dsmythiesWe have brief single getting started pages for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Serverguide. Is there anything similar for Xubuntu? If yes, please give a link.00:20
pleia2dsmythies: there is not, closest thing we have is http://xubuntu.org/contribute/support_documentation/00:24
dsmythiespleia2: Thanks. Ya, I did see that page while looking around. My challenge is the Repository page, where I am basically deleting most of it, but then that leaves xubuntu without BZR setup instructions.00:31
* pleia2 nods00:32
pleia2we're very similar to server now since we use docbook00:32
dsmythiesleaving the stuff on repositiry is redundent  for desktop and serverguide. Hmmm... what to do.00:33
dsmythiesI'll come back to it, busy killing most of task page at the moment.00:34
godbykdsmythies: I wonder if those tasks were ever completed. ;-)01:18
dsmythiesgodbyk: I don't know. That list was very old.03:29
godbykdsmythies: Yeah, it was ancient.03:29
dsmythiesgodbyk: I'm not trying to make the pages perfect and such. My objective is really to make them less wrong. Erroring on the side of deleting more then less.03:33
godbykdsmythies: I'm happy with all the work you've been doing on the wiki so far and am in complete agreement.03:33
godbykThere's a ton of cruft on the docs team wiki and I'm glad to see it's getting cleaned up.03:34
dsmythiesgodbyk: Thanks for that. I'll ask the list to review soon, via reply to KI&MT's e-mail.03:35
dsmythiespleia2: Follow up from yesterday, where I got over zealous deleting stuff from the Repository page.15:48
dsmythiespleia2: I would like to take sections 3, 4, and 5 out of the Desktop getting started page and move it to the Repository page.15:48
dsmythiespleia2: With some very minimal changes that content would then apply to all 3 of Desktop, Xubuntu, and Serverguide. Of course, a link note would be left on the Desktop getting started page.15:48
dsmythiespleia2: This would solve both the issue of redundant content and that the Repository page really needs BZR setup stuff.15:48
dsmythiespleia2: A possible alternative is to make that content an include file and just include it in two spots, the desktop getting started page and the Repository page. Then there would only be one "master".15:48
dsmythiespleia2: Thoughts or opinions?15:48
dsmythiespleia2: (I realize you might not see this for awhile.)15:48
godbykdsmythies: I like the include option best. I think new contributors would find it easier to read all the getting started instructions on a single page instead of having to click to another page then return.19:18
dsmythiesgodbyk: I'll try the include way then. I'll only mess around with the Repository page for now, since it was a mess anyhow. Once we are happy and in agreement, if we get that far, we'll edit the Desktop getting started page to use the new include file.22:05
godbykdsmythies: Sounds like a plan.22:23
ruliezzhi everyone22:45
belkinsaHello.  ruliezz here is a system admin and he wants to work on the Sever Guide, who can he speak to to get started?22:46
ruliezzYep, im in my daily work a Linux sysadmin22:47
belkinsaruliezz, try the list also.  https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc22:47
belkinsaLike I said introduce yourself and explain what you want to with the Sever Guide and someone will respond there (on the mailing-list).22:49
ruliezzsmart idea22:49
belkinsaGenerally that is the idea: join team on Launchpad, join the list, introduce yourself on the list, and join the channel to introduce yourself and get into the discussion if there is one going.  Most of the time, people lurk around and only will speak up when they need top.22:51
belkinsaEr, list = mailing-list.22:54
ruliezzdo you have spam?22:54
belkinsaNo, I don't think this is spamming.22:55
belkinsaIt's more like reminding.22:55
godbykI think dsmythies has largely been responsible for the server guide of late, so he'd be the best person to talk to.22:55
godbyk(At least, I leave all the fun server guide bugs for him to deal with. :))22:56
ruliezzhaha :P22:56
godbykI'll be back in a bit. I'm going to finish airing up my car tires.22:57
ruliezzIm going to bed22:57
ruliezzist 00:00 in holland ;)22:58
ruliezznext day i need to work agian ;)22:58
ruliezztalk to you later22:58
ruliezznight ;)22:59
dsmythiesOh darn, I missed ruliezz. Someone that wants to help with serverguide, Yippie.23:08
belkinsadsmythies, he sent an e-mail to the mailing-list.23:21
dsmythiesbelkinsa: Oh. Yes, I see it.23:23
dsmythiesgodbyk: Have a look.23:31
dsmythiesgodbyk: at the repository page and the BzrCommon included file.23:32
dsmythiesgodbyk: I might add "Additional information" to BzrCommon.23:33
dsmythiesgodbyk: I might also delete "Advanced" and "Updating a checkout"23:34
dsmythiesgodbyk: I am hoping that what I had to add to BzrCommon doesn't confuse Desktop getting started too much, otherwise it defeats the purpose.23:36
godbykYeah, I think someone tried the shared repository approach and ran into problems.23:40
godbykI've never tried it.23:40
dsmythiesgodbyk: Me neither.23:40
godbykHere's the getting started instructions we use for the Ubuntu Manual Project: http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors23:41
godbykYou're welcome to steal anything from there that looks useful.23:42
godbykI'd probably call the directory 'ubuntu-docs' instead of 'ubuntu_bzr'.. Sounds less generic.23:44
godbykAnd you could simplify things by having them always specify the branch name (i.e., lp:ubuntu-docs/trusty instead of lp:ubuntu-docs).23:45
godbykThe downside is that we'd have to update the instructions each cycle.23:45
dsmythiesgodbyk: Good point (ubuntu-bzr). I had copied that from rev 18, but yes it's not the best name. However, neither is "ubuntu-docs" for a generic example.23:46
dsmythiesgodbyk: re: downside: Exaclty, that is why I did it that way. See also Desktop getting started page, where is doesn't even say how to branch previous stuff.23:47

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