jrwreni need advice... what do ya'll use for playing remote music on android?01:16
jrwrenis there a foobar2000 with smb client for android? :)01:17
* rick_h_ just does google play and chromecasts it when it wants it off his phone01:17
jrwrenso... i have 300GB, 20k songs on a home server that I'd like to browse on device.01:19
jrwrenthis particular device won't leave the house, will always be on home wifi01:19
jrwrenthat is my use case.01:19
jrwreni dunno if there is a upnp media client or what.01:20
rick_h_I just uploaded mine to google music and have them all indexed and searchable01:21
rick_h_I'm pretty sure it'll do 20k songs01:22
rick_h_but yea, no idea myself01:22
cmaloneyI use the Squeezebox client01:24
cmaloneybut I haven't figured out how to get it to play through a ssh tunnel.01:25
jrwrenandroid squeezebox client any good?01:25
cmaloneyThere's two parts to it01:26
jrwreni want the audio coming out of hte android devcie01:26
cmaloneysqueezeplay is the audio player01:26
cmaloneyand there's several clients for driving it01:26
cmaloneyOrange Squeeze and Squeeze Commander are both awesome.01:26
cmaloneySorry, squeeze player01:27
rick_h_check out the review https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.bmark.android ?!03:01
jrwrenyou did you pay03:03
rick_h_hah, no idea who that is03:04
cmaloneyThat's awesome!03:08
rick_h_hmm, not been around much03:10
rick_h_cmaloney: that's awesome13:15
rick_h_and I not hate that man13:15
cmaloneyThere are few disapprovbing looks worse than the cat not liking my drumming to Slayer.14:42
brouschI bet your wife has better ones14:44
brouschI'm a Kivy core developer now. Go me!15:32
rick_h_brousch: woot woot15:33
jrwreni'm coming to the determination that flask kinda sucks18:55
brouschI liked it for a while, but now I prefer Django18:56
jrwrenme too18:56
jrwreni think because it leaks werkzeug, but it doesn't tell you that it leaks werkzeug18:56
jrwrenso the docs are deceptively incomplete18:56
jrwrenafaik If-None-Match and etag behavior is fixed. can not override19:04
cmaloneyHaven't played at all with Flask19:16
cmaloneymostly because it feels incomplete.19:16
brouschcmaloney: There's really no reason if you know Pyramid19:17
cmaloneybrousch: OK, I thought it was just me that thought that. ;)19:18
cmaloneyI mean Django is nice because it has a lot of magic should you decide to use their way of thinking19:18
cmaloneyand Pyramid has a great foundation19:18
cmaloneyso Flask just felt like "no magic, no floor"19:19
brouschRemember it was created before Pyramid had really coalesced19:19
cmaloneyYeah, but even Pylons was around19:19
cmaloneyIt felt to me like the framework-builders framework19:19
cmaloneyor am I thinking of Bottle.19:20
rick_h_flask got big because it was a layer on werkzeug and for the small one file app devs19:21
rick_h_it grew up19:21
rick_h_pyramid started out as a medium sized framework that now you can shrink to one file19:21
cmaloneyOK, thanks19:22
cmaloneyReminds me of the 1 page RPGs out there that you can run an entire campaign off of but will likely need more work to make happen19:22
rick_h_flask demos really well due to the small size and snippets and people went creating 'flask extensions'19:22
rick_h_which ends up breaking and needing you to figure out what to fix anyway19:22
cmaloneyvs. the toolkit approaches that can be scaled back to be as simple as you want19:22
brouschI kind of wish the Flaskers would move to Pyramid to grow their marketshare19:22
rick_h_brousch: +119:22
cmaloneybrousch: Would like that as well19:23
rick_h_brousch: but there are a couple of crazy differences between armin and chris19:23
rick_h_they work together in bits, but there are some things I don't think that will bridge19:23
rick_h_(don't get your hopes up)19:23
cmaloneyIt doesn't bother me that both exist though. Choice = good.19:24
brouschThese days I point people towards Pyramid when Django isn't a good fit19:24
cmaloneySome people enjoy X Factor. I think it's terrible.19:24
jrwrenseriosly want to stab one of flask+werkzeug+uwsgi+nginx in the face right now.19:44
brouschUse a lance and get them all19:45
jrwrenI have 2 servers, nearly identical. one always returns an etag (what I want) the other does not, IFF it returns gzipped chunked encoding19:45
jrwreni expect nginx to handle completely the compress & chunked encoding bits19:45
jrwrenI don't expect it to strip the etag, but for all I know, it is.19:46
jrwrengah.. and of course after spending HOURS on it, the moment I vent in an IRC channel, I fix the problem.19:48
brouschYou're welcome. I fixed it remotely19:49
widox #rubberduck19:51
jrwrenthanks guys19:56
jrwrenits some kind of difference in nginx 1.1.x and 1.4.4. ;_;19:57
cmaloneyjrwren: It's always the last thing you check. ;)19:59
cmaloneywhether that be car keys, versions of software.. ;)19:59
rick_h_now you have to take all that stuff about flask back and give a talk on it at your next conference19:59
cmaloneyrick_h_: Now you're just being mean.19:59
cmaloneyThough if jrwren wants to present flask at MUG we have openings. ;)20:00
jrwrenthe really bad part was that I thought I had gone back from 1.4.4 to 1.1.x, but I failed at apt-get20:03
jrwrenrick_h_ is right though. I hereby takeback all the bad things I said about flask and werkzeug and direct them all at nginx20:05
rick_h_my work here is done, hate all the things20:06
jrwrenanyone have tips on getting stacktraces from my python app when its run in uwsgi20:28
jrwreni'm getting 500s but ONLY when run through uwsgi+nginx20:28
rick_h_jrwren: run it from the cli uwsgi + config20:30
jrwreni am20:31
jrwrenno traceback20:31
rick_h_fix logging level on your app?20:33
rick_h_I run http://paste.ubuntu.com/6799282/ (which is just my upstart script) via cli and I get pretty logging and eveything20:34
jrwreni'm running uwsgi --plugin python --socket :9001 --module temp --callable app20:35
jrwrenall I get is [pid: 26673|app: 0|req: 4/4] () {44 vars in 643 bytes} [Wed Jan 22 20:30:02 2014] GET /aif/rules/2.1 => generated 291 bytes in 11 msecs (HTTP/1.1 500) 2 headers in 84 bytes (1 switches on core 0)20:36
jrwrenpretty logging too?? *sigh*20:37
rick_h_well pretty meaning dumps of all my crud20:38
rick_h_this is on old stuff though. Maybe that's not true. Not sure who to blame, the framework/app logging or uwsgi20:38
trevlarpython question.. does this look OK if I submitted it as a PR?20:39
jrwrenits OK, sure.20:40
jrwrenneedlessly deleting the has_errors local, so you could have the patch be smaller20:40
trevlarwell that was all it was used for. I just copied the syntax of the conditional above it on #2320:41
rick_h_trevlar: :/ not really20:41
rick_h_has_errors is a descriptive check that could turn into a full function later and the if conditional reads nicely20:42
rick_h_if *some loud noise* return20:42
rick_h_doesn't help me figure out wtf int(vim.eval('g:SyntasticLoclist.current().isEmpty()')) does20:42
trevlarso if I keep `has_errors`, I'll have to do an inverse on it. is this OK?20:53
rick_h_works for me20:54
trevlarok thanks for the help20:56
jrwrenthanks for your help #ubuntu-us-mi you rock!20:58
rick_h_jcastro: the man21:02
jcastroshowed off quickstart today21:04
rick_h_we want it in charm school videos21:04
rick_h_make it happen21:04
jcastroof course!21:05
jcastronext one is at scale with a video21:05
rick_h_now we're talking21:05
rick_h_<3 the docker meeting notes with your loaded question :)21:05

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