* philipballew tackles raevol 17:20
* raevol is tackled by philipballew17:36
jyohuh. No ebroder in this channel?18:50
jyorww: L7 right now?18:58
pleia2jyo: broder :)19:22
broder(hey jyo - saw your PM a few minutes ago, but was helping with our new CTF)19:22
jyobroder: Yeah, I'm downstairs. ;)19:27
broderah, i'm actually at the BOS event :)19:27
rwwjyo: L6, about a bar off L720:25
rwwwill probably hit it before the weekend20:25
philipballewrww, around20:47
rwwuntil 1:10 or so20:48

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