bazhangfix server with skype *video*?11:56
bazhangI thought server had no gui11:57
ikoniamaybe using a different machine ?11:57
bazhanghe got an answer already; it's a bug affecting how external usb hdd's boot12:00
ikoniaI don't have the history on it12:01
hggdhfor the record, I have seen a LOT of places where they install X on a server (probably, based on my experience in these companies, because they are not really well versed on command-line)13:55
k1li think its even more often, since ubuntu doesnt do server kernels etc specially for server images now.14:13
TubbyThere is nothing to obtain14:34
jbroomebased on what i've just seen in #defocus and #freenode I'm pretty sure your ban in #ubuntu isn't going to be lifted.  Anything else we can help you with?14:35
Tubbyis ljl here?14:35
Tubbywere homies14:35
k1lnope, he is in landan.14:35
k1lso come back in, lets say, 5 years?14:36
Tubbyfuck i am still filtered14:36
PriceyDamnit, still ignored.14:36
PiciIdleOne: what are you doing?19:06
IdleOneadded rww and phunyguy to the appropriate ACL's19:07
Myrttiand why the kicks then?19:07
Myrttior removes19:08
IdleOneI made a booboo and gave rww +V, then I did it again to phunyguy.19:08
IdleOneso I kicked them because I was punishing myself19:08
IdleOneit is complicated to explain, I'll gladly sit down with you some day and tell you all about my childhood19:08
* genii slides IdleOne a fresh coffee, extra caffeinated19:10
rwwi didn't need that scrollback anyway20:26
PiciI tried to invite you20:26
rwwwouldn't work, I don't auto-anything20:26
PiciI figured, it was worth a try though.20:26
rwwIdleOne: also +AViotv in the monitor channel and +AOiotv in -unregged, plox :)20:37
k1l_#ubuntu-beginners-dev is invite only?23:09
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
k1l_ah, its deprecated. so that explains it23:22

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