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jdrabhi guys i have a weird problem with php date.timezone, i'm running 13.10 in php.ini i have set date.timezone to UTC (also tried "UTC") but for some reason every time i try to run var_dump(date_default_timezone_get()) to see if the correct timezone is used i get09:56
jdrabPHP Warning:  date_default_timezone_get(): It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected the timezone 'UTC' for now, but please set date.timezone to select your timezone.09:56
jdraband it does not matter if date.timezone is set to Europe/Berlin or something else09:57
jdrabvar_dump(date_timezone_get()) allways prints "UTC";09:57
jdrabi'm using PHP 5.5.3-1ubuntu2.109:58
jdraberror_reporting in php.ini is set to E_ALL09:58
jdrabthe only thing that helps is using ini_set('date.timezone','Europe/Bratislava'); in file where date functions are used09:59
jdrabi think thats a bit weird10:00
jdrab..magic.. it works now. i just removed ini_set from the file and it still works even after apache restart    o.O10:04
jdrabkill me now.. now it does not work :D10:07
rostamHi I have created two partition on my disk, sda1 and sda2. I have installed ubuntu on sda1 and I can boot from it. Is it possible to replicate sda1 to sda2 and be to boot from it? thx11:32
khedrubGreetings. I'm about to setup a new webserver and face the usual decision if Debian oder Ubuntu Server LTS ... could you give me some hints on what would be the benefit of Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS over a naked Debian 7? Esp. security-wise or with the software available in the repositories?12:15
ogra_khedrub, security support until 2017 ...12:23
khedrubogra_, do you know if the security updates come as quick to both systems? Or does canonical maybe even suppply additional security updates that debian doesn't?12:25
ogra_i think ubuntu is usually faster, the amount oof fixes should be similar12:26
* ogra_ hasnt run a debian server in years so i cant really lett 12:26
ogra_(i seem to have my fingers backwards today)12:27
khedrub:-) thanks12:27
yolandajamespage, better here, sorry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797136/13:03
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rbasakroaksoax: facter done. Can I take the puppet merge?13:31
roaksoaxrbasak: go for it13:37
zuljamespage:  i added oslo.rootwrap to cinder this morning fyi13:44
jamespagezul: great13:44
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hallynzul, test-building to be sure, but any objection to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797651/ ?14:59
zulhallyn:  nah15:02
hallynk thx15:19
garbagegodIf I have domain.com on server A, and sub.domain.com on server B, is it possible / valid to use the same SSL cert for both of them even though they're on separate servers?15:49
yolandajamespage, zul: https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/keystone/icehouse_fix_distribution_refresh/+merge/20269716:02
pmatulisgarbagegod: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildcard_certificate16:59
garbagegodYes, I am aware of that17:01
garbagegodMy question is pertinent to the IP addresses17:02
garbagegodCan one SSL cert be used across multiple IP addresses17:02
garbagegodWithout any issues17:02
patdk-wkgarbagegod, depends17:08
patdk-wkif the certificate contains an ip address, no17:08
patdk-wkif it doesn't, sure17:08
garbagegodthank you17:15
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medic89Hello everyone! I am new to the Ubuntu community.19:53
sarnoldwelcome aboard :)19:54
medic89I am working on a home server project as a hobby. It has been going smooth by following the online documentation but I have run into an obstacle that I do not know where to find the answer for.19:54
medic89I am sure it is pretty simple for an experienced user...19:55
adam_gjamespage, any chance you can enable builds for > 12.10 @ https://code.launchpad.net/~python-jenkins-developers/+recipe/python-jenkins-daily ?19:55
medic89...I connect to the server remotely via SSH from my Win7 laptop with the Putty client. The server was installed with LVM and encryption. If I have to remotely reboot the machine I cannot reconnect because it of course prompts for a passphrase in order to unlock the disk19:56
medic89I have asked on Ask Ubuntu but I am just in a hurry to get past this small road block!19:56
medic89Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.19:56
sarnoldmedic89: that's a risk of using encrypted storage; you can probably use a serial console or an integrated lights out system on the motherboard to interact with the console at boot time19:57
medic89Thanks for the welcome btw, Sarnold.19:57
medic89Thanks! I will have to find out what those are. Is the only other alternative is to do w/o disk encryption? I assume I would have to re-install?19:58
sarnoldmedic89: yeah, not all systems will support serial console or ILO setups; in those cases, perhaps using ecryptfs-based encryption for user data would make more sense, then you could supply the passphrase when logging in (ssh keys are a complication...) and still get some benefit of encrypted data20:01
sarnoldmedic89: probably you can do some juggling to undo the encryption without a re-install, but the reinstall would probably be faster and more predictable :)20:02
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medic89Thanks, Sarnold!20:05
jamespageadam_g, done20:05
sarnoldmedic89: have fun :)20:05
adam_gjamespage, thanks!20:05
medic89Sounds like it might be easier for a hobbyist such as myself to just do away with the disk encryption for now and maybe try the encryptFS stuff later.20:06
medic89Wish I could just edit a file somewhere and change something like "askForPassPhrase = no" lol20:10
xibalbawondering how i can do this without having a new line, after the =21:22
xibalbafor fn in `cat domainList.txt ` ; do echo "domai $fn : NameServer = "; dig +noall +answer soa $fn | awk '{sub(/.$/,"",$5);print $5}'; done21:22
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jtrananyone know where i can get racadm util for dell servers?   or how to install it using apt from repo somewhere?  on dell support website it's not where they suggest it should be http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/systems-management/w/wiki/3205.racadm-command-line-interface-for-drac.aspx22:50
jtranfor ubuntu of course22:51
sarnoldjtran: apt-file search racadm  doesn't return anything that looks useful to me..22:54
jtransarnold: agreed22:55
sarnoldjtran: hrm, looks like they ought to offer the download on their website after entering a service tag. have you had any luck with that?22:57
jtranyup entered the service tag, which takes you to same download page even if you don't enter one22:58
jtranand no luck22:58
jtranbelieve me it's a wild goose chase22:58
infinityloophi all. I have yet another wifi card problem, any help would be appreciated23:02
infinityloopI have an Asus N13 usb wifi card and it uses a Ralink RT3072 chip. My understanding is that the RT2800usb module supports this chip23:02
infinityloopduring the install, my AP is detected but I can't authenticate with the AP for some reason23:03
infinityloopI skipped the wifi configuration during install to come back to it later which i'm attempting now without much luck23:03
infinityloopI modprobe the rt2800usb module and created an entry for the wlan0 interface in the interfaces files23:04
infinityloopand tried bringing up the interface23:05
infinityloopwhen I run dmesg, it just keeps on printing : wlan0: associated23:05
infinityloopwlan0: deauthenticated from ....23:05
infinityloopcfg80211: calling crda to update world domain ..23:06
infinityloopand back to wlan0 assoicated23:06
infinityloopand its repeats on and on23:06
infinityloopany ideas on what's going on?23:06
medic89Hi folks. Fresh install of ubuntu server 12.04. Connected to dhcp enabled linksys router via ethernet cable. connection is fine with dhcp. As soon as I set /etc/network/interfaces to static on eth1 and fill in the appropriate address, netmask, and gateway, I can't bring up eth123:35
medic89tried sudo ifup eth1 and sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart23:35
medic89It worked before reinstallation.23:35
medic89says Error: an inet prefix is expected rather than
sarnoldmedic89: can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces?23:36
medic89its very curious since I did the same exact thing before re-install and it worked fine.23:41
medic89And there is nothing different except no encrypted home folder or lvm. Both times it is basically a stock install.23:41
sarnoldmedic89: ooh ooh; typos :) 225 vs 25523:42
sarnoldnetmask  should be
sarnoldvery tricky I damn near didn't spot that one :)23:42
medic89Thanks, :)23:42
medic89you can tell I don't do a lot of networking since I typoed all three23:43
sarnoldat least it's consistent :)23:43
medic89lol, sometimes you just need another brain to look at your work.23:45
medic89Thanks again Sarnold. I am sure I will be back from time to time throughout this little project.23:46
sarnoldcool :) have fun!23:46
smallfoot-Does the cloud image have Plymouth? :s23:49
smallfoot-Does the server image have Plymouth? :s23:49

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