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johnnyzhaoubuntu touch officially support only nexus phones currently?01:53
RAOFjohnnyzhao: Correct, they're our reference hardware. That said, there are a large number of ports.01:54
johnnyzhaoI see01:54
johnnyzhaoGot a XiaoMi phone, wondering if I can install unbuntu touch on it01:55
RAOFjohnnyzhao: Maybe; it's not on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices but it might be sufficiently similar to one of those.02:01
johnnyzhaoMeiZu, a chinese phone manufaturing company is going to support ubuntu touch on their next generation phone MX4G02:03
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andrew806having an issue ssh'ing into my phone03:31
andrew806connection refused on standard port 2203:31
Starcraftmazteranyone around?03:37
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Shiggitay|Stupid mick length05:19
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Shiggs|GPadThere we go05:20
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Starcraftmazteranyone know if /wehn ubuntu mobile will be compatible with nexus 5?05:47
timpphablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty-devel should give me a workable image today?06:37
timphmm. trusty-devel doesn't work, but devel-proposed works06:38
timpah :)06:38
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timp|zain my current image only 9 apps seem to be installed, what's up with that?06:48
timp|zaand I don't see how to install additional apps06:48
RAOFtimp|za: On the applications page you should have an also-available pane; select any app on there and you'll get an option to install it.06:51
RAOFtimp|za: You should also be able to search for the name of an app to install it, too.06:52
Arthurlinuxhelp ubuntu touch07:09
Arthurlinuxinstall samsung Slll model i74707:10
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ArthurlinuxAqui no hay ayuda chingau07:19
cffHow can I go back to the previous View on Ubuntu Touch ?07:26
cffIs there a back gesture?07:27
cffLike on Android you have the back button (hardware or software button)07:27
MirvQt 5.2 is now finally easily testable with apt-add-repository ppa:canonical-qt5-edgers/qt5-beta2 (and uninstallable with ppa-purge command) on the desktpo side since webbrowser got built07:42
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dholbachgood morning08:08
tvoss_Mirv, \o/08:10
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didrocksoSoMoN: hey!08:33
oSoMoNdidrocks, hey ho!08:34
didrocksoSoMoN: tell us when you are going to have a fix for bug #1271436. We'll release it as a priority :)08:34
ubot5bug 1271436 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Toolbar for webapps intermittently empty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127143608:34
didrocksoSoMoN: thanks for taking care of it yourself before receiving the ping btw! ;)08:34
oSoMoNdidrocks, no worries, it’s a pretty nasty one, I hope I can come up with a fix soon enough08:35
didrocksoSoMoN: well, if they are real webapps, they should present the option to go back in their own interface TBH ;)08:35
oSoMoNdidrocks, right, but most of our "webapps" atm are not real webapps, they’re just websites in a container08:36
didrocksoSoMoN: yeah, agreed ;)08:36
josehey guys, anyone around?08:39
oSoMoNdidrocks, I think I have a fix^Wworkaround (it’s a bug in the UITK), it will require extensive testing though, to ensure it doesn’t introduce yet another regression08:42
didrocksoSoMoN: ok, take the time you need08:42
oSoMoNthe good news is that the workaround is rather self-contained08:42
didrocksgreat work!08:42
didrocksand you are going to open a bug in the UITK?08:42
joseguys, I have trusty running on a nexus 4, when doing apt-get update it says all sources are ignored, any idea why?08:42
didrocksjose: is your device in write mode or read-only?08:43
joseno idea, maybe read-only?08:43
jose(downloaded the image with the dual-boot assistant)08:43
didrocksyeah, if you have no idea, it's read-only :) you have image-based updates08:43
joseany idea on how to change that?08:43
didrocksso you're getting fresher version automatically, and for that, we need to have read only access08:44
didrockshttp://askubuntu.com/questions/380258/how-to-change-the-ubuntu-installation-to-read-write-mode-on-a-mobile-device is how to turn it into rw mode08:44
didrockshowever, be conscious as this will make the image based updates not working right08:44
joseand I would have to update via apt-get?08:44
didrocksright, it's not the recommended way though08:45
didrocksand you can end up in situation where your phone can't boot08:45
didrocksso just be aware that this is for system developers, mostly08:45
josewould this also apply if it's on the recovery partition?08:45
didrocksyou can't apt-get update on the recovery partition AFAIK08:46
jose(point is, I wanted to help with testing, I saw the urfkill announcement)08:46
didrocksas it's not an ubuntu system, but a recovery OS ;)08:46
joseoh, then maybe that's it?08:46
didrocksjose: so yeah, you can turn into rw mode and install it manually08:46
didrocksjust be aware that at some point in the future, you may have to reflash from scratch though08:47
didrocksto get back to a clean state08:47
joseit's completely fine, I love breaking things08:47
didrocksheh :)08:47
josewell, time to give it a try then!08:47
didrocksjose: good luck! and thanks for testing ;)08:47
josesure, see you around didrocks!08:48
didrockssee you!08:48
oSoMoNdidrocks, ogra_: https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/workaround-empty-toolbar/+merge/202617 up for review to fix the webapps regression, if you have a moment please test08:56
didrocksoSoMoN: I'll get someone for this :) interesting of this flickable side-effect08:57
oSoMoNdidrocks, yeah, it’s the UITK trying to hard to be clever… which works for most apps because they want a standard header and toolbar, but the webbrowser and webapp-container are very special in this regard, so they often uncover bugs on corner cases08:58
didrocksyeah, /me remembers about the "explicit is always better than implicit" motto from sabdfl, and I think it's true on that one :)09:00
tsdgeosMirv: is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/1271464 something you can help with? My packaging foo is small09:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271464 in qtubuntu "The qubuntu library is not compiled when packaging" [Undecided,New]09:43
Mirvtsdgeos: I see the same libqubuntumirclient.so and libqubuntumirserver.so in the PPA built qtubuntu-android package as is in the archive package?09:49
tsdgeoslibqubuntu.so is missing09:49
tsdgeosthat's what the bug says, no?09:49
Mirvyes, I was just checking that such a file would need to be there? how do the images work now, then?09:50
tsdgeosbecause they use Mir09:50
tsdgeoslibqubuntu.so is for SF09:50
Mirvaha, right09:50
Mirvok, letting the tab open so I hope to look at that today09:50
tsdgeosi guess it's not ultra urgent09:52
tsdgeosnot sure our status of officially supporting SF anymore09:52
tsdgeosbut if it's not hard to fix, wouldn't be bad to get it back09:52
tsdgeosman, we need to improve the dependency stuff09:58
tsdgeosit's  weird i end up with qt4 on the phone when installing it :D09:59
tsdgeosinstalling it -> flashing it10:00
tsdgeosi mean10:00
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tvoss_sil2100, good morning :)10:09
sil2100tvoss_: morning!10:14
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davmor2Morning all11:00
kalikianadobey: hey. I wonder if you could have a look at my u1db-qt auth code and see if you spot why the credentials aren't working; I'm always getting 401 https://code.launchpad.net/~kalikiana/u1db-qt/syncWithU1/+merge/20250811:11
kalikianaI double-checked that the Authorization header is sent, and from what I can tell it looks correct - it's exactly the value of the signed url. but I might be missing something… I'm not working with oauth usually11:14
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oSoMoNdidrocks, looks like we can release webbrowser-app with the fix for the empty toolbar in webapps, just got feedback from dbarth__ who tested it extensively and didn’t spot regressions11:32
didrocksexcellent, thanks oSoMoN!11:34
didrockssil2100: doing it? ^11:34
sil2100didrocks: it's ready in cu2d, can I publish?11:35
didrockssil2100: sure11:35
davmor2oSoMoN: was it just down to the view being item and not page by any chance?11:35
sil2100didrocks: http://q-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/view/cu2d/view/Head/view/Apps/job/cu2d-apps-head-3.0publish/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/packaging_changes_webbrowser-app_0.23+14.04.20140122-0ubuntu1.diff <- packaging ACK ;)11:35
dbarth__didrocks: +111:36
didrockssil2100: +111:36
didrocksthanks dbarth__ for the testing11:36
oSoMoNdavmor2, yes, that’s another bug in the UITK11:37
davmor2oSoMoN: see how good a learning experience this has been :)  Is there a UITK bug for that too?  I know you added UITK to the other one :)11:38
oSoMoNdavmor2, no, I haven’t filed a UITK bug for this one, it’s a bit borderline though, as I don’t think MainView was intended to be used with anything else than Page or PageStack11:39
oSoMoNbut I guess I should file a bug anyway11:39
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oSoMoNdavmor2, updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1271436 to also affect UITK, and I attached a standalone example to reproduce the issue11:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271436 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "Toolbar for webapps intermittently empty" [Undecided,In progress]11:55
davmor2oSoMoN: confirmed :) thanks11:57
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gatoxmardy, ping12:29
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revanth1108I have a query regarding ubuntu installer13:19
revanth1108any one there to address me13:19
nik90revanth1108: just ask your question, and if there is anyone free they will answer13:26
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WellarkCimi: I'm here13:44
CimiWellark, ask pitti13:44
WellarkCimi: I don't have a direct question13:44
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WellarkI'm just trying to make a point that IMO at this point it's a total overkill to implement that AP test to connect to wifi network13:45
Wellarkunless somebody already has a complete mock of NM dbus service13:45
pittiWellark: yes, python-dbusmock does that (without any actual hardware access or root privs, if you use a local test system bus)13:46
Wellarkand even still, it seems the requirements why that AP test should be created is to test that snap-decisions are actually displayed on the screen13:47
Wellarkpitti: python-dbusmock is the tool, but somebody has to implement the NM interfaces on top of it13:47
pittiWellark: /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/dbusmock/templates/networkmanager.py :)13:47
Wellarkpitti: that doesn't cover the SecretAgent which you need to get the prompt13:49
pittiWellark: is that part of NM? that sounds like a session bus thing?13:50
Wellarkno, it's part of MM13:51
WellarkNM asks for credentials only if it doesn't find them already from the system settings or user settinsg13:51
Wellarkand you have to register an Agent which actually provides that info13:52
pittiright, but I don't believe that NetworkManager (on the system bus) is that agent, as it doesn't have access to your session/X.org13:52
Wellarkthe Agent from the session registers itself with NM13:52
pittiI see, o.f.N.AgentManager.Register()13:53
WellarkI'm just trying to say that the thing that needs to be tested (can you see a snap decision) should be handled with some more easy use case then "try to connect to WiFi which you don't have password for"13:53
WellarkI will eventually have to AP tests in place properly in indicator-network13:54
pittiwell, the thing you try to test is that agent manager, isn't it?13:54
Wellarkbut for now (based on that email in ubuntu-touch) I would advice doing some other test and not rush something in regarding networking13:55
tsdgeosloicm: can you comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/1271464 ?13:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271464 in qtubuntu "The qubuntu library is not compiled when packaging" [Undecided,New]13:55
Wellarkpitti: no, it's them all13:55
Wellarkindicator-network -> NM -> Agent -> NM -> indicator-network13:55
Wellarkpitti: that's what you end up testing13:56
shiggitayrsalveti, how's the UT for N5 coming? :)13:56
pittiyes, but I mean you don't want to test NM13:56
shiggitayhello Wellark  :)13:56
pittii. e. you can just mock NM and just make the mock call your agent13:56
shiggitayAlso does UT have any hotspot capability built in like AOSP does?13:57
Wellarkpitti: yes, you can. Just saying that it might end up being really complicated effort to mock it properly13:57
Wellarkpete-woods: you've done that, right?13:57
Wellarkmocked the SecretAgent parts13:57
Wellarkor at least done something there13:58
pete-woodsWellark: yes, dbusmock as built-in support for network manager mocking13:58
pitti(except for registering and calling the agent)13:58
Wellarkpete-woods: yep, but just by quick look at it there is no Agent handling13:58
Wellarkin the mock13:59
Wellarknor the settings13:59
pete-woodsfair enough, then that would need to be added13:59
pittibut it's a template, i. e. you can load it and add that Register function in your test if you want13:59
pittiand if it's  generally applicable we can add it to the template, too13:59
Wellarkyes. it's possible.14:00
WellarkJust saying IMO it's overly complicated to rush it in at this point of time just that those nested mir patches can be included14:01
Wellarkas the only thing that needs to be tested is that snap decisions / dialogs are visible14:02
Wellarkanyway, just wanted to give my input14:02
pittisure; you might be able to just invoke the agent via dbus-send or so14:03
Wellarkwell, why not just invoke a snap-decision directly?14:04
WellarkI would imagine there exists AP tests for snap decisions that would anyway cover the test case didrocks is after14:04
dobeykalikiana: do you have logs of what happens there? you can run with U1_DEBUG=1 in the env to get extra debug logs to console14:04
didrocksWellark: that would be the case for that particular case. I still think that someone needs at some point to ensure that basic user stories are working, meaning, you have your device, you can connect to the network14:05
didrocksWellark: after all tests at 100% and that not working is a failure IMHO (especially if we go with automated image publication to consumers)14:05
Wellarkdidrocks: yes, I too agree that we need AP tests covering the complete use cases14:06
Wellark*user stories14:06
didrocksWellark: and we have the opportunity now, otherwise, the priority will be downgraded and that will never come14:06
Wellarkbut doing it right today for indicator-network is too risky IMO14:06
Wellarkdidrocks: yes it will14:06
Wellarkonce I get to it14:07
didrockswhen? seems you are telling it's too difficult ELATERNOETA ;)14:07
didrocksso, I don't really feel confidence that "it will"14:07
Wellarkdidrocks: I will work on indicator-network and related system-settings for the rest of the cycle14:07
Wellarkand getting those AP tests is crucially important in my opinion14:08
didrocksWellark: as long as we have an ETA, it's written on management plan and not drop, I think the minimal snap decision use case is fine14:08
Wellarkdidrocks: thank you.14:08
didrocks(for releasing nested Mir)14:08
Wellarkdidrocks: indeed14:08
Wellarkthostr_: make sure I have an AP test for connecting to WPA network by the end of this cycle14:09
* didrocks adds a big RED sticky note with thostr_'s head around :)14:10
Wellarkthostr_: just see didrocks comment few minutes ago14:10
kalikianadobey: on the ubuntuone api side there's no error, I call signUrl with https://u1db.one.ubuntu.com/~/notes-cloud/notes.db make an HTTP request which I know works with the test server which doesn't use auth - but the live server says 40114:10
Wellarkdidrocks, pitti, kgunn: so would it be ok if Cimi would now concentrate on a simple snap decision test14:10
didrocksyeah, as per what we discussed above14:10
Wellarkinstead of a full blown "connet to wifi network"14:11
kalikianadobey: it could be a stupid mistake on my part, I just don't see anything obviously wrong14:11
WellarkCimi, kgunn: ^^14:11
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loicmtsdgeos: I wrote the code not the packaging rules, and to be honest I'm kinda clueless about it :)14:27
tsdgeosloicm: i mean my last comment14:28
tsdgeoslibqubuntu.so is only meant for -android package or for both?14:28
tsdgeosi..e libqubuntu.so is SF only right? so should be in the -android pacakge only (i guess)14:28
dobeykalikiana: yeah, and my brain is still a bit slow, since it's inappropriately cold here, and i just recently got up. logs would really help i think14:34
loicmtsdgeos: it was for sure only meant for android, but maybe that has changed, ricmm_ might know14:39
kalikianadobey: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6797548/14:40
tsdgeosricmm_: can you comment on https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtubuntu/+bug/1271464 ?14:40
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271464 in qtubuntu "The qubuntu library is not compiled when packaging" [Undecided,New]14:40
kalikianadobey: we can also discuss it later if you prefer, 2h15 til my eod14:42
dobeykalikiana: i don't see anything obvious to me. i don't know the u1db sync REST API that well though. and it could possibly be a server issue too14:47
kalikianadobey: any ideas how I might narrow down the cause? on a live server I don't expect a full error, but there's no debug instance as far as I was told14:49
kalikianaunfortunately the test server doesn't do oauth either to debug it from there14:50
dobeykalikiana: you could try to sync with the live server using the example app that's in lp:u1db maybe?14:51
dobeyalthough, it won't grab the token from online accounts14:51
dobeyso maybe not a good test14:51
dobeykalikiana: when did you log in and get the token you are using there, though?14:55
kalikianadobey: I logged in yesterday, the token is from right before the http request14:56
kalikianadobey: just now I tried using "curl" by hand, passing Authentication: I got before… same result14:58
kalikianaI wonder if there could be an issue like a missing space or something with the credentials15:00
dobeykalikiana: am asking about something on the server side to see if it's a server side problem15:00
kalikianaah, thanks a lot15:01
dobeykalikiana: did you get the token from staging, or are you doing this all with production only?15:04
mardygatox: hi! Sorry, I'm still on parental leave this week and checking IRC only from time to time; can I still be of help?15:04
kalikianadobey: is that what you're asking? qtdeclarative5-ubuntuone-credentials-plugin 1:14.04+14.04.20131127~85+201401220542~ubuntu14.04.115:05
dobeykalikiana: no, i mean did you have the environment set to point ubuntuone-credentials at https://staging.login.ubuntu.com/ for example15:06
dobeykalikiana: but since you have no idea what i am talking about, i must presume not :)15:07
kalikianayep, "no" it is then15:07
angelosHi, not quite sure if this is the right place to ask (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch brought me here). I'm looking for a way to change/add multitouch gestures (mainly I'd like 3 or 4 finger swipe to change workspaces)15:08
gatoxmardy, no problem, don't worry15:08
angelosusing unity7 that is15:09
kgunnCimi: do you know/understand what Wellark & didrocks want now instead of "attempt to connect to wifi" ?15:11
dobeyangelos: this channel is about "Ubuntu Touch" the phone/tablet build of ubuntu15:11
kgunnbtw, i'm ok w/ whatever makes sense15:11
shiggitay:( no one answered my question15:14
Cimikgunn, yes15:16
Cimikgunn, if I get correctly, we want to see if snap decisions come out15:17
cwayneshiggitay, what was your question?15:17
angelosdobey: yeah, I thought so. So, who can answer my question then?15:21
angelosalso, who can fix the wiki page15:21
kalikianadobey: looks like I found part of the problem. I was failing to pass the same header in a separate request - now I got unauthorized: OAuth validation failed against SSO.15:21
dobeyi don't know15:21
dobeykalikiana: ah ok15:22
kalikianadobey: so I suppose now is the question, could I be getting invalid credentials? not sure how to verify that15:22
dobeykalikiana: is the device you're running it on, listed on https://login.ubuntu.com/+applications ?15:23
kalikianadobey: I presume it would be "Ubuntu One @ genmaicha" in that list, laptop running trusty15:26
kalikianalemme try logging in again via the api just in case15:26
dobeykalikiana: if that's your hostname, then yeah15:26
kalikianaah the log also says "OAuth token received for  "Ubuntu One @ genmaicha"" so this is it15:27
kalikianahm exact same error15:28
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kalikianain the http request, that is15:28
kalikianahmmm account 4 it says, maybe it's not getting me the correct account?15:30
kalikianaI thnik there was some api to list accounts somewhere15:30
kalikianait was 3 before15:31
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dobeykalikiana: you can only have one account. not sure why it would have incremented though15:31
kalikianadoesn't seem to have any notion of accounts in the api in fact15:32
kalikianadobey: any idea where those are stored?15:33
kalikianamight try a brute force reset15:33
loolev: heya, tvoss just helpfully pointed out that it might be a good idea to setup libwhoopsie under CI+autolanding since we'll integrate it with push notifications and such15:36
dobeykalikiana: accounts are in sqlite, and token is in the keyring15:37
CimiWellark, so if I fake an access point15:37
CimiWellark, in your opinion should bring up a snap decision?15:37
tsdgeoswho's the one that has to press the button in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/ubuntu-system-settings/test_qpa ?15:37
dobeykalikiana: i don't think "/" is supported in db names, so you can't do "/foo/bar.db" you should just do "/notes-cloud.db" i guess15:38
CimiWellark, or the snap decisions in indicator network will need to be registered with the mock?15:38
dobeyer, with the preceding "~" to that of course15:38
evlool: to widen the number of people who can commit to it? Its test suite already runs at build time.15:39
dobeytsdgeos: nobody. the bot will pick it ups oon15:39
tsdgeosdobey: there's no bot anymore15:39
tsdgeoswe are into the new manual-landing world15:39
tsdgeosthat is so much better because noone forgets to lands stuff manually15:39
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dobeytsdgeos: is that "new" like having a hand crank to start your car?15:41
tsdgeosdobey: yep15:42
dobeykalikiana: so with the path you're using, you would get a 400 (so not the issue at hand, but an issue still)15:42
tsdgeosdobey: don't make a computer do something you can do yourself!15:42
dobeytsdgeos: it's Aasimov's first law15:43
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WellarkCimi: yeah, if you want to do it the hard way15:52
Wellarkyou fake an ap15:52
Wellarkindicator-network shows the ap15:52
Wellarkyou find the ap from indicator network15:52
Wellarkactivate it15:52
Wellarkthen indicator-network tells nm to connect to it15:52
Wellarkat which point nm is like "I don't know the credentialss"15:52
Wellarkthen it goes to it's secret agent15:52
Wellarkwhich is registered by indicator network15:52
Wellarkrequesting the credentials15:53
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
Wellarkand then indicator-network's secret agent is like "whoa, I don't know the passphrase for this AP"15:53
Wellarkand shows the snap decision15:53
CimiI see15:53
Wellarkand relays thee info to NM15:53
WellarkCimi: but as I discussed with didrocks15:54
Wellarkall we really want is to test that any snap decision is displayed correctly15:54
Wellarkso no need to do the hard dance right now and block nested mir with indicator-network15:54
Wellarkjust do a straight snap decision AP test instead15:55
WellarkI will take care of the hard case later on this cycle15:55
Wellarkto test the full user story on connecting to an AP15:55
Wellarkbut right now all we need is to test that snap decisions are displayed correctly15:55
Wellarkor all that you need to do :)15:56
kalikianadobey: very interesting observation: I can sign and get /api/account/ successfully15:56
Wellarkbecause writing the AP test for indicator network15:56
WellarkCimi: also requires mocking the connecting Settings objects properly15:57
dobeykalikiana: on one.ubuntu.com ?15:57
Wellarkand that is a complex task15:57
CimiI understand15:57
kalikianadobey: sorry, miscopied, I mean https://one.ubuntu.com/api/account/15:57
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kalikianaso it seems the credentials are fine, and the api works… something else must be off15:58
kalikianaI wonder, would 400 or 401 come earlier? if I replace ~ with something else or remove it, I get 400 and no oauth errors16:00
dobeykalikiana: uhm, did you install from that tree first?16:01
dobeykalikiana: because if not, you're probably using the system version of the plug-in and library, which don't have the changes in that tree?16:01
kalikianadobey: I just change the string in qml, and I see in the logs that it's being used16:01
kalikianathe one I'm passing to signUrl16:02
boikoMirv: hey, your changes to telephony-service got merged16:02
dobeykalikiana: the qml is being used, yes. the U1db module and libu1db-qt5.so however, are from the system16:04
loolev: yes, and also to eventually hook it to the landing process16:04
loolev: this helps with reviews, tracking what's landing, reverting changes, landing things together that ought to etc.16:05
dobeykalikiana: because if you purge the packages for u1db-qt, qmlscene will fail to start :)16:05
kalikianadobey: the installed u1db-qt is correct, I have a qDebug to be sure of it, and ony the qml has the real URL; but I'm really wondering what it means now that one.ubuntu.com works but u1db.one.ubuntu.com doesn't16:16
kalikianaunfortunately it isn't explicitly mentioned anywhere in the online docs - if there should be any subtle specialty in how it handles authentication16:17
evlool: indeed, I'm all for it16:20
shiggitaycwayne, my question was whether UT has or will have built in hotspot/tethering capabilities like AOSP does16:31
shiggitayor if an app will be developed for it16:33
cwayneshiggitay, good question, sorry i don't quite know the answer though16:34
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shiggitayit'd be great though16:37
cwayneis the osk dead in the latest -proposed?16:37
cwaynemine's never showing up16:37
shiggitayCan anyone tell me the progress of the N5 port?16:38
ogra_cwayne, see the CI channel16:38
shiggitayogra_, hi16:38
ogra_shiggitay, the port to 4.4 is nicely going forward ... N5 will depend on the community doing a port16:38
shiggitaywasn't rsalveti going to port UT to the N5 as well as the HAL layer?16:39
dobeykalikiana: did you commit/push the missing header on another request?16:39
dobeyseems so16:40
kalikianadobey: yep, I pushed that and the more distinguished error a moment ago16:40
kalikiana(more distinguished I mean JSON from u1db instead of only HTTP)16:41
kalikianaI'm out of steem for the day… but if you can think of anything else to try at all, I'd appreciate it16:44
mterryis anyone here fluent in autopilot/uinput interactions?16:44
mterrypitti, maybe you? ^  - your advice to use evdev to trigger a power press works when I do it in its own little script.  But when I do it as part of an autopilot test, it doesn't seem to do anything16:45
pittimterry: ah, you are using uinput?16:46
pittimterry: autopilot sets up uinput by itself, maybe that and  your script interact?16:46
mterrypitti, yeah.  seemed pretty simple16:46
pittimterry: do you see the fake event in evtest?16:47
timppahi, any ideas how to get OSK back on latest trusty?16:47
mterrypitti, yes16:47
mterrypitti, oh wait16:47
mterrypitti, let me double test16:47
pittimterry: or perhaps Mir/whatever isn't listening to multiple input/event devices? or are you injecting into autopilot's?16:47
Laneyhow can I iterate over the items in a ListView from AP?16:49
mterrypitti, I'm creating a new fake event device for it16:49
pittimterry: I suppose that's somehow confusing it16:49
mterryDoesn't confuse it when used outside of autopilot..16:50
dobeykalikiana: i think there are a couple of related problems here16:50
dobeykalikiana: i don't think u1db accepts POST of anything. you PUT documents to the remote. and the signature must match the request type, so you can't create a signature for a GET and use it with a POST or PUT16:51
Laneyelopio: ^ I guess you know :-)16:52
cwayneoSoMoN, hey, on the latest promoted image, when i get an alert in webbrowser-app, there's no buttons16:53
cwaynelike for permission to access location for example16:53
oSoMoNcwayne, sounds like a regression, let me see if I can reproduce here16:54
oSoMoNcwayne, not seeing that here on maguro, on what device are you seeing this?16:58
cwayneoSoMoN, mako16:58
oSoMoNcwayne, do you have a screenshot?16:58
cwayneoSoMoN, no but i'll get one for ya16:58
cwayneoSoMoN, http://people.canonical.com/~cwayne/nobutton.png16:59
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sergiusenscwayne, you need to charge your battery!17:00
oSoMoNcwayne, that’s weird to say the least, which build number?17:01
ogra_sergiusens, well, in fact there seem to be issues with the power indicator on mako17:01
oSoMoNI’m on 141, and I do have buttons in dialogs17:02
ogra_havent looked deper yet, but it behaves weird once you go onto a certain low level ... (like the icon jumping a lot between red and half full)17:02
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ogra_popey, ^^^ did you ever notice something like that or is my battery giving up ?17:04
vic1Any instructions how to build ubuntu-touch for Maguro(samsung galaxy nexus)?17:14
vic1All i am looking for is a good working Ramdisk to go with my built kernel17:14
ogra_vic1, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Building17:14
ybonI've made a simple map (OSM based), which works as expected when running on my device from Qt Creator, but when I install it (still from Qt) I just have a white screen when I launch it. Any hints someone? :)17:15
vic1@ogra_ checking17:15
ybonThe app show on the installed apps with the correct icon17:16
ybonbut when I click it => a white screen and that's all17:16
ybonand I see nothing in dmesg for example17:16
vic1@ogra_: repo init -u git://phablet.ubuntu.com/CyanogenMod/android.git -b phablet-saucy17:17
vic1this gives phablet-saucy17:17
vic1but what phablet latest flash shows is trusty (14.04)17:17
vic1on the device17:17
ogra_vic1,  but if you want just the initrd, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch/0.67/+build/5488280 has all you need inside the deb17:17
ogra_(an initrd)17:17
ybonoh, I meant "I've made a simple app*", not map (even if the app is a map :p )17:18
vic1Is this the one to use? ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd 0.6717:18
ogra_vic1, right17:18
ogra_unpack the deb and grab the file from usr/lib/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/17:20
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oSoMoNcwayne, can you please file a bug (re- the lack of buttons) and attach your screenshot?17:22
vic1ogra: usr/lib/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd/initrd.img-touch-0.67 : found this file : will give it a shot17:22
cwayneoSoMoN, sure thing17:22
ybonWhere is a "click" based app installed? I don't see it in /usr/bin, and I'm hopping to find a way to run it from shell to get some output of the problem17:23
ogra_ybon, look in 7opt17:23
ybonthanks :)17:23
ybonI'm supposed to run it like in the .desktop file? i.e. "qmlscene $@ SimpleOSMMap.qml" ?17:25
ybonI have an error, but I don't if it's because I'm running it wrong or if it's related to a bug in the app17:25
ybon("QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display" is the error)17:26
kenvandineybon, all the output is logged to ~/.cache/upstart/17:28
ybonthanks for the tip, checking :)17:28
kenvandineyou'll find a log file in there that matches the appid17:28
ybonfound it, thanks17:31
kenvandineybon, np, good luck17:32
ybonbtw, is there a way to get full terminal width when using adb shell?17:32
kenvandinedunno... i use ssh :)17:32
ybonah yeah, let's do that :)17:32
kenvandineadb shell annoys me17:32
dobeymake your terminal smaller17:32
ybonah ah17:33
kenvandinedobey, you're insane :)17:33
dobeykenvandine: no, adb is insane17:33
kenvandineadb  shell start ssh17:33
kenvandinethat's enough :)17:33
dobeyonly way i know of to have adb match your terminal size, is to make your terminal match adb17:33
cwaynealias phablet-shell='adb shell start ssh && adb forward tcp:8888 tcp:22 && ssh phablet@localhost -p 8888'17:34
ybonhow do you know the IP of the device? I know I can get if from Qt logs, but I guess there is a better way17:34
kenvandinei don't use the adb connection, i have dns for it :)17:35
kenvandinedon't want to lose my connection when i unplug17:35
ybonin your /etc/hosts?17:35
vic1ogra, Is git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-saucy.git maguro branch the right kernel ?17:35
kenvandineybon, no... dns server on my home network17:36
ybonhan! :)17:36
kenvandineit always gives it the same ip based on the mac17:36
ogra_vic1, not sure, ask the kernel team (in #ubuntu-kernel)17:37
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ogra_vic1, whats the reaso you are doing this btw ? (maguro gets daily testing on many devices, the images work fine there)17:48
boikoawe_: hey, do you know anything related to this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dialer-app/+bug/127047717:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1270477 in dialer-app "No notification of (out-of-range) missed call" [Undecided,New]17:48
awe_boiko, I don't, but can investigate17:49
vic1ogra: i need to enable DEBUG_LL feature and add ftdi kernel driver support17:49
boikoawe_: I never heard of such feature, the only thing I have seen regarding to this, is that some carries do send an SMS saying someone called you17:49
vic1ogra, so i need to be able to rebuild the kernel for maguro , but am not able to get it to boot17:49
sergiusensboiko, I get that17:50
awe_sergiusens, an SMS?17:50
sergiusensit says; press send to call back :-)17:50
sergiusensawe_, yup17:50
vic1ogra, "init" seems to be killed after boot of kernel17:50
boikosergiusens: but it is not a regular missed call entry, right?17:51
awe_boiko, I'll take a look and see if there's anything else possible and will comment in the bug17:51
boikoawe_: thanks!17:51
sergiusensboiko, no17:51
sergiusensboiko, it's an SMS, let me show you17:51
vic1ogra: This is the last point where kernel dies if a compile my own kernel:17:52
vic1ogra: <6>Adding 524284k swap on /root/userdata/SWAP.img.  Priority:-1 extents:5 across:557052k SS17:52
vic1<0>Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!17:52
ogra_sounds like a config issue17:54
vic1i use: cyanogenmod_tuna_defconfig17:54
ogra_compare your homebrew config with the shipped one17:54
vic1i can do that... checking... /proc/config.gz17:54
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cwayneballoons, ping18:07
balloonscwayne, pong18:11
ybonThis is what I get when I run my app: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6798535/ does it ring a bell to someone? I guess it's related to the location, thus to PositionSource I'm using in my qml file, but I'm total n00b in qt/qml/ubuntu dev so I'm missing some elements to read it well; anyway I'm investigooglating, but if someone has a hint :)18:12
attentekalikiana, hi18:14
attentekalikiana, i'm wondering what can we do about this MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~attente/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/1263163/+merge/20104918:15
kenvandineybon, in your click package, you need to add the location service apparmor policy18:20
ybonin the .json you mean?18:20
ybonHere is what I have:18:20
kenvandineit should be in the list if you're using qtcreator18:20
ybonActually, I've added "location" by hand18:22
ybonYou mean QT Creator should have done it?18:22
kenvandineit looks right...18:22
kenvandinethere is a UI for building that18:22
kenvandineyou can pick location from a list18:22
kenvandinebut that error says the location request was denied by apparmor18:22
ybonbtw, I don't see the .json from QT Creator, so I'm editing it from ST, I guess I'm missing something :s18:23
ybon#n00b swimming around :)18:24
ybonthe thing is that when I run it from QT Creator, I don't have the error (the app runs as expected)18:25
ybonAh, I can edit the .json file in Packaging18:26
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ybonCan I reboot without apparmor, just to check it's the problem?18:43
jdstrandyou can, but that wouldn't do what you want I don't think. just look in /var/log/syslog for DENIED messages18:45
jdstrandif you want to test an app without apparmor, adjust its .json file to use the unconfined template ("template": "unconfined",)18:46
ybonthanks :)18:46
jdstrandthen regenerate the click and install it18:46
ybonThere wasn't a way to force an app to be in complain mode?18:47
nemezizHi im a new user that want to try out ubuntu touch but the problem i got is that i currently running windows on my computer19:02
nemezizis there any guide for installing this from windows ?19:02
nemezizi tried google but the only guide i found was from feb/2013 and dunno if those included files in that guide are supported with this new realeases19:03
achiangdoanac: plars: this has been sitting for a while - https://code.launchpad.net/~achiang/ubuntu-test-cases/savile-colo-2/+merge/20218419:10
doanacachiang: sorry - was on vacation. i'll take a look and merge today19:11
achiangdoanac: thanks!19:12
mterryboiko, how does telephony-service normally get started?19:13
boikomterry: dbus activation19:13
boikomterry: telepathy  mission-control starts the required components when needed19:14
mterryboiko, only when needed?  So until dialer is used or incoming call, it may not start?19:14
boikomterry: yep, but telepathy-ofono will be running all the time19:15
mterryboiko, OK, cool19:15
boikomterry: why?19:16
mterryboiko, I'm back to testing telephony in split greeter and I wasn't seeing the service on boot and thought something might have broke19:17
boikomterry: ah ok19:17
mterryboiko, btw, if you have spare cycles to look at that contact-sharing branch, I think it's in good shape19:17
boikomterry: your MR is in my queue for testing/reviewing19:17
mterryboiko, OK, cool19:17
nemezizIll try again is there any guide up to date on how to install ubuntu tuch from windows ?19:17
boikomterry: I will try to review it in at most a couple of days19:17
mterryboiko, it's not urgent, split mode likely won't land for a little while.  But earlier means more testing  :)19:18
boikomterry: yep19:18
cyphermoxbfiller: hey, status ping about the keyboard19:21
bfillercyphermox: still busted, debugging19:24
bfillerno fix yet19:24
cyphermoxbfiller: ok. any ETA? should we have a deadline or something?19:25
bfillercyphermox: might want to consider revert, I'll be at least a few more hours trying to solve19:25
cyphermoxI have until pretty late, tbh19:25
bfillercyphermox: ok cool, lets touch base in a few hours19:25
bfillerif no solution by then we can revert19:25
cyphermoxso I don't mind waiting for X hours for X < 10pm EST or so19:25
cyphermoxalright, I'll ping you around 17h EST then, sound good?19:26
plarsachiang: yeah it came in late on friday before the weekend, I remember... I meant to take a look yesterday when I got back but got sidetracked, sorry about that19:27
bfillercyphermox: sounds good19:27
achiangplars: np... :)19:28
sergiusenspopey, can you check? https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/121/19:34
mterryboiko, hmm, OK.  I guess I do have a problem after all.  They aren't being spawned for the lightdm user.  I have mission-control-5 running.  What would be the best way to debug why?19:35
boikomterry: do you have the telepathy-ofono account configured for the lightdm user?19:35
boikomterry: mc-tool show ofono/ofono/account019:35
boikomterry: should show current presence as 2, online/available19:36
mterryboiko, yeah, I'm 219:39
mterryWell, the lightdm user is19:39
boikomterry: hmm, it should activate the approver at least when an incoming call arrives19:39
mterryboiko, OK.  Guess I will dive into it and see what it's doing19:40
boikomterry: a dbus-monitor log would probably help19:40
mterryboiko, local or system (for ofono events?)19:41
boikomterry: local (session bus)19:41
mterryhmm, no traffic during call19:42
boikomterry: that's weird19:43
boikomterry: maybe you can check if there is traffic on the ofono side first then? on the system bus19:43
mterryboiko, yeah, call is going out as signals from ofono.  Does mission control have an easily accessible log?19:46
boikomterry: I guess only if you restart it in debug mode19:46
boikomterry: but I think it is more productive if you start telepathy-ofono manually as lightdm19:47
boikomterry: and then mc-tool request ofono/ofono/account0 online19:47
boikothen we can check if telepathy-ofono is receiving the events correctly19:47
boikomterry: is this using phonesim or a real modem?19:48
mterryboiko, phonesim19:49
popeysergiusens: just eating, will do in a bit19:52
salem_mterry, did you you ofono-setup to create the account?19:52
mterrysalem_, ofono-setup is run yeah19:53
ybonIs there a way to close an app from within this app?19:53
salem_mterry, also, try disabling apparmor for testing purposes.19:53
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mterryboiko, no output in telepathy-ofono console when I trigger a call19:53
mterryboiko, this used to work (like, 2 weeks ago?)19:54
boikosalem_: any idea on what could be causing that?19:54
boikomterry: really weird, should be working19:54
boikomterry: as phablet it is working, I assume?19:54
mterryboiko, yeah19:55
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mterryboiko, oh wait, no I do get output...19:58
boikomterry: can you paste it?19:59
mterryboiko, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6799101/19:59
mterryboiko, that bit at the end is why I don't get a ring.  But I also don't see telephony-service start and provide a notification20:00
boikomterry: oh, that bit at the end is the pulseaudio routing thing I think, not the ringtone20:00
boikomterry: I would bet telepathy-ofono is stuck trying to setup pulseaudio20:01
boikosalem_: ^20:01
mterryboiko, oh ok20:01
mterryboiko, oh right, because telephony-service does the ringtone anyway20:01
salem_mterry, this is possible. can you strace tp-ofono and check what it is doing?20:02
gtg6652wqhey guys.,..im trying to install Ubuntu Touch20:02
gtg6652wqI was trying to install phablet-tools...20:02
gtg6652wqand I get the following error20:02
gtg6652wqphablet-tools : Depends: click but it is not installable20:02
gtg6652wqany help would be appreciated20:03
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mterrysalem_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6799142/20:05
mterryHmm, pulseaudio isn't started20:06
salem_mterry, yes, but also, looks like we have some permission problems: write(2, "Home directory not accessible: P"..., 49Home directory not accessible: Permission denied20:07
mterrysalem_, yeah, that does seem troubling...20:07
mterrysalem_, lightdm user can create stuff in that directory though...20:08
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boikomterry: salem_: it seems this "Home directory not accessible" print comes from pulseaudio too20:22
mterryboiko, ah.  And that's because the tmpfs mount for /var/lib/lightdm isn't using sane mount flags that set uid to lightdm20:23
mterryThey are also world-writable, which should be fixed...20:23
mterryboiko, though pulseaudio's check should probably be smarter?  it just assumes that if uid doesn't match, it's no good20:24
mterryboiko, perfect.  Mounted with better flags and everything works20:25
boikomterry: nice!20:25
boikosalem_: ^20:25
mterryboiko, salem_: thanks for help.  I know what we need to do20:25
ybonah, I may have hit this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtlocation-opensource-src/+bug/1223371 let's upgrade to devel20:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1223371 in qtlocation-opensource-src (Ubuntu Saucy) "qtdeclarative5-qtlocation-plugin does not use trust-store on session bus" [High,Invalid]20:25
boikomterry: in any case, that is something that might break with the two instances of telepathy-ofono: audio routing, we need to do some more testing on that for sure20:26
mterryboiko, yeah.  I think only the active session should be playing the ringtone20:26
boikomterry: well, it is not the ringtone, it is the routing of the phone call audio itself (earpiece, speakerphone, blutooth - in the future, etc)20:27
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elopioLaney: sorry, I was on the real life and didn't see your message.20:31
elopioLaney: you can do something like:20:34
elopiolist = main_view.select_single(ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators.QQuickListView)20:34
elopioelements = list.select_many(ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators.Base)20:34
elopiohowever, you might find problems with that. For example, if the list element has a list inside, you will get more elements than the ones you should.20:35
elopioand, qt might be exposing the elements to autopilot in a different order than the one they are displaying.20:35
elopioso what we actually should do is to create an iterator in ubuntuuitoolkit.emulators.QQuickListView that takes care of those cases.20:36
mterryogra_, I have some minor changes to the mount flags for /var/lib/lightdm used in lxc-android-config.  Is there a pending upload I can squeeze them into?20:39
ogra_mterry, better ask in the CI channel ... ok from my side20:40
kenvandinewow... my phone is so much more useful with a working keyboard!20:46
ybonwhat to do during install at the screen "ROM may flash stock revovery on boot. Fix?" ?20:50
ybonThe install stops each time at this step20:50
ybon(but then it's done and I can reboot manually)20:50
ybon"ERROR:phablet-flash:Installation is taking too long or an error occured along the way." and then I just select "Go back" and it's reboot. But I guess this is not normal20:58
ybonit reboots*20:58
ybonah ah, yay \o/ my app works with devel :)21:00
ybonwell, still no way to get the geolocation working, but the app is running and showing the map :)21:15
popeyybon: ooh21:17
popeyybon: you could use the geolocation the clock app uses?21:17
popey(which gets it right for me)21:17
ybonah, nice idea21:17
ybonHave you tried this btw https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/+junk/test-location ?21:18
ybonit doesn't get the location either for me21:18
popeyyou need to hang your phone out the window21:18
popeywe don't have AGPS yet, so relies on the GPS satellite data, which is s   l   o   w21:18
ybonah, damn, I see21:18
popeyor use the way nik90 did in the clock app21:18
ybonAGPS in the pipe?21:18
ybongreat :)21:19
popeywhich will work with qtlocation when done21:19
ybonperfect :)21:19
popeyglad to hear your map app is coming along21:19
ybonI was using a N9 until now, without AGPS, and the map app was useless for this :(21:19
ybonyeah :)21:19
ybonI will push this in a moment21:19
ybon(even if there is nothing incredible to see :p )21:19
ybonI'm more on using git/github, but I guess for ubuntu app bazaar and Launchpad makes sense?21:20
popeyuse whatever you like21:20
popeydon't feel compelled to use lp21:20
popeyybon: lemme know if you need testers ㋛21:23
ybonfor sure :)21:23
ybonAs soon as I've added search, and the geolocate is working, I think it makes sense to start testing it for real21:24
popeylook forward to it21:27
ybonah, clock app is using geoIP21:31
ybonI'm afraid it's not acute enough for a geolocation21:32
ybonbut still better than nothing21:32
ybon I can add a small warning like "approximate location, please wait for better one..."21:32
ybonFor example, I'm geolocated at 15 km from where I'm really, atm21:33
nik90ybon: hey21:36
ybonoh, I was to ask if you where around, nik90 :)21:36
nik90ybon: the geolocation is necessary for the clock app since the gps service doesn't have AGPS support21:36
ybonjust a quick bug report: "World" times are not updated ;)21:36
nik90and without AGPS it takes as much as 15 mins to get a location reading21:36
ybonyes, this is what popey just explained to me21:37
ybonI will use it for sure21:37
nik90ybon: also what do you mean world times are not being updated?21:37
nik90they should update every minute (technically at least)21:37
ybonnik90: in the Clock page, there is a "World" block, right?21:38
ybonWhere you see the cities you have added21:38
nik90ybon: yeah I know what you are referring to21:38
nik90can you file a bug report if all the info21:39
nik90I will take a look21:39
ybonso if I keep the app on, the main hour is updated every minute, and also the "current location", but not the world one21:39
ybononly when the phone goes spleeping21:39
ybonthe next minute, every time is updated21:39
nik90ah yes :)21:40
nik90well the clock app is suspended while it is sleeping21:40
nik90so it doesn't perform any task then21:40
nik90so when it wakes up, it updates the world clock on the next minute21:40
ybonyep, but when I wake up the phone, all the times are good, expect the world one21:40
nik90ybon: can you file the report, I think I might have a fix for that21:41
nik90so that I dont forget the issue21:41
ybonis there an easy way to do a screenshot in UT or through QT Creator?21:46
kenvandineybon, run phablet-screenshot21:50
ybonkenvandine: thanks :)21:50
Laneyelopio: ah, ordering is exactly what I need to check21:54
LaneyI mailed ubuntu-phone about it21:54
ybonnik90: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1271736 :)21:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271736 in Ubuntu Clock App "World times not updated after phone gone to sleep" [Undecided,New]21:56
nik90ybon: wonderful. thnx!21:57
elopioLaney: I replied to the list.22:00
elopioLaney: if what you need is the order, I'm starting to use a clever suggestion by tsdgeos22:01
elopioyou get all the list items, and check their globalRect.y22:01
bfillerattente: ping22:04
attentebfiller, hi22:04
attentebfiller, sorry, i didn't get around to doing the u-s-s chanegs22:04
bfillerattente: np, wondering when you think you might get to them22:04
bfillerattente: as new ubuntu-keyboard getting released today22:05
attentebfiller, they're in archive already?22:05
bfillerattente: yes22:05
bfillerattente: as of today22:05
attentebfiller, ok, great, i'll do it tonight22:05
bfilleralthough there is a slight problem and another new version will be released today sometime22:06
bfiller(just some deps were missing)22:06
attentebfiller, ok, i guess that won't affect testing22:06
bfillerattente: if you happen to flash image 143 you'll just need to additionally install packages  libhunspell-1.3-0 and libpresage122:08
attentebfiller, sure, thanks22:09
kenvandinebfiller,  the fix is in the ppa now, should be published soon22:10
bfillerkenvandine: awesome22:10
cyphermoxbfiller: ping about keyboard again :)22:15
bfillercyphermox: kenvandine figured it out22:15
cyphermoxoh, kenvandine, is that what you were testing before?22:15
bfillercyphermox: fix in the ppa will be published soon, was missing deps22:15
cyphermoxken is publishing it or should I push the button?22:16
bfillercyphermox: not sure, kenvandine ^^^^?22:17
cyphermoxI see it inproposed now22:18
ZocaHi! Please, does this Nexus status is for the newer nexus?22:23
ZocaI am stucked on the lastest line of the brunch... I´m getting an error on the '/system'22:25
ZocaNewer Nexus 7 I mean.22:25
dobeyZoca: i don't think it's supported quiet yet22:26
dobeyquite even22:26
popeyZoca: end of the month22:27
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Zocaok. Lets wait. Thanks22:28
slangasektedg: so I'm looking at the interface between autopilot and upstart-app-launch, and noticing that autopilot has a lot of horrible code in it to work around the fact that the upstart jobs don't give synchronous notifications that a job is started.  Is there a reason why the 'application' job doesn't use either instance or task?22:36
tedgslangasek, No, but that changes a lot with the MRs in queue.  And thomi is refactoring to use libual, which should fix some of their problems.22:37
tedgI'd be happy changing that though.22:38
slangasektedg: ('instance' would allow the script to be done in the pre-start, and return a 'started' status only once the application-legacy or application-click has started, but would require further tuning or 'stop' handling; 'task' would allow the 'start' command to not return until starting the job had finished, whereas right now 'start' returns as soon as the 'application' job's script is started, not once the application itself is started)22:38
slangasekwhat's libual?22:38
tedgslangasek, libupstart-app-launch22:38
tedgslangasek, Basically the application job itself becomes a test tool as most users get the functionality internally through the lib.22:39
slangasektedg: so that lets the horrible polling code move from autopilot into a library, or...? :)22:39
tedgslangasek, The library has a set of observers that allow for seeing the events.22:39
tedgSo they'll get callbacks.22:39
thomitedg: minor point of clarification: I'm not refactoring click support, but rather using libUAL to support non-click apps22:40
slangasekwhich events are those? the event I would expect things to key on is the return of the 'start' request (success/fail)22:41
slangasekwhich you currently can't rely on22:41
tedgthomi, Oh, okay.  Why not make them use the same?22:41
tedgslangasek, We return an event and block pre-start on a reply.  Then we get started.  We have two events "starting" and "started"22:41
thomitedg: because I'm not sure what's involved to support click apps above and beyond what's needed for upstart. If it's trivial to do, and likely to remain stable, I might22:42
slangasektedg: "an event"? block whose pre-start?22:42
tedgthomi, Just FYI kenvandine added API for getting the version number, so you can generate APP IDs that are independent of version if needed.22:42
tedgslangasek, We block application-click and application-legacy's prestart22:42
tedg(with a timeout)22:43
slangasektedg: I think I need a picture22:44
slangasektedg: anyway, my point is that things are calling 'start application', and that interface does not block waiting for the app to actually start before it returns22:45
* tedg tries ascii art in IRC22:45
tedgslangasek, Yes, I think that the solution there is for autopilot to use libual and get the events there.  They're more reliable.22:46
tedg"start application" will be more reliable in the future though.22:46
tedgMaking it a task would make sense.22:47
tedgslangasek, https://code.launchpad.net/~ted/upstart-app-launch/application-task/+merge/20276822:50
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slangasektedg: ok.  I think the upstart job should be fixed, regardless of what other interfaces might be wrapped around it in the future22:52
slangasektedg: am I allowed to top-approve that?22:53
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ybonpopey: aaaahh, but there is a rub : my app rely (for now) on tiles, which needs network to be loaded, which need 3G data working, which is not the case afaik :s23:31
ybonso the app works only with wifi :p23:31
popey3g and wifi works23:31
ybonuseful for a mobile app, he?23:31
ybon3g data?23:31
popeyi test it every day23:31
popeyI'd know if it was broken ㋛23:31
* ybon goes out again23:32
ybonI don't need to check "Data roaming", right?23:32
ybonI see a [3G] label in the top bar23:33
ybonbut no tile loaded :(23:34
popeyis it a nexus 423:34
popeywas it running android 4.4 before you flashed it?23:34
popeythats why23:34
popeyone mo23:34
ybondamn, ok23:34
ybonI've reflashed the radio btw23:35
popeyoh ☹23:35
ybonyes, I've done this already :(23:35
ybonmaybe this workaround doesn't fix everything?23:36
ybonIs it a scenario to reinstall Android 4.3 then reflash UT you think?23:36
popeythat is certainly an option23:37
popeyI haven't hit this issue. sorry.23:37
popeyachiang may know as I believe his team maintained that page above23:37
ybonI will continue to work on my prototype with wifi for now23:38
ybonand if I don't see any light on this issue then I will reinstall23:38
ybon(guessing that resinstalling Android 4.3 will be a long way)23:39
achiangybon: you flashed the 4.3 radio before flashing ubuntu?23:39
ybonwell, not exactly23:40
ybonI've flashed once23:40
ybonI've flashed UT once, with 4.423:40
ybonthen I've seen not wifi nor phone network23:40
ybonand then I flashed radio with android 4.323:40
ybonand then reinstalled UT23:40
ybonstable at the beginning23:40
ybonthen upgraded to devel23:40
achiangthat sounds more like an ubuntu issue than a firmware issue23:42
achiangin which case i punt to rsalveti ;)23:42
ybonah ah :p23:42
slangasekthomi: hey there23:56
slangasekthomi: so I've noticed that lp:autopilot doesn't match what's in the archive; this has led me to bug #1263139, which makes me wonder - are we not using our own CI infrastructure to regression-test the test harness itself?23:57
ubot5bug 1263139 in Autopilot "Click tests not running (broken) on lp:autopilot trunk" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126313923:57
thomislangasek: hey - I'm just about to eat lunch. The short answer is that we are, and we're in the process of releasing AP right now, and veebers has the details23:58
slangasekthomi: ok23:58
thomislangasek: soon (fingers crossed) lp:autopilot will be very close to what's in the archive23:59
slangasekthomi: hurray :)23:59
thomiwell, technically lp:autopilot/1.4 will be, but that gets updated from trunk eveery release23:59
slangasekthat bug, though, implies that a change landed on lp:autopilot trunk before it went through CI testing23:59
thomiI'd like to release weekly, but apparently there are some infrastructure issues23:59
slangasekwhich seems upside down to me23:59

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