kevlarboti see u01:16
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Guest69524How could we solve the pcscd issues?06:41
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Wing0is this still live ?14:39
Comfaby_otebookHi someone mentioned glasses earlier . } I tried these guys .. http://ow.ly/sQ1B016:14
Comfaby_otebookalthough HUKD is an #Aff16:15
pmjdebruijn_jono: you're live :)17:19
pmjdebruijn_compressed kernel image!17:22
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pmjdebruijn#QUESTION: When moving to Mir after 14.04, the old Xorg based color management (display color correction for color accurate work) infrastructure will potentially break, are there any concrete plans in Canonical as mitigate this?17:33
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pmjdebruijn@ disk recovery = try photorec17:33
belkinsaThat was yesterday's stream, it's a video now.17:33
pmjdebruijn(testdisk package)17:33
pmjdebruijnoh doh17:33
pmjdebruijnsilly me17:34
belkinsaNext show: Ubuntu Engineering Live!17:34
belkinsa2014-01-22 18:00 UTC17:34
belkinsa  That's in less than 30 minutes17:34
pmjdebruijnI'll stick around for that17:34
pmjdebruijnI really wasn't paying attention just now17:34
pmjdebruijnbelkinsa: thanks for keeping me from embarassing myself even more :)17:35
cas__you're on air17:35
belkinsaNot a problem.17:35
Guest8766QUESTION: Are you still playing metal with your line6 spider amp over there?17:37
rapp_I can see you17:38
belkinsaThe show is not live yet17:38
ruliezz_what is the topic17:40
ruliezz_yes i sse you17:40
ruliezz_coffe is ok?17:40
ruliezz_hello? how is the coffeee doe ing?17:40
XanzaYes, we can.17:40
XanzaPut your shoe on your head to ensure that it's a live stream. You know, for science.17:41
Elvi_why my Ubuntu get cracked when I shutdown my pc?17:43
luchfilipplease note that this is not a support channel, for support channel please go to #ubuntu channel17:43
ruliezz_When comes to phone to holland?17:43
belkinsaThanks luchfilip .17:44
ruliezz_QUESTIONS: when comes the Ubuntu phone to Holland?17:44
rapp_Question: Has your team made any progress on accessibility in Ubuntu and Ubuntu Touch such as a screen magnifier?17:44
skillI can see you17:45
belkinsaSorry for the shouting.17:45
ruliezz_ah thats the problem17:46
nicknakfdsfThe biggest issues with ubuntu, for me, is the instability, laggyness, incompatibility and various bugs.17:47
belkinsaIf you already see how long the video is, then it's already done.  If not, it;s will.17:47
ruliezz_how we know when its live?17:47
belkinsaIt will say Live and it will be a new title for the video stream17:47
belkinsaThey will tell us17:47
ruliezz_then you need reflash the page?17:48
belkinsaAnd it will be also posted on https://twitter.com/UbuntuOnAir17:48
belkinsaIt will do it for you.17:48
ruliezz_that would be cool17:48
ruliezz_first time of Google Hangout ;)17:48
belkinsaBut you are just watching it, not doing it.17:49
belkinsavUDS is the time when users can do it.17:49
ruliezz_whats time is it in UK?17:49
belkinsa5:49 PM17:49
ruliezz_In holland its 18:5017:50
ruliezz_ah right ;)17:50
belkinsaSo 17:50?17:50
ruliezz_btw is this freenodg?17:50
belkinsaAnd here are our fabulous hosts!  Ready to rock you two?17:50
ruliezz_cool then i jump over to my pidgin17:51
belkinsachat.freenode is where all of the Ubuntu chatting action happens.17:51
ruliezzim back ;)17:52
ruliezzbut than in pidgin :D17:52
belkinsaThey have the stream ready to go, you can click play and wait.  Mind your speakers' volume.17:52
ruliezzyes i see it now17:53
ruliezzyou need f517:53
belkinsaOh, I guess I was wrong.17:53
ruliezzhow long will be the session?17:53
ruliezzand what is the subject?17:54
belkinsaAn Hour, I think.17:54
belkinsaYou need to wait fr that, I think17:54
mhall119it'll start in about 5 minutes17:54
ruliezzi need coffe :D17:54
mhall119ruliezz: it's an update on what Ubuntu Engineering has been working on17:54
belkinsaOh, right, duh.17:55
ruliezzMy coffee machine is working now...17:56
ukbeasthello world17:56
hackman84hi there17:56
dipakhello there17:56
ezrealhello there17:57
SangeetKhatriAny guesses on what is about to come?17:57
belkinsa[12:54] <mhall119> ruliezz: it's an update on what Ubuntu Engineering has been working on17:57
belkinsaOh, in 3minutes17:57
ruliezz@belkinsa why do you say this over and over again?17:58
belkinsaI missread SangeetKhatri's question17:58
ukbeastinfo on trusty tahr hopefully17:58
SangeetKhatriProbably updates on Ubuntu Phone as well.17:59
belkinsaI hope so.17:59
belkinsaWell, Ubuntu touch for the tables.18:00
ruliezzi hope so too18:00
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ruliezzwhen the phones a go to holland ;)18:00
SangeetKhatriAnyways if Ubuntu Phone comes to India, then I am definitely buying one. But no one is concerned enough about tech in India at the moment.18:00
ukbeastNot excited much as nexus support was dropped18:00
ruliezzit s start ;)18:01
belkinsaI see can you!18:01
ruliezzits working18:01
samehello michael hall18:01
PaulW2Umhall119: hi there18:01
krwlnghi Mr.Hall18:01
ukbeastYay trusty info18:01
belkinsaI like this idea using the videos for updates18:02
hackman84its playin18:02
SangeetKhatridid he say "In all caps" ?? Really?18:02
mhall119SangeetKhatri: yes18:02
belkinsaYes, Like  this: QUESTION:18:02
mhall119QUESTION: this is how?18:02
popeyis there some dentistry going on there?18:02
ukbeastGrinding nooise18:03
ruliezzyou sound is weerd18:03
SangeetKhatriIsn't all caps considered shouting? Just saying..18:03
ruliezzpleas ask to stop18:03
didrockspopey: it's a nasty one then!18:03
popeyyeah, ouch!18:03
ruliezz@martin your sound18:04
belkinsaSangeetKhatri, it will highlight for mhall119 and the rest.  It's not shouting in this case.18:04
apt-get_installQUESTION: I've been asking about this before, but never got a clear answer. Why do your own Mir and split the Linux community, instead of focusing making Wayland better?18:04
beunosorry about the noise18:05
beunohouse is half-finished18:05
belkinsaIt's cool18:05
sameQUESTION: what is your vision for the Ubuntu App Store18:05
mhall119beuno: top or bottom half?18:05
mhall119same: what do you mean?18:06
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beunomhall119, left half!18:06
mhall119best half :)18:06
samemhall119: is it going to replace apt-get for installing software, similar to how people use the app store on the Mac?18:07
apt-get_installsame: No one can replace me :(18:07
beunomhall119, want me to answer here on IRC or in the hangout?18:07
mhall119same: thanks, I'll ask once popey is done18:07
belkinsaThe Dash will replace Software Center.18:07
mhall119beuno: on-air, so it's on the video18:07
beunoack, even18:07
vikaswhat is the release date18:08
mhall119vikas: start with "QUESTION:"18:08
ukbeastQUESTION: Which music app is going on touch?18:08
mhall119also, release date for what?18:08
josemhall119, beuno: say !q in PM to airbot to fetch the next question, !n to pass it18:08
sameI'm glad the music app is being replaced, because I haven't been very happy with Rhythmbox18:08
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apt-get_installQUESTION: How will Ubuntu Touch handle DRM-movies and DRM-music? Any ideas of intergration with iTunes and other music stores?18:09
belkinsaQUESTION: Will the weather app only use Weather Channel's API or can users choose other weather services?18:09
ruliezzQUESTION: how the privancy doing in Ubuntu 14.0418:09
dakersame: nothing will be replaced...18:09
mhall119jose: it doesn't like !q18:09
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savino_hallo ubuntu lovers greetings from belgium................................18:10
josemhall119: it's buggy today, sorry :( I'll fix it asap for the next session18:10
mhall119jose: no problem18:10
ukbeastQUESTION: Will touch have voice command later on?18:11
azarotit's live18:12
sameQUESTION: Are these all new apps or are they improvements to existing apps? For example are we talking about a new terminal and a new file manager, or adding onto Gnome-Terminal and Nautilus?18:12
smithhow one can backup drive data in new version18:12
SangeetKhatriQUESTION : What will be the codecs support on the phone or there would be something like sudo-apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras or will the propietary codecs come preinstalled?18:13
apt-get_installSangeetKhatri: kinda like the question i asked18:13
apt-get_installgood one though +118:13
SangeetKhatriSorry.. I did not heard what your question was?18:13
ruliezzscroll up @SangeetKhatri18:14
sameThe question was: what is your vision for the Ubuntu App Store? Is it going to replace apt-get?18:14
ruliezzthe sound by @martin is really unstandbly18:15
ukbeastYAY, thanks18:15
beunoyes, sorry about that18:15
sabdflhello folks18:15
josehey, mark18:17
smithdoes it play each type of video file18:18
josesmith: make sure to prefix your questions with QUESTION:18:19
didrocksI was telling: voice command is already in ubuntu touch18:19
didrocksif you use the HUD, you have a mic icon18:19
krwlngDidier have use TTNET :P18:19
ruliezz@QUESTION: will the Ubuntu Phone have WhatsApp? Like Firefox OS?18:19
didrocksand you can search through HUD items :)18:19
didrockskrwlng: yeah ;)18:19
joseruliezz: afaik, the version on firefox os is a ported unofficial version18:20
ukbeasthey bill18:20
ruliezz@jose really?18:20
joseruliezz: yep (no need to put the @)18:21
ruliezzuhmm, so there is no support for whatsapp or spotify18:21
ruliezzuhmm bad news18:21
ruliezzand how is Ubuntu Phone doing?18:21
dakerQUESTION: when the browser-app will receive the next major design update18:21
savino_Grome works not fine on ubuntu this i have see last weeks18:21
waagboQuestion: Has Ubuntu/Canonical ever cooperated with the NSA or the US government regarding security?18:21
apt-get_installwaagbo: even if they would, they wouldn't admit it18:22
belkinsaruliezz, you can use tab to quickly fill in someones nick after the first letter or two.  ;)18:22
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apt-get_installthe binaties CAN have backdoors, that's just the reality18:22
ruliezzbelkinsa:  thanks that was new for me18:22
belkinsaNot a problem.18:22
smithexplian security features.18:24
belkinsaQUESTION: Is the development of the mail app on Ubuntu Touch also in development for the desktop?18:24
belkinsaIt that make sense?18:24
beunoI am going to drop off in a few minutes18:24
ruliezzbeuno: why?18:24
belkinsaIf the mail app is Evolution.18:24
SangeetKhatriQUESTION : Will Ubuntu Phone's browser support extensions?18:25
dipakWill there be any essensial update on unity in Trusty18:26
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION, dipak18:26
ruliezzthe streaming is dead18:26
ukbeastis connection working?18:27
belkinsaStream dead?18:27
ruliezzukbeast: dead18:27
apt-get_installIt's dead.18:27
marcoceppishould still be streaming18:27
belkinsaF5 the page18:27
SangeetKhatriis it just me or everyone? The stream is down.18:27
samedid the stream die for anyone else?18:27
ruliezzF5 is working18:27
azarotstream is fine here :|18:27
dipakQUESTION: Will there be any essensial update on unity in Trusty?18:28
ruliezziss broken again18:28
belkinsaStream issues!!!18:28
PaulW2Urefresh worked but gone again :(18:28
belkinsaFor a bit18:28
ukbeastThis live?18:28
sameukbeast: yeah18:28
ruliezzyes but streaming is dead18:28
SangeetKhatriBroken stream is the worst thing that could happen during a live online show.18:28
samestream's back18:28
gorgeous_georgeIt's back online...18:29
sameuse emacs as the default mail app18:29
SackLunch94[DAL]Thunderbird is all you need18:29
ruliezzsame: hahaha18:29
apt-get_installsame: lol18:30
belkinsaIt's stable now18:30
mhall119SangeetKhatri: it should be recorded so you want watch later any parts that were missed in the live stream18:30
apt-get_install@same: Vim is better!!18:30
samestream's back18:30
sameapt-get_install: get back to me when it can send mail :PP18:30
belkinsaYes, Thunderbid.18:30
micah2I had to re-open the stream18:31
micah2but it's working for me now18:31
SangeetKhatri@Miachel : You are really bad at pronouncing my name. :D18:31
mhall119sorry :(18:31
* mhall119 blames his upbringing18:31
apt-get_installsame: just write to stdout and pipe to sendmail?18:31
apt-get_installMUCH better than a stupod GUI18:31
ruliezzdont speak so fast18:32
ukbeastAND way better than pacman18:32
belkinsaSangeetKhatri, please use mhall119 to catch his attention.18:32
NikaWhat is this all about ????18:32
mhall119Nika: general update18:33
belkinsaAgreed with ruliezz.18:33
gorgeous_georgeQUESTION: What will the default 'maps' application for Ubuntu touch based on; OpenStreetMap or GoogleMaps?18:33
ruliezzQUESTION: dont speak so fast... slow an clear is better :D18:34
SangeetKhatriHis accent is also quite difficult to grasp for me.18:34
belkinsaYeah, is he French?18:34
ruliezzSangeetKhatri: agreet, frensch?18:34
ruliezzi dont understand ;)18:35
mhall119listen on youtube later18:35
ruliezzparler pas si vite18:35
didrocksruliezz: j'essaie :)18:36
ruliezzdidrocks:  ok, mais il est très clair désolé18:36
ruliezzdidrocks: this is better ;018:37
ruliezzQUESTION: is there any planning avible online of what is planned?18:40
azarotGUITAR Yes !..!18:40
alf___does ubuntu still use Amazon Lens, if so why still?18:41
belkinsaPlease use QUESTION:, alf___ .18:41
alf___my bad18:42
joseQUESTION: Will you still be supporting the Nexus 10?18:42
belkinsaIs it me or is hard to hear and understand him?18:42
ruliezzbelkinsa: its bad18:42
mhall119jose: as didrocks said, Nexus 10 official support is being dropped18:42
alf___QUESTION: does ubuntu still use Amazon Lens, if so why still?18:42
apt-get_installQUESTION: What happened with the ideas behind Ubuntu Edge?18:42
joseoh, didn't hear that part18:42
mhall119jose: community support will hopefully take over18:42
belkinsaQUESTION: When will an image for Nexus 7 2013 for Ubuntu Touch be out?18:43
didrocksbelkinsa: we hope by the end of month18:43
sameruliezz: status.ubuntu.com18:45
ruliezzsame: super!18:46
didrocksruliezz: was better at that speed? :)18:46
sameruliezz: np18:46
belkinsaruliezz, you can always join teams that you can help team with your skills.18:46
belkinsaA good list: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams18:46
ruliezzbelkinsa: would be cool18:47
yudestaris there anywhere i can get video tutorials for openstack by canonical if not can you please consider creating some?18:47
npmRegarding previous mapping question: how about integrating Qt Mobility Maps ( http://doc.qt.digia.com/qtmobility-1.1.0/mapviewer.html ) working with backend OpenStreetMaps  or Google maps: ( http://xf.iksaif.net/dev/qtm-geoservices-extras.html )18:48
popeynpm: nice18:49
popeyyudestar: one for marcoceppi18:49
apt-get_installQUESTION: Can you anser my questio about Mir/Wayland?18:49
SangeetKhatriQUESTION : This is kinda off-topic, but what does it take to be a developer at Ubuntu?18:49
krwlngQUESTION: Why cannot  resolve "ubuntu online accounts application" non-english language connecting problem?  We are reporting this issue since Ubuntu 11.04.18:49
npmQtMobility Maps have been a longstanding part of Harmattan and became a lost option once Nokia got Microsofized18:49
gorgeous_georgeMany thanks npm!!!!18:49
marcoceppiyudestar: We have a few wiki pages and a video or two, yudestar if you want to join #juju I can find them for you18:50
npmseems like a good option would be to use a different non-nokia backend18:50
apt-get_installSangeetKhatri: http://www.canonical.com/careers/all-vacancies18:50
joseapt-get_install, SangeetKhatri: nope, that's at canonical, let me grab a link18:50
apt-get_installjose: canonical develops ubuntu, right?18:51
joseapt-get_install: the community does too18:51
* npm background on mapping -- would like to be able to port http://code.google.com/p/voicetogoog/ to unbuntu (currently porting to Qt5) but the mapping capabilities I had on Harmattan are gone18:51
sameQUESTION: how can volunteer programmers get involved?18:51
npm/s/unbuntu/ubuntu :-)18:51
belkinsahttp://youtube.com/UbuntuOnAir and https://twitter.com/UbuntuOnAir for all18:52
joseSangeetKhatri: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu#Writing_Code18:52
popeysame: http://developer.ubuntu.com/18:52
yudestarmarcoceppi: could you please drop me the links @ judahmutuku@gmail.com18:52
samepopey: thanks!18:53
popeythanks everyone18:53
didrocksthanks guys18:53
threeofsixQUESTION: Has there been any discussion about moving Ubuntu to a rolling release model?18:54
belkinsaThanks for this update and the method of doing this.18:54
sskrbecThanks everyone!18:54
samethis was fun, thanks everyone18:55
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josehey, Martin__, session is already over19:01
Martin__I think that ubuntu on air should be promoted earlier19:02
joseit is :)19:02
josejust make sure to follow us on twitter and subscribe to us on youtube19:02
Martin__ok bye19:02
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blueadept_QUESTION: I'm really happy to see the new option in 14.04 will allow global menu black/white lists.  the functionality most people seem to have requested is to have menu integration for fullscreen apps, but not for other windows....  will it be possible to do this with the new system.19:25
felitinI want to see Ubuntu free of Ubuntu One during instalation, remove Amazon integration and also mail applet to19:31
blueadept_QUESTION: I have been running Ubuntu Touch on my nexus 4 since 13.10, I heard someone claim that some things cannot be updated over the air, should I wipe it and re install periodically or is this FUD.19:33
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Guest835How old I should be to join to ubuntu for phone app developer community?19:56
niteshadowhackhlw can you read me now20:05
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