuntu2_3.10.0.1-0ubuntu1.diff.gz)09:53
pittidarkxst: uploaded09:56
darkxstpitti, thanks, that code has been there for a while, but only just started triggering a kill10:01
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TuxBrotherI'm trying to build the suPHP package updated to 0.7.2 with uupdate11:29
TuxBrotherBut it seems the libtool patch is causing the build package command to fail11:29
TuxBrotherCan someone look into this? 0.7.1 Has an exploit11:30
mitya57TuxBrother: try filing a bug :)11:36
mitya57Is that an Ubuntu-specific patch?11:36
TuxBrotherI don't know11:36
mitya57What patch then?11:37
TuxBrotherhttp://www.suphp.org/Home.html < FYI The patch: 02_libtool.dpatch in debian/rules/patches11:38
TuxBrothermitya57: Do I need to post the contents on pastebin?11:38
mitya57TuxBrother: Err, what package is that patch in? Is suPHP packaged in Ubuntu?11:40
mitya57I thought it was not.11:40
mitya57Ah, it is, let me look then.11:41
TuxBrothermitya57: Any luck so far?12:21
mitya57TuxBrother: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/suphp/0.7.2-0ubuntu112:26
TuxBrothermitya57: Any chance to see this backported to precise?12:28
mitya57TuxBrother: please file a bug first.12:29
mitya57Then I'll attach a debdiff for security team review.12:29
mitya57TuxBrother: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797026/ — this is the relevant part of the diff, right?12:33
TuxBrothermitya57: I'm not a developer, only a sysop12:36
TuxBrotherI will file a bug report later today12:38
mitya57OK, feel free to subscribe me (~mitya57) there12:39
mitya57zyga: Any reason why you plainbox autopkgtest is redirecting output to /dev/null? It makes it harder to figure out what happens.12:53
mitya57Also, maybe you are going to fix the failure yourself? :)12:53
zygamitya57: my ignorance while writing the initial tests, it's on my TODO list, just swamped with other tasks13:14
zygamitya57: it prints to stderr and I just need to add that flag to make that safe13:15
zygamitya57: if you remember how to do it could you please fix it in debian SVN? I'll make my life easier with the next release13:15
mitya57zyga: OK, actually I've already found the failure and am looking at that13:18
zygamitya57: what is the failure?13:18
mitya57FAIL: test_perfect_match (impl.exporter.test_html.HTMLExporterTests)13:19
mitya57Traceback (most recent call last):13:19
mitya57  File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/plainbox/impl/exporter/test_html.py", line 142, in test_perfect_match13:19
mitya57    self.assertEqual(self.actual_result, expected_result)13:19
zygamitya57: hmm, interesting!13:19
mitya57(LOTS of HTML output below)13:19
zygamitya57: can you pastebin that somewhere? alternatively, can you open a bug on lp:checkbox with that output?13:19
mitya57Will do13:20
smbinfinity, something for your "amusement" (as you seem to be touching eglibc quite often): bug 127153413:20
ubottubug 1271534 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "libc6-xen:i386 installation can cause panics on boot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127153413:20
mitya57Let me try assertMultiLineEqual first13:20
zygamitya57: many thanks!13:20
zygamitya57: perhaps self.maxDiff = None will help13:20
mitya57Ah, that is bytes, not str, so assertMultiLineEqual doesn't much help13:22
mitya57zyga: filed bug 1271542 and attached output there13:37
ubottubug 1271542 in checkbox "Plainbox self-test failing on test_perfect_match" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127154213:37
zygamitya57: thanks, we'll take it from there13:40
zygamitya57: I love how launchpad renders graphics in that log :)13:40
mitya57Yes, my Firefox also thinks it's HTML file ;)13:43
zygamitya57: yeah, that test is checking our our HTML inliner injects various resources13:44
zygathis might be a security issue, we probably can inject js into launchpad.net domain and do XSS13:44
mitya57zyga: here's the first non-matching lines: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163098330/plainbox.diff13:51
zygamitya57: ohhh13:52
zygamitya57: I just did the same :)13:52
zygamitya57: thanks :)13:52
zygamitya57: yeah, I wonder why that happens, I cannot reproduce that failure13:53
mitya57I also can't reproduce it locally, but can in trusty chroot13:53
zygaI meant in trunk, I'll check out that debian release though, this is curious13:53
zygaor better, I'll let roadmr do it, I'm busy wity something else :/13:54
zygamitya57: ideally we'd re-render those images and see what they really look like13:54
zygamitya57: do you know how to do that?13:54
mitya57They look the same13:54
zygamitya57: hmm, maybe base64 is somehow not deterministic? (though that would be odd)13:54
zygamitya57: like some junk or seed?13:54
mitya57Just copy-paste the data:... URI into the adress bar13:54
zygagood idea13:55
mitya57No, base64 is deterministic :)13:55
zygamitya57: maybe different encodings are possible? python has b64 and standard_b64?13:56
zygamitya57: theory, the images are the same, the encoding has junk in both versions, that junk is not used by the the png decoder, the junk is a reused buffer of some kind?13:57
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* mitya57 looks13:58
* zyga looks at the source13:59
mitya57zyga: I think when you encode PNG, it is in bytes, not in unicode, so encoding shouldn't matter here13:59
zygamitya57: encoding as in "this is how png bitstream looks like"13:59
zygamitya57: maybe there's fixed-lenght buffer and the stuff "afte the end" of the real data is irrelevant13:59
* zyga imagines interesting data injection capabilities in "identical" PNGs14:00
zygathe part that converts a file to data URI looks sane to me14:01
mitya57zyga: No, the images are not equal. I can spot "Created with GIMP" comment in the second one but not in the first one14:01
zygawow, cool14:01
zygaso somehow, the images got changed14:02
mitya57Ah, pngbinarymangler14:02
zygaI wonder when that happened, everything that lands to trunk runs the full test suite14:02
zygacool :D14:02
zygawhy does it do that?14:02
zygaI mean, why does it strip the comment14:02
mitya57In Ubuntu all PNGs are stripped14:02
zygaI see14:03
mitya57I think there is some env variable to disable that14:03
zygainteresting, thanks for solving this bug then14:03
zygamitya57: I'll add this to the bug report14:03
mitya57zyga: export NO_PNG_PKG_MANGLE=1 in debian/rules should fix that14:04
zygamitya57: interestingly, we also run the test suite at build time, but obviously adt runs it after the build, that's really tricky thing to find14:04
mitya57Should I commit that to SVN?14:05
zygamitya57: do you want to patch it in svn?14:05
zygamitya57: yes please!14:05
zygamitya57: if you can, do a changelog and I'll ask our sponsort to release it14:06
zygachangelog bump14:06
mitya57zyga: feel free to ask p1otr now :)14:11
zygamitya57: thanks, just sending email14:12
zygamitya57: thanks a lot, you fixed that instantly :)14:14
mitya57zyga: You are welcome :)14:16
xnoxev: bdmurray: cjwatson: looks like 12.04 installer still has the "creepy" webcam step, which was removed in raring and up. Should the webcam step be removed / disabled for 12.04.4, or let it be.14:25
xnoxstgraber: ^14:26
cjwatsonxnox: I don't like it, but I would let it be at this stage14:26
cjwatsonMaybe a month or two ago ...14:27
* zyga liked the webcam step14:27
zygawhy did we think it's creepy?14:27
brendandzyga, because photographs steal your soul14:29
zygabrendand: that's okay, we sold ours to get the mortage ;)14:29
brendandzyga, and ubuntu installer photographs assign copyright of your soul to canonical14:30
xnoxbrendand: don't spread rumours.14:31
zygaeven better, after sending my photo to facebook, google and amazon I really need canonical to own a copy ;)14:31
evxnox: creepy? :(14:32
* zyga mutters something about CLA, photos and forking14:32
zygaand gets back to wokr14:32
xnoxzyga: creepy, cause you get to see your own face whilst installing ubuntu =) (and apw used that term) but in fact it's mostly useless as the pics didn't actually propagate anywhere.14:32
xnox(and places it did propagate to, got removed / changed since webcam introduction)14:32
zygaxnox: yeah but that's not the reason not to use it, my only complaint was that the "live feed" was much brighter, more naturally exposed, than the picture it took, but I guess that's related to video/still pic transition14:33
zygaxnox: I'd love if it could be my u1 user photo and if u1 had more features around users later14:33
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brendandand SSO for login!14:37
zygabrendand: yeah14:40
hallynjodh: regarding unusable kvm for you;  kvm really works splendidly on both my amd and intel based trusty laptops;  can you bring the laptop you're having trouble on next week so I can take a look?14:45
pittiogra_: hey Oliver, how are you? do you have a sec for an arm kernel install question?14:45
ogra_pitti, sure, shoot (and i'm fine)14:45
pittiogra_: so, I dist-upgraded a raring arm calxeda node in the lab from raring to saucy14:46
pittiogra_: it didn't come back when booting, so I suspect it might not like the 3.11.0-15 kernel14:46
pittiogra_: I did the same upgrade to another node, but didn't reboot yet14:46
pittiogra_: I'd like to tell the boot loader to boot with the raring kernel14:46
pittiogra_: I suppose I'll change the symlinks in /boot (vmlinuz, initrd.img) to point back to the 3.8 raring kernel14:47
ogra_pitti, ah, i havent dont much with server recently ... usually flash-kernel should do the right thing though ...14:47
pittiogra_: is there something I need to runa fter that, like flash-kernel?14:47
ogra_pitti, try dannf or rbasak14:47
jodhhallyn: are you referring to bug 1268906 or bug 1257352? The former kernel issue occurs on 2 systems I have. I'll be bringing one with me.14:47
ogra_pitti, the package postinst should have run flash-kernel14:47
pittiogra_: ack, talking to rbasak14:47
ubottubug 1268906 in linux (Ubuntu) "cpu soft lockup running kvm" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126890614:47
ubottubug 1257352 in qemu (Ubuntu) "kvm hangs occasionally when switching out of the qemu console" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125735214:47
pittiogra_: right, but I suppose that flashed 3.11 (saucy kernel) on dist-upgrade14:47
ogra_pitti, i remember a bug where flash-kernel forcefully always flashes the latest kernel ... newer f-k versions use linux-version for that iirc14:49
hallynjodh: the former14:49
jodhhallyn: right. It's entirely repeatable with every image I throw at kvm.14:49
ogra_pitti, you might need to remove the 3.11 kernel completely and then run f-k manually14:50
pittiogra_: ah, might be safer14:51
ogra_(make sure to clean up /boot manually, iirc there is stuff left behind)14:52
pittiogra_: ah, it also seems that it wasn't due to the kernel but due to a net interface problem14:53
apwphew, i thought ppisati tested those14:53
pittirbasak, ogra_: FTR, merely changing the symlinks is sufficient; boot.scr has the symlinks and the boot loader reads/resolves those14:58
* ogra_ wonders why highbank uses boot.scr though ... dont we use uEnv.txt ?14:59
rbasakflash-kernel writes out boot.scr, doesn't it?15:00
rbasakThat happened when we synced to Debian. Some time around the 12.10 timeframe IIRC.15:00
ogra_well, for anda we switched to uEnv.txt long ago15:00
ogra_ah, k15:00
ogra_so its lool's fault then15:01
stgraberpitti: I've never tried that part of the Ubuntu template myself because I use a transparent proxy, but try setting HTTP_PROXY=apt before running lxc-create15:19
pittistgraber: bonjour15:19
stgraberpitti: looking at the code, that should query apt-config for the current proxy value and use it for the container15:19
pittistgraber: right, that's what I did at last; works except for said bug15:19
pittistgraber: not quite as my proxy is, but HTTP_PROXY=http://`hostname`:3142 worked15:19
stgraberpitti: ah yeah, sounds like the proxy stuff isn't done at the right stage of lxc-ubuntu...15:20
jibelstgraber, the proxy is set when sources.list is written ie during initial download _or_ if the arch of the host and the container are diffrent15:24
pittistgraber: do you have an idea about http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797756/?15:27
pittistgraber: in particular "confused by argument: armhf"?15:27
pittistgraber: that's from an arm machine15:27
pittiwhich is runnning saucy15:28
stgraberpitti: you're running an old version of the cloudimg query tool which doesn't know about armhf15:28
stgraberpitti: the same on trusty should work (at least it did last week)15:28
pittistgraber: ok; I'll try upgrading this node to trusty15:29
pittistgraber: or perhaps the cloud query tool first; which package is that?15:29
pittiarch: all, how nice15:30
pittistgraber: merci15:30
zuldoko:  which package needed porting to bs4 again?15:56
dokozul, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg15:58
zuldoko:  cool thanks15:58
jodhhallyn: can we wait until the next upstart release (next week) for a fix for bug 1263738 to land in trusty?17:03
ubottubug 1263738 in lxc (Ubuntu Trusty) "login console 0 in user namespace container is not configured right" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126373817:03
hallynjodh: yeah that's fine17:04
hallynjodh: i wanted it fixed by feature freeze if possible.  containers are useful without the fix17:04
hallynjodh: thanks!17:04
jodhhallyn: ok, thanks. shouldn't be a problem as we've fixed it upstream now.17:05
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Noskcajinfinity, xfce4-weather-plugin 0.7.4-5 is now in s-p-u, is that enough to sync to precise?19:06
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NoskcajIs there anything i can do do make my motu application happen faster? It's three weeks since i sent the email19:36
tumbleweedNoskcaj: the DMB isn't particularly good at e-mail applications. I'll poke people again19:44
Noskcajtumbleweed, thanks.19:45
NoskcajThere's a heap of stuff xubuntu needs uploaded, and not many sponsors.19:45
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jtaylorNoskcaj: just saw you want to merge xfwm420:07
jtayloris that a stable release?20:07
jtaylorits not mentioned on their homepage20:07
jtaylorthey might be using old gnome versioning, odd unstable, even stable20:07
jtaylorso we probably don't want .11 in trusty20:07
Noskcajjtaylor, We try ro use the old gnome versioning, but everything is very stable anyway and contains stuff we need for xubuntu20:13
Noskcaj4.11 is mostly the same as 4.12, just 4.12 has to have everything released at once, but panel isn't fully ready20:13
jtaylorwhen is it expected to be ready?20:14
Noskcajjtaylor, No one really knows. Probably before trusty's final release, probably not before feature freeze20:15
infinitysmb: Ew.  Stop flipping your dom0 from Xen to bare metal.20:20
infinitysmb: (But yes, good catch.  I wonder why no one else has noticed this for years...)20:20
Noskcajrobert_ancell, Any chance you could do the packaging for lightdm (and greeter) in debian? We've got a pointless duplication of work currently20:23
robert_ancellNoskcaj, no, I want to release fast into Ubuntu. You can copy changes into Debian20:23
Noskcajok. debian is pretty fast to upload though20:24
infinitysmb: So, that's probably something I should fix in Debian but, also, worth noting that you don't need libc6-xen on Ubuntu at all, our default i386 flavour is also built with -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs20:27
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infinitysmb: (In other words, we shouldn't ship libc6-xen in Ubuntu at all, and I'm trying to decide if it's worth coming up with a migration plan to make that more obvious)20:28
Unit193Meh, since I was updating the packaging for myself, it was trivial to generate the merge too: https://unit193.net/dropbear_2012.55-1.4ubuntu1_dropbear_2013.60-1ubuntu1.debdiff  https://unit193.net/dropbear_2013.60-1_dropbear_2013.60-1ubuntu1.debdiff21:04
smoserok. so in live-build, i have a package-lists/ubuntu-cloud that works for 12.04-13.10.21:59
smoserbut in trusty, i want to *not* include the 'Task' of 'server^'.21:59
smoseranyone know how to put logic like that in there:21:59
Noskcajjtaylor, Are you able to sponsor xfwm4?22:00
* seb128 wonders wth with dch in trusty22:14
seb128 $ dch -i "Rebuild for the new poppler soname"22:14
seb128 $ dch -r22:14
seb128-> gives "the" as a release22:14
seb128$ dch -i "Rebuild"22:14
seb128-> works fine22:14
seb128does anyone see anything wrong in there? (or feel like debugging dch? ;-)22:15
dobeyhttps://ubuntuone.com/3vkRPzVaPpF8p6xferyRnT <- wtf. why i am on a vt with a mouse cursor, and unable to get back into my running xorg session, which btw, is still responding to presses of the multimedia keys?!22:19
dobeyhappened during dist-ugprade, i think during configuration of the new kernel. my screeens just went dead but X was still running, and i could still control rhythmbox with my keyboard22:20
Laneyseb128: check /usr/bin/dch line 137522:20
seb128Laney, shrug, is that a feature?! (and how did you debug that? ;-)22:20
* seb128 is impressed by Laney p0wers22:22
Laneyyeah I can trace perl code, that's why they pay me the big bucks22:22
* seb128 notes to recommend that Laney gets more bucks in the next review22:23
LaneyI wonder if anyone even knows that feature exists any more22:23
Laneyon the other hand, you now know how to work around it ...22:23
Laneydesire to patch... slipping...22:24
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seb128Riddell, could you get calligra rebuild for the new poppler soname change? (there is one small api change, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/poppler/poppler/commit/?h=poppler-0.24&id=ebe49d597a62aa94601c2e4595dbad1895ea7ef0 ... it's not likely it requires change but it would be good to test build still)22:30
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seb128slangasek, it would be nice if you would fwd you upgrade fixes to Debian ;-)22:43
slangasekseb128: if you mean mutter, the new upstream version was a -0ubuntu1 change...22:44
seb128slangasek, no, it just made me think of https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/harfbuzz/0.9.24-2ubuntu2 which is our only diff on that source (crossed that this week because we were a version behind and it's our only diff and it's not forwarded)22:45
slangasekseb128: ah, ok.  yes, that should be forwarded; I'm just getting a little tired of having to garden these kinds of issues in libraries in Ubuntu, because they break update-manager in the devel series, which means either nobody's using update-manager or nobody minds being prompted about partial upgrades22:47
slangasekso my motivation to forward these to Debian, who aren't affected by this update-manager code, is low22:48
seb128can we fix update-manager if the issue is limited to it? (or would it affect and "apt-get update" upgrade as well?)22:48
seb128slangasek, well, I would be fine fixing some of those/forwarding them if I understood the issue enough to explain the impact in a bug fwd to Debian (or is that just a "it's how it should be done")?22:51
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seb128slangasek, (and yeah, I've to admit I'm one of those who don't pay attention to the partial upgrade dialog during unstable serie because we have enough transitions happening that's not un-usual, even if we didn't have bugs)22:53
slangasekseb128: yeah, the issue is update-manager knows what Conflicts/Replaces means and will accept removing a package for that reason, but Breaks/Replaces (or Conflicts without Replaces) means something different according to policy so won't silently allow it22:54
seb128slangasek, I see22:56
slangasekso yeah, long explanation for a patch that doesn't make any practical difference in Debian22:56
seb128having to maintain the diff/rebase is annoying as well22:57
seb128not sure that's worth the diff in fact, it only impact users who follow unstable and updated before that version22:57
seb128those changing series now are going to dist-upgrade anyway22:57
seb128so it could be dropped?22:57
seb128well, it doesn't hurt to keep that one until the LTS...22:58
seb128on that note, calling in a day22:59
seb128good night everyone22:59
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LaneyI usually commit those if I see them and can23:54
Laneyas I did do for harfbuzz, IIRC23:54

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