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ppisatihallo :)06:22
ppisatidawn of the irc channel06:27
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apwthats not dawn, thats night of the living irc channel08:53
* smb moans09:01
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* apw does his best zombie impressions -- *Bwains*09:06
smbapw, I don't think we do have to do much to make zombie impressions... :-P We are natural at this time of day09:08
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dholbachcould somebody have a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/1256949 please and see if there's anything left to be found out by the reporter?10:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1256949 in upstart (Ubuntu) "Dell Latitude E5420 doesn't boot if killswitch is turned to "radio off"" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:49
dholbachjodh, ^ was there anything left to be done by the report from your end?10:50
jodhdholbach: I've added a couple of extra ideas on the bug.10:54
dholbachthanks jodh11:01
apwjodh, that --debug screenshot does not seem to ahve any upstart debugging yet rc is clearly run, they cannot have done it right can they ?11:35
apwjodh, or does it, and it just stops saying anything "way up there"11:36
apwdholbach, jodh, anyhow as johd says the machine is "up" but stuck and we need to see what it is doing and for that the console somewhere is going to be needed me thinks11:39
jodhapw: hmm, I think you are right - looks like they booted with --verbose instead.11:40
dholbachapw, I'll tell the guy with the laptop to have a look at the bug again  :)11:41
apwjodh, it is also odd tehy cannot get a shell on ttyN given it gets pretty far and "starting" has definatly fired11:41
jodhapw: ack. I've put a few other thoughts on the bug.11:45
apwhenrix, i take it you arbitrarily added the "rose" fix to just CVE-2013-7266 11:55
henrixapw: yes, i did added to the cvetracker11:55
apwhenrix, but only on that one not all 10 or so11:55
henrixapw: hmm... right, only in *one* CVE.  i'll go add it to the others as well11:56
apwhenrix, i ask cause quatal is showing just that one not fixed of the set11:56
henrixapw: ah, i didn't took a look at the matrix since yesterday.  /me goes fix that11:57
henrixapw: thanks11:57
apwhenrix, as none of those are actualy "rose" related CVEs technically they _are_ fixed then the first commit is on, we want the second as a fix for the first but the CVE is fixed without it12:02
apwjust rose no longer works right.  so from a CVE tracking point of view we probabally don't care about the second one, only that it does get applied12:03
henrixapw: yep!  so... you're suggesting that i should open a bug instead?12:04
apwyeah i think with hindsight adding it to the tracker is a fail, and we should just track it with a bug12:04
* henrix was about to push the cvetracker changes...12:04
apwas we will say we fixed the cve much later than we did with the second commit in there, as they came in separate upstream stables12:05
henrixapw: just fyi: bug #127151912:20
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1271519 in linux (Ubuntu) "Restore old recvmsg behavior after CVE-2013-7266 fix is applied" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127151912:20
apwhenrix, hey thanks ... will have a think about using the bug to trigger self closure :)13:25
henrixapw: no prob.  i'm reverting the additional sha1 from CVE-2013-7266, leaving a link to the bug# in the commit comment13:26
henrixapw: just to be clear, i am reverting it from the cvetracker :)13:28
apwhenrix, got you indeed thanks13:30
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vic1 Is git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-saucy.git maguro branch the right kernel ?17:39
vic1for Galaxy Nexus phone17:41
vic1I have a need to re-build the kernel for latest touch 14.04 running currently on my Galaxy phone17:43
vic1When i try to install my compiled kernel with latest ramdisk, i get a crash with init crashing17:43
vic1hd_attach thr:60 started17:43
vic1Broadcom Dongle Host Driver: register interface [wlan0] MAC: 00:90:4c:11:22:3317:43
vic1wifi_set_power = 017:43
vic1<3>Invalid Device Structure17:43
vic1=========== WLAN placed in RESET ========17:43
vic1<6>fsa9480 4-0025: cable detect change, from 'unknown/none' to 'usb-peripheral'17:43
apwthere are similarly named branches in the trusty repo for the trusty release17:56
vic1apw: was that answer to my query?18:00
apwvic1, it was intended for youyes18:03
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