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* karni eod03:59
mzanettididrocks: hey, just writing the test plan for unity809:15
mzanettididrocks: "Ensure that all AP tests are passing."09:15
mzanettican't we have that automated?09:15
didrocksmzanetti: there is andy's job I mentionned yesterday (ping doanac once he's around on the CI), it's a self-service testing09:16
didrocksmzanetti: but for the rest, we need the CI team to provide an automated service for it09:16
didrocksso, please write your queries down ;)09:16
mhr3Cimi, ping?09:16
didrocksmzanetti: I guess email ev, asac and I09:17
didrocks(well, just CC me, I'm not in the CI team or in that chain of operations ;))09:17
Cimimhr3, pong09:40
mhr3Cimi, just wondering, you do know about the design spec for the preview components, right?09:41
Cimithere is a doc09:41
Trendalwondering if anyone can point me in the way of getting 3 monitors going.  I tried and failed again.09:42
mhr3paulliu, you saw the doc as well, right?09:42
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tsdgeosand otto is broken again10:18
* tsdgeos goes to the crying corner10:19
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mhr3sil2100, hey, any idea what this is about? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163037120/buildlog.txt.gz11:08
sil2100mhr3: hi! Is it reproducible?11:12
mhr3sil2100, yes, retried it now, just got a mail that it failed11:12
tsdgeosmhr3: do you know what i need to run the unity-scope-tool ? demo-stuff ppa and some registry stuff i remember?11:14
mhr3didrocks, you're bzrlib guru, seen something like that before ^^^?11:14
didrocksmhr3: hum, this is bzr-builder itself. I got some in the paste and never got that worked done. That's one of the reason I enforce split mode and so, don't use recipes11:15
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dandradertsdgeos, are those common failures that happen on many MPs? https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/draghandle_lp1269022/+merge/202484/comments/47233211:57
paulliumhr3: yes.12:00
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tsdgeosdandrader: otto is silly12:05
tsdgeosfails, then works, then fails again12:05
tsdgeosnoone knows why12:05
tsdgeosdandrader: at the moment we are in the fail stage12:05
mzanettiCimi: hi. You have been testing the side stage stuff lately, right?12:08
mzanettiCimi: if you launch a sidestage app on the tablet, does that work properly?12:09
dandradertsdgeos, btw, would you have time to review it? https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/draghandle_lp1269022/+merge/20248412:11
Cimimzanetti, yes12:44
Cimimzanetti, it works12:44
Cimimzanetti, not 100% fine but runs12:44
karnitsdgeos: Added comment - https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/new-scopes-fix-grid/+merge/20259312:44
mzanettiCimi: here, if I have only one side stage app running, the main stage is black, and swiping it to the right keeps the app where it is12:45
karnitsdgeos: Any hints how would you unit test that?12:45
tsdgeoskarni: but compile unity8 trunk12:46
tsdgeosand you'll see the bug is not there12:46
Cimimzanetti, yes, mine stage is black12:46
tsdgeoskarni: someone changed that made stuff be not centered12:46
karnitsdgeos: The code was wrong, mathematically. I don't understand how that would be centered in unity8 without that chage :O :S12:47
tsdgeoskarni: well, just look at the phone, it is centered12:47
karnitsdgeos: Do you mean latest trusty-proposed?12:48
tsdgeoswithout demo-stuff12:48
karnitsdgeos: It's not. That's where the screenshots came from. I flashed it before applying demo-stuff and applying them.12:48
karninow were getting somewhere12:48
tsdgeosthat's not what the comment says12:49
karnitsdgeos: What did you mean by that last sentence?12:51
tsdgeosyour comment says12:51
tsdgeos"The problem exists in both.12:51
tsdgeosScreenshots above show latest trusty-proposed with demo-stuff ppa applied.12:51
tsdgeosScreenshots below show same problem in unity-scope-tool:"12:51
tsdgeosthat is both have demo-stuff applied, no?12:52
karnitsdgeos: Correct12:52
karniwell, if you consider unity-scope-tool having demo-stuff applied (you know what I mean), then yes12:52
tsdgeoswell, unity-scope-tool is only in new-scopes which is what demo-stuff gives you12:53
tsdgeosso yes, i consired it the same12:53
karniFTR just confirmed with Katie left alignment wasn't intentional.12:53
karnitsdgeos: So you're saying I should flash clean image of trunk, and check it out?12:53
tsdgeosyes and no12:54
tsdgeosyou can't run unity-scope-tool in "plain" unity812:54
tsdgeosbut what "yes", if you run unity8 and check the default dash scopes12:54
tsdgeosthat have 3 columns in the grid12:54
tsdgeosthey are perfectly aligned12:54
tsdgeoskarni: no need to flash the phone, just run it on your desktop12:55
* karni investigates12:56
tsdgeoslunch, back later12:56
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WellarkCimi: you pinged me yesterday13:37
CimiWellark, yup13:37
CimiWellark, I am fine at the moment :)13:37
WellarkI assume you are trying to write an AP test for connecting to a wifi network13:37
WellarkI would advice against it ATM, it's way too complicated to do properly13:38
Wellarkconnecting to a wifi network requires actual HW to be available13:39
Wellarkor you have to mock all the relevant network-manager classes13:39
WellarkI will get there eventually, but blocking mir merges just for that AP test is IMO unreasonable13:39
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WellarkCimi: ^13:40
CimiWellark, there is a mock13:40
CimiWellark, python-dbusmock13:40
WellarkCimi: which handles secret agents, etc correctly?13:41
CimiWellark, don't know13:43
CimiWellark, let's move to ubuntu-touch13:43
CimiWellark, ask pitta there13:43
CimiWellark, pitti13:43
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tsdgeoskarni: did you run trunk unity8 on your desktop?13:56
karnitsdgeos: yes. and I think it's related to delegate size, but I haven't confirmed that yet. I'm adding tests for collapsedRowCount in FilterGrid.13:57
tsdgeoskarni: do you think you could try to do this work directly over trunk instead of over the new-scopes branch?13:57
karnitsdgeos: I asked Scott if he has his scope working with the old API. If he doesn't, I'd have to dedicate (significant?) time reproducing the problem on trunk.13:59
karniBut I understand where your question comes from.13:59
tsdgeoskarni: but why would this be scope dependant?13:59
tsdgeosscopes just give data13:59
tsdgeosthe grid view layout should be the same for all, no?13:59
karnitsdgeos: It should. Let me rephrase that. I think it's actually the delegate size that influences the spacing/marings. Because they're small in trunk, one can't reproduce the issue.14:00
karniThey're significantly larger in new unity8, thus easily reproducible.14:00
karniYes, grid view should be same in both.14:01
tsdgeoskarni: but you could still reproduce it in a test14:01
karnitsdgeos: I'll try that14:01
tsdgeossince there you can set any size for the delegates you want14:01
karnitsdgeos: Is it legal for me to change API of qml/Component/FilterGrid? i.e. I believe 'collapsedRowCount' (which is settable) should not reflect real collapsedRowCount, when the model.count would simply not fill up the visible rows when collapsed. In other words - either I would introduce "maxCollapsedRowCount" and use collapsedRowCount to indicate *real* value of rows, OR use 'collapsedRowCount' as is (no API change) and internally keep a ...14:15
karni... smaller or equal value to collapsedRowCount elsewhere.14:15
karniI hope it was clear what I said.14:15
tsdgeoskarni: i am not sure :D14:17
karniI see.14:17
tsdgeoskarni: i guess it should be 1 instead of 2 when there's not enough items14:17
karniThat's right14:17
tsdgeosbut probably ask katie about it?14:17
karnior 2 instead of 3 if there's not enough items14:17
karnitsdgeos: Don't get me wrong. It's not a design decision - if we have "collapsedRowCount: 3" (say, 2 columns) and we have 2 items, it's clear we just display 2 items instead of 2 items and 4 blank spaces (2 empty rows)14:18
karniWhat I mean is, the problem appears when there's only 2 elements in a filter grid that specifies collapsedRowCount: 214:18
karniwhich is more than the model contains, and UI goes nuts14:19
tsdgeosi got lost :D14:19
karnithough - I still need to reproduce that.14:19
karnitsdgeos: quick mumble?14:19
tsdgeossure, give me a sec14:19
karnithanks. 1 min, be right there14:19
* karni is there, not sure which room to choose haha14:20
karnitsdgeos: small success. FilterGrid goes nuts also in testFilterGrid, when I set maximumNumberOfColumns to 2 instead of 3, the layout goes from 3 columsn to 1 (!). So I guess I'm getting somewhere.14:31
tsdgeoscool \o/14:32
tsdgeosCimi: standup?14:32
karnitsdgeos: That's regarding the rendering bug (latter MP), not the grid spacing, just yet.14:32
tsdgeosone at a time!14:32
karni*indeed :D14:32
karniCimi: can you stay after standup for a moment?14:42
elopiocan I get a quick review for a one-line change?14:45
tsdgeoselopio: want me to add you to the google calendar standup invite?14:46
elopiotsdgeos: kevin already added me.14:46
elopiomzanetti: can't we have autolanding for trunk, and then manual promotion from trunk to the current version?14:48
mzanettielopio: no14:48
elopioit sounds terrible that for a branch like mine, your machine will be stuck running for 3 hours.14:49
mzanettielopio: I know14:49
tsdgeosmzanetti: so you get to dry-run the manual-landing with https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/unity8/wait_for_category/+merge/202523 :D14:49
* tsdgeos hides14:49
* mzanetti hides too14:49
elopiowhere should I complaint? didrocks?14:49
mzanettielopio: I think asac14:49
mzanettitsdgeos: that commit is for autopilot. we don't need it any more :P14:50
elopioI'll find some more townsmen in rage and go to him with torches.14:52
mzanettididrocks: what are the MP guidelines in order to set the "Ready" field to yes?14:57
mzanettiah found it. nvm14:58
mzanettielopio, tsdgeos: does the branch comply with this checklist? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/Checklists/Common14:59
tsdgeosit's too long14:59
tsdgeosi'm going to say no14:59
mzanettiwhen it is, set the ready field in here to yes and come back to me: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuDk72Lpx8U5dFlCc1VzeVZzWmdBZS11WERjdVc3dmc&usp=drive_web#gid=014:59
elopioyeah, no. It's not in sync with trunk because it cleanly merges into it.14:59
elopiomzanetti: I'm updating...14:59
tsdgeosso we need to have an arhmf chroot now?14:59
tsdgeoswhy have automatic testing15:00
tsdgeoswhen you can force everyone to waste his time15:00
tsdgeosthis is nuts15:00
karnimhr3: available for quick hangout?15:03
elopioCimi: I've been reading the autopilot code for indicators. Let me know if you need a hand with that.15:06
Cimielopio, thanks in case15:08
tsdgeospete-woods: ping15:24
pete-woodstsdgeos: hi15:27
tsdgeospete-woods: just wanted to make sure i added a comment in https://bugs.launchpad.net/libhud-qt/+bug/1271036 in case you were working in a fix15:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271036 in libhud Qt "libhud-qt segfault when building on amd64 against Qt 5.2" [Critical,New]15:28
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pete-woodstsdgeos: I hadn't actually noticed that one, thanks for sorting it!15:31
pete-woodstsdgeos: I presumably would realistically have to wait for some new release of Qt there, though!15:32
tsdgeospete-woods: you just get Mirv to distro-patch the patch15:33
pete-woodstsdgeos: ah, cool, will do that then!15:33
pete-woodsthanks again!15:33
pete-woodstsdgeos: just worked out that Mirv = Timo :$15:38
tsdgeoshe he15:38
tsdgeosnicks and names15:39
tsdgeosthat big first world problem :D15:39
tsdgeosadd faces into the mix15:39
tsdgeosand i'm lost15:39
pete-woodsyes, I know what you mean15:39
pete-woodseven when you've spoken on a hangout15:39
pete-woodstsdgeos: also, thought I'd let you know that progress has been made on the quit action15:41
tsdgeospete-woods: okidoki15:41
pete-woodswith any luck, the unity8 side should need no changes15:43
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pete-woodsjust need to do some patching up inside the uitk to listen to a "quit" signal15:43
tsdgeospete-woods: it will need for sure, the buttons in the hud bar are hardcoded :D15:45
tsdgeosand i guess they want the button back15:46
tsdgeosnot just when you search for quit15:46
pete-woodstsdgeos: there should still be a "quit" labelled button in the toolbar15:48
tsdgeosno i killed that long time ago15:49
pete-woodsokay, fair enough15:49
tsdgeosso i need to readd it15:49
tsdgeosand make sure it calls whatever you need on it15:49
pete-woodsthe API should be exactly the same at any rate15:49
pete-woodsin the new HUD release, I've also included the Qt API, in-case you're interested15:50
pete-woodsso if you wanted, you could just hook that straight into the QML, instead of using the one in unity815:51
pete-woodsI've trimmed off anywhere it exposed dee, and that sorta thing15:52
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mhr3karni, i am now15:53
tsdgeospete-woods: cool, i'll have a look16:01
pete-woodstsdgeos: the plan is really to make the client library simpler / more reliable - I'll probably just made it a pure Qt lib once it's in use16:02
karnimhr3: join me? :) https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/72cpi855g63gciccj1rugpifuc16:09
kgunnelopio: curious...do you have a bug ref for the new AP test for " install a click app with no u1 account associated"16:35
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mhall119Saviq: are you going to give an update on Unity8 progress in the UE Live call in an hour?16:40
mhr3he's on holiday16:41
mhall119I'll get him next week then16:48
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kgunnmterry: ping19:21
mterrykgunn, hello19:21
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elopiokgunn: no, that's just on my whiteboard. Do you need a bug for it?20:58
kgunnelopio: no, its ok...was just cross referencing20:59
kgunnon some stuff, saying it is dependent that we provide those tests first20:59
elopiokgunn: also, you know you can't install an app without u1 account, right?21:00
elopiokgunn: let me file the bug...21:00
kgunnelopio: ok, " you know you can't install an app without u1 account".... so are you supposed to be ?21:00
elopiokgunn: no, you shouldn't.21:01
elopioI'm just saying, nevermind.21:01
elopiokgunn: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scope-click/+bug/127172221:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1271722 in unity-scope-click (Ubuntu) "missing autopilot test: try to install an app without u1 account" [High,In progress]21:04
kgunnelopio: hey thanks man21:04
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