sandydanyone here still awake that could help someone with a cloak04:31
sandyddont want to be leading someone here and realizing their going to wait forever because everyones asleep :)04:31
Unit193IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne IdleOne: You up still?04:34
IdleOneI amnow04:34
IdleOnenot sure if freenode has been advised of the GC changes, but we can give it a shot04:34
sandydIdleOne -> Bashing-om needs cloak04:35
IdleOneHello Bashing-om! Congrats on becoming a member04:35
IdleOneCan you please link me to your LP page04:35
sandydthanks Unit193 :)04:36
Unit193Heh, he was just active in another channel, I can't do anything. :)04:36
Unit193(Or, 'welcome.)04:36
Bashing-omLet me tell ya it feels fine ! .. still playing catch up for all the thanks and the admission stuff, keeping up on my threads and what not .. busy busy busy.04:36
IdleOnethat will wear off soon enough :P04:37
IdleOneok so launchpad link please04:37
Bashing-omIdleOne: I hope not.. I am still in amazement and wonder .. everyone tell me life goes on !04:38
Bashing-omsandyd: in need of instruction: how in the world did you get the link from IRC ? .. I was in a quandry how to do that !04:39
sandydBashing-om: being a UF mod makes me abuse my powers04:40
sandydand use the modcp04:40
IdleOneWe might have to wait a little bit for a member of freenode staff to show up04:40
Bashing-omsandyd: I keep saying this - I got a lot to learn ! .. play with my toys !04:40
Bashing-omIdleOne: waiting: feels good to take a breather .04:43
IdleOneCool, cause we don't have much choice :)04:43
Bashing-om7 or 1 (??)05:02
Bashing-omIdleOne: Patience more, or take this up later in the thier AM ?05:33
IdleOneif you can leave your irc client connected in here someone will get the cloak applied asap or you can come back in the morning.05:33
IdleOneright now it doesn't seem there is any staff awake to apply the cloak05:34
Bashing-omIdleOne: roger that, I can do that .. thanks much for the help and advise.05:39
IdleOnemy pleasure05:40
IdleOnemorning Tm_T06:43
MooDoomorning all07:00
RoryHello, I like ubottu's "piping" functionality "eg !patience | Rory" and I was wondering what supybot plugin provided that functionality, because it doesn't seem to be in factoids10:27
RoryPM also with ">"10:27
MooDooRory: couldn't you ask in #ubuntu-bots-team10:49
MooDooRory: ah maybe even #supybot looking at the bots-teams topic :D10:51
DJonesRory: There's also #ubuntu-bots you could ask in, people running the bots are probably here anyway, but good chance they'll be in the bot channel as well10:52
Bashing-omops: May I have a cloak @  https://launchpad.net/~bashing-om15:57
k1lyou are already in the ubuntu cloaked people on freenode group? maybe the ircc can help15:58
Bashing-omk1l: It is a lot I do not comprehend, I was directed here last night, and directed to wait, I just "/whois" and still show an IP rather then cloaked.16:01
k1lyep, i dont know who from the ircc is not afk right now16:01
Bashing-omk1l: thanks, will attend to this later.16:02
PiciBashing-om: I'm looking right now, one moment.16:02
PiciBashing-om: you should have a pm from a staffer.16:18
Bashing-omPici: Roger, not to this time, I await.16:21
PiciMyrtti: do you have a moment?17:01
Bashing-om Pici: I continue with patience for the IRC cloak, however, is there something I can do to expidte and not ruffle any feathers ?18:03
IdleOneyou have already done all you can. this normally does not take so long to get done.18:04
Bashing-omIdleOne: Thanks, underatnd, All I know to do is wait. huh ?18:05
MyrttiBashing-om: you should've gotten a pm from mquin18:13
Bashing-omMyrtti: If I got a PM, my ignorance is showing as I have seen no indication of a PM.18:14
Myrttiwhat client are you using?18:14
Myrttithere is a line near where you're typing to with [Act: nu18:16
Myrtti1, 2, 3]18:16
Myrttiis one of them different colour?18:17
Myrttiyou can switch to that window of irssi by pressing alt or esc key and that number18:18
Myrttior alt or esc and a to get to the next active window18:19
Bashing-omThat is true, 1= status, 2=#ubuntu 3=unanswered, 4=here, 5= a request for attention. I expect a PM to me to be a red highlighted window. non existent(?).18:19
Myrttido you have umode +g on?18:23
Bashing-om4:Freenode/#ubuntu-irc(+CFcnt) is this the modes ?18:26
Myrttino, [Bashing-om(+i is18:27
Myrttithat's your user mode, the ones you said are channel modes18:28
Myrttiis it just +i, or +Zi, or +gi, or something else?18:29
Bashing-omPardon my ignorance, I am trying to learn irssi, ok, my mode "Bashing-om(+Zi)". struggleing on !18:31
Bashing-omI relaize it should not be your task to teach irssi, so how do I imolement "+g" ?18:33
Myrttithe point was to check it's not on18:33
Bashing-omThanks, I am learning, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired from the perspective of a "new User" !18:35
Myrttiif you had it on, it would explain why you've not getting a pm from mquin, and either was if you haven't gotten it from him, then you probably wouldn't get mine either18:35
Myrttieither way, even18:36
Bashing-omMyrtti: thanks for taking the time, I have not been up on a "net' since the days of "usenet", this is a totally different world now.18:37
Myrttiwell, since we can't figure out what happened to that pm from mquin where he wanted to check you really want the cloak, and I can see you want the cloak, I'll just apply the cloak18:49
Myrttisorry for the wait18:49
MyrttiPici: how did you want it again?18:49
Bashing-omThanks, as all I have seen thus far is the request 10:10 <mquin> We've has a request for a ubuntu/member/bashing-om cloak for you, are you happy for that to go ahead?""18:50
Myrttiyes, that's the pm he wanted you to reply to18:51
Myrttinevermind, I'll just do that18:51
Myrttithere you go18:51
Bashing-omMyrtti: Sorry to be a hassle ..New Member, and advised to cloak my identity,: this  https://launchpad.net/~bashing-om (??).18:52
Myrtti/whois bashing-om18:52
Myrttiyou can see your ip address is no longer displayed18:53
Myrttiif you want to make sure the cloak is applied before you join channels, consider using SASL or CertFP for authentication18:53
Myrttihttp://freenode.net/sasl/ or http://freenode.net/certfp/18:54
Myrttiif you have problem using them, feel free to join #freenode and ask for help18:54
IdleOnecongrats Bashing-om and thank you Myrtti :)18:55
Bashing-om hostname :, sorry, that is the latest. SASL is enabled ,, fairly sure. roget on  #freenode and ask for help. Tks ALL.18:55
hggdhBashing-om: when you /whois yourself, you will see the real data. For me, you appear as ~sysop@ubuntu/member/bashing-om18:58
Bashing-omSorry, my miss understanding of what I was doing !  .appreciate the time and assistance,, ! That Works real well !19:01
Bashing-omIdleOne: Appreciate the Congrats, Now to fullfill the obligations pursuant unto: Thanks for all the help.19:17

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