|PSU|hi guys, just got Mythbuntu 12.04.3 installed this evening...finally ditched my old Mythdora install that was failing.  I selected the Hauppauge remote during the setup but it doesn't appear to be working.  is there anything else that I would need to do besides indicate which remote I have during the initial setup?03:38
Shadow__X|PSU|: have you check irw10:19
Shadow__Xrun irw in terminal and press buttons on the remote facing the ir receiver10:19
Shadow__Xif you see the buttons show up in terminal then the remote was configured correctly10:20
|PSU|thanks Shadow__X...I will give that a try!12:14
Shadow__Xano problem. if that doesn't fix it check out mythbuntu control center12:15
Shadow__Xor setup the config files yourself12:15
|PSU|ok, will do12:17
|PSU|btw, any reason why the latest Mythbuntu doesn't include a newer Myth release?12:18
Shadow__X|PSU|: what do you mean? like 13.10 instead of 12.04.3?13:31
|PSU|well, actually like why it includes MythTV 0.25 and not 0.26/0.27...I did some reading since I posted and it sounds as though creating / testing the ISO takes work, and myth can be easily updated from Mythbuntu-Control-Centre...14:03
|PSU|so i will try to upgrade from 0.25 to 0.27 tonight :)14:03
Shadow__X|PSU|: ah yeah thats probably it14:04
Shadow__Xafaik .25 to .27 really wasnt bad14:04
Shadow__Xinfact i started with mythbuntu 8.04 and just keep upgrading14:04
Shadow__X|PSU|: i am on the same install14:16
Shadow__Xoriginal install14:16
|PSU|very cool14:19
|PSU|so to upgrade, did you just use the Mythbuntu-Control-Centre and then selected "System Updates?"14:21
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steviemanI just installed 12.04 and mythtv. When I try to setup the backend I get a prompt for my mythtv password. I've only used 2 passwords on this machine and I certainly didn't setup a password for myth. Is there a default password?18:42
tgm4883_stevieman, it's generated. You can find it in /etc/mythtv/config.xml18:44
steviemantgm4883_: Thanks18:49

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